Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 23 – L236F

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning behind certain words and phrases used in media, including the use of "the tree of the coup" as a indicator of satisfaction and a "the tree of the war" as punishment. They also discuss punishment methods and fashion choices for people, including the use of hot water and extreme hunger. The importance of staying connected with the Quran and being in good company to stay connected with others is emphasized, along with the need for continuous reminders and experiences to remind oneself of one's actions and goals.
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danika how are you Oh New Zealand

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is that better as entertainment? What What is mentioned in the previous is

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what is mentioned to previous is what kind of knows what is mentioned before that what is news and news it is what is prepared for a guest, isn't it? So, the food, the drink, the place where he's going to stay the activities that are planned for him the entertainment that is planned for him. So hospitality whatever that is prepared for a guest. So then he got hired on New Zealand that is that better as entertainment as hospitality that the people of general will have for workI and a lovely drink delicious drink love that Alicia been lovely companions, a good company, good discussions, is that better as hospitality? I'm sheduled to Zaku or the tree of the coup Is that better?

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What is better?

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What Allah has prepared in general schelotto the comb, comb is from the root letters, they have meme.

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And the comb is the tree that grows in Hellfire as mentioned in these ayat and Zakouma figuratively is used for something that is disgusting, very repulsive, that you don't even want to see it.

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Shadow to stop Suzaku which is prepared as Newsome for who for the people of hellfire.

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We learn from a hadith which is reported a Timothy the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said it the con la casa de La La Tomatina in LA and Tomasi moon he recited that I have that fear a lot as the right of fearing Him and do not die except that you are Muslim. And he said lo and Nakata 10 minutes Zaku me cluttered feeder it dunia upset that Allah La dounia ma Isha home for K for be maniacally Dharma, who is even one drop from a zip comb were to land on this world, the people of Earth and all their means of sustenance would be destroyed.

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One drop from a Zaku the essence of that tree even one drop, if it were to fall on this earth, the people of the earth and other means of sustenance would be destroyed. Imagine all crops, all trees have farms orchards finished. So how must it be for the one who has to eat it?

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Who has to consume it?

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inserted Doohan I have 4346 we learn in shadow rot as the Kumi Tom will see me can move the younger leaf elbow Tony Cavalier hammy. Indeed the tree of Zaku is food for the sinful like murky oil. It boils within Belize, like the boiling of extremely hot water. In throttle Russia is six to seven Leyzaola hometown when illa millbury use many username and joueur. For them there will be no food except from a poisonous sarni plant, poisonous and thorny plant, which neither nourishes nor does it avail against hunger. In your honor her indeed we have made it fitna to live Alimi, a tournament for the wrongdoers. The word fitna is used for a test, and the word fitna is also used for punishment.

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Because literally fitness What does it mean to burn something isn't to expose it to fire. So it's used for a test a trial, but at the same time the word also applies to punishment torment, and over here, this is what it means that this is a palm tree. What is it? It is a dormant, a punishment for the wrongdoers. It's a tree that they will eat off and why will they eat of it because this is a form of punishment for them. in Niger Allah fitness Allah wa

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sallam said that the word fits over here may also mean a trial a test.

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Because when the disbelievers when they came to know that there is a country in Hellfire and Hellfire is supposed to be jehane Hellfire, how can there be a tree in fire? So they began mocking of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam they began mocking at the Quran. When they heard about this.

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Allah says in shujaa tune indeed it is a tree

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issuing coming out see us Lil jehane from the bottom of the hellfire. Where does it emerge from where does it grow from fee us the jakeem from the bottom. The depth of the Hellfire also is the root, the origin, the base of something

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So the base of Hellfire as we know that the Hellfire What is it? It's like a fit,

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isn't it? It's a fit. So, the bottom of the Hellfire that is from where this tree grows, and its branches extend up through all the different levels of hellfire.

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So imagine the size of this tree, emerging from the depth of Hellfire, rising up to the surface, WV Aslan journey.

