Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 21 – L217D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Hereafter is a way to improve one's life and avoid future struggles, but not significant at the moment. People living in difficult situations and the consequences of actions are highlighted. The importance of learning from past mistakes and recounting them to improve one's behavior is emphasized. The need for fear and preparation for difficult situations is emphasized, along with the importance of avoiding mockery and not giving up on one's progress. The difficulty of changing the situation and winning in the election is also discussed.
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eligibility minishift on lagenda smilla rahmanir rahim

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lesson number 217 similar to such that I am number 15 to 21 I know the econo who minella. Either bill Edna, and we will surely let them taste the near punishment, doing another will act very short of the greater punishment, y la la Romeo do your own, that perhaps they will repent, that before the bigger punishment of the Hereafter, which is mentioned in the previous ayah. Before that comes upon a person, what does Allah subhanaw taala? Do? He makes some experience or they will,

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or they will add an advantage from the root letters that are known. Wow.

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And Adena do know, what does it mean that which is lesser, that which is inferior, that which is less significant? It's not that significant, it's insignificant at dinner, and other is also used for that which is closer. dounia is also from the same route. It's also used for that which is closer that which is nearer. So are there other Adena closer punishment, nearer punishment, what does it mean?

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That which will come before the punishment of the Hereafter, and that punishment is which one in the dunya

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and I will add in a lesser compared to the punishment of the hereafter. So, this kind of punishment, Allah subhanaw taala says, We will definitely make them experience this in the form of

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various types of difficulties, years of drought, disease, illness, opposition of others, Death of loved ones,

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lost loss of life, poverty, defeat, all of this is what difficulties of this life are, they will enter, and this will come due, and either will occur very short of greater punishment doona gives meaning of besides other than So, over here, before the greater punishment, what will happen, the near punishment, the lesser punishment will come first, and are they will act very What does that refer to the punishment of the hereafter? Why larhonda homeodomain that perhaps they will return

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and this is also a loss of mercy, that he does not catch a person immediately, but rather what does he do?

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He gives him chances that before a person is caught in the Hereafter, he's made to suffer in this dunya. So that when he suffers, he reflects on himself on his actions on his behavior, so that he can realize his mistakes and turn to a loss seeking forgiveness. The rune doing Toba, repenting seeking forgiveness, changing their ways.

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And we see this that every other day, every other month, what happens we are made to go through different different difficulties, we become ill somebody else becomes ill, the work that we do gets rejected, the work that we do becomes extremely difficult for us the circumstances have become extremely challenging in different ways people are tested.

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And this so that each time we go through a difficulty, what happens we seek forgiveness from the loss, we turn to Allah seeking His forgiveness and it becomes a means of improving ourselves. And this is a huge mercy. Because just imagine, if a person is not caught, if a person is not punished, if a person is not made to go through any difficulty, then what happens he becomes heedless. He becomes proud, he begins to think I am right. I'm not doing anything wrong. And he continues in his wrongdoing. And this is what when a person is given respect,

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when a person is given rest by this is why I Lost Planet Allah says that don't get deceived by this, that those people who do wrong who disobey Allah. They're living the life of luxury of plentitude, of ease of comfort, without any difficulties. And those who are living a life of obedience, their life is full of difficulty. Don't get deceived, that if you leave obedience to Allah, then your life will become easy. No, that's what rest bite. That's not mercy. That in itself is a form of punishment. Because Allah keeps giving rest bite and then eventually what happens? He catches a person and then when he catches him, he doesn't leave him. So it's out of great mercy of Allah, that

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a person is made to experience such difficulties, so that he can repent.

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Woman as normal, and who is more unjust Mim and zucchero be it will be the one who was reminded of the act of his Lord. But then what did he do some out of the unhappy but then he turned away from it in a minute more demeanor.

