Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P30 298B Tafsir Al-Naba 1-16

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Surah two number.

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The important news the most relevant news

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Subroto NABBA is a murky Surah Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. I'm Mayor Tessa alone. I'm about what yet Assa alone, they are asking one another, the sample from the word su Al, which is to question, but the cell is to ask each other, to ask to inquire from one another. So Allah subhanaw taala asks a question over here that what is it that people are asking one another about? What is it that they are discussing amongst themselves, that they are questioning one another about?

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And many times when people ask each other about something, not just once, but repeatedly, what does that show that they are expressing their disbelief in it, they are expressing their amazement, that it says if they are not willing to accept it, they cannot accept its reality. So they keep asking about it.

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So who are these people who are asking these questions? This is referring to the people of Makkah, the Mushrikeen of Makkah, who would refuse to believe in the hereafter? And they would ask each other about the hereafter. Why, sometimes out of amazement, and sometimes out of mockery. And they asked the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. Also out of complete denial. Remember, there are different reasons behind asking questions. But the reason why the machine of Macau were asking about this particular matter, was not curiosity. It was not out of faith. It was out of denial, disbelief, for the purpose of mockery. So Allah subhanaw taala asks, Are my attesa alone, about what are they

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asking each other? I'm another ill alim, about the number, which is a lot of leam, which is great about the news, which is great. What is this great news, this is the news of the Last Day of the Day of Judgment. And Allah subhanaw taala calls it and never, because never, as you are familiar, is used for news, but not just any news, news that is relevant, relevant to who to the person whom it is given. Because if it was not relevant, it would be useless to tell them about it. As you know, there are so many things happening in the world. But what news are you most interested in that which affects you, that which is related to You that which is relevant to you, in one way or another. But

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remember that the day of judgment, its news is such that it is relevant to every single human being.

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It is not just relevant to those who are serious about the hereafter. It is not just relevant to those who want a place in paradise. It is not just relevant to those who are righteous, no, this is relevant to every single human being, because every single human being is going to see the Day of Judgment. So it is necessary that they come to know about it, in order that they may prepare for it. I'm another ill Alim about the news which is an alim, which is great, meaning it is so great. It is so serious, that there is no other news that is of equal importance. There are so many things that happen in the world. And you don't come to know of them. You find out maybe five days later, maybe a

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year later. They come and they go, things happen and they're over and it has no impact on your life. But the day of judgment is so serious. It is so important that every single person must be informed about it on another ill or leave about the great news. Now the machine of maca, they would ask each other about this great news about the day of judgment as I mentioned out of what out of mockery.

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And when Allah subhanaw taala says I'm my attesa alone. What are they doing? says if they're wasting their time, they didn't understand.

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When you find people discussing things which are certain and instead of preparing for them, they're just talking about them. You get upset with them that Why are you wasting your time? So I'm mad

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I sat alone, I'm in another Ilim this news is so true, that there is absolutely no doubt about it. This news is so important that Allah subhanaw taala has warned about it in the Quran, not just once, but many, many times. And he has not just warned about it, but he has described it in great detail as to what that day will be like. What is the description of the Day of Judgment of this great news that we have been warned about? When is this day going to occur? Yoma Yoon for who? For soul, it is the day when the trumpet shall be blown. Such a sound that is so loud, that those who are alive will fall dead. And again the Trumpet will be blown, which will be so loud that it will wake the dead up.

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It will bring them back to life. Imagine this day, Allah subhanaw taala says that it is yo Mirtha Shaka Koh sama it is the day when the sky shall split open, it shall rent asunder What about the earth? What evil Kobudo Berthiot it is the day when the graves will be overturned meaning the contents in the graves the things which are hidden within the earth deep inside the earth shall come out. It is the Day when the earth will split open. Yahoo Jun Aminul adath People will come out of their graves alone in this mass congregation. It is the day when yo Mala atom liquid enough slowly enough cinci when no person will avail another so much so that yo may have filled role model I mean

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he he it is the day when a person will run away from his own brother will owe me what a B he he will run away from his own mother. He will run away from his own father. Every relationship will become estranged on that day. No one will come to aid another that is the day when we owe Munna Schulman Coonley, omit in Fauja. A group from every nation will be gathered in fact all of mankind will stand. Yo Mayor Kuma nasil. Lira biller al Amin it is the day when all of mankind will stand before the Lord of the worlds and when they will stand what will happen what either Soho for new Shirat it is the day when the scrolls when the book of deeds will be rolled out spread open the day when the

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witnesses shall stand yo may Akumal assured

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it is the day when wealth and children will not come to aid the old Millennium for Omar loon wala balloon it doesn't matter how well off a person was in the world, or how much family they had. How many loved ones they had the Oh my lion for Omar loon Wallah balloon, no relationship, no friendship will come to help yo Mala Yoni Molan and moland che.

