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Al-Anbiya 1-29 Word Analysis and Tafsir 1-4


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The speakers discuss the origin story of the book "SoTL ambia," which describes the death of the person who died. They stress the importance of preparing for death and the weight of the death itself, as well as warning of the upcoming death and the potential consequences of their actions on others. The segment also touches on distraction and distraction in the heart, and the concept of "the culture of fear" and its potential impact on one's behavior. The speakers emphasize the importance of following people who believe in the Prophet sallama Sun effort to avoid false accusations and avoid false accusations.

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I was willing to share the origin Bismillah R Rahman Rahim lesson number 164 SoTL ambia. Number one 290.

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So total MBA is Mr. Kiesel law.

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And it was revealed after sort of Ibrahim

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and this whole justice will Taha was also revealed in the early part of the mechanism.

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It has been reported in Buhari that Abdullah said that sort of Bani Israel Soraka sort of Marian Surah Taha, and total ambia. They are among the earliest and most beautiful soldiers and they are my treasure. So, all of the soldiers are from the early part of the meccan era, which ones sorta to Acela alkaff, Malian, Baja, and lamb SoTL ambia is called MBM because many prophets of Allah are mentioned in the sutra. Many prophets of Allah are mentioned not just by name, but briefly their accounts are also mentioned. And this Allah has a total of 112 verses

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and 1186 words

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in the previous order, at the end of Surah Taha we learned Fatah bustle, keep waiting on colon matara, based on each is waiting and keep waiting. And at the beginning of this surah What do we learn a katana Berlin NASA Hey Sir boom, the time of the account of people has approached it has drawn near it has drawn close. So we see that there is a connection in the ending of the source and the beginning of the next service. In the previous order we learned Fatah bustle. And over here we learn a Katara belly Nancy his elbow

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kotoba is from the root letters cassava and fdlr is when something approaches when something comes close, when it has drawn near. So equitana Valley nasty for people it has drawn close what has drawn near his elbow on their account, which people are these

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these people can be understood in the general sense that all people for all mankind there has said has drawn close, their accountability has drawn very near

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and unasked may also be understood as specifically the Michigan because they're the ones who are being reproached over here, because they were the ones in denial of the hereafter

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and his or his accountability, when a person is made to question about the deeds that he has performed. And he sir, remember is the first part of the

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of the recommends that a person is to receive in the Hereafter, depending on how the hisab is going to be the rest of the design is going to be like that.

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So Katara Bella naseeha Sabu, the hisab of the people has drawn you. What does it mean by this? He said it refers to the Day of Judgment, that the day of judgment has come very close. It's not too far.

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And others have said that his app also refers to death. Because after that, in the grave, what will happen? There hisab will begin the questioning, the accounting will begin right after that. So it Katara Berlin, NASA, his Abu wahome view of Latin while they are in heedlessness, they are in indifference. They are completely careless with regards to what with regards to this hisab how that they have left it, they have stopped worrying about it. They have stopped preparing for it and morally alone. There are ones who turn away, meaning they're not afraid of it. They're not afraid of the approaching herself. Why? Because there are so indulged in their desires and because of their

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denial of the hereafter. This is the state of Whoo. Yes, it is a state of the disbelievers that their death is approaching. The day of judgment is coming. However, it is as though no disaster is coming their way. No calamity is coming their way. They are in hoffler their negligence, they don't fear it. They're not preparing for it already alone. They're busy doing other things.

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But however, this is not just the state of the disbelievers, but it is the state of people in general. that death is approaching them. Every single moment a person is drawing close to his death. Every single day a person is drawing close to his death.

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And instead of preparing for that death, many people are heedless to it. The majority of the people are careless about it. They don't pay attention to it.

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If you think about it, many people set their goals for the day for the week for several months, for the next year, for the next five years, people have many, many goals. And amongst those goals are things that are very important and are also things that are not that important. But the most important event that is ever going to happen in a person's life is what it has depth, it has depth, how many people are actively preparing for it, actively preparing for it. If you think about it, typically, people have plans as to what they're going to do in their 20s. what they're going to do in their 30s, when they're going to have children when they're going to get married, when they're

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going to buy a house, when they're going to buy their own family car, when they're going to move on to this and when they're going to move on to that people have many plans. And all these plans. People dream about from the very beginning. But how, how many times is it that a person thinks about death that my death is approaching? What is it that I have to make sure I do before I die? What is the list of things that I want to make sure that I do before death approaches me?

