Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 25 – L259D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history of the religious community in India, including struggles with slavery and the downfall of Islam. It also touches on the selection of leaders and the importance of knowledge and success in life, including the preference for the Bani Israel over the bunny ear. The transcript also touches on the negative impact of close relationships on society and the negative impact of a certain behavior, such as abandoning someone and causing fear and embarrassment. The transcript also describes a burning feeling and the use of spices, as well as the potential impact of heat on people's bodies.
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Lesson number 259. similar to the one we'll begin from number 31, according to Jane Eyre, Bernie saw ella minella they will move him. And we certainly saved the children of Israel from the humiliating punishment. What was the humiliating punishment that was inflicted upon them? What was the punishment, the torment which humiliated them? The slavery, of their own power for their own had enslave them, because to be a slave in itself is humiliating. And on top of that for our own when he had enslaved the Bani Israel, that he torment them, of course, terribly, killing their children keeping their women alive. And several pieces of the Quran is is mentioned in total Baqarah. It's

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mentioned in our sort of Ebrahim sort of traffic. For example, in sort of Bukhara I have 49 we learn what isn't a generic human elevator owner sunako suit, another suit? Over here, it's called a movie. And what was this ruler that you left behind an urban icon? Where's the unicycle? Wolfie Delhi Kampala, O'Meara.

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So Allah subhanaw taala save the Bani Israel from the humiliating torment of having their children slain, and their women being kept alive. And they've been forced to extremely hard, difficult labor.

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Men fitter owner from fitter own meaning this Abul machine, it was inflicted on them by who by fit our own and other other machine, we can also understand this to be for their own himself that fit our own himself was an adapt for them. The way he oppressed them the way he dealt with them, the way he treated them, main fair owner and who was around in who can Eilean Milan was sleeping. Indeed, he was an IE from among those who cross limits. What does it mean by Ali? Ali is someone who is high, someone who is exalted.

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And over here, Ali Yan, he was someone who was very high meaning as if a leader amongst to amongst them was defeated those who cross limits.

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So of all those people who cross limits, who was at the top for their own, in ocana Allium in El Masri, no one exceeded bounds like he did. No one committed injustice, oppression, like for their own did, because we are on how is he described the oath that he had great armies and he was the first one to begin crucifixion as well. Remember how many magicians who became Muslim? How he tormented them each and every single one of them?

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He didn't even spare his wife. How do you think he would have treated the bunnies like you?

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So in ocana Eilean mineral Mr. Feeny had reached the heights of Islam, but Allah soprano Tada. He saved the bunnies for you from who? From the torture of their own.

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And over here in a way, the people of Macau are being admonished, because if you think about the story of Musa Infineon This is mentioned many times in the Quran. Why is it mentioned over here that the people of Macau are being admonished to this example? Because they had also crossed many limits in oppressing the Muslims of Makkah. We know about the stories of the land of the learner of Maasai women are made up of so many companions, how they were tormented by their own families.

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So when a person tortures the other, he feels as though he is very exalted. But Allah subhanaw taala gives the example of our own over here, look at how high he was looking at how powerful he was. And look at how terribly he tortured the people. But at the end, Allah save the believers and Allah punished for their own in no Can I mean almost 15

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what are called external home and we certainly chose them. Allah subhanaw taala certainly chose zoo, the bunny ears he didn't choose for our own but who did he select? Who did he give preference to? Bunny is for you? Why

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Allah Aleman upon knowledge Allah Allah Allah mean above the world's meaning above the people of the world about all the people of that time Allah subhanaw taala give preference to the Bani Israel.

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How did he choose them?

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That he saved them from the torment of their own.

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They just imagined they were an entire slave nation. And Allah saved all of them. Just imagine, not just a few of them, but every single one of them was freed. This is something amazing and not just freed but their enemies.

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destroyed their enemy finished completing those same people who were so poor oppressed, Allah subhanaw taala made them leaders.

