Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 17 – L167A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers a range of topics, including coworker's actions, relationships with coworkers, and female guests' desire for attention and fame. They also mention various female coworkers, including a woman named Lahu and a woman named Lahu, as well as a woman named Yumi. The group discusses various references to women and their desire for attention and fame, as well as the case involving a woman named Duna and a woman named Duna.
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Whether we want to slowly, slowly heal Kareem Amma bird for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Rubbish Raj Lisa de were Sidley Emery wash loler better melissani cohoon Kali probenecid Narottama

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lesson number 167 surah two ambia i a number 83 to 112. Translation. What are you and you earlier his Salaam is when? Nada he called out. Baba Who? His rub a knee that indeed I must say many it touched me of the room, the distress will enter and you are on him. Most Merciful, a Rashi mean of those who show mercy

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first taberna so we responded Lahu for him. FACA Schaffner then we removed ma what Biggie with him men from bourbon distress. What? Tina Who? And we gave him a hella who his family will mitla home and like have them ma home with them. Rush Martin as immersi men from rendina near us where they crawl and a reminder lil Aberdeen for the worshipers

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what is married and his merry way Idris and Idris? Well careful and careful. Are they hemocyanin Colin all men from a submarine those who India with patience. What are the holla home and we admitted them see in rush mattina our mercy in the home indeed the main from a soil machine the righteous weather noon and one of the fish possessor of the fish. The man of fish

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is when the herb he went off move on the bun as one angry for one so he thought on that learn never nakoda we have our our lay upon him fener the so he called out fi in a lumut the darknesses and that they're not Ella any god Illa except and you Subbu Hannukah glorified Are you in need indeed I come to I was main from a volley mean those who are wrong

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faster gentlemen. So we responded Lahu for him when a Jaina who and we rescued him. Men from alarm, the distress the worry

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work of alika and likewise noon g we save a lot meaning the believers was there Korea and Korea and his salon is when nada he called out proper who is Rob Rob be Oh my rug let Do not tell me you leave me for them as alone or under and you are hierro best aware he seen the inheritors

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first Tachibana so we responded Lahu to him what will happen and we gifted laahu to him yeah here yeah here La Silla. What else lashana and we reformed la who for him? xojo who his wife in the home indeed they can do they were you Sadie una de hastened fee in a hierarchy. The good deeds were their own Anna and they call us Robin in hope. What Robin and in fear. What can do and they were Leonard for us high Shireen ones who are submissively humble.

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One lady and she who

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she guarded for her, her chastity, her private part for Faulkner. So we blew Fie her in her mane from rufina Our room our spirit order Allah and we made her webinar her and her son a attend assign little IRA mean for the worlds

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in indeed had he this oma to come your religion, your nation or mutton, a religion? A nation? Why didn't one or another and I am Rob book on your fire boonie so you all worship me?

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What the author and they broke up. They divided Umrah home, their affair, their matter bainer home between them. Colon all, Elena to us, Roger, your own one.

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To return

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from and so whoever yarmulke he does men from asylee had the righteous deeds or whoever while he is what may known a believer fellas or not ghofrani any denial lisara he for his effort what in the end indeed we Lahu for it get the boon one two right one two record

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well hold on one and a prohibition Allah upon but yet in a city alakina Here we have destroyed it and the home that indeed de la not your June they will return

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Hector until either when for the health it was opened yet doo doo doot doot doot well home and they men from Cali every header been elevation, EMC loon, they swiftly descend

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Wakata robber, and it came near. It's drew near, Eduardo the promise and help of the truth for either then behold, then suddenly, here it is. Chef feels like doing one that stairs. Check is often one that stairs I will Sato cites gazes. alladhina of those who care for all they disbelieved? Yeah, we're Ilana over to us. In fact, Gunner we were fee in last Latin negligence, heedlessness men from Heather this bell rather corner we were largely mean one to do wrong. In nickel indeed you warmer and that which that will Duna you all worship men from dooney besides Allah Allah Hassan who are few Johanna of Hellfire and do you all have for it? were you doing one to enter one to arrive?

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Low if Ghana was her Ola bees earlier than God's man not what to do her. They entered it. walk alone and all fee her in it. Holly don't want to abide eternally

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the home for them see her in it Zephir on heavy sighing heavy exiling

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we're home and they are fee her in it. Let's not yes Maroon they here

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in the indeed a la Vina those who suffer it proceeded law home for them mainly from us. Alpha snur the best reward for their iica those unhappy from it MOBA Dune once removed far less not Yes, Marina, they will hear her Sisa her its latest sound. We're home while they are fee in math. What is the hub If desired, and for some home their souls? Holly don't want to abide eternally.

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Learn not yes or no home it will grieve them and further the terror attack bottle the greatest water law car home and it will meet them elmaleh aka the angels has this. Yo mo come your day. A lady which come to me you were to arduin you all were promised

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Yama en de nada we we will roll up. We will fold a summer the sky Kappa ye like rolling like folding? A sigil of the scroll of the sheet lel quota for the records. Gamma just as butter. We began a Wella first hultin creation norito who we will repeat it why other than a promise Alena upon us in indeed we call now we were fairly lean once we do

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all of that and certainly cabina we wrote fi in zero decibels. Men from bar the after avec dimension, the reminder, and that indeed, of the earth Yeti to her, he will inherit it or he baddie My servants aside who own the righteous ones.

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Indeed, fee in Heather this labor law one, surely a notification

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Lycoming for a people are the ones who worship warmer and not also NACA we have sent you Illa except rush Martin a mercy live

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Allah mean for the world's

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say innama indeed not but you have it was revealed lie to me a number that indeed not but Allah who comb your God Allah Who is God where hidden one for * then are unto you all Muslim moon want to submit for in but if there were low they turned away for all then say and then to come I have proclaimed to you Allah upon our equality we're in and not every I know a Caribbean weather near or very far man What do are doing you are promised

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in the who indeed he yeah Alamo he knows Al Jazeera the spoken aloud men from a local the speech were a llama and he knows ma what Dr. Moon you all can see you

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or him and not editie I know Allah who perhaps it fitna to a trial Luckily for you one meter on and a temporary enjoyment Illa to Shane in a time

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either he said or be oh my gosh Can you judge better help with the justice? What are buena and our rub of rush man is the Most Merciful almost on the one whose help is sought almost on the one whose help is sought Allah upon man. What does the food you all describe?

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That's this is the recitation of these verses.

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What are you

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name is Danielle.

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Shambo me.

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Me knowing Dina

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meany. Once again carry

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Atlanta, he on lanty.

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What up?

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he was in

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vena cava Oh, yeah. Ilana

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Do you mean a

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house or

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Yo man

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II me only

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to the moon

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in ad

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hominem Amina

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moon in Nigeria.

Al-Anbiya 83-112 Translation 83-112

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