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Saba 1-14 Tafsir 10-11

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Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 226 sola Saba.

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What are the attina the Buddha Amina favela. And we certainly give that would early cinema from us a bounty, great bounty, the order is, was a messenger of Allah, who was from the Bani Israel.

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And Allah subhanaw taala says what are called attina we gave, we gave to who that would mean now from us, we gave it especially from us, what did we give him? formula?

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If you think about it, everything that any person has been given, it's been given to him by who? Allah subhanaw taala.

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So when it is said min Now, what does that show?

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additional favor? Right? It adds to the specification it adds to the if the sauce that Allah is the one who gave them to him especially, yes, he was a righteous servant, but he could not have acquired what he had by himself. Allah gave this to him.

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And what did Allah give him false

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photo is what a favor, extra favor, kindness, bounding superiority above others.

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So the other SNM was given follow from Allah. Now father is singular over here. But this Nikita, the word is Nikita and the Nikita is to show greatness.

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Remember, a word is made Nakata and key is for various purposes. Sometimes it is in order to bid it on. Sometimes it is an order to show our awesome greatness.

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So when I call the Athena there would have been a fallen meaning a great favor, a surplus of blessings. What was a great favor that that wilderness and I was given.

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He was given many, many favorites, not just one, but many of them was beautiful voice with which you would glorify Allah subhana wa Tada. What else?

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ln Allah one Hadith, the iron was made soft for him. What else?

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When he would do this, we have a lot the mountains and the birds they would also glorify along with him. They would also join him What else?

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He was given hikma wisdom, what else?

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He was a king. He was given kingdom.

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He had a great son, who was also righteous and intelligent and a prophet of Allah.

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One major blessing you forgot

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Prophethood that should be at the top.

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At the top of all of the blessings, we learn in terms of Baccarat 251, well, Casa de

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la Holman, COVID hikmah, where I lemahieu Maya,

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the Buddha is an army killed Duluth, he was an ordinary person at that time, he was just a soldier in the Muslim army. And because he killed dilute Allah gave him kingship and milk. And also and hikmah Prophethood wisdom

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where I learn a woman Maya and thirdly, he taught him whatever that he will.

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We learn in Switzerland, I have 20 watershed in America who will entertain a whole heck matter. Well, first let her talk and we strengthen his kingdom. It wasn't just that he was a king and he wasn't able to do anything. No, his kingdom, very strong. His authority, very powerful. And we gave him wisdom and also discernment in speech. He had great communication skills.

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And we don't insult the devil I have 15 what I call the Athena the Buddha was in a manner

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and he was also given knowledge

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instead of thought 18 to 19 in NASA homegirl de Bella Mara, who you submission a bit Archie, you will work with Pyro mushu rotten canola, who aware that indeed we subjected the mountains to praise with him, exalting a lot in the afternoon and also after sunrise, and the birds were assembled all with him repeating the priests into the third eye authority. What will happen early there Buddhists will a man Nirmala arrived in

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to the world we gave today man. He was his son, amazing son, righteous son, intelligent son. And excellent servant. nierman look at the description that he's given there man. excellent service. Indeed. He was one repeatedly turning to Allah

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into the third eye a 26 we learn Yeah, that would enter nega hollyford and fill out we have made you a halifa upon the earth, someone with authority and along with that, though,

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s&m also had the trophy to worship

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in the day, and in the night. And especially in the night.

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He was given a trophy to fast regularly, so he would fast every other day. And he was also given the trophy to earn a lawful means of earning livelihood. We learned that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, No one has ever eaten any food that is better than eating what his hands have earned himself.

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You understand?

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That the best that a person eats is what?

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what he has acquired himself what he has earned himself in the sense that he worked for it. He worked for it, he got the paycheck and then he went and bought the food and he ate it. Not that it was gifted to him. We understand and indeed the Prophet of Allah would or his Salaam he would eat from the earnings of his hands.

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Despite the fact that he was a king. What would he eat from his own earnings?