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Indeed we we will take revenge from from the criminals. Earlier, what did we learn that the true believers in the eye out of alar? Who, when they listen, they fall in frustration, they humble, they accept they're not arrogant. And over here, the other character is being described the most unjust person, extremely unjust person, that when he is reminded of the Ayat of Allah Zuki, Robbie it Robbie and I so we can refer to both Kony as well as Sheree, that when he's reminded of it, what does he do some of our other honor, he turns away from it. He doesn't reflect. He doesn't accept, he doesn't change. He doesn't listen. It's as though he hasn't heard.

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Such people Allah subhanaw taala describes them as Majidi mean criminals, that Allah will not leave them alone, we are going to take revenge from them on the moon, Laurel of moon tocom. And who is the one who takes revenge when you inflict retribution,

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we see that a loss of data he reminds us in different different ways, reminds us of what is important reminds us of our mistakes. How through ir chattery that we listen to the Ayat of Allah subhanaw taala, we're reminded of the wrongs that we're doing.

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And sometimes also through ayat, Kony,

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that, for example, a hurricane at someplace an earthquake at someplace, somebody ends up in a car accident, somebody whose loved one dies.

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So this serves as an i a, as a reminder, as a lesson for who for those who are alive.

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Think about it, the people living very close to you, not too far away from you. What happens to them, for example, they're struck by an earthquake, they're struck by a hurricane. What should you think of that time, that Allah saved me, he gave me another opportunity. he spared my life, he led me live.

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Because think about it, you could have been there,

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the same storm could also come up on your house, the same fire could have also spread and your house could also have been burnt. That car accident, you could have also been on the road at the same time, you could have also been one of those people.

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So many times it happens, that we are literally saved, our lives are spared, our wealth is spared, we are given another chance to live.

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And these is to remind us these incidents there to remind us that we become grateful to Allah, we become more obedient to Allah, we reflect on our lives and think okay, where do I need to change Allah gave me another chance, how can I improve?

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Now there is one person who reflects and he improves and there is another person who remains as he was, nothing changes are other returns away. He says, so what? Yes, I was not there. Life is full of difficulties anyway. Let me enjoy.

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But such a person, a lot of problems are called him imagine a person who does not learn, who does not learn from the ayatollah, who turns away from the eyes of Allah is a criminal, and is extremely, extremely unjust, greatest wrongdoing.

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The second type of ayat that are meant over here are shutters

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that we learn about what is in the Quran, we learn about what Allah Subhana Allah has commanded. But if still, after learning, we don't implement and Who are we?

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Who are we criminals? This is a huge crime, how is it a crime? You know what the law is? But still you go against it?

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And if you go against the law, are there no consequences? Of course, or consequences? Think about it. People who live in a country, they're supposed to follow the laws. And if you go against any of the laws, what is it a crime? It's a crime. So you're living in the land of Allah subhanaw taala, he has given you certain laws to follow. You didn't know before. He made you aware of them. Look, you're you're reminded, but if you turn away, then you are a criminal. This is a crime against a loss of personal data. And this is injustice. In nominal Madrid, Milan, Taki. Moon, we're going to take revenge from such criminals.

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So what do we need to do? We need to reflect on ourselves as well. That if we go through a difficulty, somebody else goes through a difficulty, we see a lesson we see a sign, what do we need to do? reflect on ourselves, change our behavior,

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increase in our obedience increase in our submission. And if we learn about some of the commands of Allah, again, what should be our behavior, not aversion, but of acceptance. We learned this in sort of calf as well. In a number 57 that woman lm amendment Zuki lobby it lobby for our other on her

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When sem epidemic tiada in Niger, Allah Allah Kuru became a kidnapped and AFK, who was he and then him walk into the room in alhuda fenetre do either,

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they will never obtain guidance.

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Now, because we are human beings, what happens? We forget, isn't it, we forget, this is why it is necessary that we keep ourselves connected with the Quran in some way or the other.

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So that we can be reminded again and again so that we don't forget.

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Because a person who came to learn once, but then he forgot, it's his fault. You know that. It's his fault, because it's his duty to keep reminding himself to keep learning to keep providing so he doesn't forget. Think about it. If a person got a driving license, once he learned about all the rules, he passed the test. He's driving, but after some time, he forgets what the rules are maybe one or two rules. And he gets caught. Can you say, Oh, I forgot.

