Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 10 – L100C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of the Battle of Better by Allah, including lessons learned from the Battle, rules of conduct, and the use of words like "urance," "opener," and "crosswalk," emphasizes the importance of understanding the meaning of "opener" and "crosswalk" in relation to the Battle. The success of showing the truthfulness of Islam is crucial for victory, and the importance of protecting others from harm is emphasized. The importance of meeting a ceiling and door is emphasized, and the need for everyone to meet a ceiling and door is emphasized. The history of the Muslim army and actions during the battle with Michigan are also discussed, including the use of "monster" and "monster" to make pronunciation easier, and the importance of accepting the situation and not giving negative comments to the army.
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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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lesson number 100. We'll begin from Ayah number 42, sorbitol and fire.

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In the previous ayah, we learned about the unfurl the distribution of the NFL. Now in the app that we're going to study today, we're going to learn about some of the review of the Battle of better by Allah subhanaw taala. how certain lessons can be learned from the Battle of better, as I mentioned to you earlier, that in this surah several lessons are mentioned from the battle as well as rules of conduct with regards to battle, as well as after the battle even there later. How to deal with the prisoners, how to be in battle, what are the rules of conduct, all of them are also later? Why are they mentioned over here, because the Battle of whether was the first battle that the Muslims

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thought it was the first major battle, and it was a battle that they had won. Therefore, they're taught as to how they should be in the future battles as well.

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In tumbler, oduah, did dunia remember when you were on the near side of the valley?

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Meaning recall this or believers when anthem you all were at meaning the Muslim army was at under the leadership of Prophet sallallahu wasallam? Where were you positioned below the wetted dounia? On the near side of the valley,

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the word under door is from newsletters is that well, and the word or the word is also pronounced as.

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It's also pronounced as at work with a customer under the name. And they are the way they both mean side? Or the slope of a valley?

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What is it side of a valley or the slope of a valley, the edge the bank? Just imagine mountains and in the middle is a valley. So the side of the valley is the foot of what

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the side of the valley is the foot of the hill or the mountain, right?

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And or the way is used for a side of a valley or a field that is elevated. So it's not really on ground level it's a little higher.

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So when you were on the road, we're on the side of the valley, which side of the valley adonia. The closer the near

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a dunya over here, we're not translating it as the world why? Because dunya literally means that which is near nearer compared to the other.

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Okay, dunia is basically the feminine of the word Edna. What does that mean? It's from the root that was there known Well, the new and the new means

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to be close. So Adena closer. dunia is a feminine of that closer.

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So you were on the near side of the valley, the closer side of the valley. What does it mean by that? Which Valley is this? This is referring to the valley of

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the valley of better. One side of the valley was towards Makkah and the other side was towards Medina. So the Muslims were had they camped at better

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on the side of the valley which was closer closer to what? Closer to Medina

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okay. The Muslims they had candid butter on the valley but which side of the valley the side that was closer to Medina? Well, whom and the meaning the mushrikeen the mystic army, where had they camped? Where were they positioned? below do what is possible on the farther side of the valley, meaning the side of the valley which was farther from Medina, but closer to what?

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Closer to Mecca. And the word crosswalk is the feminine of the word xR. You may have heard masjidul Xr and EXO is on the upside well, and it's the opposite of dunya. So dunya is closer and close. Why is this why is farther distant?

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So they were on the side of the valley, which was farther away from Medina. But closer towards Makkah. Do you understand the value of one side? The believers were camped on the other side who was scanned the machine worker the Muslim army was kept and the Muslims had left Medina to intercept what the caravan. But now who are they facing? The Army. So where did the caravan go? Well lockable and the caravan. A rock is the plural of the word lockup. And rocky was used for a writer. And when the plural is used book, it refers to a traveling party, a caravan.

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Several people are traveling together riding together. So a rock, meaning the caravan, which was a Who? Abu sufian, which was headed from Syria towards Makkah. Where was it now? It was us Phantom income it was lower than you, meaning it was lower than you imposition. The word as further is from the refactors seen fat lamb seen fella surfing souffle, a spell acetylene, what does it mean? Low?

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low. So the caravan it was lower than you, meaning it was lower in position than you.

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It was lower in position, then you basically in position better is on high ground. And where the caravan went from by the coast, it's on a lower rent, you know how they estimate according to sea level, right? So but there wasn't a higher sea level and where the caravan was passing by was at a lower sea level. So it was astronomical, meaning the caravan safely escaped you all. How, from where by the seacoast. As I mentioned to you the incident where where the profits are a lot of sudden, he was heading towards about it. And over there, he had intended to intercept a luciferians caravan.