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And because it grows at the bottom of Hellfire, it is nourished by what, by fire and all the poisonous and evil matter that's at the bottom, the base of alpha.

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Little her, its fruit, get under who as if it is loose, shell clean the heads of the devils from the root letters barlaam aim to learn to rise and toddler is emerging fruit. The first of what emerges from a tree of the fruit.

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So it's fruit, unknown as if they are also share clean roses, the plural of looks

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as if it is heads of devils. What does it mean by this? Who has seen Rosa Shelton? People have not seen them? Because Jin, how are they? They're hidden from us. They're invisible to us. We cannot see them. But just as angels, they are a symbol of beauty. Isn't it? So?

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Like use of Arizona when he came out? What did the women say concerning him?

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That he is a Malecon. Right, Malecon Kareem. They described him as an angel because angels are a symbol of beauty, because they are made of news, right? Similarly shower clean devils. What are they a symbol of ugliness?

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why they're made of fire. They're a symbol of ugliness, Soca and horror, also sheltering. You think of the head of a devil? And what does it remind you of? What comes to your mind something that is extremely repulsive, something that is not good at all.

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And we know that the headline has been, he has horns, isn't it? Because that's what we learned from the Hadees. That Chairman, he has fun so he has horns as well. So can you also share how clean the emerging fruit of this tree? It's not beautiful at all.

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It's not even good in its appearance extremely hideous with thorns fall through haka. anodal, also shall clean for in the home. So indeed the key Luna and her, surely they will eat of it.

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They will have to eat of the fruit of this tree. Why? As punishment, and also because of extreme hunger, despite the fact that it's hideous, despite the fact that it's repulsive, that a person would not even want to approach it, but because of the severity of hunger, that people will eat it

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and how will they eat it from early on? So ones who feel merely on Florida Merlot from the real collectors meme lamb Hamza mala mill, what does it mean to feel something Somali own ones who will fill to the maximum men half from the fruit of the street and book on the stomachs, the bellies, they will fill up their stomachs with the fruit of the street. Just imagine, because of extreme hunger, they will fill their bellies with it. They will not have any choice but to eat it.

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Some then, in the home. Indeed for them, I lay on top of it. Let's show Birmingham even a mixture of burning hot water. On top of this fruit on top of the zone that they will eat. They will have to take what show Birmingham show is from their own fetters sheen well, but

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and Chobe is a mixture of blend of something.

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It's basically used for every edible thing that cannot be consumed by itself. So what do you do? You mix it with something else?

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Like for example, when it comes to spices, can you eat them just by themselves? No, you mix them with the food like for example chili, chili powder, or salt. You don't just eat it like that you mix it with something and then you consume it. This is what Chobe is a mixture of blend.

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So, on top of that, they will have a show minha meme of boiling hot water now what does it mean by this, they will have a brew of boiling hot water meaning they will have on top of the comb extremely hot water which will literally brew what they will have consumed in their bellies. What will they have consumed earlier, the comb and on top of that when they will have boiling hot water, it will be like a brew in there.

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stomachs just imagine all the poison and all the evil Mater just imagine all of that in their bellies let's show Birmingham him inserted Walker if 5254 we learn lackey Luna min shegerian menza comb family una min * boon for Sherry buena una la human and amin for Sheree buena sure believe

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that they will drink as the drinking of thirsty camels.

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Just like thirsty camels drink without a limit this filling up their bellies, this is how they will drink

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and after drinking some in a motorhome, then indeed their return. Let Elijah he will be to the hellfire. Why? To get the punishment of burning.

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In Hellfire, there are different different types of punishment, a punishment through eating punishment through drinking and punishment through being exposed to hellfire. After eating the comb and drinking extremely hard boiling water, they will be taken where to get him to burning fires searing heat, scorching flames. Why are they being punished like this? Why is there such severe punishment unless as in the home indeed the alpha a home, they found their forefathers lurleen astray

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elfo lamb firewall level level is to find something by chance you're not looking for it. So they found their forefathers, Berlin, Austria. They were born in their houses. They were born in their families, and they found their forefathers astray. And what did they do? For whom Allah said to him, so they on their traces, you heard our own, they listened. They were hastening

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that these people, instead of opening up their eyes and analyzing what their forefathers were practicing, what did they do? They blindly followed

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you What are owners from the roof better as * are I hotter and hotter is to rush to hasten.