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Can he say that? Will he be excused? No, he will not be excused. So why do we think that if we learn once, and we don't bother to remind ourselves we don't bother to remember, and we forget and we do something wrong, we will not be held accountable, of course will be held accountable.

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What are the tenemos el kita? And we certainly gave Musashi Salaam, the Scripture with Scripture,

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the Torah flaticon so do not be familiar with him in any doubt. milaca he about it meeting or about his meeting, which are now who they live in Israel in and we made it as a guidance for who for the Bani Israel.

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What does I mean by this I

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remember, this is a monkey sutra

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and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was facing a lot of opposition. And when you face a lot of opposition, what happens you begin to doubt yourself, you begin to lose conviction, you begin to lose confidence. So the profits are a lot of sentiments being comforted over here, that what are the attina moussaka we also gave the book to musasa so if you are receiving the book right now, this is not something new.

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What do we learn in sort of off number nine, that Malecon to be there Amina Russo that say I am not something original of the messengers. No messengers came before me as well. So musala Salah, he was given the book before you falletta confy, Marietta malakai, so do not be in any doubt concerning its meeting.

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Lehigh he can be understood as its meeting or his meeting. If we take the meeting of the coffee to be its meeting, then it would be receiving the Quran receiving the Scripture, that just as Moosa was given the book you do will also be given the book, he was given the tower, and you will be given the

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falletta confy Marriott in Milan.

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And secondly, falletta confy Marriott in Malacca II. We can also understand this to be his meeting whose meeting meeting Masada Salah, that he will definitely meet him. We learned insalata Nemo is number six. We're in Nakata to local anime legend Hakeem and Eileen and indeed you receive the Quran from one who is wise and knowing just as Musa received the book, you will also receive the Quran. So do not be in doubt about it. So basically, in this is reassurance of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and after him after him boo Anima says

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that if we have the Quran to follow today, this is not something new. The believers before us also they had a scripture to follow. They had a scripture to live by. And we also have a book to follow.

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And we also learned that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said that on the night of Islam, I saw Musa even in Milan, he met musasa, isn't it?

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Because when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came back, and he told him that the command for 50 prayers had been given, what it moves out is and I'm setting go back and ask for reduction. So the profits or the losses that I'm definitely met was Alison and flaticon. humiliate him in the car, you will definitely meet him and he was made to meet him at the journey of mirage. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said on the night of Islam, I saw Musa even Emraan, a tall, brown skinned man with curly hair.

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This was a description of Massara listener, looking like the men of Shannon was a particular place. So he said that he resembled them. So he also described who's our listener

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what's your and now they live and he is here and this book was what a guide for the children of Islam.

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And this Quran is also what

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a guide for the believers and if a person takes the Koran

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This this is a guide for me, not a burden for me. Not something that is to make my life difficult for me. Then it will be easier for him to implement as

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we learn in sort of Islam is that we're at a now, moussaka. Tera vaada What's your Allahu they live in Israel? We gave massages around the book and we made it as a guide for the money. Sorry. What's your anamod home Emerton? And we made from among them leaders in my Florida email that we made from the Bani Israel leaders

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musala Center. He received the book and he taught the book to the Bani Israel that book was what a guide. But besides the book after the messenger, there were also many leaders among the Bani Israel. Why?

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Why in order to guide them, because what do leaders do? They lead you they guide you they show you the way. So when you're alone in Houma, Emerton, but these ima yagoona via Marina, they would guide by our command. What does it mean by this vn Marina we can be understood as Ma, meaning through

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and we can also be understood as because meaning at the command of Allah because Allah commanded them. This is why they guided the people. So yeah, don't be a marina, the first meaning would be that they would guide with our command through our command.

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So in other words, when they lead the people, it wasn't that they call them to their own obedience, but rather call them to what Allah has obedience. They call them to command of Allah, he has doona be a marina.

