Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-053D Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 191-192

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history and use of the symbol of the god's god's presence are highlighted, along with the importance of remembering oneself in social environments. The use of reflective behavior is emphasized, and the importance of being mindful of one's actions is emphasized. The use of the symbol of the god's presence is also discussed, along with the potential for negative feelings and distraction. The use of reflective actions is emphasized, and the importance of defense against evil is discussed.
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So who are the oral Al Bab? Allah subhanaw taala describes them they are Alladhina Yad Karuna Allah, pm and walk Rudan were allowed you know be him. There are those who remember Allah while standing while sitting and while laying on their sides Alladhina YED Quran Allah Yad Karuna from theaker Valka flow MTM is the plural of TA him. One who stands from parfois meme Guru is the plural of gar, one who sits off Arendelle and we're allowed to you know be him upon their sides meaning they're laying on their sides job is the plural of jump Jeem known back jump is site. So those who remember Allah while standing while sitting and also while laying down some word am I say this means that

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there are those who pray Salah Because salah is for the purpose of Likud, right Akima Salah Televic re established prayer for my remembrance, and a person is supposed to stand and pray. Right? So a Ladino of Quran, Allah, the Amman and if a person is not able to stand and pray that they may sit and pray well through them. And if they're not able to do that either than they lay down and pray as they are who are allowed you to be him and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to Imran Hussain well the Allahu Anhu and Imran even her say no to Lauren who was unwell that Seleka Eman this hadith is in Buhari he said stand and pray for elanda Stelter phulkari, then and if you're not

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able to stand and pray, then sit and pray for a lambda Stelter farla jump. And if you're not able to even sit and pray, then pray while letting go. So Albena youth Quran Allah the Yamanaka rude Anwar Allah juubi him are those who pray Salah and salah is the greatest form of the Dhikr of Allah, the Exalted now other RMSA that we could overhear is not limited to Salah alone, because it's well known that there are so many other forms of the right. And the fact is that it is possible to remember a lob wild standing wild sitting and while laying down essentially at all times in all states, and I shall do Ohana said about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Cana yet could Allah Allah

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Cooley or he Ernie, that he would remember Allah in all of his circumstances in all of his states at all times. And so the remembrance of Allah, it is in all states. And you can remember Allah while standing you can remember Allah while sitting you can remember Allah laying down. And this means that a person remembers Allah a lot. It is second nature to make the cut. And when a person remembers Allah, Allah, then they're truly fortunate, because the vicar of Allah is the fastest deed through which you can draw close to Allah. Because Allah subhanaw taala says, we learned in a hadith that an A in the linea RB dB, that I am present when my servant thinks of me what an Amara who

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either the Karani and I am with him when he remembers Me for in the Quran. aefi Nuptse. So if he remembers Me inwardly the cartoon goofy enough, see, I shall remember him inwardly. We're in the Quran aefi Mala in and if he remembers Me, in a gathering the code to who female inhalator Mina, then I shall remember him in a gathering that is better than them meaning better than a gathering of people, which is the gathering of the angels. So the greatest virtue of the record, the greatest benefit of the could is that when you remember ALLAH, ALLAH remembers you. So Allah subhanaw taala praises those who remember him Alladhina YED Quran Allah Akiyama and waka Rudan, were allowed you to

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be him. These are all Al Bab truly intelligent people who need this as a sign of intelligence, that a person remembers Allah so much. And in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah mentions with that kidding Allah cathedra on with that Kira, the men who remember Allah Allah, and also the women who remember Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala praises them. And Allah subhanaw taala commands us that we should remember him a lot. Yeah, are you are Lavina Amma know all the cooloola the current Kathira that Oh, you have believed remember Allah a lot. Can he make a lot of they could. So they remember Alok pm and waka Rudan were allowed to newbie him. This is the quality of old Al Bab which means that we

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very careful that we should not get distracted by the call, really will call to a call is what and he talking about what he said what she said what was said they just narrating stories all the time that oh this happened and that happened and he said this and then they said this and

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And she said this and then they said that and this was the response and then they got angry, narrating people have conversations, people will call what does this do? This takes too much of our time. And when we spend so much of our time and Philo Paul, then we will be distracted from the remembrance of Allah. If we are busy with low and hold, what is low, useless conversations useless talk, and what is hold any such conversations in which we are deeply engrossed, but they are essentially meaningless. And talking about people constantly. These are things that distract us from the remembrance of Allah. These are things that distract us from remembering the one who should be