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So they were hastening rushing running in the footsteps of their forefathers that just what their forefathers did, just what their ancestors did. They followed it blindly, without analyzing without critically looking at at their practices. That doesn't make sense. Is it correct? Is it logical?

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without even using their minds if all of the ways of their forefathers This is why Allah Allah says in Surah Yaseen is six returns in a coma on the road from walking on their ancestors. Were not warned This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent. But unfortunately, many people when it comes to worldly things, they will try to do what their forefathers did not do, isn't it? They will try to become modern. They will try to discover new ways. Even when it comes to cooking. Many times what happens. People say I have a different taste than my parents then my family. I don't like the way they eat. This is why I cook differently. I eat different foods. When it comes to fashion when

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it comes to wearing clothes. Will you wear the same clothes that your parents wore when they were young? No. What do you say about that? It's out of fashion. Even if something is five years old, you don't want to put it on? Why it's out of fashion. But when it comes to the deen many people, they are content with whatever they have found their forefathers doing. This is why it's a little baccara i 170 Allah says what either pain Allahumma tiberiu man under Allah luban Avi Roma and Cena LA.

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When it is said to them follow what Allah has revealed. They say rather we will follow that which we found our forefathers doing into the zakura fire 23 we learn what are the ilica model sanlam and oberliga ficaria Timmy Nadine, Ella column otaku her in nowadays in Abba and Allah Almighty, we're in narla 30. You walk through

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that similarly, we did not send before you any water into a city except that it's affluent one said indeed we found our forefathers upon religion, and we are in their footsteps following we will do exactly what we found our forefathers doing.

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The thing is that people think that just because certain individuals are their ancestors, they are their parents their their grandparents. By default, they are right. They are correct.

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So they don't critically analyze what the parents have said or what their parents do. And this is why when it comes to traditions as well, like for example a wedding, a person will learn to do they will know as far as incorrect. They will know free mixing does not right. But what will happen at the time of the wedding. This is just something that our family does. do bad I can't go against them. Do bad I cannot leave

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This I have to do it. This is incorrect. Allah subhanaw taala has given each person a mind of his own reason. And we need to use that. When it comes to worldly things we use our mind a lot when it comes to Deen. It says, Oh, we don't have minds. This is incorrect. Look over here what is mentioned, these people are being punished. Why? Because they blindly follow their forefathers, their forefathers were astray. And they blindly followed them. Whatever mistakes their forefathers were making, they repeated those mistakes. They repeated those errors. They did not try to learn what Allah has revealed, they did not try to find out what Allah likes. If the practices of their

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forefathers go against the religion of Allah and His Messenger, if a person blindly follows his ancestors, without checking what they did was right or wrong, then he is guilty. He cannot blame his parents.

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For whom Allah said to him, you her own.

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Allah says what a Kabbalah Kabbalah whom are willing, and there had already strayed before the most of the former peoples. Before these people, many generations were astray. Yes, these people they follow their ancestors. But it's not just the first time people have gone straight know, from the beginning, many, many people have gone astray what occurred, Burleigh cabela, home XL, a will in the majority of the past communities, they were history.

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This is why I lost pantalla tells us in total and I 116 that we're into their extra mental only, you'll be Luke and Sabine and that if you follow the majority of the people of the earth, what will they do? They will miss guide you from the way of Allah

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majority is not always right. And your ancestors are not right by default. What is right, who is right, what is

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what Allah has revealed?

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And if we use our minds to choose the best ingredients for our dishes, to choose the best color for our house, for our furniture for our decoration pieces, then we have to use our mind when it comes to Dean as well.

