Taleem al-Quran 2010 - Juz 22

Channel: Taimiyyah Zubair

Audio Episodes: 57

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The Juz begins with the closing verses of Surah al Ahzab, outlining the rules for the wives of the Prophet ﷺ and then progresses into the next chapter, Surah Saba.

It derives its name from the ungrateful tribe of Saba who are referred to in this chapter for being excessively arrogant in what they possessed. This Surah also captures the favours bestowed by Allah upon Dawud and Sulaiman alayhisalaam.

The next surah in this Juz, is Surah al Fatir which glorifies the magnificence of Allah, the One who is aware of everything, and is free of all needs and wants.

The Juz ends with the initial verses of Surah Yasin which discusses call of the prophets to the disbelievers.

In this session on Juz 22, Taimiyyah Zubair focusses on the captivating messages that can be extracted from this Juz.

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