Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 22 – L226C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Day of Judgment is a day to reward those who believe in praising others and receive reward for their actions. The reward is not just food, but everything that is given to them, including blessings and rewards. The importance of forgiveness and accepting the truth of one's actions is also discussed. The reward brings good things, including blessings and rewards, and is related to the culture of Islam. The segment also touches on the concept of "sl Ale" and how it is impossible to see things that are too far away from them. The speakers emphasize the importance of forgiveness and embracing the truth of one's actions in the hereafter.
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We'll call the Latina cafaro. For those people who disbelieve What do they say, despite seeing all of these clear IR instead of praising Allah, what is their reaction? What do they say? Letter Tina, sir, the hour the Day of Judgment, it's not coming to us. Letter Dina it will never come to us, a Sarah to why do they say this? In order to reject it in order to make fun of it? There is no our there is no judgment, there is no recompense there's no resurrection. Allah subhanaw taala says, Don't say, Bella, why not? Meaning of course it will happen. How dare you say it will not come to you?

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Bella is used in many different ways. And sometimes it gives a meaning of reproach as well. That Bella, of course, it will come and it gives meaning of Yes, that yes, of course it will come How dare you say it will not come? So Bella, will be by my lord meaning all profits on aloneness. And I'm say, one of be by my Lord.

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What over here is off? custom, that by my Lord, it will definitely come, let Deanna come, surely it will definitely come. You say it will not come to you? How dare you say that? By My Lord, it will definitely come to you.

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Early Millay be one who knows the unseen. What does it mean by this early Middle heavy, meaning my lord is the one who is Knower of the unseen enemy label over here is the cipher off er B, we understand, it really is a cipher off of a B. So what are B, early mean when he is the Knower of the unseen? And what does it mean by unseen that which is hidden from people. And remember, that which is hidden from people, could be of two types. So basically, why it could be of two types.

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One is generally, what may be hidden from some but maybe known to others and the others, specifically, meaning that which is only known to Allah, no one, but Allah knows about it.

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So Allah, Who is he, I don't even like, he knows the general wave and the specific life as well. And after specifically, is when the Day of Judgment is going to come.

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So Allah alone has the knowledge of the unseen, he alone has a knowledge of the unseen. Therefore, if he says that the day of judgment is coming, then it will come.

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Because he alone knows about it. And if he says it's coming, then it will definitely come in through it. Look, man, I am 34 we learned in the last hour in the hurun Massara, that Indeed Allah alone has knowledge of the hour. So to enumerate Maha in the law. So I believe, he is the Knower of the unseen and how much does he know? How much does this knowledge entail? What type of labor does he know? Even that which is hidden from people lay your resume on who it is not hidden from him? It cannot hide from him, what cannot hide from him, Miss all without letting the weight of an atom even

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facility? Whatever you have in the skies? Or in the earth? Adama something that is equal to it. It cannot hide from Allah Jezebel Jezebel. I am Ziba. And what does it mean resume?

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resume is when something is hidden from you. Why?

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Because it's too far.

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It's too far from you because of its distance from me. So layyah is the one who, no matter how far

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I miscarried is from him.

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No matter how far it is, from him something equal to the size of an atom, a dust speck, a tiny particle,

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no matter how far it is kind of hide from him. It cannot hide from him.

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Whereas what happens with us, even if something is the size of a huge ball, but if it's only a few yards away from us a few meters away from us. Sometimes we don't see it, isn't it? We don't see it. Only when we go close. Then we see. Like for example, sometimes you could be walking on the carpet, you don't spot anything on the floor on the carpet. And what happens is a little child crawling on the carpet and what do they do? They pick up the tiniest of things. And you wonder what did they put in their mouth? We don't see it because we're too far. And how far are we barely a metre and a half away? We don't see it. And only when we go close then we see and it's not the size of the law. And

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the words the law is used for a dust speck in other aspects that you see floating in the air or that you see sometimes on your bookshelf. If you haven't cleaned it for a while.

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Or the look and also refer to a tiny ant, a very tiny ant.

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So something that is the weight of an atom even, and whether it is in the skies or it isn't the earth, it is not hidden from Allah.

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Whether assuming zelicah and nor something that is smaller than that smaller than what smaller than either, what does it show to us, that there are things that are actually smaller than that in size, one is the atom. And there are those things that are smaller than atoms even in size. And even they are not the neutrons and protons, even they are not hidden from Allah, Allah acabado, and nor anything that is greater, even if something is slightly bigger than Allah, still, Allah knows about it. Just because it's too far away, does not mean it is hidden from him. Everything is where it left he kitabi mubin except that it is in a clear record. So the record of every single thing, where is

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it? It's in the low harm or fools, it's within the knowledge of Allah. Allah is on the middle lane. And if he is the ultimate lawyer, and he knows about everything, is it difficult for him to bring about the day of judgment? Just think about it, if his knowledge is so complete and perfect, why would it be difficult for him to establish justice? why

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many times what happens that, for instance, certain numbers cannot be calculated, or certain figures cannot be calculated Why? Because the information is incomplete, the records are incomplete, the data is not complete.

