Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P11 112E Tafsir Yunus 15-20

Taimiyyah Zubair
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When either and when took law it is recited. I lay him upon them I add to our verses begin at clear ones. When our clear Verses are recited upon them, call Alladhina lair, Unocal. Anna, those people who don't expect our meeting we don't believe in the akhira they say a tea bring be Quran in with the Quran meaning bring upon on lady Heather other than this when the Quran is recited to them, people who don't believe in the Africa they say, You know what? Bring some other book, bring some other Quran we don't like it. Oh Badil who? And if you cannot bring another book, if you cannot have a different law for yourself, the change this Quran?

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Who said this?

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Which people said this 1400 years ago? The people who rejected Mohammed salatu salam? Do people say similar things today? Also? Why do you have to follow the Quran? Leave it?

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Leave it, why are you following the Quran? Get rid of it, leave it and then they say, Okay, if you cannot leave it, then at least change it reinterpret it. Right? Oh, but they'll who change it. Because they don't like the truth. They don't want to follow it. The prophets have a lot of stuff installed called say may occasionally is not possible for me meaning it's not allowed for me and Uber de la who that I change it. Men from Tilka enough see my own accord deal. Literally means direction. Okay, it means direction side deal got enough see from my direction, meaning from my side, myself of my own will have my own accord, meaning this is not my column that I can alter it as

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I want. I can change it. It's somebody else is gonna who's Kalam? Is it? Allah subhanaw taala is Kalam. What authority? Do I have to alter someone else's Gollum? I am just a conveyor, how can I alter it? If you think about it,

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if someone has written a book, if someone has given a speech, let's say, and there are some things mentioned in that speech, which bother you, you don't like them. So you say I don't want to hear it. Or if you really want me to listen to it, then please remove this sentence and remove any mention of such and such. Do you have the authority to change somebody else's speech? If you did that, what would happen to you in this world today? If you change somebody else's book, somebody else's speech? Isn't that a crime? It's a crime. Right? So why is it that we think changing the Quran, which is not the word of any person, especially any person today, any human being? What gives us the authority to

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change it? So the Prophet said a lot of time was told to tell them, I can't change it myself in a tubby roux. In not a who I follow in law, except my you have a layer that which is revealed to me, I'm only a follower in the Ahafo indeed, I fear in our slave to rugby, if I disobey my lord, I fear or their Biomin or leave the punishment, have a great day. So what do we learn over here? But there are many people who don't like the message of the Quran, whether it is of no heat, or it is off, you know, any commands, they don't like it. They don't want to know the Quran. They want it to be eliminated. And if not that, at least they want it to be edited. They want it to be changed. But do

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we have the authority to do that? We don't. So what do we learn? We don't have the authority to change the Quran. What is it that we need to do then change ourselves? Because this is what people like to do? They like to change the Quran, so they don't have to change themselves. Isn't that what the Bani Israel did? They change the law in order to suit them. But what did they have to do? They had to change themselves in order to follow the book correctly.

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Called c'est la sha Allah who if Allah wanted Metallo to who I like him, I would not have recited it upon you. If Allah wanted I would never have recited the Quran before you Wallah and nor adorar can be I inform you of it a draw from the letters then raw yeah DARIAH is to know and Indra and overhear a draw is to inform the other to make someone else know.

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Are you familiar with this word draw at the raka where does it come in the Quran?

