Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 23 – L236A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © A group of cowboys are rebelling against the US and their host's actions causing chaos and chaos in the community. They use rubber glue and hot preferential heat to create a flower and dust while on the road, and a group of people are trying to submit a proposal to the National Defense Lab. They discuss the possibility of punishment and mention a potential bountyover for a woman named Tina.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de su de Karim Allah Barrett firoozeh Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem rubbish it sadly we're silly Andrew MRI wash known data melissani of koko de probenecid in

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less than 236. So this offset is number one to 74

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also said fatty by those lined up suffer in Rose phazzer jurati then those who drive those who rebuke zedge for a definite rebuking fat daddy yet then those who recite Vicar reminder

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in indeed illyricum euro God lower head surely one Prabhu

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SMS of the heavens while our and the earth warmer and warmer. bainer Houma is between them to work and Rob Alma shadow of the East in there indeed we zijin we have adorned a summer the sky adonia of the world busine attain with adornment, Alka workI of the stars or Heflin and as protection to guard men from goodly every shape on in shape on married, rebellious, left not yes summer owner. They carefully listen. They carefully eavesdrop. ILA to al-mulla, the assembly and the highest, what you call the foreigner? And they are hurled. They are belted. Men from goodly every journey. Side direction.

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Different as repelled, repulsed, while at home, and for them. Are there been a punishment? Where sleep constant perpetual

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inla except man who have reefer he snatched and hot prefer the snatching for atbara who, so it followed him. She had a burning flame, a shooting star, certainly one of piercing glue

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first of the him, then ask them our home day I shall do stronger haidakhan in creation,

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or mine whom Hakuna we created. In there indeed we call Hakuna whom we created them. Men from playing in clay lezzy sticky

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ball, brother, or Jupiter. You were surprised. you wondered?

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Where's Harun and the mark what either and when the cue they were reminded they're not yet grown. They take heed

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what either and when

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they saw as an assign yes dusty rune, the mark will call you and they said in not Heather this inland except Cephalon magic mubin. Clear

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either. What when? mitzner we have died. Well cumnor and we were to Robin dust. Were a lawman and bones are in our indeed we limit our ozone surely wants to be resurrected.

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Our world and our owner, our forefathers alone the former ones old say now Yes. We're untold and you all there who wants to be humiliated? For intimate then indeed not but here it is a gelatin a shout. A rebuke. We're headed on one for either than instantly calm the young balloon. They will be looking they will be staring

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well pilu and they said yeah, Whalen over to us, Heather this yo moody a dean of the recompense Heather this yo mo de al fossil of the decision of the separation and Lady which concern you will be here with it to get the bone you all deny. Or shuru you all assemble and levena those who wanna move they did wrong

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They did injustice was wired your home and their spouses or as well as your home their kinds warmer and what can they were here a boon they worship men from doula besides Allah do home so lead them Illa towards Surat but a dream of the *? What the for whom? And you all detain them you will stop them in a home indeed they must alone wants to be questioned. Man what Luckily for you on land not Xs Varun you all help each other by rather whom they Allium and today, Mr. Sloane, ones who surrender, once seeking to submit

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what apabila and he approached, he came forward, brother whom some of them are Allah upon bow others yet alone, they will be questioning each other Babu they said in nickel indeed you are content you will do Nana you will come to us and from Le amin the right are you there said well rather land not the corner you all were meaning believers. Warmer and not Ghana it was Lennar for us or LA come upon you. Men from so fun in any authority, but rather consume you were Owlman people, Tallinn ones rebellious ones transgressing

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for helper. So it was justified Alena upon us oluwo word but I've been out of our route in indeed we leather equal surely ones who test for a winner calm so we misguided you all in indeed we cannot we were our win once astray for inner home So indeed the young man eating that day fee in either the punishment mystery cone once we share in indeed we gallica does not argue we do. Bill moody mean with the criminals in the home indeed they can oh they were either when Taylor it was said the home to them. Let's not allow her any god Illa Allah except Allah, he has the Quran, they were arrogant.

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Why aku Luna? And they would say, in our indeed we should indeed we let that equal, surely ones who leave Allah Tina, our gods lisha alien for abort, Majnoon one who is mad, but rather he came will help with the truth was sadaqa and he confirmed l mursaleen. The messengers

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in nickel, indeed you all leather equal, surely wants to taste either the punishment Aleem the painful woman and not to dishonor you all will be recompensed. Illa except man what quantum you were down balloon y'all do

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Illa except Eva de la servants of a muffler seen the chosen ones.

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Ola eco those la home for them is on a provision. Mara Lune we're known

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for our cue fruits. We're home and they look Ramon once honored. fee in Jeannette gardens and Noreen of the bliss of the pleasures Allah upon sudhin couches motorcar baleen once facing each other

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you tofu, it will be passed around it will be circulated I lay him upon them begets him with a cup men from Marine in a flowing spring baileigh white LED that in delicious luxury been for those who drink

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less not fee her in it roll on any bad effect. Wanna and nor whom they unhooked from it. Use a phone. They will be intoxicated. We're in the home and with them casilla ones who limit one's restraining a part of the glands remaining ones with large, beautiful eyes.

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can now Honda as if they buyable eggs maknoon ones hidden ones well protected

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cabella So, he came forward he turned baraboo whom some of them are law upon BB others yet alone they will be asking each other partner he said by alone a speaker main home from them in need indeed I can and he was lead for me or you know, a close friend a companion

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yaku he would say in Mecca are indeed you lemon surely from Amazon between those who confirm

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either what when mid to now we have died well corner and we have become to Robin dust where a lawman and bones are in there are indeed we limit the noon surely wants to be recompensed

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Allah He said * are you all look for your own wants to look down

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satola so he looked down for who? Then he saw him fee in our midst elder him of the Hellfire parlor he said the law he by Allah in indeed kita you were near you were almost lotto Dini surely you ruined me while Ola and if not near metu blessing Robbie of my rub Lacan to surely I was made from a mesh body those who are presented FMR are they're not national we be my eating at all wants to die in LA except motor Tana our that oola the first one woman and not national way be more either been at all wants to be punished in indeed Heather this level will surely it and follows the success and Arlene the great limitlessly for such for like her that this failure man so he should do an army

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loon those who do those who work

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there Lika Is that how you run better New Zealand as entertainment

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or shadow tree as of this afternoon in indeed we are now here we have made it fitness and a trial live while you mean for the wrongdoers in the hair. Indeed it shed out on a tree

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it comes out fee in arsal bottom that elder him of the hill

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follow her it's emerging fruit it's shoots that I know who as if it were also had a share of the Shelton of the Satan's for in the home. So indeed the lackey loon surely wants to eat men hair from it. Family own so ones who fail, men her from it. Elbow tone, the stomachs, the bellies. Some then, in Indeed, the home for them are they had upon it last show been surely a mixture, men from her mean of boiling water. Some then in indeed mogera whom they return, let Illa surely towards elder him the Hellfire in the home indeed they unfold they found a home their father's baleen once a stray for home so they are there upon sad him their traces their footsteps, you have our own, they were

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rushed. They were hastened.

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what occurred and certainly Berlin he went astray gobbler whom before them accident most

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of the first ones while occurred and certainly Auto Center we sent fee him in them moons at Warner's funds or so look kafer How can it was Atiba to end and wondering of those who were warned Illa except rabada servants, Allah of Allah, Allah, the chosen ones.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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man he was

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me let

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To the

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