Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 23 – L235E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of writing your poetry in a way that is true to yourself is a personal choice and not just for others. The Prophet sallahu Sallam's teachings can be used as a warning for those who are alive, and the negative impact of giving too much information and showing loyalty to worshipers is discussed. The worship of idols and the potential for the worshipers' use of power to create weapons are also discussed, along with the potential for the worshipers' use of their power to create weapons. The worshipers discuss the potential for fire from dry bones and the potential for the Hulk to recreate the Earth, as well as warning about the solar cycle and its impact on people's health.
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Winner alumna who Sherif woman, I am believe in her Illa de con will call Anna Moby and we did not give him knowledge of poetry, nor is it befitting for him. It is not but a message and a clear quote on towards the end of the surah. Now, again the same theme is being repeated that was mentioned at the beginning of the surah. What was mentioned at the beginning of the solo, the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was established in the Colombian setting. And then many signs were pointed to and again at the conclusion of the surah, the same theme is repeated, that will not alumna who share this man, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, we have not taught him poetry share from the

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new fetters sheen or sheriff, Sheriff chowders Youth for here and if you think about it here is extremely fine.

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And Sheriff portrait is also very fine in the sense that a person who has fine knowledge of vocabulary, expression, language only he can say poetry, isn't it? Who has detailed knowledge right find knowledge.

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And also here is very fine. Whatever is fine is subtle, you can barely tell it exists. So in poetry, sometimes in a very subtle way, boys convey their message.

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So when I alumna was Sharla, Alyssa says this hold on is not poetry. What we have taught him, this is not poetry.

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And on top of that, when I am believer, it's not even appropriate for him. It's not even possible for him to invent poetry himself. It doesn't even fit him to be called a boy.

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Because near the Arabs, a boy it could be considered as the best person that was the highest status that a person could achieve. Because whoever was aboard became extremely famous. But at the same time, a boy It was also considered as a great liar. Why?

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Because in poetry to make your poetry good, you have to exaggerate. And when exaggerating, you have to lie. This is why the people would say that accent is shareable.

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The best poetry is the one that is most false. The one that has the greatest lies in it.

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This is why many times Sherrod and Kathy would be used synonymously Academy a liar would be called a sheriff.

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There will be no difference between someone who's a liar and someone who's abort.

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Because what have we learned earlier into the sharada? That boys were not exactly moral people? How are they immoral?

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in sort of the Sharla I had to 24 to 26 we learned was sure Oh, yeah, Who woulda won? And I'm Tara I know he can leave at any any moon or an homeo coluna. Man if they say what they do not do so they lie a lot.

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So over here, Allah soprano tada says, that this put on is not poetry. Well, Marian Bella, and it's not even befitting that you call Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam apart, because what was his reputation? Of being who? truthful man sided? How could you say that someone who is sadhak you call him a poet?

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And if you think about it, how can a person become a great poet One day, he cannot become a great poet One day, he has to have some background of language, isn't it? So, when he has that background, only then can you become a great poet. But what do we learn? In total uncovered I have 48 will not go into debt lumen Cogley him and keytab and you never read a book before? What are the homophobia mean? If you never wrote a book either in a love table not alone, because otherwise the falsifies they would have dumped.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not have any such background. This is why Allah says 1 million believe it does not even suit him. And the Quran, there is no falsehood in the whereas for tree many times it's full of lies. But the Quran is free of any lies into the full Senate. If 42 Allah says, lay the hill Berkeley, lumen venia de when I'm in coffee, falsehood cannot approach it from before or from behind it. There is no falsehood in this book. It's free of any kind of, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the one to whom this Quran was revealed. Even he would not utter any lies. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said about himself, and nmbu laccadive. Enter ignore Abdullah polyp. I am

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the prophet who does not lie. I am the son of Abdulmutallab and this is

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reported in Bahati?

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And what's the purpose of this put on? Lean zero, to warn men can a hayyan whoever is alive? This on is a warning for who? For who? Those who are alive What does it mean by this? meaning those who are alive in their heart

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because it is but even what is he like me yet or that person but a believer, the one whose heart is alive only he can benefit from this one.

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And Leone's Rahman can hi in this can also be taken in a general sense that the Quran is a warning for all those people who are alive not those who are dead. But unfortunately when is the Koran opened up? when someone dies, the younger woman can hi yen.

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Its warning will benefit those who are alive. We call Kohler lol Catherine and the word may be justified against the disbelievers which word which sentence the sentence of punishment it may be testified against the disbelievers because it's Quran will be witness against them and as a result, they will be deserving of punishment.

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LLM euro and Kanaka Nana whom do they not see that we have created for them mimma amin at a Deena from that which our hands have made, meaning something that Allah himself has made. Why is this head that mimma Amina Idina from what our hands have made?

