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As-Saffat 1-74 Tafsir 1-4

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For him, that's number 236 sort of the soft fat is number one 274

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lessons are going to be a bit longer. So what does that mean for you? And what does that mean for me that we have to be extremely active and alert in class and pay full attention because if you fall behind I will fall behind if I fall behind you fall behind. So, both of us have to help one another in

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entrepreneurship analogy.

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So too far fat has 182 verses.

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And this aura is a Maki sola and it was revealed in the late mid mechon era. And the message of the soul is primarily invitation to submit to a loss of data. repeatedly in these if people are made to see that if a person does not submit now, he will have to submit later.

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So for his own benefit, what should he do? submit to Allah willingly in this world himself before it's too late Bismillahirrahmanirrahim was so fat you suffer by those angels lined up in rows for their deities, and those who drive the clouds Saturnalia to the cross and those who recite the message in Isla hacohen lower head indeed your God is one God

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The story begins with awesome just as many lucky souls such as Satya seen right after her with mocha Todd is a cousin. Over here also there is a custom was so fat you suffer and the costume has been sworn by angels. A soft fat is a plural of suffer from the author's slot, sauce. And salsa is used for those who are standing in a row, those who are lined up those who are ranging in ranks and suffer one of the meanings as I mentioned to you to set up in a row. Those were standing in a single straight file, like for example and so to solve it number four, a lot of panel data deltas in the law, your hibel Latina ukata una feasability, soften cannon, banana morsels that Indeed Allah loves

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those who fight in his cars in a row, standing in a row in a straight file, as though they are single structure joined firmly. Because if people are not standing in a row, then do they appear like a single structure? No. It's as though there's a haphazard crowd. But when people are standing in a row, it seems like as though they are a single structure. So a sofa? Who does it refer to the angels who arrange themselves in rows? who stand in rows who make proper lines? When do they make these proper lines? When they are worshipping Allah soprano, just as a believers when they worship a lot together, collective worship in this dunya? How do they do it? Standing in straight rows in

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perfect rows. And similarly the angels when they worship Allah, how do they do that? while standing in rows? intro to soft that I want 65 166 we learned that the angel say what international soft phone? What international? Must have been shown that indeed we are those who line up? Why do we line up for prayer for worship. And indeed We are those who exalt Allah. So all of them together they form perfect straight lines. And then together they exalt Allah. So fat Secondly is also used for when similar creatures are arranged in a row. And there's also unification in the action that they're doing. Meaning all of them are performing the same action to understand so soft that first

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of all those in rows and secondly, those in a line doing the same action. Like for example, it is that soft meaning even what are even camels so slop minute even when camels are standing in a line with their one foot out why so that they are ready to be slaughtered?

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This is why birds that are flying together with their wings outstretched What are they called? Soft fat, isn't it? So? Instead of the milk What do we learn? Oh lm Yo, in a fight if alcohol saw fat in same word over there, what does it mean by soft fat? Birds with wings outstretched with their wings open. So a soft fat first of all refers to the angels who arranged themselves in rows. And secondly, it also refers to angels who have spread out their wings as if they are ready to fly. Why? awaiting orders, awaiting instruction from a loss apprentice

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They are ever ready. As soon as they're given the instruction immediately they go. So what does it show with their wings outstretched, they're listening attentively, all they need is just a signal. As soon as a signal is given as soon as a command is given, instantly they go and carry out the command that is given to them. So, what is it show that they are promptly obedient, they are not lazy at all, was saw Fatty, suffer and what the soft mean over here that these angels are perfectly arranged in rows.

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Now, this surah It begins with the mention of angels and sort of Apple it also begins with the mention of who angels right and sort of followed is known as sort of melodic also.

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And generally the purpose behind mentioning the angels is to highlight submissiveness and humanity before almost.

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Because if you think about it, what do angels symbolize? complete obedience to Allah, isn't it? So even this description that is given over here of these angels are so fat, what does that show, they are in complete submission to Allah. They have out of respect arranged themselves in rows out of dalim, out of honor. And they have their wings outstretched as soon as a command is given immediately they will go and carry out the command.