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Allah subhanaw taala gave them the kingdom of Palestine, that how they got leaders such as the wilderness and I'm sorry man or the center, how they were so weak, they were so poor and Allah subhanaw taala gave them so much wealth, so much of this dunya even, and how they were deep in their ignorance because of slavery. And Allah soprano data gave them knowledge as well. He sent many prophets from among them.

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Just imagine a slave nation, and how Allah exalted them. How Allah raised them fit our own at the same time was he exalted in worldly terms? Of course he was, he was also very successful in worldly terms, he built Great Buildings, he had a lot of knowledge, lots of skills, lots of expertise. But a lot did not choose him. A lot did not select him. Allah finished him and everything he had. And on the other hand, who did a lot choose, the bunny is not you. And why is it that a lot chosen? The reason is given over here, I laugh at me because of knowledge.

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An argument is understood in two ways, are clearly the first meeting and then I'll give you the second meaning. That first of all, Allah chose the Bani Israel because of the knowledge that they had.

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Which knowledge did the bunny is right? You have off the heat of the dean. Okay, even if they weren't experts in religion, even if they hadn't received the Torah yet, but still, what kind of knowledge that they have knowledge of reality, knowledge of who Allah is knowledge of what their purpose in life is. And for their own was he knowledgeable? Yes, he was knowledgeable, but his knowledge was off dunia only. And because his knowledge was a junior only this is why his actions were different.

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So Allah did not choose him. But instead he chose the Bani Israel. What does it show to us? That what is it that gives a person high rank in the sight of a loss of primary data?

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His knowledge, knowledge of reality knowledge of Deen

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not that a person has a lot of wealth, he has a lot of worldly success. No, this is not what exalts a person in the sight of a loss of parameter. A person may be very low in worldly terms, but he may be very exalted in the sight of Allah. And a person may be very high in worldly terms, but he may be very low in the sight of Allah.

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What is the true criteria? knowledge of the deen knowledge of the head which changes a person's actions which keeps the person humble? what are called the Nahum Allah element, Allah, Allah

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and Allah He does not like arrogance. He does not like pride. Because we're our own. Yes, he had knowledge. He had a lot of wealth. But along with that, what is it that he had a lot of arrogance and pride and this is why Allah subhanaw taala preferred the Bani Israel over him.

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When aka Mr. Nahum Allah element lol irony.

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Secondly, this is also understood as that certainly we chose them meaning the bunny is like you are there in men due to knowledge which knowledge the knowledge that Allah had, because of his knowledge.

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So in the first case, or in refers to whose knowledge their alma Bunny is for you. In the second case, they're in reverse to reel off a loss of power. Dinah? What does it refer to them? They're in that they were worthy of being chosen. Not their oppressors.

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Allah knew that the Bani Israel were more worthy of being chosen,

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and not fit our own and his people. This is why he chose them. This is why he selected them. Because if you think about it, later on the Bani Israel do they commit many errors? Of course, look at how they were even at the time of musasa.

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That in the desert, how they made the calf, how they made major mistakes, but still a Lost Planet, Allah chose them. Why? Because Allah knew that they were better, better than who

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could own and his people.

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So what are they I don't know whom Allah ailment. I ll Ernie and this is shows to us the importance of the importance of knowledge,

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that how our people may be so poor, so oppressed in worldly terms, but because they have knowledge of the look at how Allah exhauster

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look at how Allah grants them success even in dounia.

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Tina home and we give them mineral iottie of the science, the Bani Israel were given many iron and iron over here. First to

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The miracles that were performed at the hands of Masada Sonam, even in the desert, like for example, he struck the stone and there emerged from it 12 Springs. So this was an idea, a miracle. Similarly, the man and so, so many blessings that were given what I say now who made it, but these I add my fee Bella movie in which there was a clear trial, a clear test, meaning they were clearly being tested. What was the test that they were going through when they receive these blessings?