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And he sent two people, two of the Sahaba towards each other to find out if, if it was a fan had come there ready or not. And when they went, What happened they heard two children talking girls, basically they were talking and both of them they owed something to one another. So they said when the caravan comes, you know will work for them and child the money that I make from it and I'll pay you for it. So with their conversation, those two Muslims they figured out okay, well Sofia has not reached yet, but he will reach very soon.

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So those two people they went back and they informed the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Yes, we're heading right. Abu Sufyan is on his way. We should be there within two days.

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What happened Meanwhile, Abu Sufyan also came, he left the caravan behind him, he also came towards us, and he wished to find out if the Muslims have come there or not. So he asked the locals, if they had seen any strangers, and they mentioned that yes, they had seen two strange men who would come and they had left. And when he checked the dunk of the camels, it had dead pits in it. So that showed him that it was Muslims from Medina who had come.

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So when he found out that the Muslims are on their way over here, what did he do? He changed his route. Instead of coming towards better, he went towards the sea. So the Muslims they continue to come towards brother thinking that they would find a Luciana were there, but it was a fan escaped safely. And on the other hand, who came towards about the machig army, so well lockable as well. I mean, come the caravan. It escaped from you how by the seacoast And where was the seacoast It was about three miles away from better,

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approximately three miles away from that.

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So you went out unbelievers to find the caravan. But you didn't. The caravan escaped? And then you ended up confronting who the mystic army. Was this all planned? It wasn't planned at all. Was that what you intended when you left? Medina? Not at all. So this was all the plan of Allah subhanaw taala.

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This was not a mere coincidence,

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who allowed all of this to happen? Allah subhanaw taala without our atom, and if you had mutually appointed to meet, there were a term from the newsletter as well and that word? What does it mean? Promise.

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And there were a term you see the Elif that shows both parties are involved in doing the action. So if both of you had mutually made an appointment, who does both of you refer to the Muslim army, and then we should make army. If you had decided from before, if you had set the date that you're going to come and meet one another ad budget and have a battle over there, then what would you do? left the left and fill me out then certainly you would have failed in the appointment, meaning either you would not have showed up or they would not come if you had made this appointment from before. Okay, on this particular day, we're going to meet at buzzard and we're going to have a battle you will not

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come or they would not come something would have happened. But Allah subhanaw taala made the circumstances such that you against your will got here and they against their plan also got here. One or two left the left unfilled me out. And sometimes this happens with us that if we were given the choice with regards to something, we would never choose that for ourselves. Sometimes literally we are thrown into situations and when we're thrown into those situations and we do something

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Or the other to make do to survive.

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Somebody was once mentioned to me that they join the army, not here in Pakistan. And one of the first lessons that they taught them was how to swim. And this person didn't know how to swim. And they were telling them, okay, go ahead, get into the pool and start swimming. And they were too nervous. They just pushed them into the water.

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And once they were pushed in, they managed to get out themselves. So sometimes if we're told, okay, this is what you're supposed to do. If we're given the choice, we would never agree to it. Never. We would make an excuse. We would say we're busy somewhere else, we would come up with many things. And other times we are thrown into those situations. We're not given a choice at all. And it works out. And this is the plan of a loss of habitat. Don't just say it's a coincidence. It's not a coincidence. It's the plan of Allah 102 item laughter left and fill me out

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when I can, but luckily, Allahu Amman kenema funa what I can but Leah Kalia Allah made the circumstances such Allah soprano tada created all of these circumstances and made you encounter the enemy without an appointment. Why? So that he may accomplish Jaco the afternoon that is off lot. Yeah. Although What does it mean to make a judgement, it also means to execute a plan.

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So allow me the circumstances such so that he may accomplish Amman, a matter Canada ruler that was a ready to be done, meaning it was already fixed, that this must be done. What is this? What affair is this? What matter is this, of the victory of Islam?

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The victory of Islam and the defeat of COVID Allah subhanaw taala had already decided he had already decreed that he would bring glory to Islam.

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And he made the circumstances such and he forced you into the situation. And through that, he enabled his plan to be executed to be accomplished.

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Lee aka the Allahu Allah kanima for Allah notice the word Maroon, what is Maroon me

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and object, something on which the action is done

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and kind of ruined meaning it had to be done, it was fixed, that this must be done.

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Why? Why is it necessary, that at this point, the glory of Islam must be established and the defeat of COVID must also be established. Why was it so necessary? LEAH Holika. So that he is destroyed, you have liquor on the roof that is her lamb calf, leave liquor so that he is destroyed man halaqa the one who is destroyed? I'm by uniting upon a clear evidence with a clear evidence. What does it mean by this legally common halakhah? This has been understood in two ways that first of all, literally, the one who has to die, he should die where at the Battle unbeaten, after the clear evidence has been established.