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It is the day when a person stung shall be sealed, and their body shall speak. Yo Mitesh How do I lay him Alsina to whom even a person stone will testify against him? It is the day when truth shall benefit the people of the truth. Yo may unfurl sigh The Akina sleep go home. It is the day when the truthful people will benefit from their truth. It is the day when the wrongdoer will bite his own hands. Yo, Maya does Lolly more hola yo de, he will bite at his own hands. It is the day when people shall find whatever they have done before themselves. Well what do I do, man I Emmylou how little, whatever people have done, they will find it before themselves and Allah will not wrong anyone. This

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is the day which is so certain, which is so important. But look at the attitude of people. Yet the sat alone. They're just asking, inquiring in disbelief in mockery, just making fun making fun of the Quran making fun of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. This day is so real, but they refuse to believe in it. Allah says Allah the home fee he mocked Ali foon. It is the great news about which they are moving telephone. They are deferring. They are constantly in disagreement. Meaning each group of people is saying something different about this day.

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People have their own opinions about the Day of Judgment

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Each person has their own understanding.

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People forget what Allah subhanaw taala has informed us about this day. And what do they do? They form their own opinions.

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Allah the home fee, he mocked telephone, some people they believe as Allah subhanaw taala wants them to believe, as Allah has informed off, some people they reject outright and some people they are in some doubt about it. Some people they believe part of it and they deny some other parts of it a lady whom fee he moved telephone and in this they waste their lives just arguing about the Day of Judgment forgetting that they are here to prepare for it. Allah says Kola saya Allah Moon Calla, no say our Allah moon they will come to know about it. All of these stocks these discussions out of mockery or doubt all of the stock it has no value. The reality is not what you think and say it is

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as Allah subhanaw taala has described. So okay, go ahead, keep talking. Keep spurting out your ideas. Go ahead. Whatever you want to do say Allah moon, they will come to know of the truth of the reality of the Day of Judgment. This is something that they're going to face. So McCullough SAR Allah moon, then Kola know again, they are going to no meaning that time is not far, when the Day of Judgment will arrive.

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And it's reality, they will experience and all of their assumptions will fizzle away. Their words, their questioning their discussions, their talk, have no value, no worth whatsoever as unsuited to tour if 14 Allah subhanaw taala says that on the Day of Judgment, such deniers will be told, heavy now we'll let it come to be here to cut the bone. This is the fire that you used to deny. Now you see it. Can Allah say our Allah moon, so McCullough say our Allah moon?

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Now in the following verses Allah subhanaw taala mentions different signs of His creation, as proof of resurrection, that the Lord who has made all of this, do you doubt his power? Do you doubt his ability? If he can make this then Why can he not bring about the day of judgment? And I'm not sure I will origami hadda LM did not Nigel we make under the earth. Me had her as a resting place, meaning who made this earth?

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Who made it? Did we not make it did Allah not make it? Alumna Daniel Adame Harada did we not bestow upon you this huge blessing, which huge blessing the earth for you, but the earth as a me had as a resting place? What has me had meme had me had is something that is prepared, that is spread out that is levelled out why? For the purpose of comfort and rest? Like for example, a bed

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or a cradle that is prepared for a baby then how is it its size is suitable, right? It's softness or hardness whatever it is, it is also suitable. This is me hat. So the earth Allah has prepared for you, for you to live on. Which means that everything you need for your survival. Allah subhanaw taala has placed it where in this earth for you. This earth is a means of comfort for you. You live on it, you eat on it. This is a source of your livelihood. You sleep you rest you travel. This earth is protective. It's sustaining an unnatural Alami hadda you doubt the our y look at the Earth that you walk upon, like a bed spread out for you so that you live on it. Rest on it, work on it, walk on

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it. Who made this? Well gee Bella OTA the meaning did we not make the mountains as Oh third as pegs GBL plural off double the mountains we made them as our third our third plural of the word what Wow, that dal watered and what that is used for the bag that is used to pitch a tent.

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Other say that it is used for the central pillar that is put in the middle of a tent why in order to hold it because if that

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filler, that bowl is not there, what's going to happen to the tent? It's going to collapse. It's going to fall. So, the mountains, Allah says that we have made them as old

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as Beggs. Meaning, they hold the earth, in place. Without the mountains, what would happen to the Earth, it would not be stable. It would constantly be moving beneath your feet.

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It would constantly be shaking, would you be able to live then? Would you be able to survive, then? Would you be able to build anything? Would you be able to make any progress in any way? You wouldn't? So who made the earth stable for you with these mountains? It is Allah. Do you doubt his power? wahala cannot come and we created you as word euro in pairs. Meaning did we not create you in pairs? Who made you? If Allah didn't make you, who made you? Where did you come from? What color canal come as wotja. Another blessing that's mentioned over here is the fact that humanity has been created, not in one gender, but how as wedge pairs meaning male and female.