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And when were they able to guide lama suburu? Whenever they were patient? What can you be it now you can own and they were with our if one's a beauty with certainty, what do we see over here? What is the responsibility of a leader, especially a religious leader, to guide people, by the command of Allah, not by one's own desires, you understand? guide people by the command of Allah call them to what the command of a lot, not guiding people by your own desires, your own wishes, such leaders are being praised over here. And what do we see over here that he has done or be a Marina lamelle sabato, whenever they were patient, when they were patient, then they were able to guide What does

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it show to us, you can never lead, you can never guide, you can never show the way except without patience without suffering. Why?

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Because if a person does not have suffered, he will not be able to guide other people. And a person who does not bring supper along with himself, then he should stay at home. He should not take up this responsibility.

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Because this work in its nature is extremely challenging, extremely difficult. When you tell people to do something, what do they do? Do they listen? Sometimes they listen, sometimes they object. Sometimes they delay. Sometimes they refuse. And at that time, if you start becoming angry, you don't show any support, you will lose everybody. Like for example, little children, what do you need in order to guide them?

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Because sometimes you say things to them, they do not understand your words. They understand but after two minutes, they'll forget. And if you start yelling at them,

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what will happen they will get frightened. In other, they will not get scared of you, but they'll just get frightened. And they will not be able to listen to you. It will not make them obey you. But it will make them a verse to you.

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Isn't it so? Similarly, when a person is leading others especially Dean what is needed subber because when a person is leading others, he will be annoyed, he will be hurt. He will be accused. He will be opposed, he will be disobeyed. And one who does not have sober he can stay at home then

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if you look at musasa, how much the Bani Israel disobeyed him and how much they irritated him and how much they hurt him. When he told them in a la jolla model calm and Tesla who baccara What was the reaction?

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But at the end it was Are

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you kidding? You're telling somebody Allah has said you're supposed to do this and they say, Are you joking?

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Can you imagine? And then one question after the other. One question after the other a list of questions. Most our listener because of his shyness because of his height, whenever you would take a bath he would do it behind a rock or something like that in privacy and the bunny is trying to accuse him or you have some defect in your body.

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Just imagine

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this is how much he was hurt

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Masada Sam takes them there at the sea about to cross the sea and they said that we are defeated. That's it. We're done. Fudan is going to come and capture us. Thank you.

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pop over there.

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They crossed the sea. They're saved. What happens musasa goes to get the book, they start worshipping the calf. They're given money and Salah, they say we're tired of it. Give us other food.

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He tells him, okay, enter the city was a reaction, we're sitting right next to you and your Lord go and fight.

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Just imagine the kind of difficulties musallam experienced with the bunny is fine.

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And we think of any sort of, oh, there were so evil. You know who there were people?

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That's who they were.

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The thing is that when you're dealing with people, you need some

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you need some.

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And especially when you're dealing with ignorant ones, what do you need some people who don't know, people who are out here who don't know the who don't have much sense, who don't have much knowledge, you need a lot of suffered with them, you tell them one thing, what happens? They forget that the next moment, you remind them, remind them, remind them, but it says Oh, they have never heard. Because they have no sense of responsibility. They have no shame, what happens, you keep telling them, they keep disobeying.

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So if you get frustrated at that time, that's it, I cannot deal with it anymore. And you leave your work, will you be able to do work, I don't know. You need some lemma server was better Allah Asada, the patient over whatever difficulty that reaches you, especially when doing a lot of in marital when

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this is necessary without it, a person cannot do this work. And the second thing that's mentioned over here is what can will be it now Ukrainian and they used to have your theme in our if what does it show to us that it is also very, very important for a leader to have conviction.

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Because if you don't have conviction yourself, can you transfer that into others? No.

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If you're not convinced yourself, and as a result, you don't do something. Can you tell other people to do it? No. Because of the question you you say, Oh, I think I remember somebody mentioned to me, they went to a doctor recently. And the doctor gave this particular medicine to their child. And she asked that, you know, is this medication necessary? Do I have to give it? And he said, Yes, I think it is necessary because of this and this reason. And she like you're giving a medication, and you're saying you think

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you yourself are not convinced,

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then? And because of that this friend of mine, she's constantly doubtful, am I supposed to give this or not? Should I give it a nod as much as needed or not?