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remembered. And being distracted from the vicar of Allah is actually very, very dangerous. We learned in social movement on ir 110, that Allah subhanaw taala punishes those people who are distracted from the vicar of Allah for the husband, woman, Sikri, Yun had the unspoken victory, or come to minimum Tulpehocken that you took them in mockery, to the point that they made you forget my remembrance. You were so busy mocking at people that you forgot to remember Allah and you used to laugh at them. See what's happening. When we are too busy remembering people, and especially in a negative way where we're mocking at them making fun of them laughing at them ridiculing them, then

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we will not be able to remember Allah we will forget to remember Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala condemn such people and leaving vicar not remembering Allah. This is the darkness of the heart in surah Taha Iowan 24 Allah subhanaw taala says, Woman Arada and victory for Inilah humeri shatta bancha the one who turns away from my remembrance will have a miserable life, a very constricted life, you will have a depressed life and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that the one who remembers Allah and the one who does not remember Allah, there example is like that of the living and the dead, being the one who remembers Allah is like the one who is alive and the one who

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does not remember Allah is like the one who is dead. So the remembrance of Allah is not limited to Salah, even though salah is the most complete and best form of the good. Remember, it is not all of the crud, there is the good after sulla, right. And there's the wild standing while sitting while laying down. And if you think about it, it hasn't been mentioned, what they're doing while standing or what they're doing while sitting or what they're doing while laying down. Because you could be doing many different things while standing. You could be standing and cooking or standing and doing dishes or standing and doing laundry you could be standing in line, right? You could be standing

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waiting for someone to come you could be standing at the door. Any you could be standing for many different reasons. You could be sitting for many different reasons. You're sitting because you're tired, you're sitting because you know you're eating, you're sitting because you're studying, you're sitting because you are meeting someone. So in any of these states, you can always find a moment or two to make the right you can always find a woman you know Say Subhan Allah who will be handy Subhan Allah healer or li Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad, La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah right, Yama and waka Rudan. Again, when you're laying down, you could be laying down for a number of

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reasons. It could be laying down because you're sick, you're laying down because you're getting ready for bed you're laying down because you're just resting, you're just relaxing, your back is hurting, you just want to take it easy. You're laying down on your bed, you're laying down on the couch or laying down on the floor, wherever you are. In that position. Also, you can remember Allah and if you start remembering Allah so much, and you develop the habit of liquor, then your heart will feel alive. Because this is the state of the one who remembers Allah, like the one who is alive. And why is it that they remember ALLAH while standing while sitting while laying down because

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they see the signs of Allah everywhere? Right? In a few helpers, somehow it will or the walk de la Vallejo. Now, they see that they pay attention to the earth to the sky above them. They open their eyes and they listen to the sound of the birds, they look outside and they see the snow falling, they notice the change in temperatures. And they know that all of this is happening. Because Allah subhanaw taala is causing it to come about. So they see that when the morning comes in when the night comes in any they realize that all of this is happening, because of who because of Allah. So whatever they see, reminds them of Allah or zoologia

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They see his signs everywhere. Everything reminds them of Allah, the clouds, remind them of Allah, the dark sky remind them of ALLAH, any everything reminds them of Allah so they remember Allah at all times. And this means that they remember ALLAH, when they're with other people. And the altar remember Allah when they're alone, and the prophets of Allah who are who said I mentioned in the Hadith about the seven people who will be given shade on the day of judgment under the Throne of Allah, on the day when there is no shade other than Allah's shade of those seven people is who will Raju Loon, their Corolla Hollyanne for filebot I now hold a person who remembers Allah while alone

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and his eyes swell with tears. He, he feels so humble before Allah He fields, the blessings of Allah at the mercy of Allah, the gifts of Allah, and so his eyes filled with tears, such a person will be given shade on the day of judgment under the Throne of Allah and Lavina yet Quran Allah pm and will Gruden who are allowed to be him, where the fuck Karuna few halka, Samoa tea will, and they give thought to the creation of the heavens and the earth, at the foot Corona they reflect from Falcao for artifact code to reflect to think. So they reflect in regard to the creation of the skies and the earth. You see, the fog code is an eerie bada. And he it is actually an act of worship, to

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contemplate is an ibadah, which many people are unaware of. And therefore they do not do it reflecting on the creation. And what does it mean to reflect on the creation, to recognize to notice the variety and the creation, to notice the uniqueness of each creation to notice the unique form the unique appearance, the function, the purpose, the size, the quantities, the birth of each creature, you know, how it is born, how it comes into existence, and how it ends. All of this is the fucker all of this is reflection, any for example, you look at the snow, for example. The fucker is what you think about all it's falling down all the way from those clouds, which are so way up high.