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I will call it era Malakar era where madaraka millpowder What can inform you what could tell you so when I do not convey nor would I have ever told you about the Quran, meaning Why do you have a problem with me? Why are you

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You're against me all of a sudden. This is not something that I have invented myself. I'm a follower. I've been given this Quran in order to convey it to you. And if Allah wanted I would never have recited this to you, I would never have informed this to you For God so indeed love is to feed them I remained among Euro Mora and age a lifetime. Meaning I'm not a stranger to you. You know me from before. I've always lived amongst you people mean Cobley from before it a fella Turkey loan, do you not understand? Do you not use your reason? Think about it. Have I ever been taught by someone have ever been tutored? You know me as an only? Isn't that so that's how the Prophet sallallahu

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sallam was known? Did he ever lie? What was he known as? A Saudi the truthful? So the prophets of Allah Islam was told to ask the people, basically, what's the problem that you have against me? Why are you after me? Why would you just accept it? You know, my history? You know, my reputation. I've never been accused of a lie. If I would never lie about a human being? How would I lie about Allah? How could I lie about the Lord of the Worlds? Think about it. And these arguments are very important for us to know today. Because it is on these misconceptions that people reject the truthfulness of the prophets of Allah is Allah. And these are the proofs that Allah is giving us to show to us the

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truthfulness of the prophets of Allah is Allah. And over here, what do we learn that the prophets of Allah Islam lived amongst his people, for a long time? How much 40 years before he received prophethood? Right? And in those 40 years, it was never observed that he fought for power.

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He strove for money, he lied to people, he sought attention. No.

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You see, there are some people through their words, through their activities, it is evident that they are seeking something, right? They want attention. They want power, they want to have a following to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam do any such thing? Never. If you're saying that he has invented all of this, then was he ever taught by anybody? Remember that the stories of Israeli prophets of the Bani Israel, they were unknown to the Arabs. All right, like for example, the story of Musa alayhis salam hardly known to the Arabs, the story of use of rice, Anna, unknown. They didn't even know how the Bani Israel ended up in Egypt, they had no idea. So the prophets of Allah

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Salam is telling them all of these stories in detail through the Quran. I mean, that was only possible if either he received revelation or be learned from somebody. But then you him. He never learned from anybody. He was a simple man who lived with his family and honest individual who was helpful towards others. A kind person with good qualities, so called Nabisco, Fico. murramarang, probably, I find that Arpino. And you see, the profits of a lot of them was not a point. He was not a poet. He was an ordinary human being. If there was someone who was a port, and he says, One day, I'm a prophet, and he's saying verses of poetry that people are really impressed by. Okay, you could

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say, You know what, he's making it up. He had that potential of saying such eloquent poetry. The Prophet saw a lot of sudden didn't do anything like that. All of this was something very new in his life. And that in itself was a proof of his truthfulness, hit upon the king of Rome, when the prophets of Islamism sent letters to the different kings, inviting them to Islam. When Hiroko received the letter at that same time, the people of Makkah, one of their caravans, wasn't happened to be in Rome at the same time. So he basically had them come and speak to him. So he asked them many questions about the profits of artisan now remember, who was he asking? We're seeking those who

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don't believe in the Prophet sallallahu sallam? And one of the questions he asked was that have you ever accused this man of telling lies before his claim? And Abu Sufyan was the one who was answering on behalf of the Michigan he said no helical said, I wonder how a person who does not tell a lie about others could ever tell a lie about Allah.

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If you've never accused him of a lie before, never. How could you say it now that he's lying about Allah? How was it possible? Not possible. So for God's love is too fickle?

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I forgot Archelon so the greatest evidence of the prophets a lot of times truthfulness after the Quran is what his life before prophet hood, how he was before prophet hood Femen Allah Who, so who is more on

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Just mimma then one who if Torah Allah He could even who lies against Allah Who fabricates against Allah ally. Oh can never be at all rejects his verses in the hula, you have heard Majidi Moon indeed the criminals do not succeed. So if Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam were lying over here, about prophethood, about the Quran, he was making all of this up that I receive revelation from God, what would that be? A big lie against you, against Allah? What do we learn in this ayah? That that is one of the greatest sins, one of the greatest crimes, one of the greatest forms of injustice, and such a person lay your flesh, He can never be successful. Tell me was the prophets of Allah Islam