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And even if one thing is missing, can you calculate the final number, you cannot? Many times what happens accountants are doing their work and they get stuck on one thing, they have to figure it out until that's figured out they cannot continue. This is why justice cannot be established. But Allah subhanaw taala his knowledge is perfect, it is complete everything from the smallest atom to something that is smaller than that to something that is bigger than that the record of everything is with him. So it's not difficult for him to establish justice at all. Therefore, it's not difficult for him to bring about the Day of Judgment.

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In sort of an arm is 38 we learn math often fl keytab him in shape, we have not neglected in the register anything at all. We have not neglected anything in the register, the information of everything is figured out we will be

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Leah dizzy alladhina amanu where amilo signing out heard that he may reward those who believe and do righteous deeds. What does it mean by this? LEAH dizzier lamb is off reason and what's being mentioned in the previous ayah that the Day of Judgment, it will definitely come by now what or be it will definitely come let that DNA come. And then the evidence is given why it will come how it can come. It's not difficult for a lot to bring it about. And why will he establish the Day of Judgment so that he may recompense who and Medina Amano or Amina suddenly had those who believe and who also do righteous deeds so that he may reward them. Just imagine, just imagine the Day of

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Judgment, what's the purpose? What's the purpose to award the believing ones and the righteous ones?

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awards ceremony.

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That's what the Day of Judgment is for to award who the righteous reward them for their efforts, reward them for their Eman And there are mazzanti What a great honor.

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At the end of that, we learned that the human being when he was offered the Amana he took it Why? in hopes of reward. So those who fulfill their trust those who fulfill the Amana Allah subhanaw taala has set a day he has fixed a day only to reward

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the year dizzier Latina Am I know what I mean?

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And what does it mean by Arnold Sally, that one who does righteous deeds, what kind of deeds? Those were done with sincerity with a class Leila and also according to the way of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam it also so I'm in asylum

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law aka those people lahoma Farah for them is forgiveness. What is concurring and a noble reward, a very generous reward for them as forgiveness forgiveness for what?

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For their sins, while they were just described as alladhina amanu I will assign the head. Of course even they can make mistakes. Because you see, sins have many many consequences when a person commits

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crime, no matter how big or small it may be, it may have many consequences off them is that a person is Kirsten adonia and Dr. Phil often is humiliation often is deprivation of blessings, often is the ability to not do more good.

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Just recently somebody was telling me that when you begin your Salah, you say Allahu Akbar, what do you say? a llama buried beanie or Bina? What are you asking for? forgiveness? Isn't it right at the beginning of Salah, you're asking for forgiveness. Why? Why do you think so? Did you ever reflect on it? Why do you have to seek forgiveness for them right at the beginning of Salah.

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It's quite possible that the sins that you have committed, prevent you from having who sure in

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the sense that you have committed they may prevent you from having kosher and Salah. Therefore seek forgiveness from Allah right at the beginning.

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Because it is the consequences of sins, that a person is deprived of doing good.

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And it is of the consequences of doing good that a person gets more trophy to do good, isn't it? You do good. You get healthy to do more good. When a person disobeys, then they'll feed to do good is taken away from him.

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So lahoma Farah, for them is forgiveness, what is conquering, and also a generous reward a very honorable reward.

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It is. What does it include? Everything that is given by our last panel data to his servants. That is not just food. Remember that it's everything that Allah gives to his servants. And if you think about it, all of the blessings that Allah has bestowed into servants that can be divided into two. One is the blessing of Egypt of existence, the fact that he created you, the fact that he made you, he brought you into existence.

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And secondly, after that, everything that he is providing you so that you can live you can enjoy, you can benefit you can do things. This is what risk is

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now in the hereafter for those who have Eman and do righteous deeds for them as it is conquering. What does it mean by Kareem. Kareem is generous, abundant in quantity, and also noble, meaning very noble, great in its quality as well.

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And how is the reward in the hereafter Karim, in which way

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that a person does not have to work for it.

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He doesn't have to work for it. It will be brought to him in that even he's being honored.

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You know, sometimes you go to a particular place, and you ask someone, can you please bring that for me? Can you please bring that for me? Or they say self serve?

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And you have to serve yourself? Are you being honored? Or you know, when you have to keep asking? You're not really being honored? Because you feel embarrassed after some time? And you're like, Okay, this is the last thing that I'm asking you. You don't ask again. Because when you have to keep asking, you're not being honored, when you're being honored when things are brought to you without even you asking for them.