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And he that's several kilometers, right. And then it's coming down so quietly that I don't even hear it. And there's so many snowflakes each snowflake is so tiny, and together. Look at all the snow Subhanallah and then each snowflake look at its appearance. And you wonder how is it that it's not water? It's no because of the change in temperature. So, look, this is reflection. And Allah subhanaw taala knows about every snowflake that is falling, and every snowflake is unique in its appearance, Allahu Akbar in its design. So this is the fucker that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who created it. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who sent it. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who

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gave it its unique design its unique characteristics and the four core on the help us Samoa to fill out any on how Allah subhanaw taala has created the skies in the earth at how Allah subhanaw taala is Madeira Samoa tool or the originator of the skies in the earth. All right, and he is valuable have been Noah, he is the cleaver of grain and date seeds and how he has made minima equal a che in high how he has made from water every thing alive. And then when mom and dad but then fill all the Illa Allah Allah He does for her there is no creature on the earth except that Allah is the One who provides it. And Allah subhanaw taala knows where each creature lives on the earth and where it's

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going to die in where its body is going to rest Subhanallah where the fuck Karuna feel helpless somehow it will.

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Now many people see the creation, but they fail to reflect. In fact, many people actually belittle the act of reflection. They think that reflecting on these things is just for you know, the really softy, softy people, you know, whose hearts are like, you know, they think very differently. And they basically think that the code is unimportant, you know, not reflecting is actually love law. One is that a person's heart is awake, it is alive, it is alert, and so it reflects it notices. And the opposite is that a person sees the creation of the skies in the earth, but then they don't reflect they don't pay attention. They don't notice. They're too busy doing other things. And

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Lafleur is actually very dangerous. Allah

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subhanaw taala condemns this in sozial out of Iowan 79 that loan Kulu Boon Lay of Corona BIA these people have hearts with which they do not understand meaning they don't pay attention, they don't even try to understand. And the quality of the believers is that they reflect in total for con is 73 Allah subhanaw taala mentions when Lilina either look QB it or be him lumea hero or LA her son, Manuel omiana, that there are those who, when they're reminded of the signs of their Lord, they don't fall deaf and blind. No, they open their ears, their eyes, they listen, they pay attention, they notice they reflect. So remember that worship is not just with the limbs, any worship is not

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just that you stand and pray, or that you go and give sadaqa or that you sit and recite the Quran, worship is also with the heart, it is also with your thoughts with your mind. And you we know that thoughts can be so so so powerful, so powerful, they can cripple a person and they can lift a person up, they can fill a person with energy. So at times, the action of the heart is more beneficial, more effective, more powerful than the action of the limbs alone, a Buddha said that the fuck Kuru sera hieromonk, Pa milega that reflecting for one hour is better than standing in prayer all night long. Subhan Allah, honey, this doesn't mean that don't pray in the night and only spend your time

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reflecting know what this means is that at times, reflecting for one hour, can be more beneficial for you than standing in prayer all night. So what this means is that each person should take at least a few moments in order to reflect in order to think any every day, reflect and especially reflect in solitude. You know, people who create positive change in the world, they have a habit, and their habit is that they reflect. I remember many, many years ago, Sheikh Mohammed, the sheriff will have mercy on him, we were visiting his city and he just offered to, you know, spend some time with us and it was very, very generous of him from his busy schedule, he spent the entire day with

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us. And, you know, typically when you go somewhere, you know, someone is showing you the city, you know, they take you different places, where will they take you, they'll take you to places where, you know, there's it may be a festival, maybe sharps maybe, you know, lots of food, maybe some form of entertainment, something but he took us to forests, and Subhanallah such beautiful trails, he took us to places where there was water, still water, and there was running water any the entire day, we were just looking at going to such places and every single place that we went to, I remember he would just stand quietly and just look, just look and then his mouth would be moving. You know

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just a little bit you know, it was obvious that he was making the cut. And this kind of the Faqad is very important. And it's very, very important to feed your soul what it means that you allow yourself to go to places where you just see nature Hulka sama Watty will the open sky the ground before you the earth before you you see it and all you hear is nature because when you're constantly distracted by lights and you know the movement of people and the noise in the chaos, and he it does something to the heart. So where the fuck Garuda few helpers summer what you will, each person deserves to spend some time in solitude and reflect with the full grown if you help us somehow it