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successful? Was he? He was in every way, one of the most successful people. Right? If you think about it as a leader, was he successful? Oh, yeah. As a teacher, was he successful? Yeah. As someone who trained others, was he successful? Yeah. As someone who brought a revolution, was he successful? Yes. As a husband, was he successful? Yes. In every way, he was a successful human being. I'm not talking about from a religious perspective, from a worldly perspective. And politically, if you analyze his life, really, what do you see that in every way he was the most successful person? When Allah granted him success, then that's a sign that he was indeed a truthful individual. Now, you

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might say that, well, there are many other people also who commit great crimes, and they're also quite successful. Like, for example, you know, that famous book in which different most influential people and most successful people in history, they're mentioned, what's the name of that book, in which the Prophet sallallahu sallam was also mentioned?

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The really famous book that people always called to show how the Prophet sallallahu sallam was the best man

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by Michael Hart. Right. So in that book, you know who else has mentioned?

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Does anyone have any idea of who else has mentioned in that book? Yeah. Hitler.

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Okay, so forget about everybody else. Just think about Hitler, Hitler is also mentioned.

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Now, a person might say, Well, if you think that the Prophet said a lot, Islam was true, because he was successful. Well, look, Hitler is also considered to be someone who was very influential. But think about it. Compare the two. What is the reputation? All right? Is there any comparison not at all?

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Look at how the prophets did a lot of someone passed away and look at how Hitler passed away. Is there a difference? Night and day, night and day?

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There are people who claim to be prophets in recent history. Right? And they have great followings great following, even today.

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And people believe in that man as a prophet, sometimes they say he was recited to them. Sometimes they say he was another prophet, and that he received revelation. But do you know how he died?

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In the bathroom?

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The Prophet said, a lot of them died a very honorable death. So look at it as a whole. From every aspect, if you analyze the life of the prophets of a lot of

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his children, his wives, his companions, his victories, his accomplishments, his simplicity, His life, His death, after him in every way, if you analyze his life, that's the life of who a successful man. And that in itself is a proof that he was a prophet of Allah.

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It has led to a setup. So in the WHO livelihood would you remove, Allah does not give success to criminals where we don't even do Nilay now the problem is that the people don't want to believe in the Quran, they want to believe in the prophets of Allah Salaam. So they will keep coming up with one reason or another. Sometimes they will object to the Quran, sometimes the Prophet salallahu Salam, sometimes at the ayat, whatever it may be, but they're coming up with the reason one thing or another. Why? Because they're actually holding on to something that they don't want to leave.

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They're holding on to something that they don't want to leave. The Quran demands them to change their lifestyle. The Quran demands from us that we leave everything and love who Allah subhanaw taala meaning that the love for Allah subhanaw taala should be the greatest in our hearts. He should have priority for his sake, we should be able to

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To give up anything from our sleep, to our favorite food, to our favorite pastime, whatever it may be, this is what the Quran demands from us, right? Islam is what surrenders submission to Allah subhanaw taala. Even if you're knifes comes in the way or your family comes in the way your job comes in the way your money comes in the way your entertainment comes in the way whatever it may be, regardless of all that you have to surrender to Allah. But what prevents people from doing that way are boo Dune, I mean dune in Lehi, they are worshipping besides Allah, may Allah your home that which does not harm them when I am foreign, nor does it benefit them. They're worshipping other

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deities, whether it is their knifes or something made of stone or wood or something else. They love these beings they worship them their goal is to you know, please them. But in reality, these false gods can they harm them? Can they protect them from harm? No, can they benefit them in any way? No. Well kulana and they say how Allah it is our shoe Farah owner, our intercessors are in the LA near Allah shofar out Florida fear, who is your fear intercessor that you can talk to someone directly. So you ask someone to intercede on your behalf. So in other words, the worship these beings thinking that these beings will draw them closer to Allah, these people, these individuals, these false gods

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will draw them closer to Allah. Allah says Ponce, a tuna be owner lover, are you trying to tell Allah? Are you trying to inform Allah Bhima with that which lie Yara la mo he does not know for some my word in the heavens when I fill out nor in the earth.