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Why? Why not just one type, like the angels we learn about them. They're not male and female, it's just one type, but human beings, why male and female? Why this difference? Why two types. Why?

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Because opposites attract? Why male and female, for your companionship, for your comfort and love, support and friendship. So that there is attraction, there is love and mercy. There is family there is procreation, and in this is pleasure also into the room i A 21 Allah says woman Aya T Um hello caller coming unfussy come as Roger that from among yourselves meaning among human beings He has made for you, as well as spouses, why Lita, schooner, la her for the purpose of sukoon you see, as human beings, we are very needy,

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very needy. We don't just need food and air and sleep. We need comfort. And that comfort doesn't just come from your favorite food. It comes from where, from companionship, from friendship from intimacy, closeness.

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And one of the most beautiful relationships that Allah subhanaw taala has created is that which is between a husband and a wife wahala cannot come as Roger we created you in pairs as male and female. What you're gonna know Macomb su Berta and we have made your sleep as Suba meaning as a means for rest.

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What I learned no Macomb we made your sleep as so bad. So bad. This from the root letter seen Bertha and subbed is basically to cut something off to cut it.

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And sleep. What does it do?

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What does sleep do? It cuts you off from what?

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From looking from even listening,

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isn't it?

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The thing is that as long as you're awake, even if you shut your eyes, can you continue to hear?

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Can you? Does that let you rest? No. Does that let you have a break? No. So sometimes your eyes are closed, but still because of the fact that it's so bright outside, right? You can still see. To some extent you can see the light even coming through your eyelids. Alright. But when a person falls asleep, then what happens? They have no idea. Mostly, they have no idea about what people are talking about unless they're faking their sleep, right? But in general, when people are actually sleeping, then what happens? All of your senses are cut off in the sense that you don't hear you don't see nothing. Why? So that you get a break.

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You get a break sleep. Why is it necessary for different reasons. One reason is that

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the body needs to restore energy levels it needs to repair any wear and tear experienced during the day's activities. Right? So for that purpose, you sleep, you sleep for different reasons. But even the brain benefits

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REM sleep. It is said that a certain type of sleep which is our REM sleep, it affects our ability to learn new tasks.

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Meaning if you want to learn, if you want to get good at your studies, then one thing you need is what sleep also

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it affects your ability to learn new tasks. That doesn't mean sleep a lot. It means sleep as much as you need. That's it. What your I'll nano Macomb Subrata we have made your sleep as a means

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for rest, so that you your body can rest, you may take a break, so that your body can get re energized, your brain also can get a little organized. And then as you wake up, your body is refreshed, your brain is refreshed. And then you can continue to learn and continue to do your work. Doesn't it happen sometimes that your phone is not working properly or your computer is like freezing? And then you go to the store and you're like what's wrong with my phone? They're like When did you last turn it off? I don't remember. Well, why didn't you turn it off right now. And then you as you restart it, you leave it off for some time and then you restart it. It's perfectly fine. What

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happened? It's because for weeks you didn't turn it off. You didn't restart it. Even machines need it. Alright, so our bodies also need that sleep. What Jarl nanomol calm so Bertha, we have made your sleep as a means for rest. Sleep is also a blessing. Because all of these things that are mentioned over here, what are they there are blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us. From the Earth to the mountains, to the fact that people are embarrassed to the fact that we sleep all of these are blessings. What John Malayala labasa and we have made the night as a li bass as a clothing.

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The night is like a clothing

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meaning covering you completely.

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Just as your clothing what does it do? It covers you so night also it covers the earth.

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It brings complete darkness.

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When you sleep, you cover yourself with blankets.

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And Allah subhanaw taala has provided another blanket also which is the blanket of darkness.

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Because for good sleep, what do you need? What do you need darkness. And if you think about it Libras it's also a source of comfort. It doesn't just cover you but it also protects you and brings you comfort. So the darkness of the night is also in a way protective. And because it doesn't let you be seen right it hides you and also it is comforting meaning you need that what your alumna how to Masha and we have made the day as well as a marsh as a means for livelihood Marsh from the root letters idea sheen Asha your issue is to live

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and Marsh is basically everything that is needed for what for living. So we have made the day as Mirage meaning as the time for seeking out your livelihood. Remember Marsh includes food, water, shelter, money, everything, necessities of life. So we have made the night as a time when you are cut off from what from your activities

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to the point that you can't even hear and see. And we have made the day for what for Marash that you go about you work you earn you look after yourselves. So the night is for rest and the day is for work. webinar Aina and we have built folk accom above you Sivan she Dadda sobran 771 She Dadda strong ones she dad from Shady plural of shady and what does it mean? Strong heavens strong skies, meaning skies that are firm that are protective.