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will. Now the fucker remember it is supposed to be in the 100% Our to any in the Ayat of Allah in the signs of Allah, the creation that he has created, not in the that of ALLAH, any some people when they begin to reflect they start reflecting about Allah in the sense that they go on this path where they say, Oh, this is so beautiful. Allah made it Allah made this, Allah made this and then well who made Allah? Where did Allah come from? So this type of code is not useful. In fact, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam told us that when you start asking such questions and stop because that is shaytaan. Right? What we need to do is reflect on the Ayat of Allah, the signs of Allah, you need

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the creation that Allah has created. Look at their variety and by that realize the greatness of Allah realize the Oneness of Allah realize the Mercy of Allah realize the justice of Allah. Another problem we have is that we

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We reflect, we reflect on our problems, or we reflect and think about a we fantasize the what ifs? Right? What if life was like that? What if this was like that? What if things were different? Any, this kind of thinking does not help? If you're just thinking about your problems or if you're just thinking about what is not, then this kind of reflection is not going to help. The reflection that is going to help is that when you see things, you notice the favor of Allah on you through that thing? Like for example, is there Allah's favor on us? Through snow? Yeah, for example, the color of the snow, imagine if Snow was not white. Imagine if Snow was red, or green, or pink or brown, or

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blue. He isn't there, Allah subhanaw taala spavor on us through even the color that he designed the snowing Subhan Allah, one of the scholars said that I left my house and there was nothing which I saw except that I noticed Allah subhanaw taala disfavor on me through that thing. And he in everything that I saw, I saw Allah subhanaw taala disfavors on me. This is why a poet said that either Morocco cannot Allahu Ficker for free equally che in Lahore Ebro. That when a person truly has free cry, and he truly thinks properly and reflects then he learns a lesson from everything. So where the fuck Karuna V hook is similar to or they reflect on the creation of the skies in the

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earth, meaning they're mindful, they're alert they contemplate. They're not too busy to think they're not always rushing and always distracted. They're not superficial, no they contemplate and then they say Robina Mao Holika heard about Lila? Our Lord, you did not create this aimlessly super Hanoch Exalted are you fapy Now are either banal, so save us from the punishment of the fire. They say Rob banana, or our ramp, ma halacha you did not create Heather, all of this all of what the skies and the earth you did not create all of this botlane aimlessly in vain, boundless falsehood but it also means our birth uni in vain when something is done for no benefit for no reason. Surah

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Bernama halacha heard about Tila cleaning, when they reflect on the creation of the skies in the earth, they say Our Lord has not created all of this in vain. Rather, he has created all of this bill helped. He has created all of this for a reason for Just Cause in total anom i 73 Allah subhanaw taala says well, who will lead the Halacha sama what you will have the will help. He is the one who has created the skies on the earth in truth. And it is those who disbelieve who do not reflect right? Introduce of i 105. Allah subhanaw taala says worker a human a Earth and for some are worth you will all your maroon RLA oh man homeward a loon. How many assigned in the skies in the

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earth they pass by they turn away from them and they pass by those signs and they don't pay attention. They don't reflect the believer say Robina mahalo Okta heard about Allah, because Allah does not do anything badly. He does everything for wisdom. So those who don't think don't reflect it is they're the ones who think that all of this has been created in vain. And there are those who disbelieve in solid solid idea 27 Allah subhanaw taala makes this clear. He says, Well, Mahala panna Sama, our herba, Omar Boehner, Houma, Belle Pilla, and we did not create the sky and the earth and whatever is between them in vain. Valley call one no Latina kuffaar All that is the assumption of

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those who disbelieved. They're the ones who think that the skies in the earth all of this was created without a reason for why Lula Latina, Kufa, Ramona Na, so to those who disbelieve from the Fire, so, those of intellect, they reflect on the creation and they say, this is not without purpose, no way, such massive universe, where everything is by design, everything is so unique, everything has a purpose, everything has a function, it serves a purpose. There is a reason why it is the way it is. All of this is not in vain. Hope banana Kanaka Bakula? In certain walk me know and I have 115 Allah subhanaw taala says a for her septum, a nama Kolok Nakamura button or a Nakum Elena

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LA to Jeroen, did you think that we created you uselessly and that to us you would not be returned Fatah Allah, Allah who will medical help. So exalted is Allah the sovereign the truth? Why would he come

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create all of this in vain. Why would He create you? Boulton? No, he created you for a reason for a purpose. So the old Bab says, Subhanak we proclaim your glory, we declare you free off and above doing anything in vain. Anything without benefit any it does not befit Allah that He would create this massive creation for no good reason. No, you have created all of this for wisdom for a purpose. So there there is fucking either been love. So save us from the punishment of the fire. Look at their Dora. It's a very short Dora, Filipina or dhaba. Nah, but look at all that they said before they're there. And look at all they did before Dora. And this teaches us how we should make God.