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Won't vilaflor most people are in negligence, they're not preparing for it morally alone, they turn away.

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We see that the most important responsibility of all the messengers who came was to call people to the worship of Allah soprano. The sola is an MBA, and the surah tells us about the work that the messengers did, the work that the prophets of Allah did, and all prophets of Allah, they called people to a loss of panatela. And at the same time, they also warned the people about the approaching day, about the Day of Judgment, so that the people can prepare for the hereafter. However, from the beginning to the end, this has been the attitude of people that they are warned, they are told, but they don't take it seriously.

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Now personally, I wonder that over your last panel dialysis echo dollar, Bella Nancy, who said, if we take the meaning of his app to be the day of judgment it has drawn near a person might say it's been 1400 years since this AI was revealed 1400 years, but still the day of judgment has not come. So what does it mean by that is

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what it means is that the Day of Judgment is approaching near as each day passes by. And the time that is left for the day of judgment to come, is less than the time that has elapsed since the beginning of creation. The time that is left for the day of judgment to come is much less compared to the time that has elapsed since the beginning of the creation. And at the end of the day, whatever is approaching is near

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Coloma adding for hookeri everything that is coming it is approaching it is near. Because once the countdown has begun, then you're just waiting. That's it. It's only going to be a few more moments and very soon it's going to happen.

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Mayor de human Vicodin, no mention comes to them mirabai him from their Lord more the thing that is new in less than a rule except that they listened to it or homea or boon while they are at play. This is their hoffler This is their negligence. This is their indifferent attitude towards the coming of death towards the coming of the Day of Judgment. That may be him menza clean, no Vicar comes to them. What does the vicar refer to the Koran meaning any new reminder any new revelation that comes to them mirror beam from their Lord, that is word us what is more than that which is new, that which is fresh, latest. So any latest reminder that comes to them from their Lord, whether it

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is latest in terms of its revelation, or it is latest in terms of they're getting to know about it in less than a rule except that they listen to it attentively, meaning they understand what is being said, or whom y'all are boon. But still they play. What does it mean by this? Well, homeand are they meaning while they're listening, they're playing, meaning they do not listen seriously. They do not listen attentively. They don't give importance to it. Instead, what do they do? They laugh it off. They ignore it, their marketing.

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warnings are being recited to them. warnings are being told to them, but what happens at the same time instead of becoming fearful. Instead of their hearts getting soft. They only increase in their play an amusement and having fun. And we're homea our boon is also understood as that the listen but then they go and play meaning they do not get affected by the warnings of the Quran. They don't

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Take any lesson from it, they go back to their play. And they get busy in that. This ayah describes the muffler and the air a lot of people that what is their hoffler?

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You see, sometimes people are in hoffler people are in negligence, they're indifferent to something. Why? Because of lack of knowledge. They have no idea but what they are ignoring what they're missing, what they are leaving. And because of that, they're an overflow.

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So what's the reason, lack of knowledge, but over here, who has been described in less than or who it is those people who know those people who are warned, but they still turn away?

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that with every way that comes with every new revelation that the prophets all of a sudden tell them about, with every new surah of the Quran, that they come to no off. With every new reminder of the Hereafter, what happens? They only turn away, they do not take it seriously. They do not get affected by the warnings of the Quran. They listen, and they go back to their homes to their play and amusement, as if they didn't even hear anything. It says if the Quran does not affect them, this is their state of waffler that the listen to the most scariest of ayat that describe the punishment of the Hereafter, for instance, that describe the end of those people who are arrogant towards the

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Ayat of Allah. For example, yesterday we learned about the consequences of those people who come to know the Ayat of Allah, but then they ignore them. What's the consequence of such a person that he will be raised blind on the Day of Judgment. This is a severe warning. But think about it. How many of us are really affected by that we make a firm result that I'm never going to leave the squat on. Not even for a day that what I have memorized, I'm going to start revising it. Well, homie on our bone, most people, what happens to them, they listen, maybe temporarily, they get moved by. But then they go back to their homes, they get busy in their conversations. They are busy in their play, in

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their cooking, and they're cleaning and they're eating and they're talking. And they forget about what they have learned. They forget about what they have heard. Because their life does not change. When somebody has really been affected by something than what happens, their life changes, their thinking changes, their ways change, their habits change, their routine changes. And if somebody remains the way they were before, then what does it mean? Nothing has affected them. So the majority of the people, this is their state, they come to know of what Allah is saying. They come to know of the warnings. But Wilhelmina or Boone?