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So in general, the people will not even have to say, can you please You know, orange will bring this for me and make sure it's this size and that color and like this? And like that? No? What do we learn that a person will just desire in his heart wishes art, and immediately it will be before him.

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They will not have to give long lists and explanations, they will not have to keep demanding, oh, by the way, I'm running out of this. And by the way, I'm running out of that. No, this is how they will be treated with honor. This is how it will be disciplined caring,

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and they will not dislike it in any way. And whatever they have, in general, it will have no unpleasant consequences. In the near what happens, somebody brings you the best of best, but still, you may suffer from some unpleasant consequences.

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But in general, the risk is so Kareem that no matter what you do, no matter what you have, no matter what you enjoy no unpleasant consequences whatsoever, to the point that a person will not even get tired.

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And risk and Kareem also, that they will enjoy, they will eat they will drink they will enjoy so much. And no favorite will be shone upon them

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in the sense that it will not be said oh by the way, be grateful. Oh by the way, you have enjoyed this, this this and this by now.

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Because if somebody reminds you of what you have been using so far, do you feel embarrassed? Of course you feel embarrassed. If your host tells you I have spent this much money on you since you've gone Don't you feel embarrassed. Of course, you will

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feel embarrassed. And if the spend without even telling you, there's honor in that for you, what is concurring.

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So those who believe those righteous deeds for them is such a noble reward in the Hereafter, such a generous reward in the hereafter and the Day of Judgment is being established. Why? So that they can be rewarded? This is a great honor that Allah subhanaw taala has given to his righteous servants. This is why 100 in all praise to Allah.

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And on the other hand, when Medina sarofim A Tina, but those people who strive against our verses,

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instead of humbling themselves before the Ayat of Allah, what do they do? Mirage, Xena, they are trying their best to frustrate the ayatollah Mirage is seen as a Florida mirage. And who is Mirage is one who tries to make the other week, one who tries to defeat the other one who tries to make the other helpless. So they're trying to frustrate the truth. They're trying to defeat the truth. They're striving against the ayatollah, and which either these, these is could be gonee and also shutter.

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These ads could be shorter in the sense that the commands that the messengers were given, and even the miracles that the messengers were given,

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like, for example, Messiah listener, he was given the miracle of the stuff, he would throw it and it would turn into a snake.

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But what did he do? Did he accept it? Or did he compete with it? What did he do? What was his reaction of competition, isn't it, which is why he called all of his magicians, and he told them to compete with musasa. So this was what his trying to defeat the Ayat of Allah. What do we learn in the Quran? That some other bottle Yes, for their own, what did he do? He turned and he began. Yes, sir. He was very, very quick. He began running in order to compete with the miracle that musalla salam habra. So for such people, Allah says, Allah ecola home those people for them is there been a punishment, middle ages in

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a very filthy, painful punishment, this is what they will get or that have lids of impurity of filth, such impurities such filth that is also Aleem, that is also going to be agonizing. That's also going to be painful. What is the mean by it? It's

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extremely filthy, severe punishment, that shakes a person from within and also from without

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shakes a person from within an altar from without internally emotionally, mentally, and also physically redesign.

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And how is it going to shake them that it's going to be a lean, painful, worst kind of punishment? Why worse kind of punishment? Because they perform the worst kind of deeds?

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So we see on the one hand, are those people who believe and do I'm outside?

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And what does it mean by email?

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acceptance, submission, and on the other hand, is a way of those who, instead of accepting, what do they do, they compete. They try to defeat the eyes of Allah.

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All of their effort goes in trying to prove them false.

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Instead of accepting, they're trying to prove false the Ayat of Allah. So for such people who are striving day in and day out, what are they doing?

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for them is severe punishment, severe consequences, in the hereafter in dystonia and also in the hereafter?

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Why are levina altered or enema and those who have been given knowledge, they will see that allele only La La Kamiya, Rebecca, that that which is revealed to you from your Lord, who will help it is the truth when the Eros Rottweiler Aziz and Hamid and it guides the path of the exalted in mind, the Praiseworthy,

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on the one hand, are those people who try to defeat the Ayat of Allah and on the other hand are those who accept them? And there'll be mentioned again

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that Allah Vina alternate Alma those people who have been given knowledge era. They see meaning they realize they know you're right. Yes, yeah. Bro here is to see and this row here can be with the color and also with the buzzer, with the heart, and also with the eyes, with the heart. What does it mean that you understand, you realize with the eye that you perceive

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so Allah Vina altered or invert those people who have been given knowledge, they see meaning they are certain, they are aware, they realize that that which has been revealed to you from yourself

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What has been revealed to the prophet SAW a lot of sin from Allah in the Quran

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that this are on what is it? Who and how it is the truth? They know that it is the truth, which is why they don't compete with the Quran. What is their behavior towards it? acceptance submission?

