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Saba 1-14 Tafsir 7-9


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We'll call the Latina cafaro. And those people who disbelieve this 100 Oh, no, come, shall we inform you? Shall we tell you? I know Julian about a man Nadeau Lacan, then lamb lamb

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deli? What does the real mean?

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Evidence right? And what does evidence do? It leads you to the truth or it leads you to the point that you're supporting.

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It leads you to the end of the conclusion once you have the evidence, then the argument comes to an end.

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So holida Lacan, shall we direct you? Shall we lead you to Shall we point out to you allow children upon a man and what they mean by this man, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam?

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Shall we tell you about a man you have become? Who will inform you? Who will tell you and you know, Bill from Nova Nova is what kind of news important to you? So why are they saying he would inform you, we'll give you this major important news, out of mockery. And what Julian Julian This is an Akira lockira. Sometimes it's for the purpose of

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So shall we tell you about this man, who will tell you that either musical tone when you all have broken to bits, Columbo mazak, torn to pieces completely entirely in the comb Luffy, Hulk and God, that you are going to be shortly in a new creation? Shall we tell you about this man, who will tell you we will give you this major news that once you have been shredded to pieces into the earth, you are going to be resurrected into a new creation? This is what this man says. Why did they say this? out of mockery out of denial? The word mazurka tone means a path must must is to tear something. And DMZ.

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masaka umezu DMZ dufry what meaning does that give

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the free what mean does the free live

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crash into pieces just as the massacre similarly term z to tear breakup crumble into tiny pieces with a lot of sugar.

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So if Amazon rectum when you have been utterly torn to pieces into tiny bits, tiny particles, your bodies have been shredded, they've decomposed, your bones have crumbled, you have completely disintegrated into the earth. Coloma's

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isn't enough room and myself is one that has been disintegrated one that is storing two pieces and Coloma's of meaning entirely completely. No part of you remains intact. Every bit of you has been broken up. Every part of you has been broken up. He says that in a couple of years of injury, that you will be in a new creation. What does this show to us

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that after a person dies

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and is buried into the earth, what happens to his body? What happens to his flesh and bones will remain the same?

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mazurka Tom cola Masak you will completely entirely disintegrate into the air Darren to be safe shredded to pieces completely finished into the earth. This is why the disbelievers would say either Berlin FL of the when we have gotten lost into the earth garden mixed into the earth. mosaic them Coloma's up, and then Allah will resurrect people. Amazing. This is why Alhamdulillah

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and when a person will be resurrected, how will he be resurrected? philhealth in God in a new creation?

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What does it mean by this in a new creation, that the body in which a person will die?

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It's not going to be the exact same body that he will rise up with on the day of judgment that body will be made again.

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You understand?

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That body will be made again entirely a new creation? How can God read?

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So for example, if a person died in the state where part of his body let's say got bruised or injured, or part of the body he got cut off. Like for example, a person got one of his kidneys donated or a person died and his heart was taken out. A person died and parts of his body were broken up and used for other purposes donated for different different reasons or a person he died and his body was burnt. Now, it's not that those ashes will be brought on the Day of Judgment. It's not that the incomplete body will be brought on the Day of Judgment. No How can God entirely new creation? This is why how will the people be resurrected? The men uncircumcised the way they were

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It doesn't mean they will be small infants No, they will be vague. However, any changes that were made in their body, they will not be there anymore. Luffy How can God in a new creation

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and we see that this hulking God, the still creation will also be such that a person will have more strength, more strength in the sense that he will have more emotional strength and also physical strength, that if you think about it, the day of judgment will be so long, people will see such horrific scenes, but will that cause them to die immediately, it will not cause them to die. In this video, what happens if a person sees a horrific scene? He goes into a trauma. He goes into a trauma and the effects of the trauma are so bad sometimes, that a person cannot recover for months, isn't it? And sometimes the effect is so bad that a person dies, a person gets a heart attack.

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But we see that on the Day of Judgment, people will not die. In the Hellfire when people are admitted, will they die? No. For this whole thing, God, it will be different. It will not be like the body that you have right now. It will be different. Your body will have more capacity, emotional as well as physical. Similarly, when people get tired, when people get exhausted, what happens? They pass out? Will people pass out on the day of judgment? No, there'll be drowning in their sweat, but will they die? No. The sun will be extremely close, will they burn? No. Similarly, we see that it will be a very, very long day, 50,000 years. But will people sleep? No. How can you need a new

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creation? Why is this so? So that the person who deserves reward will experience more reward will experience the pleasure that pleasure will not come to an end, you will have the capacity to enjoy. And a person who has to suffer punishment. He has the capacity to suffer the punishment. It's not that the punishment will finish him It will kill him. No, he will not die.