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That whether they are grateful or ungrateful, we're at a nominal iottie my fee but our own well being so what does it show to us that our people may be chosen? They may be given preference by Allah subhana wa tada and they may enjoy many blessings of this dunya but those blessings even are what a test that whether they remain obedient or they become disobedient, whether they remain humble, or they become proud and arrogant, whether they become grateful or they become busy in enjoying the blessings were at a nominal iottie Murphy Bala moody.

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He will listen to the recitation and he

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what a Pollyanna Jane

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indeed these disbelievers are saying now back to the people of Makkah after presenting to them the example of their own and his people, and also the Bani Israel, that how Allah subhanaw taala give preference to Bani Israel and not for their own despite his worldly success. In this is a huge lesson that no matter what worldly success you obtain, if you oppose the believers, Allah subhanaw taala will always help them. Now, Allah subhanaw taala mentions again about the wishes of Makkah, that in the heart, Allah Allah Kowloon, indeed these people are saying, meaning this is what they say. And what does the person say? what he believes in, isn't it? Whatever a person says that's what

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he believes in. So this is what they said this was what their belief was that in here a Lambo dentinal oola there is not but our first step was to be munchetty shareen and we will not be resurrected. This was a belief of the people of Makkah the machine that our life is only this life, and the only death that we suffer is Mota tunel Ola our first deaf What does it mean by this our first deaf

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first deaf is understood as remember that we have two lives and two deaths. Isn't it? Gone? I'm waiting for a haircut. So my you Mitsuko. So my you're here.

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So quantum Amata the first state of death, what does it mean by that the state of non existence we were nothing and a loss of panatela brought us to life where in this dunya and then we will die again and then we'll be brought back to life again in the hereafter.

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So Mota tunnel Ola is understood as the former state of non existence. So they say, this is what they believe that we are alive right now. And when we die, we will be in our former state of non existence, just as we were nothing before we will become nothing again.

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And when we die after this life of ours, what am I not going to be munchetty we're not going to be resurrected. You understand? that we're living right now. And we're only going to suffer the first step. And then when we die when we are in the state of non existence again, we won't be resurrected.

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But do we ever enter and they say challenging the messenger challenging the believers, those who tell them that there is resurrection that bring our forefathers which forefathers those who died long before in quantum side 18 if you're truthful, meaning if you truthful, that there is resurrection, then bring our forefathers alive

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but if you think

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about it, what is the last panel tennis, resurrection will take place when, on the Day of Judgment not before that. So saying that bring our forefathers alive in the dunya. This is incorrect. This is not what the prophet sallallahu was telling them. He was setting the resurrection will take place later, not now. But they seem to be there in a in quantum Saudi thing.

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Allah subhanaw taala questions then a home hi Iran, are these people better meaning they wish to gain of Makkah? Are they better because they consider themselves to be very exalted, very successful in worldly terms, and because of that they had the guts to disobey the messenger, challenge him in this way, argue with him in this way.

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So a lot of questions then Ohio, are they better? Call matoba? Or the people of Cuba? Are they better in terms of strength in terms of their numbers, in terms of their armies? Or is it the people have to burn? Now who are these people told me to burn? It is that the tuber was the name of a righteous man and his people? Who were they? They were known as people of Tibet, they were named after him. Just as prophets of Allah, the prophet hood on Islam, the prophet knew on a salon, Prophet lute on Islam, their nations, how do we refer to them? Some of them they have their names of their tribes, but others how do we refer to them? People have more people have looked, right.