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Alice has what are called Alison nafi him and we had already sent among them moons at Warner's in the people of the past the past communities. It wasn't that they were ignorant. It wasn't that I lost a parent I left them in ignorance. No, Allah did arrange for their guidance. One or the other Salah Fie him on z. Yes, the majority of the people were astray. However Allah did arrange for their guidance how Allah sent messengers. He sent foreigners funds. So look, okay for Ghana, after we're done wondering, how was the end of those people who were warned, warning was sent to them, and they refuse to accept it. So how was your end? What was your ultimate consequence? They were finished in

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dystonia. They were destroyed in dystonia, in their iva de la hidden losslessly except for who the chosen servants of Allah, the sincere servants of Allah, they were not destroyed. Why? Because when the warning came, they accepted. When the guidance game they accepted, they didn't blindly follow their forefathers, but rather they use their mind that Allah had given they use their reason.

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And in the following, I add the examples of new Hardison and Ibrahim or Edison Am I given and if you look at it, new Harrison society, it was buried in what? consumed by what? ship?

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And the Society of Ibrahim at this time as well. What was it consumed by ship? Both of them born in those communities. But did they just comply? Did they know what did they do? They use their mind. They use their reason.

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And in that is a huge lesson for us. That we also need to open up our eyes. Use our mind. We cannot blame others. We cannot blindly follow others, nor can we come under their pressure.

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We listen to the recitation

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warning me in

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family Oh

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one of

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the at fo

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So what did you learn

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about his children and Reagan more preference to the other? We want to keep on repeating one more class people when Huck come in front of them, they just submit to the US. And Allah subhanaw taala gave us example that ordinary people like us call a cry, you know, there was a person in our scene, there was an ordinary person, he heard the hug from far. He was not like very accepting person. So every type of example, is there in Israel want to be

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anything else?

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I was just thinking about the trees that come. How is in this dunya all we think about is like what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, everything. And we don't think about are

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very true. All the time. We're concerned about food about eating. Right. What are we going to have? What food? Which place? Where are we going to go? What are we going to buy? That's what we're concerned about food. And we should also be worried about the food that we will get in the hereafter? What kind of food do we want for ourselves? Is it for lucky? Delicious? Delicious it been delicious drink? Or is it something that we don't care about?

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Lee Miss Lee had a foliar Milan, Milan if a person wants for work that he has to do, he needs to do something he needs to put an effort.

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Something else.

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Salaam Alaikum I was thinking about the IR Suma in a merger team. I was thinking when we go outside we have a hard day or it's very hot outside or we went somebody home and we didn't get the meal we supper we like to eat maybe the meal is not very tasty. Anyhow, when you come back home, you want to have a good meal. You want to have a good place to rest. But so had a lot in US era when didn't do good Alma like murgia village Rahim. Allah save us

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it's punishment on top of punishment, or Devon sarada. punishment that is ascending. It's only increasing felon as either Camilla either, we will not increase for you except for punishment.

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Another thing is the whole following in our forefathers footsteps and stuff like that. We don't do that about the tiny things like, I'm not gonna go buy a cell phone this big because everybody had a cell phone that big in the 80s or whatever. So why would you do that? about something that's so logical?

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It makes more sense.

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The religion is clear the hackers clear Allah sent messengers he sent Warners, the warning is there. So there's no excuse, basically.

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I was just thinking that everything that we're learning in these ions and what you're teaching, it all seems very logical, and it's understanding to us, but when you go home, as you mentioned, it's difficult for one person stand against 10 others, right? It's hard to explain this to your family, it's hard to reason with you just because they're not learning what you're learning. Right. And it's difficult. It's just hard to, you know, make other people understand that and the truth. So, I don't know,

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what should be done. The question is that how should a person remain steadfast? How should a person remain firm? When everything is against him? It's easy to be good. It's easy to do good when you're in good company, but when other people are directly stopping you directly telling you that how do you stand firm over there? How do you do that?