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What's the reason behind that? law he had an Uber home, their hearts are distracted. This is the reason their hearts are distracted.

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Last year is when they wrote letters. Lam Halliwell and law here is very one that is in love, one that is engaged in love.

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And what is love, everything that distracts a person from an important purpose, from an important task from an important cause. Anything that distracts the person from what is important, it is that the How to gather, meaning I got distracted from an important task, and I got engrossed in something else.

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Like for example, a person is going to prepare food towards the kitchen and all of a sudden they see somebody watching TV, and the standby looking over it says commercial, okay, what's going on, or there's a movie coming, let me see and watch it. Now she was on her way to cook, and then she gets distracted by the television. This is called low when someone is distracted from something that is important by something that is less important. So Latin kulu boom. This is a reason behind their heedlessness, that they are distracted from the vicar of Allah. They're distracted from bringing about a change in their lives.

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You see, the actual function, the real purpose of the heart is that the book it is to reflect it is to take a lesson to ponder, to feel to bring about a change in a person's life. This is the real purpose of the heart. But since there is only one heart that a person has, he can only do one thing at a time.

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Because hearts they cannot multitask. You can use your hands to multitask probably, that with one hand you're doing one thing and with the other hand, you're doing something else. Some people are able to do that.

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Or with your body, you're multitasking. You're listening to a phone call. And at the same time you're cooking for instance, you can multitask but your heart remember it cannot multitask. Which is why insula. You can

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Either focus on sada or you can think about other things, you cannot do both things at the same time.

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Similarly, either you can be listening to someone paying attention to them thinking about what they're saying, or you can be dreaming about something else while they're talking to you. You can not do two things at a time with your heart. So if the heart is occupied by something that is less important, how will it be able to focus on that which is more important, left here than kulu? Boom, their hearts are distracted by this dunya.

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And they're distracted from the vicar of Allah. This is why they are in lefleur. This is why they are heedless. This is why they don't take a lesson from the reminders that are given in the Quran. This is why they are not preparing for their death for their hereafter. So what's the reason? If you think about it, the problem begins with what with not preparing for the hiset, then the reason behind that is hoffler, then the reason behind that is left haven.

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So if a person wants to get affected by the Quran, and what does he need to do free his heart, free his heart.

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If your heart is occupied with other things, with the love of other things, with the concern of other things, then you cannot be concerned about your debt.

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You cannot be concerned about bringing about a change in your life. Because your heart can only do one thing at a time. It's either the Quran, it's either your death, or it's something else.

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Now choose that which is more important.

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What Assad will najwa and they conceal the private conversations. Who the people of Mecca the machine, they conceal the private conversations. Notice Nigeria is a private conversation, it is a confidential talk, which is not publicized to everybody. And when the word or several is used, what does it show? That how much they try to conceal these conversations? who tries to conceal the private conversations and Latinos? Those people who do and what's the loan that they're doing? Check? So what is it that they talk about in the private conversations that hadn't had that elaborate shadow myth local? Is this man not except a human being just like you? Is this meaning

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Muhammad? sallallahu wasallam? Not a human being just like you, then how can you believe in him? Why should you follow him? Why should you be lesser than him? When he's a human being just like you What is special about him that he is a prophet and your ordinary men? Why should you follow him? Why should you believe everything that he says to you, hello, Anna elaboration with local

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donor cetera? They say to one another, that would you approach magic or uncomfortable soon while you are aware?

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What does it mean by this effort that donor cell after that donor has been understood as that would you come to? Meaning Would you accept and follow the meaning of that w una Sal tuna. See how meaning that w Runa. Sarah, would you follow magic? While you see that it is clearly magic? Secondly, after that Tulasi has been understood as that would you be affected by it? Would you come under its effect? Would you come to listen to it? would you approach in order to listen to this magic?