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So similarly over to bar are a particular nation. They were given a name after this righteous man to

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other states have to but they were a nation, they were Arabs, and they were the descendants of a pawn in Yemen. Where do they live? In the area of Yemen, just as the Kurdish were the descendants of Ferdinand to Bart were the descendants of Afghan. And these people were in Yemen. And they were a ruling dynasty in Yemen. And their kings, their title was to

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just as the people of Persia, the title of their king, what was that? He saw the people of Rome. The title of their king was Caesar. The people of Egypt the title of their king was for their own, the people of Ethiopia, there came the joshy or negus, right? Similarly, these people of Yemen, they're kings, they were known as tuba. This was a title that they were given. And it is said that in 115 BC, these people took over the kingdom of Sabah. So these people took over the people of Sabah, and they ruled over them until about 380.

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So from 150, BC to 380, how many years

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115 bc to 300 ad from 115 bc to 300. Ad

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415 years? You've forgotten what BC and AD is?

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bc means what? You go backwards, right? So 150 years from there. And then ad means you go ahead. So 300 years from there. Okay, so 115 plus 300, riser history, very important.

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So about 450 years, these people, and in this period, they expanded the kingdom, a lot greatly do all the way up to Russia. So imagine from Yemen all the way up to Russia. This is how much they had expanded their kingdom. And they were so prosperous. And they had such a great culture that their stories remained at the tongues of people for centuries later.

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So they were very successful in worldly terms.

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So Allah subhanaw taala questions that people have maka a home Hi, Ron, I'm kotoba. Are these people better than people have to look at them? What power do they have? What ruling dynasty do they have? Which kingdom? Have they ruled over? How have they expanded their kingdom? Nothing at all. tomahto bar we're much better than them in worldly terms,

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while Lavina makaveli him and those people who came even before them, before the people of the bar so many nations existed.

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Like for example, the people of Iran. But what does Allah subhanaw taala say? Lackner whom we destroyed them Why? Because of their kibble because of their disbelief in the home can oh my god mean indeed there were a criminal people this is the reason why they were destroyed.

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So the last panel that is questioning the people that with what confidence Are you opposing the messenger with what confidence Are you disbelieving with what confidence Are you so arrogant? compare yourself

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For the people of the past, they could not save themselves from us You think you can save yourself from us.

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And if you think that your life is just about this life, there's nothing in the hereafter there's no resurrection. Then remember that one mahanakhon is somehow what you will have, that we have not created the heavens and the earth one avena Homer and whatever that is between them, Larry bean as ones who played Larry beam florala. Larry, meaning we have not created all of this just for the sake of amusing ourselves, just because we had nothing better to do so we brought them into existence, and we have left them no

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matter how lacuna Houma, illegible Hulk, we did not create them except in truth. We did not create all of this except in truth meaning there is a reason behind all of this. There is a just reason behind all of this behind all of this creation. And what does it mean by this will help

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will help meaning for adjuster ease and rightfully for a purpose and also will help is understood as do show the hub for the purpose of alojado help and what is the hub referring to but they'll hate the velocity.

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What are kin aclara home layer Allah moon but most of them they do not know most people do not know the reason for which they have been created.

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If you think about it, everything in the heavens and the earth is running so smoothly functioning so property what it's supposed to do it is doing

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when you look at the sun the moon following a particular order.

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Intro tecni 14 we have learned lesson so yamba Lila, and to the rebel Kamara when a lady who said we're gonna have a call on FIFA Kenya special. So how is it possible that this perfect system which is running so smoothly, functioning so properly, this is without a purpose? It doesn't make sense. Instead of sod I have 27 Allah says, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, y muy bueno Houma bath Lila Valley kullander Latina cafaro Farina Linda de la cafaro meenan

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insert amino io 115. Allah says Allah has a bottom Anima holla Kanaka Mahabharata Elena lotto Jerome using Kronk

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because in naomh, and Firstly, Miyako to whom he married. Indeed, the day of judgment is the appointed time for them on the Day of Judgment is called yo ml fossil, what does fossil mean, literally,

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to separate and then fossil also means judgment decision.

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So the Day of Judgment is called Yeoman festival, why? Because it is the day of separation.

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How is it the day of separation?