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You are saying that these idols, these false gods are Schufa are in the law, they will draw you close to Allah. Well, Allah subhanaw taala does not know of any such being that will draw you closer to Allah. Are you trying to tell a lie about something and he does not know to exist? So if Allah does not know something like this exists, then obviously it does not exist? You understand? Because Allah subhanaw taala knows about everything. And if something is not in his knowledge, that means that it's not there, because his aim is Camela Sherman Subhana, who Exalted is He? What Allah and high above onma usually cone above that which they associate with him. So what prevents people from

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believing? What, it's these false gods? What prevents people from going to Allah subhanaw taala? It's these false gods. What caused people to reject the prophets? It's these false gods. If you think about it, the Mushrikeen was the truthfulness of the prophets that was also not evident to them. It was but what was the fear they had? That if we leave these idols, where are we going to eat from because nothing grows in Makkah? If we have food, it's because people come to Makkah in order to worship these idols. And if these idols are gone, who's going to come here? Who's going to give importance to us? This is why they held on to their vague and beliefs when I can and Natsu and the

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people were not inlet except a Mattawa. Haider, a single nation. Allah's parents are telling us about history over here.

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That today people are worshipping multiple gods besides Allah. But how was it before? Before long time ago, people were a single nation, meaning they were all upon to heat upon fitrah people were created on Fitzroy humanity was on the heat. So what happened then? facciola foods so they differed amongst themselves. Divisions happened, how that one person was very amazed by the sun, another was amazed by the moon, another was amazed by a rock and another said, what you're doing is wrong. Alright, so what happened? Some started worshipping the sun, others, the moon, others the rocks. And there were others who remained firm on though he'd forgotten a few. It's like, you know, a family.

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Children are small. Okay. So whatever the mom says is right. Everybody says yes, that's right. Whatever she says is wrong. Everybody says yes, it's wrong. But then what happens as the children grow older? They say, but I like this.

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I like to do that. And I want to do that. So the mother says, Don't do it. It's not good. But what do the children say? But I like to

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Whew. But I want to, I don't feel like this. And I feel like that did that if the life happened? Yes. The mother says wear purple. And the daughter says, No, I want pink.

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The mother says, wear these clothes and the sun says no, I don't want to wear these clothes, if they have happened, right.

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So this is something natural, it happens. So what happened with humanity also, they were up until heat and very soon Shavon IBLEES led them astray. The people of new harness center, they were doing shake.

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Welch Hola. And if it had not been Kalimantan, for a word Saba caught, it proceeded middle of big from your Lord, meaning if it had not been for a Kelemen, that Allah subhanaw taala had already decided, what this Kalama mean word statement, meaning the statement of Allah subhanaw taala. In other words, this law, this promise that Allah has that he has made from before and what is that promise? What is that law, that people will be given their ultimate outcome? Where in the hill, people have freedom in this life? To choose what they want to do? They want to do good, they have that choice, they want to do evil, they have that choice. Think about the two sons of Adam Alayhis

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Salam did one not have the ability to kill the other?

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Didn't he? Yes. And did he not kill him? He did. Then the first murder happened eventually. Yes, very soon. I mean, this is just the second generation you can say. Right? So people have the free will to choose what they want to. And Allah subhanaw taala has a law and what is that law? That people will be compensated finally were in the

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people are given time to do what they want to do wrong. Okay, do it. You want to repent? Okay, go ahead, change your ways. Again, say sorry. But if you don't want to stay like that, go ahead, you have the choice, no one is stopping you. However, in the ACA, you will be made to see your consequences. So if this principle was not in effect, what would happen locally or buying a home? Surely it would have been decreed between them FEMA fee of 31 concerning that which they differ, in other words, Allah allowed schicke to begin. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala has given freedom to people.