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And in this is a great lesson for us as well. That when we worship Allah, how should we do it together? And how should we do it? That out of respect, we should arrange ourselves in roles and as soon as a command comes without delay, we should immediately obey.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, we have been favored over the rest of mankind in three ways. The Muslim Ummah, has been favored over the rest of mankind hell, in three ways that first of all, jury that sufu funa Castle fulfil mela iica our ranks have been made like the ranks of the angels, that just as the angels arrange themselves in rows, similarly, we also how do we pray in rows? And isn't it amazing sometimes, if you see a picture of the head on the how people are doing for life, and all of a sudden, as soon as the computer goes, perfect rows, straight rows, like circles, isn't it around the curb? Isn't that amazing?

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So, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that we have been favored over the rest of mankind in this way, that our rows have been made like the rows of the angels.

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Secondly, the entire world the entire Earth has been made a Masjid for us, that we can pray anywhere. And its soil has been made a means of purification for us. If we cannot find water and this Hadees isn't Muslim.

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We also learn from another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Will you not form ranks as the angels form ranks in the presence of their Lord? Will you not do what the angels do? When the angels are in the Presence of Allah soprano data when they're worshipping Allah? How do they do it? in rows? So will you not do the same Oh believers? So the companions they said, How do the angels form ranks in the presence of their Lord? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam replied, they complete the roles near the front.

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How do they do it?

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they complete the roles near the front and they consolidate the roles meaning they unify the roles What does it mean by this?

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That when the angels stand before a loss of primal data, they do not stand haphazardly. Rather they arrange themselves in rows, because this is a symbol of organization of discipline. And how do they arrange themselves in roles? That, first of all, they complete the first rows, the fill in the gaps that are in the front. So we all need to check that there should be no gaps towards the front. And then their rows are not far apart, but how are they together? They're close to one another.

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So what does it show to us, these bodies and also the way of the angels that making rows forming rows forming lines, this is what a part of the identity of the Muslim Ummah This is something that the Muslims must observe, no matter where Muslims are, whether they are with their family members or their with their co workers or their with strangers. If they have to pray, what do they have to do? Stand in lines, isn't it so this is a share out of the Muslim ummah. This is a tradition, a custom an identity, something by which Muslims are recognized.

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But unfortunately, this is something that is only limited to salana only limited to Salah anywhere outside of Southern Muslims. Forget to

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If you think about it five times a day, a loss of penalty makes us practice. How to macros? Should we not apply this in the rest of our lives as well? Of course we should. So whether we are standing in the cafeteria, waiting for our turn, how should we do it? In an eye,

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or we are at the reception, or we're waiting outside the washrooms or we are leaving the exit doors, how should we do it in a line in a row, because this shows that our leave this shows that you have respect for the place that you're in, you have respect for the work that you're doing. Because if people are just doing work haphazardly, pushing shoving, one is going here, one is going there, what does it show, a person is only concerned about himself, doesn't it show selfishness on the part of a person. So when people form lines, it shows they have respect. And if you think about it at all, that we highlight our core values a lot, and one of them is respect, respect for who, for one

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another, for the place for the work.

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She's mentioning of somebody who became a Muslim, when he saw people forming lines right after the other end for the purpose of Salah, and this person had a military background. And he said that, in military when people come they have to be trained that how to form lines, how to stand in their positions. But this is amazing that one other than, and that's it, everybody will go and stand together in rows, forming lines. So it shows that forming lines. This is a part of discipline. It shows respect, it shows humility, it shows obedience. And together, it is a sign of strength as well.

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When people form rows, it shows strength on their part, there is a feeling of art in making rules. And when people are just in the form of a crowd, then there's no like you don't get impressed by that crowd. But when people have arranged themselves in roles, then when you see them, you feel awestruck. This is why Allah subhanaw taala says, insert the stuff as I mentioned to you earlier in a lie your hip alladhina yakata una feasibilities unknown banana muscles. Allah loves those people who arranged themselves in roots

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for their deities, and those who drive the clouds meaning those angels who drive What do they drive them of rule the object has not been mentioned over here. But it is understood that those who drive the clouds are those who drive other things.