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that although all people will be together, but they will be separate? All their relationships, all their friendships, all their bonds will be finished on that day is an Illuminati

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and we see that even people who are relative to one another. What do we learn in the Quran, Fela and cervena home there will be no relationship between them. On that day. Each person will be separate.

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Friends will be separated from their friends relatives will be separated from their relatives. This is Yeoman fossil

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and it's also day of separation because that day truth will be separated from falsehood. reality will be made distinct from falsehood and Yeoman fossil secondly means a day of decision Why is it called the opposition

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because Allah subhanaw taala will on that day decide between his servants

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so in Naomi firstly me a call to whom a Jew marine that is there a point of time, that is the meeting point. That is the venue where they will all come.

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They think there is no resurrection. They think they will not be brought back to life again. Definitely there will be on the Day of Judgment. Meet Khartoum edge Marine, all of them the first to the last whether someone believes or does not believe.

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And that de yoma ugni Mola, ammoland she, the day when no relation will avail a relation at all. Whatever will mean sorrow, nor will they be helped

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no Mola will be able to help another molar.

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What does it mean by molar?

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molar is from New fetters. Well, lamea Well, he one word is well he and the other word is molar. Well, he is a close friend Mola is also close friend. While he is guardian. Mola is also guardian. But what's the difference between the two?

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It is said that while he is someone who offers help,

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who makes an offer

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But Mola is someone who definitely helps, meaning he's true to his promise.

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So the word Mola has been used over here. Because these Mola, they were of help to one another Indonesia. They had been assisting each other in the dunya. But on the Day of Judgment, they will not be able to help.

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You know, some people, you can count on them, like your parents, no matter what problem you're in, no matter what pain you're in, no matter what difficulty you're in, you know that they'll be there for you, you know, they will support you.

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Whether it's financial or emotional, physical, any kind of problem, you can count on them,

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isn't it?

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Similarly, certain friends, you can rely on them.

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So they are Mola Indonesia, but they cannot be mobile in the hereafter. Because Allah says no Mola can help another molar on that day.

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No molar can help another mole on that day.

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And molar is also someone who is related to you, who helps you support you, due to some relationship of closeness that exists between the two.

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And this relationship of closeness it could be because of blood, it could be because of marriage. bola is also used for the slave, the freed slave of a person.

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So the relationship between the slave and master that is also off Mola.

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Similarly, this close relationship could be of nationality of religion.

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So people could have been close to one another in the dunya, helping each other in the dunya. But on that day, they cannot help each other.

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If you think about it, sometimes in this world, even what happens, just a person from your country, a person from your country, you don't know them personally. But just because they have been harmed in another country, what happens? What happens? Just because they have the same nationality as yours, and they have been harmed another country, the entire nation feels for them, isn't it?

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The entire nation feels for them.

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That the citizens of our country have been harassed in other country. How is that possible? This is not great. Even though you haven't gone back home in years, but just because you're from Pakistan and Pakistan is a rescue How do you feel extremely angry? You're an Indian as far as you feel extremely angry. Right? You feel like that. But we see that on the Day of Judgment, no, Moeller will be able to help another moment,

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on account of kinship on account of friendship, no matter what relationship exists between the two, even if they're from the same nation, no, nothing can help

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What are humans alone, nor will they be helped meaning they will not be protected by anyone else.

00:27:58 --> 00:28:13

So, we see that on the Day of Judgment, no close relation, whether it is a person's own relatives, own children, own spouse, own parents, friends, any other no person will be able to help another

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in this dunya It is these relations that help a person in difficult times. But on that day, the same close people will become complete strangers.

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And each person will be alone in that huge massive gathering. In neoman firstly mean cartoon, edge Marine, that huge gathering, but people will be separated into two minute i 101. Allah subhanaw taala says for either newfies office Suri, Fela and cervena whom you were eating, what are you alone, there will be no kinship that will remain between people and they will not even ask one another.