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So if the leader himself is not convinced, he cannot pass on that conviction to others,

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that we see that people who are convinced themselves, what happens, they can convince other people very easily. And they can convince them to do the most difficult things even she's mentioning about that many, many years ago, there was this one person who convinced a group of people that they have to kill themselves. And they all killed themselves. They all killed themselves. Now how can you tell them to take their life to put an end to their life, only when you convince yourself. So it's very important for a leader to have your team

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Do not be shaky, to not be doubtful, because when you have your team, then you can transfer that to others.

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When you have your theme, then your armor will change. When you transfer that you clean to others, then their armor will change otherwise it will not.

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And it's extremely necessary that we have your clean in the eyes of Allah. Because only when we have your pain in the eyes of Allah, then our actions will change. And we should have your cleaning them simply because they're from who might have been either mean loudly Buffini. Why middle Avila elemi This is why they're free of any doubt. They're factual. They have the best in them, hey,

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in North America, indeed your Lord who AFC lubaina whom He will judge between them when yamaki Amity on the Day of Judgment, FEMA can will fee of telephone in that over which they use two different Why is this mentioned over here?

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Because when people work collectively, when people work together, even if it's for the the like venture in the previous It was your alarm at home or in mutton do wanna be ambreen Allah, Allah subhana wa connubia Tina up, what happens? There are differences amongst people. This is something very natural differences will be there. But what's the key? Don't get lost in these differences. Don't get caught up in them. Focus on what you're supposed to do. Don't cut yourself off from other people just because they're different from you. Because otherwise you will not get along with anybody. Anybody at all.

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Somebody was telling me that one of their friends, they're behaving in a very strange way. So they said okay, you know, I've kept a distance from them. So I told them that if you start doing this with every person, just because they're not behaving the way you want them to, and that's how you distance yourself. You will be left with no one.

00:24:58 --> 00:24:59

You have to deal with that.

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There's you have to accept them with their differences. And the thing is that we're not to solve these differences here, when are they going to be solved on the day of judgment? The thing is that when the Hulk comes before us, we should accept it. This is why it is mentioned that in a minute many will be 18 and Medina is at Okeechobee Havasu Chica.

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They are true believers with the help comes before them. They're not biased just because they have been doing something differently. No, they accept it. And this in itself resolves many issues. But if despite that their issues, then what should a person do? Avoid Them? Meaning don't talk about them all the time, don't highlight them all the time. rather focus on our mind, and think that these differences will be solved when on the Day of Judgment. And my action, my behavior, my reaction, this is what's going to be analyzed, this is what's going to be looked at on the Day of Judgment, that How did I behave? What did I do?

00:25:57 --> 00:26:03

And the thing is that these differences sometimes what do they do? They weaken your your claim,

00:26:04 --> 00:26:17

that sometimes you learn about something you want to do it, somebody comes and tells you, oh, there's a difference of opinion on this issue, by the way, you started something, and they come and tell you another opinion and what happens, you don't have any appeal, should I do it, should I not do it.

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Don't get caught up in these differences. You learned about something, you started it, your heart is inclined to it. Once you've started a good deed, you should continue it. And when you have this idea that if I'm doing it for the sake of Allah, I'm doing it according to the best of my knowledge and understanding that Allah will reward me focus on that differences, leave them for later.

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Because people will come and say different different things to you that some people will encourage you more should I be doing so well. Other people will come and say, You know you've done a lot, take a break, take it easy, slow down. These are what differences of opinion amongst people, right? With regards to what you're doing. Don't get caught up in these differences. stay firm on what you have to do. Because if you get caught up in these differences, believe me you will not be able to do anything. When your goal becomes the pleasure of people you will not be able to please them Your goal should be what pleasure the loss of contact

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if you think about it, what has mentioned over here that you do not be emelina llama sobre la Mata gives a meaning of as long as that as long as they were patient, they were able to guide they were able to do their work. So what does it show to us that as soon as a person leaves Southern, then he's not able to do his work anymore. sobor is necessary.