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And in the lowest sky what you're gonna see Rajan we're herder and we have made in it see Rajan a lamp that is one

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that is burning. A burning lamp

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In the sky, what Hajj you may have heard some people's name is also heard while hygiene and basically what Hajj is used for a lamp that is burning intensely not just lamp but fire even burning intensely blazing. So there isn't just a lot of light over here. There's also a lot of heat over here energy over here. So the sun, what is it? A lamp that is what Hodge that is fiercely burning.

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But in this burning is what a lot of light for you. A lot of heat for you. And also beauty blazing. Now think about it how big and how far the sun is. But how much our life depends on it. For heat for energy. All right, for food, vitamins, whatever it is. We need it. Well, John, nasty Rajan. Wahaha so important for our survival. One zona, and we sent down Meenal morcilla. Tea from the rain clouds. What do we send down from the Maura slot mat and water that is fed jajah That is pouring forth. That is intolerance falling abundantly look at the word that's used for clouds over here. What's the word more sloth plural of the word more acetyl from the root I inside ra remember so with use of Wi Fi

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asleep own and in that year, they will your fleet will and they will squeeze out a lot of juice meaning they will have a lot of produce right in which they will have a lot of oil and juice etcetera. So more a sliver is that which is squeezed that which is squeezed. Now why would you squeeze it to get all the liquid out of it. Now the clouds are called morosely rot, what does it mean that they're full of water full of water. And these more slots, what do they pour down man water that is the judge the judge third gene gene such

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such is basically to cause something to flow in large amounts of course, this is some liquid. So for instance, this word is used to describe hedge also in Hadith, we learn about the best hedge being that in which there is a lot of edge and fetch edge and fetch what is edge making a lot of noise. This noise is not fighting and this is what the sound of phobia

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in which there's a lot of Tobia meaning a person says love bake along well a bake a lot. That is edge and thatch as in a lot of sacrifice.

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And why is that word used for a lot of sacrifice because when there's going to be a lot of sacrificial animals, what is going to be pouring forth in large amounts blood so you understand edge and fudge. So man had Jadeja cascading water intolerance, falling copiously abundantly, and really, if you start gathering all the water that falls from the sky, how much is it? It's a lot. Well, Anzahl nominal, Marcela, tema, and for Georgia, who sends this rainwater down on you, Lee no hurry Jovi have been one Abeta. So that we bring out b He because of it meaning because of this rain water, we cause to grow we produce what have been grain, one Abeta and vegetation. What is have

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grain that people eat

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grain that people eat, like for example,

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like for example, what kind of grains do people eat?

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Only wheat,

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barley, maize rice. So this is how linearly Jovi have been no bad. What is the bad vegetation? Now this includes all types of vegetables, all kinds of plants. But some have said that since it's being used in contrast with hub hub is that which people eat and Nevada is that which animals eat.

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But Nevada is not just limited to what animals eat. Of course, there's many things which animals meaning grazing, livestock eat, but human beings also consumed. So lino hurry Derby have been one about the sustenance that you are given comes from where from the water that falls down from the sky, who sends it down.

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What genetic alfalfa and with this abundant rain, what else do we produce Jannette gardens, what kind of gardens gardens of course they have trees they have different kinds of plants and the description of these plants and trees is a faff, off entwined, gross and five is the plural of the word love or Luffy lamb FIRFER and basically love is used for that which is wrapped around,

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wrapped around. So Jannatul alfalfa meaning gardens of densely growing trees and plants

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pink are so dense that their branches, the shrubs, the twigs, all of them, how are they wrapped around intertwined, very dense.

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Just the other day somebody was telling me about how their grass in their backyard is so long, right, not just the grass but also the weeds everything that they had left their holes in the yard for quite some time. And now that they were trying to get out the pick up the holes, the grass and the weeds had grown around it

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that had grown around it, so they had to basically yank it out and pull out a lot of grass and they were trying to rake their yard also. And she gave an example that it was like trying to get chewing gum out of hair.

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gum out of here was so difficult, dense Denat in alfalfa, no, this is just grass. Sometimes trees are like that also, in forests, what do you see what Jeanette in alfalfa?

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Who made all of this girl who has bestowed upon you all have these great blessings? The one whose power whose ability you cannot justly estimate you cannot correctly estimate you don't have that capacity. He is so powerful. The one who has bestowed so many blessings on you that there are numbers you cannot count

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then how could you deny him

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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this may learn your man you're walking on my

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neighbor he loves

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a lady whom femal 34

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one GB

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walk on up on as wotja

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We're down

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we're down

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on Russia. We're banning federal bathrooms

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she the words

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said on TV

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jajah. Do you know free JB Hunt

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