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Big value, all mountains, meaning Allah subhanaw taala commanded the mountains yeji balou only be Mara who repeat with him. Repeat what with him? Our praises that when the word praises Allah, you also praise Allah? Will we be Mara, who will be from their newsletters Hamza? Well, they're

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in the Elena ieva, who is all different the same route, a web alter from the same route? What does it mean to return?

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What does it mean to return and a Webby that we've it gives me enough total gear to repeat

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that when one person says something, you repeat that after an each time they say you repeat after.

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So for instance, in third read, what happens? The recording is played. And when the teacher finishes, what are you expected to do? Repeat?

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If she recites a part of the ayah three times what are you expected to do? repeated three times, isn't it? They should read only once we're expected to read only once. This is what that lead means. They'll do return repeat after

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repeat after.

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And sometimes it happens that when people are singing together

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one person sings one person says one thing and the others they repeat after him so they're singing together along with one another.

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So yeah, who are we B Morrow who repeat with him? So this that we What is this that we've mean? That's V, meaning repeat with him our praises and golf vacations sub behave? When he does this B, you also say this via the mountains were told.

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And remember that this this B is not this B of how? Because we know that every creation of Allah, what do they do for Eman che in Illa? You said we have become the evil acolyte of Kahuna does we have. So we don't understand that this V but every creation is doing the spirit of Allah. And this does be for most creatures is what the sphere of hell that their state is of, glorification of Allah, hell, that by how they are what they're doing, who are they exalting and glorifying Allah subhanaw taala because every creature points to the perfection of the Creator. This is why the creatures are called what Allah mean, because it's an item assigned of the existence of the Creator,

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it points to the Creator.

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However, when the mountains are told over here, oh, we VMR Well, it wasn't just that the mountains were glorifying Allah by their state. No, they would actually do this we have Allah how we don't know.

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Are we BMR? Who, what they are and also the birds. What does it mean by this workplace, meeting workplace and the birds you do? The birds were also commanded to this is up with the Big Bang.

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So birds you do a wavy

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and secondly, it has been tested what thyra this is connected with fabula that was a foreigner was a foreigner?

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Well, that would have been a formula we gave to the wood from asphodel. And brackets implied was the homeowner who have played and we subjected for him the birds because a plate is monsoon.

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So the birds also they were subjective for him. So what would they do? When he would do this? We have a low and he would glorify they would also do it along with him.

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What ln Allah will do headed and we soften for him. The iron alumna from Ruth letters lamb Yeah, no lean.

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What does lean mean? Soft

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Lay in who is laying a person who is very soft in his manner, very lenient in his dealings with others. approachable, not harsh, not that you if you have to take permission from them, if you have to ask them about something, you would have to beg and beg and beg, no lenient. Like the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was hobbema rahmati minima. Hey, Lin Tana,

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that even though there was a huge mistake on the part of the companions, who left their spots and are hurt, the prophet sort of Allison was still lenient with them. Right? He didn't say, never again, are you going with me? He didn't punish them. He didn't find them. He was lenient with them.

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So lean, this is what softness, and Lena from the same root is used for the branch of a date farm. Lina, you may have heard of the name Lena as well. What is it? The branch have a date bomb? Why? Because it's extremely flexible, isn't it? It's not tough, like the branches have other trees. It bends, isn't it? And when the wind blows this way back and forth. So Lina is a branch of a data.

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So what Atlanta and we made soft meaning we made flexible.

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We made flexible, we made pliable, tender. What? and Heidi the iron, and it was soft for who for that wilderness? And what does it mean by that? That it was soft in his hands? Just as dough is

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dough? Have you ever tried to make bread? Have you tried to knead dough with your hands? If you tried to knead dough with your hands, then is it like extremely hard and tough that you can't even put your hand on it and press it? If it's like that, and you haven't made the deal properly?

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Real though, or how it should be is such that when you put your hand on it, and you press it's very easy to press it very easy to need it. Right. So just as when children when they play with Plato, perhaps Plato will be more of a relevant example for you. That it's easy to shape it however you want. You can roll it you can break it into pieces, right, you can make it into balls into squares into different different shapes and sizes. So this is exactly how iron was for him. I learned that I will Hadid

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so he could mold it, he could break it, he could shape it. Even like warm wax. When people make things with warm wax. When it's warm, not when it has become cold. You can mold it in different different shapes. So this is how hard it was for him. Now ln nanohole Howdy. This has been understood in two ways it First of all, it was softened only for him.