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What do they mean by this magic? The Quran, what the prophet sallallahu Sallam was reciting to them? The democritus, the deacon that he was reciting to them, they called it magic. Why did they call it magic? Because it mesmerizes people, it brainwashes people, it enchants people, they listen to it once and they get so affected by it. So the machine of Makkah, what would they do? Instead of getting affected by the warnings? Instead of taking benefit from the Quran that the prophets of Allah Islam was reciting to them? What would they do? They would sit in private conversations. And they would discuss as to what they should say about the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah. And they will try

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to assure one another that know this man is only a human being we're not supposed to follow him. So if you don't believe in Him, you're not wrong. So what do we see over here? That their ego, their pride, their arrogance, it prevented them from believing in the profit sort of obvious

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that why should we follow him when he is only a human being, when he is an ordinary person? In fact, he is lesser than you in worldly terms. So why should you follow him? Just as today even many people they object believing in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and following him simply because they say that he was a human being who lived 1400 years ago in the desert of Arabia, and today, we are so advanced. We're so knowledgeable. You know, we

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In a technological age, we are so much more knowledgeable. Why should we be following a person who used to live in the desert 1400 years ago?

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And such people even though they claim to be Muslim, they don't respect the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So what is it that prevents people from believing and following him? It's pride, its ego, whether it is suffered by the people today, or it was suffered by the people of that time, the people of Makkah, it was their arrogance that highlight a national myth. Lacan is only a human being why follow him?

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In throw the turban is number six, we learn for carlu especially do Nana FACA photo, whatever, no. But there's actual human beings guide us. And that is believed and they turned away, just because it was a human messenger, what did they do? They refuse to follow him.

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And then the machine of Makkah, they would discuss this issue in their private meetings.

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Now, the question is, why would they discuss this issue in private meetings? Because when they would say things like this holiday elaboration listener, this is what negative talk about someone, you're talking negatively about someone, you're humiliating them, you're insulting them. And typically, private conversations, private meetings, what is their subject, it's such things that are not acceptable, if set out publicly,

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when do we need to whisper to one another, when what we say is not going to be acceptable to others, because the person who is talking negatively about others, people don't respect. People don't like him. So whenever they would want to talk negatively about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam at the beginning stage, remember the sorrows of the beginning era of the meccan period. So they would sit together in private conversations, and they would conceal those private conversations from the rest of the people. So that nobody would find out.

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Is liba generally is done how in private conversations. And also, they would speak about this issue in private meetings, because they differed amongst themselves. At one point, they would call the Prophet sort of artisan a magician. at another point, they would call him a poet. And if these differences were publicized amongst people, then what would happen? Nobody would believe in them. Nobody would follow them.

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So over here, they say that he's only a human being. And then they say that he's a magician. After that. Don't say hello or uncomfortable slid on, meaning Don't listen to him.

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We say that all the prophets of Allah, they were accused of being magicians musala Sallam What did we learn instead of

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that he was also accused of performing magic. We learned in sort of that yet I have 52 that Quranic America, Latina men, probably him of Assouline. illa colusa Heron, Omar junoon. Similarly, there came not to those before them any messenger, any messenger, except that the people said, a magician or a madman.

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Anyone today? What happens? If somebody begins to study the Quran, and their life begins to change? What do people say? It's as though you have been brainwashed. It's as though you have been mesmerized. You have been enchanted that you're not using your mind anymore. Are you sure you're okay? Be sure you're not affected by something, maybe there's something wrong. This is what people say,

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cannot be removed. The Prophet said, My Lord knows all of these accusations that they were hurling at him, that he's a magician. He's a port. He's this he's that the Prophet said, of the Alamo cola. My lord knows the word, which word which statement that is uttered for summer he will have the that is uttered in the sky or the earth.

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Any statement that is uttered that is voiced out that a person says whether it is said in the earth or it is set up in the sky, who knows about that statement? Who has heard that statement? My Lord has heard it. So whether you secretly in your private meetings, you say such things about me. Or you go and say such things about me publicly? My lord knows where he was severely or the end, he is the hearing. And he is the knowing. He has heard what you have said, and he knows of your state and he knows of my state as well. So what do we see in this is that people can say whatever they want. People can hurl whatever accusations at you, whether at your face or behind your back. Because

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sometimes people don't have the confidence to say something on your face. What will they do? They will go and talk to others about it. At that time, how should you comfort yourself? Allah knows. He has heard the angels have written, the angels have recorded and on the Day of Judgment, Justice will be established.