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So the machine of Makkah, what would they say? That hell? No, no, come, shall we tell you about a man who tells you that when you have been finished completely, you'll be brought into a new creation.

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The profits are a lot of sentimental people about this major reality. But how did they ridicule it? How did they react to it by making fun of it? Laughing it off? They made fun of it. How is it possible? What a great misfortune that people are being informed of this great reality. And they just laugh it off.

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They just laugh it off. And it's only people who have a non serious attitude. They're the ones who love major important things. Because a person who is serious, he will take serious things seriously you will give importance to them. And a person who is not serious, what will you do? Even the most important things he will belittle them, he will not take care of it at all. He will not give it any attention. This is just like if a person is positive from inside, he will look everything positively. If a person is negative, you will view everything negatively.

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They said after Allah wa he can even be he Jenner? Has he invented about Allah an AI? Or is there in him some kind of madness? What's wrong with this man? How can he say that we'll be resurrected after our unlike and even after this is actually an end? If Tara Hamza is different and if he fabricated, so has he fabricated upon Allah and I, ally industry respect that he is lying about Allah, that Allah has said that the people will be resurrected on the agenda. Or is there with him some kind of madness? Jin is from New collectors, Gene noon, noon. And what is gender mean? insanity. Madness. And it's also used for possession is from Jim, what does gentlemen do? And what do they do? When

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they have to harm a person they possess him and they cover his ankle? Right? So a person is not in his right mind anymore.

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When a gym when charleen harass a person is the person in his right mind. He's not in his right mind. Similarly, if a person is suffering from madness, is in his right mind. He's not in his right mind. So Jenna is used for madness, insanity, and it's also used for possession when a person is possessed by the gym.

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So has this man fabricated a lie about Allah? Or is he suffering from some kind of madness on account in which he has imagined this? That when people have disintegrated, they will be resurrected again? Because this doesn't make sense.

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It's amazing how they didn't say or is he really truthful? They didn't even give that option. They look at them that either he's very intelligent and smart that he is coming

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With this lie and he is deceiving people, by lying against Allah, or he has in him some kind of madness so he doesn't know what he's talking about. But in leadin, Allah you know, and I will ask Allah, Allah says rather those people who do not believe in the hereafter they are filler there be in the punishment will burn and buried in the clear.

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How are they clearly in error that they call the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Assad call me and look at them. When he tells them that you'll be resurrected, they say, I'm beaten, is he suffering from some kind of madness? The problem is that those people who will not believe in the Hereafter, they will suffer from punishment where in the hereafter

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and in the dunya what is their state balandin buried there and misguidance error, what kind of error that is far from the truth? They are extremely far from the truth extremely far from the right way.

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So what do we see that a person who does not believe in the hereafter he suffers from two consequences? What are they?

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What are they?

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The person who does not believe in the hereafter? He suffers from two consequences? What are they either, and have been added by punishment and Valera.

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And they're so far in their error, that it's almost impossible for them to come back to the truth.

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We learn instead of the number is 66. But it does occur at home Phil Balcomb Fisher came in her bedroom in her moon, rather their knowledge is arrested concerning the hereafter. Rather they are in doubt about it rather, they're concerning it blind. completely blind. This is why no matter what you tell them about the hereafter No matter how much you warn them

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what happens they don't get it they don't listen.

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Allah says Flm euro Have they not seen ala Medina ad him on 100 phone do that which is before them and that which is behind them? What is before them what is behind them Mina summer of the sky while out and the earth meaning my banner ad him What is before them is the sky? Well my whole film is what and what is behind them is the earth so before over here gives a meaning up above them and behind gives a meaning of below them.

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So have they not reflected on what is above them? What is below them of the sky? And the and why is it said Marina at home a home from home and not focus on what the home?