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I'm thinking that in our lives, giving us examples of

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You know, prophets like Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam, during his time that he was all alone was called an oma. Everyone was against him. So like, if he can be an oma, you can be an ohmmeter. You can like, you know, be a farmer and stronger keep on struggling until we meet Allah.

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What else should we do?

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Never think that you're alone. But realistically facing that opposition and facing that difficulty and remaining for

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the thing is that we're human beings and was insan, the one who was here, the one who forgets, right? Sometimes you know what you're supposed to do. But in the moment in the excitement, it's as though you don't know, you forgotten.

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And you may have experienced it yourself. You learn about something, you know, you make a promise you make the intention, you're never going to do that wrong thing again. But you go to the wedding, and that's it, you forget.

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So what's necessary?

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What is the Quran zyx

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we keep reminding ourselves.

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Remember, studying the Quran once is not enough. You can only stay firm. If you're constantly connected with the Quran. I have seen myself that people who drift away from the Quran, what happens is that in their mode also they reduce in their mode also, they fall short. In their mode. Also, they stopped many things that they had started once upon a time. So the only way of remaining firm is what that a person who constantly reminds himself reminds himself. Like, for example, you read sort of Safa, you read about the example of this man that has been given over here who will be in Japan who will see his Korean Hellfire doesn't that serve as a huge reminder? It does. And if you

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don't remind yourself with these reminders that Allah has given them, what can shake you. Allah says in this way, the keto diet Quran, when they reminded they don't take a lesson. So how can a person take a lesson when he constantly stays connected? This is like your lifeline. This is like, if you're not connected with it, your faith is going to start deteriorating, you have to stay connected with

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so this is the first solution.

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then while they are doing the first Rajaratnam figured out, don't forget,

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Italia to decode this has to be constant, consistent. You may have noticed yourself as well. During the week, you learn about many things you want to do on the weekend, you have a test Monday you come and then what happens you reminded, isn't it? So when you're constantly connected with the Quran, you get courage, you get confidence, you have the motivation, you become stronger. And if you stay disconnected, you will lose the strength.

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Because what will give you the ability to face all this opposition? Is this inner strength that you have? Where will you get that from, from the Quran.

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So one is that you stay connected. Secondly, stay in good company. Don't leave your good friends, friends who keep you straight. friends who have the conference tell you what you're doing is wrong. Friends who can remind you it's very important. And many times such friends, we tend to drift away from them. Just recently, somebody was telling me about, you know, somebody they knew who used to do something before and they stopped doing it. So just went up to them and asked them, Why don't you do this anymore? And this person, they became shocked. And they're like, yeah, maybe I should, you know, sometimes you just need somebody to ask you, you know, to give it to you in the face. Because

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everybody doesn't do that. So good friends, sincere friends, they will tell you

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sound like oh, I just want to share something. I was watching this lecture. And what the speaker when they're saying that, you know, when you're under camera surveillance, you're not going to do something silly. So look at a lot of panel data that he's got cameras all over the place. And he's monitoring every little thing that you do everything that you say, and this is what I think what gives me the I can't explain it. This is the thing that stuck into my mind that like I cannot do this because I'm under surveillance. And I think what it is to remember when you said that you were in France and like you're, you're telling yourself, I gotta obey Allah. This is the same thing. Like

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if everybody has kept that mentality that I have to obey Allah, I have to obey Allah because like somebody was telling me something. I said, You know what, I'm not gonna disobey Allah for you. Because like, You're, you're telling me to disobey Allah. And this is not going to go and we learned through trc when hashirama believe, when fears Allah in the unseen like nobody's there, or the good people out there, right. And people in front of whom you're going to do whatever you're going to do, they're not going to object they're not going to mind. So that is where the real test is. When you're in

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That environment when you're alone, that is where the test is. So it's the fear of Allah. Where does a person develop that from when he's constantly connected with the

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panicle la morbihan deca Chateau La ilaha illa Anta Mustapha Roca wanna to a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

As-Saffat 1-74 Tafsir 62-74

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