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Intro to Zoho fire 67 Allahu Allah. We are in bourbon only bourbon, I do inland with Turkey.

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into March I attend to 15. When is alchemy when Halima no friend will ask anything of a friend.

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Best Friends, even best friends, the closest of friends. Even they will not ask about each other.

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And it's not that they will not see each other. Allah says ubass sorona home they will be showing each other.

00:29:26 --> 00:29:40

You know sometimes you don't help the other person because you didn't see them. But this is on the Day of Judgment people will be made to see their friends recognize them, identify them in the huge crowd. But still, they will not help each other.

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yodel modulo yesterday many other obioma even be punishing. The criminal will wish that day that he could ransom himself from the punishment How? With his own son. Well, Sahiba he and his wife will he and his brother will facility Lata

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He and his nearest relatives who sheltered him in the dunya woman fill up the jamir and, and whoever that isn't the earth altogether. So my Yoongi he

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said that somehow he could save himself, but nothing can help. This is why in total Bukhara 48, Allah subhanaw taala warned us that what the who Yeoman lethargy is enough soon enough cinchy fear the day when no soul no soul will suffice for another soul at all. No soul will help another soul. You're all alone. You can rely on others today, but you can not rely on anyone tomorrow. Anyone.

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So, a person must get out of this deception. That Yes, I know so many righteous friends. My friends are so good. My family is so good. They may be very good, but they're good will not help you tomorrow.

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Because they also will abandon you

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What the Who yeomen letter is enough sooner and Epson che We must get out of this deception and do something for ourselves, because all the time we only depend on others,

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whether you cobalamin her alone, and no compensation will be taken even from the person. Why not And Pharaoh Harsha. No intercession will benefit him whenever muzodo

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illa Rahim Allah except for he whom Allah has shown mercy to that person will be saved from punishment. That person will be okay on that day, Who? The one on whom Allah bestows His mercy.

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And who are these people, those who have done something to earn the mercy of Allah in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala Delta so many times do this la Lacan don't have moon so that you may be showing mercy. So we need to do all these things so that we can earn the mercy of Allah Illallah Rahim Allah in the hula Aziz over him. Indeed he is the mighty, and he's also merciful. Two names are mentioned over here Allah disease, he will be the most mighty on the Day of Judgment, no one, being able to anything against his decision. And at the same time over him as he is in his punishment, and over him also towards

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those who deserve it towards the believers

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in the shadow rotor Zaku indeed the tree of the classroom, what is the story of the coup, Tom will assume it is food for the sinful.

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This is going to be food for who prepared for those who sin and a theme fairy one who commits Islam.

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And Islam is used for deliberate sin.

00:32:49 --> 00:32:56

And Islam is also such a state in which a person stays away from doing good and he's inclined to doing wrong.

00:32:57 --> 00:33:46

So it may not necessarily be referring to a particular action, but it can also refer to the state that a person is in which he is inclined to wrongdoing. And he is not interested in goodness. Because as he was used for she camel, that walk slow, deliberately, it can walk fast, it has the ability. It's not that it's exhausted or that it's overburdened. Or that the terrain is very difficult. No, it's able to walk fast, but deliberately, it walks slow. So as a problem in the heart, that a person is not inclined to doing good, he has the ability, he has the opportunity. And when a person is in this state, then what happens he leaves out so many good things, and he ends up

00:33:46 --> 00:33:47

doing so many wrong things.

00:33:49 --> 00:34:42

So far, we'll assume this shutter of the Zaku this the country, this is food for those people who commit sin, those who are sinful in their words in their deeds gulmohar li like mercury oil yummly filoblu Tony it will boil within Belize. It will boil even inside the stomach. Once a person has consumed this the country it will boil inside the valley and how will it boil Gamaliel Hamid like the boiling of scalding water burning hot water girl movie more or less from the roof mattress, meme hair land and mobile is used for molten metal or molten brass. Just imagine metal that has been heated up so much that it becomes molten. You can pour it literally

00:34:43 --> 00:34:48

is a thick, extremely thick and it's extremely hot.