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Only for him it was often that when he would touch it when he would use it. It would be soft for him.

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People have to typically use hammers or they have to burn or that you have to use a lot of heat in order to shape iron. But he just had to use his hands. That's it. Only him. This was like a miracle that was given to him.

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Secondly, it has been said that lnl Hadid What this means is that we taught him the art of softening it.

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We taught him the art of softening iron so that he could make different things out of it. Before that people did not know how to soften iron.

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But the older Islam was taught how to soften iron and after that, people began making things of iron to Atlanta level Howdy.

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hustle and bustle. He said that he did not need to heat it in the fire or beat it with a hammer. He could simply twist it in his hands like a thread. It was that easy for him.

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And Allah subhanaw taala taught him the art of softening iron as well.

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What does it show to us that our last pilot did not just teach people did not just send guidance to people with regards to praying and charity and fasting. But he also sent guidance to people what kind of guidance that which is beneficial for them which guides them even with regard to their worldly affairs. So alumna level headed

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and he was told on a remote Saviola that you make full coats of meal and that it means you make you fashion you make from what from this hadith that is often your hands. What should you do? Make savvy alloted savvy a lot is a Florida tabula from the roof ever seen behling and Sevilla is used for a long and fully covering garment. A garment that is long and a garment that fully covers a person completely covered as a person does that no part is exposed. And this is what the word subu means remember what us Bella la comme nirma hula hula

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What about when, instead of Look, man we learned? What does it mean by that, that he has made plenty, he has made abundant. He has made perfect complete, that there is no blessing law here or bathroom that you need, and you don't have no every kind of blessing he has bestowed upon you. Perfect complete.

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So saburo is what such a garment that is complete that fits a person that is long that fully covers him. And in particular, it's used for a court of male, which people wear when they go for battle. So suits of armor, and sad suits of armor, which fully covered the people wearing them.

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You understand?

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And how is it possible for him to make this because he made it with chainmail.

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And up until now, people only wore plated armor

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plated armor like sheets of iron you can think and they have been put together with nails. And you put yourself inside of it. And you become stiff and you can barely move. You understand.

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And the cellulite were made of what chainmail

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I just imagine links of iron at chain web together joined together into like a fabric and that a person is wearing when a person is wearing that? Does that cover him properly? Of course it does. Does that give him more freedom? Yes, it does. And it covers even his fingers, you know that.

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Even have gloves that are made of that, go to some museum and go and see what the people of the past used to wear when they went for battle. You can even find gloves, and even what they would wear on their heads and even under next. So it would completely fully cover them such that it would also drag slightly behind them completely covering their feet even. So a normal savvy lot. They would listen, I was told the skill that you have for it to use. And what should you make forgot coats of mail? And when you're making them what God did for yourself? What does it mean by that?

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and calculate precisely the links, the links that you're making, the links that you make with iron, and you connect them together in order to make chainmail with which we're going to make this suit. How should you make these links? And how should you connect them together?

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in perfect proportion, but this duck did have that or have that

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and the date that it is decreed.

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And it also means to estimate to determine to assess. So our deficit and sound from the roof ever seen or the

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sound is used for chains for links and also chainmail

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some other issues to to stitch the link together. So if you look at chainmail What is it made of?

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links that are connected with one another? Isn't it? You know what I'm talking about? Can you imagine? Think of a chain. Like for example, think of your gold chain and some are very very fine. But some are you can see the links.

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You have like a link, which is oval shaped. Okay, you have another link, which is also oval shaped. And this other link it's connected into the other one.

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Like you have in your teachings, you have one link that is weaved into the other link to sarada What does it mean to weave stitch to link together? So you have one link connected into the other link connected into the other link?

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You understand?

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Look for a picture online for chainmail or chain even, you'll find something okay.

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So this is what's out is now got this result. What does it mean by that then when you're making this chainmail when you're making this connection of links? How should you make it? You should measure them? Well, how that first of all, arrange them properly spaced them well.