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Alright, first there's reflection. There's liquid, there is observation, right? And then they declare the perfection of Allah. And then they say fuckin are the winner. So this is how do I should be first attention, okay, then this be glorification. And then so, then you ask, what you want to ask. You see, when you make dua, you have to first come close to Allah, you have to first feel a sense of closeness to Allah. And then you ask, and if you look at the doors of the prophets of Allah, they were like this. He for example, look at the door of Yunus early salaam La ilaha illa Anta Subhanak in the container Lolly mean, first is the spear, right? He first glorifies and praises

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Allah. When he says La ilaha illa, Anta he declared the Oneness of Allah and then pan Z, ne he says Subhanak then there is confession of wrong in the continental Burley mean, right, because he was seeking forgiveness for that wrong. And we learned that if he had not glorified and praised Allah, and then put forth his ask, he would have remained in the belly of the fish. So our dua should be the same. First we should be alert we should be attentive, we should know who we are calling upon, we should think about you know His favours His mercy, the fucker, right there must be some attention, some kind of alertness, presence of mind, and then there must be glorification of Allah,

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the vicar, right. And then you put forth your ask then you ask what you're asking for. And look at their Dora. They say for Pina dhaba. Not out of all the things they could ask for, they asked for protection against the fire. If you think about it, the different types of doors that we make, okay, they can be summarized into four categories. Okay. The first category is of drawers in which we are asking Allah subhanaw taala for something good which we desire to attain, alright, for example, you say, oh, Allah, provide me know you ask Allah subhanaw taala for sustenance, you ask Allah subhanaw taala for agenda. So you're asking Allah for something good, which we desire to attain, right? Now

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the result is not in our hands. But we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant it to us, we ask Allah subhanaw taala for sustenance, for health, for children for knowledge, we do not have these things, which is why we're asking him nor do we have control over them, alright, which is why we ask him to provide them to us, right? And this is the most common kind of the, the second type of DA is da in which we are asking Allah subhanaw taala to preserve the blessings which he has already bestowed upon us. And we ask him to not take those blessings away from us. All right. So for example, we ask Allah subhanaw taala Allah basically female was Dr. Ni, O Allah, bless me in what you have provided

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me. We ask Allah subhanaw taala, for Aafia for safety for well being. The third type of DA is that in which we are asking Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from evil that could come upon us, right so we seek refuge with Allah, we seek protection with Allah against any evil that we could fall into. And this is why we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from you know, debt that we could fall into from illness from different types of trials. And also we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from the fire Filipina or the unknown. And then fourthly, the fourth type of Dora is that in which we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bring us out from the evil that we are already in. Right? So

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for example, the person is unwell. They ask Allah subhanaw taala to bring them out of disease out of illness, right? A person is in debt, they ask Allah subhanaw taala to bring them out of debt. Right? A person is having a lot of difficulty in their relationship. So they ask Allah subhanaw taala to bring them out of that difficulty. Right? So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to remove those evils from us. Now here, what is it that they're asking for?

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or Filipina either, but not it's the third type of Dora our Lord, save us from the punishment of the fire, because this is the greatest evil, any, in this world, there's different forms of evil, right? Different forms of trials, different forms of hardships and difficulties. But their nature is that they're temporary. And even if they're bad, we know there could be something much worse. But Johanna, are the Banagher This is the worst type of evil.

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So they ask Allah subhanaw taala for protection against that. They say Robina in come men to the feeling Nowra fucka Aqua zeta Robina our Lord in Nikka indeed you man to the hidden now, whomever you admit into the fire, whomever you cause to enter the fire fucka the zeta, then indeed you have disgraced him. And can you imagine if Allah subhanaw taala causes someone to enter the fire? Can that person ever avoid that? Can that person ever get away? Is there any refuge any escape? No. So such a person is truly disgrace then fucka the zeta, zeta This is from his urine caused a year disgrace, woman ill volley minim and unsought and for the wrongdoers. There are no helpers. So

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they're saying, Oh Allah, do not humiliate us. Do not enter us into the fire, because the real humiliation is an entering hellfire. Whether a person has to remain in there eternally or brought out eventually, the entry into the fire itself is humiliation. So those who do learn, who end up in the fire, they will have no helpers, no one to come and defend them. No one to come and rescue them. Homemade, aluminium and unsolved

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