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

You may have touched extremely hot wax when it's liquid literally when you touch it yes it's hot itself but because it

00:35:00 --> 00:35:05

It gets stuck to your skin, the burning effect is much more, isn't it?

00:35:06 --> 00:35:29

Now imagine molten metal molten brass, how it would be calmly that the effect of the country once the people of Hellfire will consume it, it will boil in the valleys like mogul like molten metal. Imagine it boiling in a huge pot, molten metal imagine hot wax boiling.

00:35:31 --> 00:35:36

This is how it will boil inside the bellies of those who consume it.

00:35:37 --> 00:35:43

More or less all also used for the remnants of a liquid left in a container dregs,

00:35:44 --> 00:36:03

and also remnants of oil that has been heated up several times and used many times. You may have noticed that if you heat up oil, if you use it for frying several times, eventually what happens? this thick black stuff it settles at the bottom isn't it? This is what mohill is.

00:36:05 --> 00:36:24

And you may have noticed that once you take out juice and you leave it for some time, the thick stuff where does it settle at the bottom, the liquid eventually separates, the liquid rises up to the top it becomes clear at the top and the drags where do they remain at the bottom at the bottom of the container.

00:36:25 --> 00:36:27

So this is also what mobile refers to.

00:36:28 --> 00:36:38

So mobile is basically thick, disgusting and thick in its consistency. not pleasant to consume, not pleasant to drink at all.

00:36:39 --> 00:36:42

And some have said that mohale is also pus and blood.

00:36:43 --> 00:37:05

So imagine this is a country once they will consume it. It will be like molten copper, molten metal like sediments of black oil that is yummy filled with only it will boil in the balance Yoli from the Riveters rain lamb Yeah. And roll Yanis to boil.

00:37:06 --> 00:37:37

So upon eating it upon consuming this, the pool, it will boil like metal is boiling metal that has been heated up to such a degree that it begins to boil and it will boil where Phil Boone Boone is a plural of button. So imagine the stomachs the valleys to be containers in which the Zaku is boiling. And how is it boiling? khaleel humming like the boiling of hot water.

00:37:38 --> 00:37:54

If you put a pot of water on a store and put it on high heat, within a few minutes, it's going to start boiling. How it boils with the bubbles rising up to the top and sometimes as it's boiling the water. It even splashes out of the pot.

00:37:55 --> 00:38:07

If you ever turn the kettle on, you hear the water boiling even Gallian homies like the boiling of skelding water, the same sound will be produced, Galilean HMI

00:38:08 --> 00:38:23

who who sees him? It will be set to the angels. The keepers of Hellfire sees this person 30 Lou who and then drag him Isla Sawa injure him to the midst of hellfire.

00:38:24 --> 00:38:37

Seize him, and then drag him to the midst of Hellfire, farty, Lu 14 over from the reflectors in Thailand. And Otto is to hold something from all four sides and then drag away forcefully.

00:38:38 --> 00:39:05

Just imagine a criminal who's not willing to stand who's not willing to walk, how is he dragged? He's being held by one hand, he's being held, by the other hand, being held by one foot, the other foot, he's not spared from anywhere, so that he cannot escape, and he's dragged. Just imagine a riot, in which there are many people protesting and as a police comes, what do they do? They just grab people and they start dragging them, isn't it?

00:39:06 --> 00:39:18

So who do Who? farty Lou, who sees him and drag him violently and brutally where it is in Durham to the center of alpha, center of alpha,

00:39:19 --> 00:39:20

so that he cannot escape.

00:39:21 --> 00:39:24

And then another punishment awaits over there.

00:39:25 --> 00:39:35

So Massoud boo falcata. See, many other wilhemina then pour over his head from the torment of burning hot water.