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as accurate as a florala. Zara and Zara Zara from the root letters Xay jeem zedge.

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zatural is to push something forward to drive something, to push something forward to earn something on to drive something.

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And secondly, it is also do yell at someone and stop them from what they're doing.

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So what's the second meaning of the words

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do yell and restrain, do yell and stop someone from doing something. Like for example, if a person is doing something wrong, if a child is doing something wrong, and you don't have time to reach out to him and hold his hand or hold his arm or stop him physically, then what will you do?

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You will use your loud voice that at least if he doesn't understand he has to stop he will get frightened by the voice and he will stop right then right he will get alarmed. So, that is to push forward to drive to urge on and it also means to restrain by yelling with a loud voice. It is said that surgery is definitely bigger what is so do rebell to stop something how with the strength of one's voice meaning with a loud voice and not just loud but also a voice that reflects or you can say might power strictness. Okay, so for exaggerate, exaggerate, what does it mean? Those who drive How? By rebuking by scolding by urging by yelling, how do they drive? Or how do they stop

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with their loud voice with a surgeon with a rebuke with a reproach?

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Now, who does it refer to? It is primarily referring to the angels, because the previous is also mentioning who the angels awesome is being sworn by the angels.

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And why are the angels described as exaggerated? sagittal because first of all the angels what do they do? They drive the clouds. You see these huge, massive clouds up in the sky. And sometimes they're moving at such speed and sometimes they're very slow, isn't it? So have you noticed sometimes they're moving very fast and sometimes

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extremely slow. Who is it that drives them? Yes, it's the wind that blows them. Who sends the winds along the panel? But who directs the clouds? Go here, go there. Who is it? That's pushing them forward? It's the angels. Angels have been commanded to do that. We learned from several ladies that it's the angels who are driving the clouds, who bring the wind, because what do the angels do? They are obeying the orders of Allah soprano.

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So as Angela is the angels who drive the cow to bring the wind who bring rain, who disciplined the creation in a way, make them do what they're supposed to do.

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Secondly, exaggerate, exaggerate refers to the angel Xu rebuke the evil person at the time of taking his soul for exaggerated. They urge him to give up the urge that the soul must come out of the body. And how do they do it with with rebuke.

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And thirdly, fidelity. sagittal also refers to the moon can knock you in the grave, who will also score the person, rebuke the person and make him answer the questions that they will be asking him.

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And fourthly, for sajilo Digital altar first of the angels, who will rebuke the disbelievers as sinful people in the Hereafter, whether it's on the Day of Judgment, or in the Hellfire suffer exaggerated agile. Now, this is a sign of discipline, isn't it so that when it comes to obeying a loss of panatela, the angels they form perfect girls, they're ever ready to receive the instructions with their wings outstretched as soon as the command is given immediately the fly and do what they're supposed to do.

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And in carrying out the orders that they are given, the angels they don't fall short at all. If they need to use force, they do that. You understand, physiologically exaggerated ledger, if the use of force is needed to execute the orders that are lost, the primal Guardian has given they use that force, they drive and they also stop wherever needed with force. Now the angels they have many duties that they have been given many duties to perform

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and they use force wherever it is needed.

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inserted to him I number six Allah subhanaw taala warns us that Yeah, you hola Dena Amano, por enforcer como la comme Nara will call to her NASA will hija La la la la la cotton hillels when she died, don't lie your asuna la Hannah Amano home with our Luna minute model. That all you have believed Save yourselves and your families from a fire hose fueled his people and stones over which are appointed angels that are harsh and severe. What kind of angels are appointed over the Hellfire harsh and severe, who do not disobey Allah in what he has commanded them, but they do whatever they're commanded fuzzer jurati zegura fidelia to the claw, and those who recite the message meaning

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the angels who also recite a Dahlia is a plural of Dahlia, from the root letters, their lamb. Well, what does that mean to recite, and also literally means to follow. But over here it gives the meaning of those who recite those who read loud, those who recite in sequence. So for tolyatti what do they recite? What do they read? What do they read out loud? vicara and what does it mean? mentioned? remembrance but they could also means scripture isn't the could use for Quran? Of course it is. So for Talia to declaw the cow over here at first to the Quran or the revelation that Allah soprano data has revealed. So for example, the energy breed when he brought the revelation to the

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Prophet sallallahu sallam, what would he do? He would recite it to him,

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isn't it so?