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He has given them the Oracle, and he has also given them the ayat. And this is what the test is about. That how do you use your Oracle? And how much attention do you pay to the IRS? And then what do you do? What do you do

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and what people do that is what they will reap in the ACA, in the Hereafter, matters will be resolved, differences will be resolved while coluna and they say, Lola, why not only to our lady at the middle of B? And I it has been revealed from his Lord, how come a miracle has not been given to him from his Lord I over here does not mean it out of the Quran. They were coming regularly, which i Is this a sign a miracle, something tangible, physical, very impressive. So they wanted something like, you know, the barren valleys of maca to turn into meadows and rivers and valleys. Right? They wanted that mountain so fast should turn into gold. They wanted such miracles. So they said how come

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a miracle has not been given? Because you see, they wouldn't think logically. He's a prophet because he's true. He would never lie about a human being Why would he lie about Allah? Yes, what he's saying makes sense. They didn't want to think about it logically. They were just biased. So they were coming up with, you know, any excuse to deny him. First. They said, How could a human being be a messenger? Allah subhanaw taala refuted that completely. And now they say, well, where's your big miracle? We want to see some big miracle. Well, coluna, Lola on zilara, lay at the middle of B for also say, tell them that in the multiball Allah indeed the unseen is for Allah meaning he knows the

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Unseen and unseen. What does it refer to over here?

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Unseen is what it refers to future. All right. So that knowledge is only with Allah, meaning he knows if a miracle is going to be sent, and if it's going to be sent to what it is going to be. And when it is going to be. He knows about this, don't ask me because I am only a conveyor. I am only here to convey this Quran is not my word. It's Allah's word. He's the one who has sent me. So if he wants to send a miracle, he'll send it is he going to send it? When is he going to send it? I don't know. This knowledge is with Allah.

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font a little, so just wait, keep waiting in the miracle middle mentality. Indeed I am with you of those who are waiting. Because I don't know the knowledge of the future, either. Who knows? Only Allah subhanaw taala knows that if a miracle should be sent or not, if it's really going to be good for the people are not was a miracle eventually given the Quran itself was a miracle. Right? But the miracles that the machine demanded were they given

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the amounts of a turn into gold?

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They the valleys of maca turn into metals and rivers know, the moon was split, though. But it every person see, you know, and those who saw it, what did they say? Magic.

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So really, Allah knows what he should do, which request he should fulfill and which he should refuse. And if the people of Makkah, were granted miracles, one after the other, so that they would believe okay, they would believe, but then what would people say today?

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We want to see some miracle to why are we expected to believe without seeing a miracle? So really, Eman should not be based upon just seeing a strange event.

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Right? Because this is what many people do. They say, Oh, you know, we saw something amazing. And because of this, I believe that what I'm doing is right. Like I remember, somebody once told me that they were beating themselves up, you know, like some people do at certain times of the year, in remembrance of the family of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And they said that I do it. Very, very, you know, consistently, religiously, and I believe what I'm doing is right, because once I was doing it, and I saw blood on the hand that they believe in, and that hand me there was no person nearby, and I saw blood trickling from it. I saw it with my own eyes. So I know what I'm doing is right.

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Well, you know what, that could be hallucination.

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That could even be from Shaytaan. You know that? Because she had gone does these things. faith should not be based on just strange events.

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Yes, these strange events that happen they make us think about what we want to do they add to the faith, they strengthen the faith, but faith should be based upon what

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on what on Hulk? Is it really helped or not? Does it meet the criteria of Hulk or not? Is it according to the Quran and Sunnah or not? And if we believe in the Quran, if we believe in the Sunnah, why do we believe in it? Look at the Prophet sallallahu sunnah look at his life as a whole. And that in itself is an evidence that yes, he was a truthful honest men.

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Right? So if you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala he really wants us to use our mind and all of these is what are we be made to use a remind look up at the sun at the moon, look at your own self analyze life of the prophet Sallallahu Sallam they step step back and analyze think about it logically does it make sense or not? Let's listen to the recitation of these verses what either

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