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Something that Allah has made himself without any help without anyone else's suggestions, interference assistance, Allah himself has made, what has he made an omen, grazing livestock, for whom la Malecon and these people, they own them.

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So have they not taken any lesson from these animals? Look at these animals, they're so humble. You own them, you ride them, you eat them, you do so many things with them. And they're so humbled to you. Imagine, if goats were like clients, just imagine where they were like jackals. Imagine if camels were like beasts, would it be possible for people to even slaughter them? to ride on them? to milk them? Impossible? For whom? The harmonica their owners? Isn't this amazing? Allah has created them for you, and he has subdued them for you. Haven't you taken any lesson from these animals? Look at how humble they are before you. Look at yourself. how humble Are you before you're annoyed with

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Elena hella home, and we have tamed them, for them the life of their daughters, their lamb lamb, the lamb to the Lord, what does it mean? to be obedient to be humble. So these animals they have been made humble for people so that people can tame them from in Heroku. And as a result, from these animals are ruku boom, their rides their mounts, meaning some of these unarmed, they use them as right like for example, camels, woman higher Cologne, and some they eat. When a home we have an afro, and for them there are other benefits. In these animals. There are many other benefits like for example, there will there for their hair, one machete and many drinks machete was a plural of my

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And it can be used as love, meaning the place from where the milk comes. And also Mashallah as muster, meaning the milk itself.

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So we'll

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just think about it. If there was no milk, would you be deprived of many great drinks? Would you be, of course many great drinks and as a result, you will be deprived of many great foods as well. People who develop a milk allergy, ask them, ask them that, how much are they missing out? Oh, well, my Sherry boo, fly school will they not be grateful then, that the one who was bestowed all of these blessings upon them, they must show some kind of obedience to Him, some kind of loyalty to him, they must fear him in some way.

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But instead what is the reaction of people? What are the woman doing in law he early on, but they have taken besides Allah, other gods, why now allow me and so on so that they can be helped? Why do people worship other gods besides Allah? Whether it is a person whom they prostrate to, or a grave that they go and sacrifice there? What's the objective? What's the purpose? To get some help law Allah omean saloon, but Allah says, layer stuff of your own and for whom they are not able to help them, no matter how much do I you make to them? matter how many times you visit their grave, they cannot help you. Isn't this a clear statement? Isn't so clear, but still there are people who claim

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to be Muslim, but what do they do? They go to other than Allah. Allah says Allah, Allah, homie and so on layers to your own inner struggle.

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We're home the home, Jonathan, and they are for them. john doe soldiers most of our own, in attendance, our own ones are represented. What does it mean by this? Meaning these worshipers who are whom whom refers to these worshipers, they are the home for them for who? For who?

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For the gods whom they worship.

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So these worshipers are for the gods, Jonathan, and army Mark are all ones who are ever present to defend their gods to defend their idols.

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Just imagine, there are worshipping idols to get help from them. But in reality, who is helping the idols, the worshipers, because these idols cannot even remove a fly from themselves? Isn't it so? So who has to look after them? Who has to maintain these idols? Who has to clean them and polish them and paint them and serve them and transport them and look after them? It's the worshipers. Very valuable, well Muslim, isn't it?

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These people are worshipping these idols to get help from them, but in reality, they're helping the idols. How can they expect any help? Last year on an Astra home, while homeloan gender Maroon?

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And this is just like in the nation of Ibrahim renesola. They said to one another, so little MBI a 68. Car no hurry Oh, one Subaru and he had to come in. They said burn him and support your gods. If you are to do anything.

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Allah subhanaw taala addresses His Prophet falaya Hassan kokkola home select not their speech greenview these people those who oppose you, the machine, the caffeine, the deniers the montine their account their remarks, their mockery, don't let that review they criticize you. Yes, we know in Neverland will indeed we know my use of Brunello Mallya, are they known what they hide? And what they reveal? Whatever they hide from you, and whatever they openly say to you, we know everything. Don't be sad. Why? Because we know and we will deal with them. Why is the profits of a lot of women being told not to be sad? Because if a person becomes sad at such remarks, the person who was

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working for the dean, he gets sad at the remarks that he hears, then Will he be able to do anything, he will not be able to do anything. So remember this, when you're doing anything for the sake of a loss of panel data, and people talk, you have to ignore what they say. Because if you pay any attention to their statements, it will review and when it will review you will not be able to do your work.

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Our mural inside does man not see an Laconia who may not have attended we have created him from a not from a mere sperm drop for either who has been there at once he is a clear adversary. Look at his origin, Matt and maheen not fat.