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What clear evidence has been established of the truth of Islam.

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And secondly, legally common halaqa this is figurative. And what it means by destruction over here is copper. Because copper eventually leads to

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destruction. So a person who chooses copper for himself

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a person who decides that he is going to remain uncovered, he may do so after the beginner has been established, meaning after the truth of Islam is established. Because up until now, people were in confusion, as I mentioned to you earlier that many times people don't judge truth by truth itself. But how do they judge it based on its success as well as influence? Right? So so far, because the Muslims had been suffering so much in Makkah, and now they had gone to Medina. So, so far, to the people, especially the outsiders living in makara, Medina to them, the truthfulness of Islam was not that evident, because many times people don't look at the message, what do they look at? Okay, how

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impressive is it? How much effect does it have. So with this battle with this victory, the truth of Islam was established. So if after this point, anyone decides to remain uncovered, he must do so while the truth of Islam is made evident to him, so that he cannot make an excuse in the hereafter.

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We are here and he lives man here, whoever that lives on by uniting with a clear proof, meaning whoever decides to remain a believer or whoever decides to become a believer. He must do so on the basis of some evidence with certainty of the truthfulness of Islam. We're in Aloha, and indeed

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A lot less than me and arnim surely he is hearing and he is also knowing.

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Allah hears and he knows why is this mentioned over here? Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam made many doors at the Battle of many, many supplications. So Allah is severe, he heard all of your supplications and he's early and he knows your condition, your weaknesses, as to who decides to do what? So Allah subhanaw taala did all of this in order to show people the truthfulness of his religion,

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the truthfulness of his religion. And based on that people should make a conscious decision if they wish to become a believer, or they decide to remain on their disbelief. And we learned that after the Battle of that many people became Muslim, many people

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to the point that those people in Medina who had not yet become Muslim, who chose to remain Muslim, they even became Muslim. And as I mentioned to you, that later on he was some of these people who had become hypocrites because they became Muslim, not because the truthfulness of Islam but because of the influence of Islam. So a few people, as we learned that the Battle of war, which was a next battle, 300 of them, they left the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and went back. So they had become Muslim, just seeing the victory, the glory of Islam. So it was apparent Allah did all of this to show to prove the truthfulness of Islam.

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If you recall, whom Allah who FIM Anamika Khalida. So how is the victory possible? When the Muslims ended up at better without any planning? How is victory possible for them, when they were not prepared mentally or physically?

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Allah subhanaw taala enabled them to become victorious. Allah enable them to become victorious.

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Many times what happens? There are certain things that we must do. But we don't do them. Why we think we're not capable. We think we don't have the ability as an actor. But other people may be telling us that no, you have to do it. Especially if for example, your mother tells you, you must do it, or your teacher tells you you must do it. They know you really well, more than you know yourself. Honestly, your teachers and your parents, they know you better than you know yourself. So if they tell you to do something, many times what happens you say No way. I'm not capable at all. But trust them, and listen to them and do it.

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Because when you do it, thinking that, okay, my parents are telling me and it's something good that they're telling me about, it's something that allows or likes, or my teachers are telling me and it's something that Allah likes. Obviously, if something against the Sharia, we don't accept that. But if it's something that is off the deen and they're telling us to do it, trust them and do it. Trust Allah and do it. And Allah will enable you, Allah will give you the ability. But if you decide from before No way, I can never do this, then how will you be able to ever accomplish that task? Just do it. And Allah will enable you look at how a loss of penalty enabled the Muslims to become

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victorious at this battle, when they were not mentally prepared, and they were not even physically prepared.

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But they listened to their messenger. And they accepted the situation that they were put in. Our problem is we don't accept the situation that we're putting. We don't

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and because of that we lose on so many opportunities. So if you rica Houma, la who FEMA Anamika Leland, remember this sensitive, remember this time when Utica home when he was showing you them, meaning when Allah was showing you that Uri, what does it mean? He shows

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a raw URI What does it mean? He shows, so Allah was showing who

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So in other words, Allah was making you see, what was he making you see? Home them? Who does them refer to the mystic army. So when Allah made you or believer see the mystic army, and in particular over here, because it's singular, it refers to the profit sort of artist.

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So when he made you see the mistake, Army, female Anamika in your sleep, meaning in your dream while you were asleep, he made you see them as a leader and very few, despite the fact that there were many a number how many were they

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1000 and they were made to see as very few, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam saw them as very few in history

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while alcohol and if he showed you them meaning if he made you see them as Catherine as many as they were in reality, then what would happen? Laughter Shelton. Surely you would have lost

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Courage, fascism. fascism is from the new factories. Fair, Sheena, and fashion is to lose hard to become cowardly. It is to basically become weak out of cowardice. And because of that weakness to give up.