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Now the question is for these people are living or altered or those who have been given knowledge, who are they? What kind of person do they have?

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What kind of knowledge do they have?

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This has been understood in a number of ways I've said that alladhina outrunner in it refers to the believers.

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Who does it refer to the believers? Because what they're into they have they have they're off the maarif of Allah, the recognition of Allah, when they reflect on the creation around them, above them below them, what do they realize the perfection of Allah? What do they say? Alhamdulillah. And when they learn of the Quran,

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then what is their reaction that this is how

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you see, they have recognition of Allah. And because of that, they recognize the Quran to be the truth as well. That these perfect beautiful words can only come from the one who has made the heavens in the air.

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These just words these just laws, just commands, they can only come from the one who is or the who is cubbies.

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So they know, they know that it is the truth.

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Sometimes that that alladhina otter in it refers to the believers from among the People of the Scripture, it refers to them.

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So these people, they know that the Quran is true.

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The one thing that I want you to notice over here is a Latino Uhler element they have been given knowledge.

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It hasn't been said they have attained knowledge, what has been said, given knowledge, what does it show to us?

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that knowledge is a gift it's a blessing.

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When a person learned something, it's only by the permission of Allah.

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Because a person can try to read one book after the other, but it's quite possible that he's reading and he misses the obvious, isn't it?

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This is why Rob busy the near animal or ally, you increase me in knowledge, because I myself cannot attain You are the will have you are the one who bestows You're the one who gives. So alladhina altar is among those who have been given knowledge. They know that Allah de owns euro LA County Rebecca who will help they know that it is the truth. We are the and they also know that this Quran it guides to what it has slaughter Aziza, honey, to the path to the way of the one who is mighty, and the one who is most praiseworthy. The Quran guides the way of who and Aziza Hamid notice it hasn't been said it guides the path of Allah. Instead of Allah. Do Names of Allah have been

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mentioned? Instead of the image Elijah, do other names have been mentioned? Which names are Aziz and Hamid

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and this is for a reason. Let's look at the meaning of these names. And then we'll discuss why it has been tested a lot of Aziz and Herman Who is

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the one who is mighty.

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And Aziz is basically the is the possessor of or is an original reserve is of several types. One is, is it okay? And what does that mean value rank? So, one who is distinguished,

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one who is honorable.

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Secondly, reserves also off of strength, sell diseases, who the one who is mighty, the one before whom everyone is powerless, and it says also empty, not to be able to prevent, so no one can inflict any harm on Allah soprano down. No one can go against his plans. If anyone dares to go against his plans, if anyone dares to even try to harm him, can they know because Allah has a power of Indiana, so he has allergies?

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So why is it described as a lot of disease, the path of the one who is mighty?

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The one who is distinguished the one before whom everyone is powerless, no one can do any harm to him. Why is it said?

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Think about it.

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Why salted disease?

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That since you're powerless before him, therefore you should submit to Him but why is the path described as the path of the one who is mighty?

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There are those people who try to frustrate the ayatollah. He tried to compete with them.

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But they're defeated because this path is of who the one who is mighty, no one can cause failure to him. No one can cause any loss to him.

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And the one who follows this path, if Allah Himself is ruler is, is a toccata? Will he not value those people who walk on his path?

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Will he not honor them? Will he not? Of course he will.

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Think about it. If you're doing something that has been instructed to you by someone who was very famous, someone has a lot of authority. Why would you do it? Because if you do it, you're going to get some benefit from them, isn't it? If they're very wealthy, they may give you money. If they're very powerful, you may get fame, isn't it? If they're very famous, you will also get fame.

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Now, this path is of who? The one who is lrcs. So the one who walks on this path, who is ivig, supported by Allah subhanaw taala, who will help him Allah will help him who is Allah and Aziz, who will honor Him, Allah will honor him. Like we learned that musasa O'Connor in the law he was why because he remained firm. He remained firm so alto gave him on it. Salted Aziz and altos went off of and Hamid, who is an HMI The one who is praiseworthy, meaning whether or not people praise him still he deserves praise.

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Whether or not people praise Him, He is deserving of praise. So this is a bath of the one who deserves praise. So never feel embarrassed. Never ever feel inferior. If you're doing something that Allah has told you to do,

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because you're doing something that an Hamid has told you to do.

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that resides for who for Allah for his messenger and also what it will mean for the believers. So the one who walks in the path that has been set by Allah, that person is honorable, not the person who strays from that path who opposes that path who goes against it.

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So those people who have raised him and let him know that they know that this is the truth, and they are certain that is put on guide the path of a disease and, and honey,

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that this could and shows you the way how you can get the pleasure of Allah how you can come closer to Allah, how you can become honorable in the sight of Allah, how you can also become praiseworthy, this Quran guide you nothing else can guide you

Saba 1-14 Tafsir 3-6

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