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And what happens as soon as he's able to talk? Who does he argue against? Allah subhanaw taala openly speaks out against his Lord against his Deen against Allah's books against them as messengers. And what does he say? What bourbon and mFl and he presents for us an example. When I see your halka and he has forgotten his own creation, what is his own creation? That he's been made from? A sperm drop? He forgets what he is. And then he has the courage to strike an example for what example what does he say about Allah? Allah He says, men who you feel a llama will give life to the bones were here on me while it has become decade.

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Rami maisonneuve fetters Rami meme. And Rahim is when something has become old and it has become withered. And as a result, it has disintegrated,

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dried up withered, it has shrunk, it has become broken. So who can give life to these bonds when they have become weathered? When they have completely disintegrated? So in other words, he thinks that it's impossible for Allah to resurrect man.

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Allah says, Allah say, you hear he will give it life who led the one who unsure how he produced it. Allah was the first time the one who created it the first time he can recreate it, or who will be calling How can I leave and he is of all creation, knowing how can be understood in two ways over here. First of all, look, meaning every creation that exists or love knows about it in general and also specifically with all its details.

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And secondly, Hulk creation, meaning how to create it's not difficult for a lot to create. He knows how to create the first time he knows how to recreate he knows how to resurrect

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in throttle mukai authority

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14 law questions lie on a woman como una de

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la Jara. Lacan The one who has made for you, Mina, shuddering Marie from the green tree now on a fire

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he is so powerful, you forgot what he can do. If you look at what Allah subhanaw taala has provided for you that he has made for you fire from what the green tree a szegedi

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from newsletters called Bhadra.

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What is this green tree refer to? It refers to the trees of Mars and Earth of which the Arabs would use in order to ignite fire and especially the twigs would be green, the twigs will be fresh. Typically when can you burn wood when it has become dry, right. But these twigs would be green, and yet they will be able to ignite fire from it. And let the janitor come in a shattering of marinara for either and two men who took it on. Then you instantly from it to Filoni well, Kindle to be done well past that. You Kindle Fire you strike fire from it. So you think the one who can cause a fresh green twig to burn cannot cause the dry bones to become alive again.

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It's possible for him because if you think about it, green fresh, what does it mean live there is life and fire means that finished. But green twigs what happens to them, they catch fire. So he can do the exact opposite as well. When something has completely dried up, decayed, he can bring it back to life or when a salary that is not the one who has a customer what he was the one who created the heavens and the earth, the one who created the heavens and the earth is he not recorded in one who is able on upon a yes no Commissioner home that he creates the likes of them.

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Using think the one who created the heavens and the earth and all their immensity and all their enormity, look at the size of the heavens and the earth. It's not possible for him, you think that he could create the likes of the meaning human beings in all their mind uniqueness? Look at the size of the human being and look at the size of the heavens in the year. What a huge difference. If our luck and create the heavens and the earth why can he not recreate human beings Bella, of course, will who will now call or leave and he is a supreme creator, the one who is knowing, Allah says and sort of life it is 57 the Hulk was somehow it will have the academic unhealthiness the creation of

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the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of mankind when I can a common NASA layer on the moon but most people they do not know. How easy is it for him?

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In Unruh, who it's so easy for him that indeed his command either are the Shea and Nicola who can fire code that he says to it be and it happens. It's not difficult for him to resurrect for Super Han and lovely. So Exalted is He be at the mallacoota coalition in his hand is a realm of all things melaku Romanian Kingdom Empire, the entire Empire who does it belong to Allah subhanaw taala. So his is about to create his his power to recreate an altar to command for Superman and let it be at the human condition. We're in a little German, and to him, all of you will be returned.

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This facility scene, which is one of the most often cited sources of the Quran, but unfortunately, least understood, people read it, but they do not understand it. As we learned in the sola Leone's element, kana Haiyan. This is a warning for who those who are alive. So while we are alive, it's important for us to know what the solar says, and to also tell those who are alive. Because usually when people die, then the solar is recited.

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And in the surah are great reminders of the hereafter. Great reminders of the consequences of our actions, and most importantly, that everything is being recorded, and nothing belongs to us. My third demo was our home everything is being recorded, and nothing belongs to us, this body will turn against us. This body can leave us anything can turn against us, if we dare to disobey Allah.

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So success lies in worshipping Allah, not in worshipping other than Allah.

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We listen to the recitation.

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Wahhabi coolie hunting Nanami levy Gianna Nina shadow of Medina

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if you notice the end of the sorta worry later on, this is the message of the sort of, so prepare for that return.

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We listen to the recitation

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boo, boo,

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listening to the recitation from the beginning to the end in one go and you will enjoy it even more

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boom boom v.

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Elio Manistee mana

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and daddy

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boo, boo boo, boo.

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Jo Joe

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soprano cola movie Hyundai Kona Chateau La ilaha illa Anta the stockbroker wanted to avoid a

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