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Because when you have courage, then you're determined, isn't it, so you're willing to face the challenge. But when you're weak at heart, when you lose that courage, and what happens, you give up, you lose hope. Even if you're physically capable, you will not do what you're supposed to do. So if he made you see them as many a number, then what would happen, you would lose your confidence you would give up? Well, at Amazon, and surely you would have mutually disputed with, with one another. Then as I returned from Nunes, a, what doesn't Azhar literally mean, to Paul, and the nazzer is to pull to one another, and the word is used for a dispute. So you all would have disputed Phil,

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concerning the matter, concerning the command which command, the command to fight, the believers were commanded to fight over here.

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And if they realized the number, the great number of the enemy, then what would happen? First of all, they would have lost heart, they would have lost their courage. And secondly, they would also argue with one another.

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Because if, as a team, people are working together, and the work is easy, and they know that they can do it, generally what happens, there is a lot of cooperation, people are happy, they're excited. But if as a team, you come across something, and you know, you're not capable of doing it, or you're afraid of it, you don't want to do it or half the people don't want to do it. Half the people are not being courageous, then what happens? people begin to fight with one another.

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Arguments break out, it's your fault. And then they say, No, no, it's not my fault. It's your fault. They begin to blame one another, isn't it? I never said we should do this. Why did you say we should do it, we should all go back. So one of them as our thumb, you would have begun to argue with one another fill out concerning the matter. Whereas the matter was so evident when I can Allaha but Allah said NEMA, he rescued you or he saved you all, he preserved you all selama fluorophores scene lab me.

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And Salma, you sadly Muslim has several meanings of them is to protect someone from home.

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Because it is to offer security as well. Right? Sell them, security, peace. So send them meaning he saved you or he protected you from harm. What harm What harm is is that Allah subhanaw taala save the believers from a fashion as well as the naza

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of weakness apart as well as fighting with one another. So Allah subhanaw taala saved you all from this.

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And also he saved you from the consequences of facial analyzer which would be defeat

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in Lima be That is so true, indeed, he is knowing of what is in the hearts, he is fully aware of what you think in your heart, what you feel in your heart. What kind of thoughts you have in your heart. So Allah subhanaw taala saved you from before.

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So what do we learn from here, that the prophets are allowed a sudden, before the actual battle began, he was shown in a dream, the army of the enemy.

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And it was shown to him as very less, very few. Why, in order to strengthen his result, and obviously, if he would be stronger than the rest of the people, the army under him would also be strong, they will also be increased in their morale.

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Because for example, you go to do something.

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And you're informed from before that it's very difficult.

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But when you see it, and you realize, okay, it's not that difficult, what happens immediately, you know, you get confident your morale boosts up, you become more confident you think you can do it. And as a result of that, that also affects other people.

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Isn't it? It affects other people. So Allah subhanaw taala made the Prophet sallallahu smmc this dream? Why, so that the Muslims would become confident, because he knows how people think and feel in their hearts.

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On the other hand, what is your eco home? And remember when he showed them to you, again, if you re kuhmo earlier, we read

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Yuri, Kehoe is singular. And he was referring to hold the profit sort of awesome only over here. This is cool. And calm is plural. So what does it mean? That it wasn't just a profit sort of artists alum who

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was given that vision but also the believers were made to see made to see what something different they were made to see something completely different. So if UD como home My question is What is this? Well,

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comb is you all what is this? Well

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this wall is to make the pronunciation easier.

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Okay? It is to make the pronunciation easier. If you're familiar with other karate other recitations of the Quran, you may have heard in some that comb is read as Kumu tomb are the words that end with plural vomit, there's a while that is added to it. It's a part of some recitations as well. Okay. But over here this while is and it's known as well, a fish bar. Elif sheen bear, and Efrain each bar, especially because comb and home are coming together, it will be difficult to read a theory come home. Right? So therefore, while is added to it, and it's also for the purpose of beauty.

00:26:05 --> 00:26:16

So first of all, it's for the purpose of making the pronunciation easier. Secondly, it's also for the purpose of beautification of the colon, and also in order to separate between the two pronouns.

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So, when he made you believe or see the wishek army, at what point in the item, when you both met, it was the tie in Sokka lamb coffea what is lucky me to meet. So when you both met one another, when the Muslim army confronted the Michigan So, in other words, once the battle had begun, it is vital

00:26:48 --> 00:26:55

when both of you met one another fee are Unicom in your eyes are Leland as few.