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Not that they're so tight, that if they're too tight, the links are too small, then the links will get tangled into one another.

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Even sometimes you have a particular change always gets tangled. Why? Because the links are small, they're too tightly knit. And if a person is wearing chainmail made of that, then it would be extremely difficult for him to move about.

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Similarly, they should not be too loose that the links are rickety, so that wearing it, it's impossible. It's very, very loose. So are their facade meaning arrange them properly spaced them well. Secondly, make them in right proportion.

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that all of them are of equal sizes. Because if one is big, the other is too small, the other is even smaller than what will happen, it will not be a good armor to wear. Thirdly, the facade also that moderately that all of them are equal in their hardness or their softness. Not that one is extremely weak that when you connected the link, that link when you collected it, it's so weak that as soon as a person puts it on their snap, you know, sometimes you put a necklace, right? And a child comes and just, you know, pulls it a little bit and snap, it's broken. Right? So all of the links, put them properly, what are the three meanings for the facade, arrange them properly spaced

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them? Well, secondly, right proportion, that they're equal in sizes, and thirdly, moderately in their strength and weakness, and all of them should be of equal strength, good strength. So our deficit,

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you may have noticed that sometimes, you know, children even make change with playdough. Did you ever do that reason.

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So when you make changes with paper, even right, you staple that piece of paper together, and you connect them together? If one is too big, and the other is too small, it doesn't look nice, right? Similarly, if you didn't connect one together, let's say you ran out of staples, and you connected one with blue,

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what will happen, it will snap open immediately, it's not going to be the same. So other facades so that when people wear that armor, it fits them properly, it protects them.

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What am I loosen her and also do righteous deeds? What does I mean by this wormer loosening her that all people have that would do almost

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Why has this been said that whatever you do, do it right.

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Do it properly, what is solid good action, proper action.

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Many times it happens that people who become very interested in the deen they begin to neglect their worldly work. And they don't do it properly. like Oh, forget it, I have to iron let me just find the front part and leave the backbone. What's the big deal?

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Or, you know, who cares about this, and who cares about that. And as a result, we tend to neglect things that are important. It doesn't mean that we become overly excessive, but aeromonas, sila, Han whatever you do, do it well, every action that you do, do it right, do it properly. And also warmer lasallian that yes, you're making chainmail, it's very useful beneficial, you make it you salad, you make money, you make it people where they can defend themselves. However, this should not become the purpose of your life, along with these worldly activities, also be concerned about doing other righteous deeds.

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Yes, this is a special skill that Allah has given you. But along with that, also do other registers.

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You see that were there. So I was given a great skill. Iron was made soft for him. And he would make coats of armor for people. And he would tell them, he would make money. And it was only for him. That iron was soft. So this was something that only he could do. This was a great skill, every person did not have it.

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Now similarly, other people have also been given different skills, isn't it? It's quite possible. You're excellent at art. It's quite possible. You're excellent at cooking. You're excellent at making certain desserts. And whenever your friend has a party, she asks you can you please make that cheesecake for me?

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And whenever somebody is coming over, you know, you want to make someone happy? What do you do you always make some particular food for them. You have that good skill, which other people perhaps don't have.

00:23:57--> 00:24:39

Now what happens when you have that skill? If you're happy about it, you're proud of it, you like doing it? Right? It makes you feel good. It makes you feel useful. But a person should not become obsessive with it in the sense that all that is concerned about his only that action and you neglect other things. The Wilderness I was given such an amazing skill set a useful skill. But what does Allah say? aeromonas on your hand as well. Yes, whatever you're doing, do it properly. And along with that. Also, do other animals don't neglect other good deeds. Because sometimes we think, Oh, I'm making food for other people such a good deed. What about your Salah? What about this? What

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about that? What about other important things don't neglect them. Similarly, a person could be very, very proud of the cleaning that they do the way I mop the floor. No one else does it. But don't spend hours doing it. Yes, you should do it right and perfectly. Your sand should be there in the work that you do. But don't obsess over it so much that other important

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are neglected wormer lucidly?