00:39:36 --> 00:39:59

So Buddha thought babba sub sub is to pour in profusion to pour in abundance like a las panatela says and suburban Alma sub that how rain falls down from the sky in perfusion excessively. So don't just pour a little bit but pour in perfusion.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:22

abundantly foamcore see over is that above is that mean are there wilhemina the punishment of boiling hot water, the torture of boiling water, meaning the boiling water that is ever torturous for this over him, Zook, and it will be set to him. This this, this this punishment

00:40:24 --> 00:40:31

in Africa until Aziz al Karim, indeed you were very mighty. You were very honored, and you were very noble.

00:40:33 --> 00:40:50

This will be said, in sarcasm, that you consider yourself to be vejer Aziz, very mighty, very exalted. This is why you have the guts to refuse the commands of Allah. Because only when a person considers themselves to be strong and mighty, then he can refuse the others command.

00:40:51 --> 00:40:59

So Allah commanded you something. Allah said something to you, and you had the guts to refuse you were very Aziz, where is your Arizona

00:41:00 --> 00:41:11

and you were very Kareem, you were very noble. you consider yourself to be very honorable, very respectable. You were held in high esteem and adonia. This is your state now.

00:41:13 --> 00:41:23

In the dunya, you assume greatness, you acted very proudly, you walked in pride, but look at your condition today. Look at your food and look at the punishment board above your head.

00:41:24 --> 00:41:34

In the indeed this is Malcolm to be eaten Tarun what you used to doubt about. This is what you doubted it.

00:41:35 --> 00:42:01

And you kept on saying, there is no afterlife, there is no questioning, there is no accountability. There is no recompense you doubted all of this. Is it real now? In the Heather, my Quantum vitantonio you doubted its reality, but now it is real. You cannot refuse it anymore. And then Tony has not just doubt but MTR is doubt about the fact and then also arguing about it.

00:42:02 --> 00:42:17

Also arguing about it. So you doubted it, and you argued about it, you disputed about it. So imagine the state of the person who is being punished in this punishment, the worst food Zaku

00:42:18 --> 00:42:29

boiling inside the valleys, like boiling hot water being dragged and then boiling hot water poured on top, and then on top of that humiliation insult.

00:42:30 --> 00:42:48

insulator hedge is 19 to 20 to a loss of panel data described as punishment for leadin occur federal copyright law homeseer Bowman now those who disbelieved will have cut out for them garments of fire, their garments of fire have already been cut prepared for them.

00:42:49 --> 00:43:09

You sub boomin Folk loose he will have been poured upon their heads will be burning hot water boiling hot water, and this boiling hot water, it will be so hot that used to be Murphy will tune in him want to loot by which is melted that within their bellies and their skins you

00:43:10 --> 00:43:22

just imagine the intensity of this hot water that its effect will be that what is inside the values will be melted, and the skins will also be melted.

00:43:23 --> 00:43:28

When a home mccombie Roman Hadid and for striking them are masons of iron,

00:43:29 --> 00:43:35

Colima, Odoo, and Yahoo, German hamazon men or Adolphe her whether you could

00:43:36 --> 00:44:03

look in NECA anttila xizor Kareem we're very concerned about being respectable, being strong, being able to defend ourselves that nobody ever insults us. Nobody ever says anything harmful to us. Nobody ever mistreats us. Nobody ever hurts us physically, emotionally in any way. But imagine this insult imagine this being imagine this punishment

00:44:04 --> 00:44:12

in nikka antenna or Caesar cutting, the reality is that if a person does not humble himself now, he will be humbled in the hereafter.

00:44:13 --> 00:44:20

If a person does not submit now, he will be made to submit, but that submission will not help it.

00:44:21 --> 00:44:29

If a person remains arrogant, refusing to obey, refusing to submit this is only inviting trouble.

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ready to be

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The home.

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Wanna holla bonus

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follow up on

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