00:26:56 --> 00:27:10

So the Muslims, the Muslim army, they saw the mystic army as what very few, in reality, how many were they 1000 but it is said that the Muslims this others approximately 7200

00:27:11 --> 00:27:36

Just imagine, this is how they saw the army. And this was this was at the command of Allah soprano. He made their vision such he made them see such were you only local and he made you less fee Are you knew him in their eyes? You only learn from their own platters of lamb lamb peddler, what does that mean? shortage

00:27:37 --> 00:27:51

when something is a little earlier, so you only knew he was making you less fee or unique him in their eyes. So even they meaning the machine they saw the Muslims as very few.

00:27:52 --> 00:27:59

You understand the machine saw the Muslims has very few animals Islam saw the machine has very few as well. Why?

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Why? So that both of them would be willing to have the battle? Because just imagine if the Muslims this other machine has a lot in number, what would they think maybe we shouldn't put ourselves in amounts of death, let's go back home.

00:28:17 --> 00:28:59

On the other hand, if the machine if they saw the Muslims as a huge army, then even they would lose courage. Because remember the Michigan army they had a dispute amongst them. Abu Sufyan sent a message that I am safe now go back home. But Abu Jamal he insisted that we have to go and there were other leaders who said we should go back home. They insisted that we should go back home but a Buddha he insisted that we should go so there was already a dispute in there. If they came and they saw the Muslims as great in numbers, then they will perhaps decide to go back home. But Allah subhanaw taala wanted that both armies must meet a battle must take place. Lee aka the Allahu Amman,

00:28:59 --> 00:29:21

Canada for Allah. Again, Allah made this happen Why? So that he may accomplish a matter that was already decreed a matter that was already meant to happen? What in the light of Jerry Moore and to Allah all matters return. So in the previous ayah, we learnt about the dream of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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where he saw the enemy as few and later on when the believers when they met the army, they even saw the army as few.

00:29:32 --> 00:29:34

However, when the battle started,

00:29:35 --> 00:29:43

when the battle began, halfway or midway through the battle, what happened? The disbelievers they saw the believers as double their own number.

00:29:44 --> 00:29:59

They understand at the beginning of the confrontation, at the beginning of the battle, the machine saw the Muslims as very few. Okay, but once the battle began halfway, after some time had gone by then what happened the disbelievers they saw the video where it says

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double their own number.

00:30:02 --> 00:30:23

So the Michigan we're actually 1000 once the battle began this are the Muslims as 2000 where's the evidence for that? We learned this earlier until earlier in one eye number 13 that are the Canada come I atone Fifi Itanium Takata, phiaton, Takata, lofi civilian air, we're ultra careful I don't your own homemade lay him bro.

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There has already been assigned for you in the two armies that met

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which two armies the Muslims and the machine were at, but one was fighting in the cause of Allah. And as for the other, they were disbelievers, and they meaning the disbelievers they saw them with their own eyes twice their number. So over here, we read that they saw them few and in sort of earlier on we read this all them as double their number, it is a contradiction. It's not a contradiction. This AI is referring to a particular stage of the battle. And that is showing another stage of the battle that is referring to another stage of the battle. Why did this happen? That initially the machine saw the Muslims is very few later on this automates a lot in their number Why?

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So that initiative, they had the confidence that Okay, let's go fight them. And later on, everywhere they look this all Muslims, what happened?

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What happened, they lost their confidence, because of which very soon the Muslims were victorious. 70 of them were stricken were killed. 70 of them were taken as captives and the rest of them they escaped.

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So all of this happened at the command of Allah soprano.

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This is how he aided the believers. This is how he made the circumstances such so that the believers will be victorious. Because when a person accept something, as the decree of Allah, as the decision of Allah, then Allah enabled him to go through it easily. And when you don't accept it, when you're constantly in denial, then it leads to many problems. It leads to arguments, it leads to weakness of the heart, it leads to loss of confidence. And it leads to defeat as well. That at the end of the test, the person comes out defeated, not victorious but defeated. So what's the key?

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accepting the situation that Allah puts you in?

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accepting it? Because if we go talk to one person, and then another person we complain to another, is it going to solve the problem, it's not going to solve the problem. Instead, it's going to lead to more and more arguments. Just accept it and alone would enable you he will help you through the unseen.

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He will give you such a perspective through which you can think positively because over here, it was all about perspective. It was how the believers saw the disbelievers isn't it so so who gives us they'll feel a loss of penalty it gives a trophy. So accept the situation that you're in

Al-Anfal 41-58 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 42-44

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