00:25:03--> 00:25:43

You see, there has to be a balance. Sometimes we think that yes, you have that script, forget it. It's unimportant. I should spend my time doing other stuff, ignore it, ignore it, ignore it. No, don't ignore it. You're doing it, do it properly. You cleaning the floor, clean it properly. Don't leave a mess here and mess there. And don't just mop only parts of the floor and leave the parts under the table dirty. No, do the wall floor. But don't do it. With so much detail spending so much time that you neglect other things. There has to be a balance here malusi Callaghan. And remember that in the Vemma thermal universe lead, indeed I am with whatever that you do, mostly, I'm watching

00:25:43--> 00:25:49

you, I'm seeing you, whatever that you're doing anything you're doing, I'm watching you who's watching you.

00:25:50--> 00:25:51

Allah is watching you.

00:25:52--> 00:25:56

And this should be the motivation as to why we do what we do property.

00:25:58--> 00:26:02

And why we do other animals, Allah has worked along with the good things that we do.

00:26:04--> 00:26:06

This should be the motivation Allah is watching.

00:26:07--> 00:26:11

Because many times we do things properly, just because other people are watching us.

00:26:12--> 00:26:19

By For instance, if your mother is watching, you mop the floor, to make sure you do it properly. You don't leave any part of it undone.

00:26:20--> 00:26:49

That if you see nobody's around, doesn't matter. Just put this trash under the carpet. Who cares? Just put it on to the side just spread it all over the floor. Nobody will figure out. So we become very concerned when other people are watching us. But what should a person remember? Allah is watching me, Nev mathema Luna asleep. This is why I should do what I'm doing properly. Nobody knows. Nobody's watching me, he is watching me.

00:26:50--> 00:27:03

And you see, this is the beauty that the believer, yes, he brings our son to his acts of worship. But he also brings us on to the other worldly things that he does. Why?

00:27:04--> 00:27:25

Because it becomes a habit them. You know that? If you pray properly, then you will be concerned about doing other things properly as well. It's a lifestyle. It's a habit. And if a person neglects in one thing, he will end up neglecting many other things. Because it's a lifestyle. It's a habit.

00:27:26--> 00:27:50

Remember that? Don't think that if you neglect only your worldly things, you'll be very good in your religious obligations. If you develop that habit of neglecting things, you'll end up neglecting many things. So this is the beauty of the believer that whatever he does, he does it well for who's sick. For hoosick for the sake of Allah soprano, Darla. And if he does something worldly, he doesn't obsess with it so much that he neglects other animals

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and also air masala Han meaning remember Allah, whatever that you're doing. Don't forget a lot at that time. And it is said that the Buddha when he would be doing his work when he would be making this chainmail, working with iron, he would do this we have a lot of that time. He would glorify a lot at that time.

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And we see that many prophets of Allah what were they told that Allah is watching you like for example new harness and and when he was making the shape? What was said to him for ohana, LA and Israel FOCA. We are you Nina, we're watching you. So do it right. Do it properly. And don't forget me. When musar Islam was centered around what did Allah subhanaw taala say to him? In the Mara Kuma s Maru, or are I watching you? I'm listening to you. The prophets on a lot isn't what was he told la de la pena takuan. What the karlova Society Dean.

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So if a person remembers Allah is watching me, then he will bring excellence and everything that he does, whether it is some religious obligation, for some worthy activity,

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he will bring excellence to his deeds

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to the recitation

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We think that if you're doing something properly, you're doing something in a good way, then spend so much time doing it, that you end up neglecting other things. This is not

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part of doing your work properly, is that you maintain a balance as well.

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You have to maintain a balance how that where you're doing one thing properly, you're doing other things. property is

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Well, because if there is an imbalance, you're giving a lot of time to one subject, for instance, and you're neglecting other subjects. When it comes to doing your lesson, you do it when it comes to doing your assignment. You don't hand it over on time, then does it make your overall performance good?

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No, it doesn't make it good. So far doing your work properly is maintaining balance as well. and maintaining balance means giving every deserver of rock has helped, whether it's people or it's actions or it's chores or it's things

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with a sense of the recitation

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