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So for Talia to recall those who recite the Scripture.

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And it's not just those who recite the Scripture, but also those who recite the vicar of a lot those who do the record of Allah, those who remember Allah alongside their other duties,

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meaning no matter what work they are engaged in, they are never heedless of Allah's remembrance.

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If you connect these

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right from the beginning, or slough of arranged in rows, perfect organization, obedience, humility, instantly obedient and when it comes to obeying the commands of Allah, they even use

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force if that is needed physique agility, Zilla, and whatever they're doing, they do not forget the remembrance of Allah soprano.

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They are the angels who bring the revelation who carry the revelation, the Quran, and also they remember Allah otherwise, instead of the ABA i a 13 to 16 we learn few sort of imoca oma morefor arcimoto hora ba de Sephora ki Rahman Bara, that the Scripture is recorded in honor cheats, Exalted and purified, carried by the hands of messenger angels, and these angels, our the noble and beautiful,

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instead of the most that I have five fell mukhiya to the cross and those angels who deliver a message meaning those who deliver the worry to the messengers. So if attorney Attica, now this person that has been sworn over here by the angels, what does it emphasize?

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The greatness and the glory of Allah soprano.

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Because who is being mentioned in these exam? The very obedient and humble servants of Allah, isn't it? So? Who are angels? servants of Allah? And how do they obey Allah, with humility, with discipline, with promptness with remembrance? So this person, it emphasizes the greatness of a loss apprentice.

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And it also shows the great virtue of all those who are engaged in these activities because Allah is swearing by them, isn't it? So?

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A lot of panel data, if you think about it doesn't need to swear an oath. Does he want us document a life Taylor? No one is more truthful than a line word in speech. Allah does not need to swear an oath. But when he swears an oath, what's the objective?

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To give importance to the maxim early do give importance to the one or to the object by whom he is swearing. So if the angels are being sworn by over here, the person is being sworn by the angels? What's the objective?

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To highlight what great tasks these angels are performing? So if anyone does the same actions, he's engaged in similar activities? Does he become honorable in the sight of Allah? Does he? Of course. Now let's look at these activities. What are they first of all,

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arranging ourselves in rules.

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Second meaning of a software does offer being ever ready to obey.

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Now that we keep waiting, and we keep delaying, and we say, yeah, there's time. And so we can do it. I can do it later procrastinating? No, waiting from before. Waiting from before. What do we think if we're waiting from before? We're wasting our time, isn't it? That's what we think sometimes. But waiting from before is also an act of worship, isn't it? So? Like, for example, if a person goes to the masjid early, he has performed will do and he is waiting for Salah that whole time that he's spending Isn't that an act of worship as well? Isn't he being rewarded for that as well? Of course. So we're so fat you suffer and then for exaggerated? Many times we show anger, or we will show a lot

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of judges dressed our soul when we're angry for our sake. But when it comes to doing what Allah subhanaw taala has said, then we say no use of force, then we say no discipline required. And if anybody is trying to discipline we think they are evil. This is not the right way. But that is agile. And no matter what they're doing for Dahlia to declaw, those who are busy in remembering Allah, those who also recite the Scripture.

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Now these verses they're primarily referring to the angels, as I mentioned to you, however, there are some of us sitting was cited this may also refer to some other creatures of Allah soprano who, like for example, it has been said that these Ayah may also be referring to the scholars that are on a map. Why? Because if you look at their Aloma, when they carry out their responsibility, they have these qualities.

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That first of all, when they learn or when they teach, then how do they organize themselves? How do they sit in their majelis? They make and maintain rules, isn't it? So? If you think about it, traditionally, how has been learned and taught in our religion? How are the majelis organized, how that rows are formed? Isn't it so

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and for disciplinary purposes, they're also strict at times.

