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Mulk and then the AR that actually speak about l am lash the 10 days in the Quran relate to this time period that we're in Los Pinos, Allah mentions that He is the One who created you. Hola como el Hayato Lea Balu welcome au x and what am Allah, He created life and death to test you in regards to who will be the most excellence in their deeds. And there is an immediate connection to life and death and we have as a community Subhanallah have experienced death

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pretty heavily in these last 48 hours and the shortness of life. You know, some of us are older than the two young brothers. In fact most of us in here are older than the two young brothers combined 17 and 17 when they were very male last panel to have mercy on them yesterday. Allah azza wa jal forgive them and make it easy for their parents. So there's an immediate sense of urgency and that the window is closing. The window is closing Leah blue accom a Yocum accent or am Allah and Allah azza wa jal is testing you to see Who amongst you is the best and their deeds and Allah azza wa jal did not say the blue Acoma Yocum act thorough I'm going to test you Who amongst you has the most of

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deeds but acts No, I'm Allah who has the best of deeds in terms of quality in terms of excellence in terms of sincerity. Now, this is in general that Allah azza wa jal is testing you. And the real amount mentioned

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that Allah subhanaw taala tests us in different ways when it comes to seeing how we will perform in regards to axon with our actions, Allah tests us with indefinite times and indefinite places. And Allah tests us with defined times and defined places. What do I mean by that?

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In Ramadan, you don't know which of the last 10 Nights is later to cuddle.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala tests you because you are taught to pursue every single one of those nights as if it could potentially be later to bother, even if there's a strong feeling that it might be the 27th night or whatever it may be, but you are tested, to really try your best to exert yourself not knowing when later to cuddle is, but then Allah azza wa jal tests you with the day of alpha, and you know exactly what it is. So there is a definite time, and there's indefinite time.

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And both of them have their own spiritual benefits in terms of your pursuit of ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah, Allah tests you with definite places, and places that are not defined in terms of where his Baraka may be, where the blessing may be. And so the massages of Allah subhanaw taala are the places where, you know, you will find his blessing. And there are other moments in our lives in places where the Barak had the blessing and His acceptance is that and we don't necessarily know where it's at in those moments. Allah subhanaw taala tests you with the deeds that you know, have a certain defined reward. And Allah subhanaw taala tests you with deeds that you have no idea what

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they carry in terms of potential is ideal, the Allahu Tada and who said that Allah subhanaw taala. If an attained isn't attained, Allah has hidden to within to earlier, he has hidden his earlier for everybody he amongst his servants, so you don't know which one of them is really of Allah subhanaw taala is a close friend of God. And Allah has hidden his labor, His pleasure in his good deeds, so you don't know which of the good deeds is going to unlock his pleasure. So there's the definitive and then there are the things that aren't defined the things where you're not taking a chance, but you are pursuing and you're hoping to absolutely never had to lie, you're exposing yourself to the

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seasons of Mercy of Allah, to these good deeds that are pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala hoping that maybe one of them will touch you for the test club and the other and you will never be deprived again. All of them have their spiritual benefits and profit slice and I mentioned to us about Sharda and the month of Shaban that Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala has placed in this month, a lot of blessing. Why? Because you'll follow Nasaan that people become heedless in regards to this month because it's between Rajab and Ramadan. And so it gets hidden between the sacred month and the greatest month of the year in Ramadan, and some people will miss out on Shabbat. Now when it comes

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to these 10 in particular, Allah has told you exactly what they're about. Allah has told you exactly when the day of alpha is and the emphasis of these 10 days is that time is running out is that the window is closing and that's why last print I mentioned will further we see further end every single day we see it and to short time, right the hardest Salah for you to catch the short time and then suddenly the sunrises and it's the best time of the day booty Kuriyama TV boo Korea

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My blessing is in the early hours Allah spends hours but Baraka in the early hours. And then the last part of the night. The last part of the night, when a person is recognizing suddenly think about those last nights of Ramadan, where we will all where we were all awake, and then you realize there's only 10 minutes left. I gotta catch my support, I gotta get in my last day, this might be it.

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And so the night is departing.

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And here Alas, parents I mentioned will fetch, while Ian and ash the 10 days within this possible,

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this possible framework. So unfettered is what, obviously fidget Leon and ash as we said, in Ramadan, it's not Lal ash, it's not defined. So it could actually be referring to the 10 of Ramadan and the 10 of the hedgehog also scars at the best 10 days, or the first 10 days of the edge of the best 10 nights or the last 10 nights of Ramadan. So it could actually be referring to both. And then Allah subhana wa swears by a chef or eat well, what will lady eat is Allah swears by the event and the art, which is the date of a noun of the day of sacrifice, the 10th of the hijab, and then the OMA alpha, the day of alpha, and the night as it departs away. These are the seasons of blessing

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within your date within your year within your night. And they're defined for you, you already know. And so when you think about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam speaking to those people about sadaqa, and about a reward that's in front of them, do this, and you will get this. Yeah, fair enough. Yeah, well, he'll he will have pursuer of good come forth, come forth. It's open to you. And so you ask yourself, What's my excuse? Before ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah? When he asked me, What did you do with these 10 days? Should this be the last 10 of the ledger that we get to experience in our lives? What's your excuse? For not spending the these days in vicar for not spending these days

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doing good deeds, when you know that these are the best 10 days of the year? And this might be the very last time that you get to partake in these 10 days, what's our excuse? And so truly Subhanallah, you have to create an individual incentive here, because we don't have the season of Ramadan. But we have the blessings that are even greater than Ramadan and these 10 days. And it's for you to really put that as an individual incentive to say, I'm going to busy myself with good, we're going to give sadaqa I'm going to make there I'm going to do Siddhartha Rahim. I'm going to check up on family members. I'm going to reconcile between brothers and sisters, I'm going to do

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good things throughout these days. So that when I meet Allah Subhana Allah and Allah azza wa jal says to me, I gave you this blessing. Let us Aluna young and then Anna 19. Right, you will be asked about your blessings greater than the blessing of sipping water. And the blessing of eating food is when Allah subhanaw taala tells you exactly when his pleasure is greatest towards you for the deeds that you put forth. When Allah azza wa jal asks you and I, on the Day of Judgment, I gave you these 10 days, I gave you the day of alpha, what did you do with it? No one will be able to say I thought it was this day or I thought it was that day or I got, we have our opportunity. And so all I will

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say, again, make the most of it in Charlottes on it. Take advantage of the moment.

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Put trackers for yourself, how much gold and you're going to read every single day, whatever it is, just like a normal blog, have a goal for yourself, how much declutter you're going to do every single day have a goal for yourself, how much data you're going to give every single day, have a goal for yourself, insha Allah to Allah and treat every day as a special day? Because they're the best 10 days of the year. May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to make the most of this opportunity. May He forgive us for our shortcomings? May Allah subhana wa Tada on that day of alpha when he's most near May Allah azza wa jal bring us close to him, and completely removed from us any sins or any

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barriers between us and him, Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be amongst those who are increased in faith and increased in character. May Allah subhanaw taala solve our problems in this dunya and in the market for us and grant us the highest level for the dosa Allah with our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with the prophets, the righteous ones, the martyrs, Allah I mean, let's not allow my son and daughter kind of you know, Muhammad Ali early he was so happy