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Why has it been said Marina add more Mahal for home and not my Falcon bottom? Why do you think so? Because when you look before you, the sky is all over? Isn't it the horizon is before you is in front of you. If you just look up, can you have a good view at the sky? You can't if you just look up then you only see a part of the sky. Whereas if you're looking straight, then what happens? But what happens you look at the entire horizon it shows you the vastness of the sky. Similarly with the earth if you just look beneath and you will see only a part of the earth. Whereas if you look behind then and you look at the earth and you get a very large huge view of it.

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So do not reflect on what is before them what is behind them of the sky and the earth.

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Meaning wherever they go. They have the sky above them. And they have the earth below them isn't it wherever they go the skies above them the earth is below them. They are trapped between the two no matter where they are they're trapped between the two so where can they escape? Where can they hide? They're surrounded from all sides. It's like a zoo an animal is in a cage surrounded locked up Can he escape? He cannot escape.

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So if a loved ones in the shot if we wish nuts have been in one of the we can cause the earth to swallow them if we want we can cause the earth to sink with them meaning the earth can open up it can swallow them anytime. Oh no spit Allah in case of Amina summer or we can easily send down from the sky. Pieces fragments is a fun floral love is fun.

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Because anywhere they go the earth is beneath them so the earth can swallow them any moment any time. Just think about it. At home. what's beneath your feet. The Earth at your workplace what's beneath your feet, the earth at the mall? what's beneath your feet, the earth on the street what's beneath your feet, the earth? No matter where you are. The earth is beneath you can the earth not open up anytime anywhere and swallow you? can it not? Of course it can.

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And it's amazing how sometimes Allah subhanaw taala shows this to us as well.

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that people are driving on the road and all of a sudden the earth splits up and five, six cars, they fall down. It's amazing how sometimes things are perfectly normal all of a sudden, huge blast. And you see, so many of the houses have been swallowed by the earth. This is the consequence.

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Just recently, I found the news that there was a woman she was in her house, and she heard this huge blast. So she ran outside and the people outside and wondering why have you come outside, we heard the blast coming from your house.

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So they couldn't figure out what it was and they began searching. And in her bedroom, under her bed was a huge hole that was extremely deep, extremely deep. So a huge hole had formed. And because of that the huge blast and everything else was fine, but just a huge hole. An extremely deep hole.

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And this is not something that's uncommon.

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So anywhere at home at work at the mall on the street, anywhere you go, the Earth is beneath you. The sky is above you. Anything could come down from the sky and the earth can also swallow you in. In Misha Nassif beam will have news that are laying in case of Amina summer. In the feed Erica Iota. Nicola Abdi money in this is surely assigned for her for every servant who turns repeatedly to Allah

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of the money not every servant, who will benefit from this, the one who turns to Allah repeatedly. What does it mean by turning to Allah repeatedly,

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in obedience, in repentance, in seeking forgiveness.

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Because when he makes a mistake, when he commits a crime when he disobeys Allah, he knows he's not safe.

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So immediately what happens he turns to Allah, because he knows I could take the next step. And that's it. The Earth can open, I'm finished. I could take the next step and something and fall down from the sky and I'll be finished.

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So the one who has money, he gets a lesson from this. And what's that lesson? What's that I that we learned? A lesson, a sign that indicates unless upon God's power,

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his power to do whatever that he wants, his power to resurrect his power to execute anything that he wants within the heavens and the earth.

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And also, there's an IF meaning a warning, a warning for who for those who deny, deny what the resurrection,

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that nothing is difficult for Allah. The entire sky the entire Earth is within his control.

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We learn in sort of a month is 16 to 17 elementum manifestor Maria Josefa Beco will either hear tamo amento Memphis Ma and your salon a compound sliver for Santa Monica infinity

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that, do you feel secure that the one who is in the heavens? He could cause the earth to swallow you? And suddenly it would sway or do you feel secure that the one in the sky he cannot send down upon you a shower of stones for Santa Monica infinity soon you will know my warning.

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So in this is a warning that how can a person deny the power of Allah? How can a person be heedless towards Allah? How can a person disobey Allah on the earth that he has made under the sky that he owns? How can a person do that? Only a person who is extremely proud who is oblivious to the truth?

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Listen to the recitation

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Alhamdulillah Allah

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come to feel

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for the

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa.

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in sikita

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any way.

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De La La camisa

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de de la

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la zz

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work on vena cava

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coonara maggioni wanna be

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in Kumasi?

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You can even

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barely levena you.

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Isla de una ad Mona

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of the

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Wanna Do you?

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