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Isn't it? There's a particular scholar who's lectures and listened to in Arabic. And many times, it's amazing how he's giving the lecture and all of a sudden, you say,

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and He will give it to him that you're sleeping or Where are you? And where are you from and pay attention. And although this recording is many years ago, but I'm listening, and all of a sudden I get afraid as well.

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So for disciplinary purposes, sometimes they're strict as well. And they also recite the decree. And that's what they teach, isn't it? For Talia tilicho that's the main objective to promote the vicar to promote the tilava to promote the Quran.

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Others have said that these ads may also refer to the Mujahideen feasts of Eden.

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Those who are fighting in the way of Allah struggling in the way of Allah, they when they go out in a lost cause, how do they do so they make rows? Isn't it so? That, for example, a Muslim army? How would it be a mob, a crowd, no rows, perfectly arranged drawers organized, because it shows discipline.

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And then when they take out their horses in the way of a law, they also exaggerate, exaggerate, they urge their horses forward, they move them forward. And when there's a need, they also stop them. But how do they do it with

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and throughout their time in the battlefield? What do they do? They're busy in the remembrance of Allah because that's what Allah subhanaw taala tells us to do.

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Now after this great custom, what's the job custom? Allah says in illa hukam lower head, indeed your God is one after this question, What software do you suffer? Well is prakasam fuzzer jurati sejumlah and then, fatality claw what's the job possum? In Illa, calm lower head indeed your God? Surely he is one having no partner in any way whatsoever? This is the conclusion of the oath.

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Now, the costume is being sworn by who? The angels and the joab customers what? That your God is one God. Why is it that the customer is being swarmed by the angels because the angels were obedient to Allah, justified to the spec?

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they testify to this fact. The fact that the angels are arranged in rows, they're ever ready to receive the instructions and obey and they are firm in carrying out the orders that Allah has given and then remember Allah, what does it show? That there is only one God in Isla calm lower head?

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Now the machine of Makati Arabs, what kind of belief did they have about the angels? They thought that the angels were the daughters of Allah and this is why they used to worship them, isn't it so? But here when Allah takes an oath by the angels, and he mentions what the angels do, this false belief is being refuted. It's being negated.

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That the angels whom you consider to be gods in reality, what are the servants? You think they are deities, but in reality, they are humble and submissive before Allah, they stand in roles, they work with discipline. And when they obey Allah, they do so while remembering him. So in Allah hukam, lower head, indeed your God is one God.

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And if the previous verses are understood to refer to the cinema, then the main objective of their teachings is what to declare and promote the oneness of Allah in the illyricum, lower head, into the Mohammed and 19 Allah tells us farlam, and no la ilaha illa Allah, so know that there is no God, except Allah, no deity except Allah. In the inner column, lower head and the word inner, what does it mean? One who is worshiped, because he left, it gives a meaning of Lu, who is the one who is worshipped, how, why, out of muhabba and outer terrain, out of love and out of respect.

00:29:15--> 00:29:21

So what does it mean? One who is worshipped out of love out of respect,

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that out of love, he is obeyed.

00:29:26--> 00:29:33

out of love, he is obeyed, his commands, his instructions, they're accepted, they're followed they're observed.

00:29:34--> 00:29:39

And out of thoroughly out of respect, he is not disobeyed.

00:29:40--> 00:29:41

This is what it means by ILA.

00:29:43--> 00:29:59

One who is worshipped out of love and out of respect. So out of love, he is obeyed and out of respect, he is not disobeyed. in Isla hokum, la hit your God is one God, he deserves worship from you, instead of the Hajj is 62 a lot

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Elders that he could be anila who will help? Indeed Allah He is the truth. What unima dear Unum and dooney who will battle and that which they call upon other than Him? What is it? It's all falsehood, whether it's angels or any other thoughts, anything that people worship besides Allah are they actually got? Do they actually deserve worship know what anila who will early you'll be? And because Allah He is the Most High. The most grant