Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 05 – L064A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of monies and a promise made by a woman named Lisa to her husband, who she believes is a false anxious person. The woman refuses to the husband's but he is a false anxious person. The woman refuses to the husband's but he is a false anxious person. The woman refuses the husband's but he is a false anxious person. The woman refuses the husband's but he is a false anxious person. The woman the anxious person. The anxious person. The anxious person. The anxious person. The the anxious person. The the anxious person. The anxious person. The the anxious person. The the anxious person. The the anxious person. The the anx
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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now how do we want to study a lot of pseudogene Karim about the villa him in a shape on the regime Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim but this rightly so that he will certainly MD rock that Emily saniya Coco de poppin acid

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that's the number 64 suited to Lisa I am number 123 to 134.

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laser it is not be Ernie Yukon with your false hopes, Waller and nor Amanda ye false hopes, at least of people. I'll kick it off the book. Man, whoever your monkey does, Sue and any evil you deserve. He will be recompensed. Be with it, Wallah and not aged he will find level for himself. Men from dooney besides Allah He Allah wa alien, a close friend, whether and nor nursery law, a helper,

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woman and whoever Yarmouth he does, men from a slightly hearty the righteous deeds, men from the caring a male or a female, whatever while he is mostly known a believer, for Allah eager, so those yet who Luna they will enter Elgin netta the paradise weather and not use la Mona, they will be treated unjustly. natira in the least.

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Even as a.on the date stone

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woman and who

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is better. The man in religion, man then who are slimmer, he submitted. Watch her who is space lilla he for Allah. We're who and he is more Sinan, one who does utmost good, whatever. And he followed me letter, religion creed, Ibrahima of Ibrahim Alayhi, salaam. Hannifin. One upright, what the harder and he took Allahu Allah. Ibrahima Ibrahim Alayhi Salam calida as an intimate friend,

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when he left he and for Allah, ma whatever see is in a similar way to the skies warmer and whatever fee is in an RV the earth worker and he is ever Allahu Allah be commonly with every shade in thin, mushy for one who encompasses completely.

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Where's the tunica and they seek legal decision from you see concerning and Lisa the women

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say Allahu Allah, ust gone, he gives legal decision to you see him concerning them warmer and what you color it is recited or they come upon you see in El kitabi the book see concerning Yama, orphans and Nisa are the women

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and lathi those females they're not to know hoonah you all give them ma what katiba it was written, it was ordained the hoonah for them, whatever kabuna and you all inclined and that can Kishore hoonah you all marry them, while most of our feanor and those who are weakened, those who are made weak, made from and will then the children will earn and that Docomo you all stand you all maintain Liliana for the orphans bill test with the justice, warmer and whatever. Do you all do? men from hiring any good for enough so Indeed, Allah Allah, Ghana he is ever be with it. Our Lima when always all knowing

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what in and if Emerald atone any woman has offered, she feared men from barley her her husband, no shoes and any ill treatment

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or their Robin indifference further than not just any blame any sin. I lay humor upon them do and that usually her day to reconcile neutrally brainer humor

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Between them to Sol Han, a reconciliation was so true and the reconciliation hiren is better what we're not and it was presented and force the souls assure her the greed, the stinginess

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or in and if to say no, you all do utmost good, what are the who and you all fear Allah, for in than Indeed, Allah, Allah, Ghana he has ever been with whatever Dharma Luna you will do hubiera one always all aware,

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well then, and we'll never just totally you, you all are able, you all will be capable, and that 30 do you all maintain justice, penis between and Lisa the women

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while though even if peristome you all desire greedily, further, so do not go me Do you all inclined? cola whole, and mainly, the inclination fetida ruha so you all leave her kalmar aloka like the ones suspended? We're in and if to see who you are reconcile, was at the hole and you all fear a lot for in than Indeed, Allah, Allah, Ghana, he is ever the foreign most forgiving for a Hema of his own merciful.

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We're in and if yet fr Raka de two separate uni he will enrich, he will make independent Allahu Allah, Gulen all men from sarathi he is abundance. What Ghana and he is ever Allahu Allah, wa Seon, one of all abundance hakima or was always

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when he left he and for Allah, ma whatever fee is in a semi wati the heavens, the skies warmer and whatever fee is in the earth while occurred and certainly was signer we have enjoined and levena those who who do they were given out whatever the book, men from publican before you were a year come and you all to that is who you are fear Allah, Allah. We're in and if duck furu you all this believe for a minute, then indeed lilla he for Allah, Ma, whatever he is, in a similar way at the heavens, the skies, warmer and whatever sea is in the earth. What can and he is ever, Allahu Allah, when a young, rich, free of all leaves hamidah praiseworthy,

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when he left he and for Allah, ma whatever see is in a similarity, the heavens, warmer and whatever fill out the is in the earth

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worker and he sufficed the law he definitely Allah joaquina as a Disposer of affairs as a trustee.

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In his Yeshua, he will, you'd here become, he will take you away, as you her. And so the people were and he will come be a hurryin with others. What can and he is ever Allahu Allah, Allah upon velyka that cadila always all capable

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men, whoever Ghana he was, you redo he wants he wishes. So whatever reward at dunya of the world for in the Sonia, Allah He Allah. So Abu reward adonia of the world, one euro and the hereafter were cannon and he is ever Allahu Allah. Semi. I'm always on hearing bus Lila always on seeing.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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una una

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una de la

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viejo. ysf.

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Tapu munia.

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show how to see no taco.

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You want

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to see what

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was akima

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honey and honey The

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only one

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he showed us the hidden

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semi young

An-Nisa 123-134 Translation 123-134

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