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And this is where soccer is needed as well that you have to control yourself that when a person is learning, when a person becomes a student of the Quran, then what happens other people, they look at every action of his or her that whatever he does, whatever she does, okay, she's studying, if she's doing it, it must be okay. She knows if she's doing it, it must be okay must be permissible. So we have to be very, very careful and we need to suffer over here ourselves, dealing with other people, that whatever we do is right, according to the IRS of a loss of that we're not giving the wrong message to people. Because we could be turning people away from the dean because of our lack of

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And all those people who follow our way thinking that Oh, she does it then it must be okay. Then we'll be held accountable for that because we know and they don't know.

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Our Let me ask dealer home has not become clear to them. Yet he had a Yeti what does that mean to guide to show the way

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When the way is shown to someone, it becomes clear to them. So our lamea dealer home has this not become a source of guidance for them, has it not become clear to them that GM, lucknam and korbinian How many have we destroyed before them? Meanwhile Perrone after generations

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Coronavirus, a plural of arm, and what is the current generation? It's also used for century people. How many generations of people we have destroyed before then one community after the other. And these people have shown a famous iconium they used to walk in their own houses. But what happened? Now they're gone in the feed ellika is indeed and that ashore designs, I find is metal, then do they not listen? Why is this being mentioned over here? What is it that stops the person from following the ayatollah from living by the commands of Allah soprano,

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the love of your Muskaan? Because many times what happens? We know we have to do our work, we know we have to learn. Or it's our obligation to go and tell somebody to go and help somebody else learn. But what does not allow us? Our homes? Because we're so lost in them. But what is the loss of Paradise over here? Has it not become clear to them? Look at the past, so many people came, so many people left, and they used to live in their houses. But now what's happened, they're gone. And he I'm sure that he was asking him, these people who are present today, they walk in their houses.

00:31:35 --> 00:32:16

Primarily, this is about who the mccanns that in their trade journeys, when they would travel to Syria and other places. They would come by many, many places where the people of the past used to live they used to go through their houses pass by them sometimes take rest in them, I'm sure a famous calcaneum in the field, Erica, if ever there is Maroon? Do they not listen? Do they not get it? That the houses are still here? The people are gone. If a person turns away from the eyes of Allah, because of his house because of his wealth, what good is that house? What good is that house just the other day I was talking to somebody about the famine that is in Africa. And they were

00:32:16 --> 00:32:25

saying that it's amazing how for so many years, these people were fighting with one another. There was war going on. And now that same land

00:32:26 --> 00:32:30

is a source of no benefit for them. What did that land give them

00:32:31 --> 00:32:31


00:32:33 --> 00:32:41

they spent years and years killing one another. And now that land is what? dry, empty with nothing on it.

00:32:42 --> 00:32:59

Live in this dunya is temporary. Allah subhanaw taala has not sent us in this dunya that we get lost in fighting with one another, arguing with one another. But this life has been given to us so that we learn the Ayat of Allah, live by them, implement them become humble.

00:33:00 --> 00:33:08

And if we fight for these houses for these places for these lands, this is what this land can give us. drought,

00:33:09 --> 00:33:18

nothing in return, nothing at all. So it's very, very important that we stay focused on that which is more important FLIR smart, when will they not listen?

00:33:19 --> 00:33:31

Our enemies amuro Do they not see Have they not seen anana sakana that we drive the water needs to be seen well off. What does that mean to drive

00:33:32 --> 00:33:43

that we drive the water? How in the form of clouds in the form of streams, rivers, underground passages in Erbil jersey, to a land that is dry.

00:33:44 --> 00:34:20

What is doulas Jean bra is a such land that is bereft of vegetation that on which nothing grows, there's absolutely no plants on it. And yours is such land that is otherwise fertile. But because of dryness, there is nothing on it. Some land is such that it's dry, no matter how much water you pour on it no matter what you try to grow on it, nothing will grow. Like for example, desert sand, but other types of land. It is fertile. And as you pour water on it, you put some seeds in it, you take care of it, what's going to happen, plants are going to grow out of it. So this is what Judas is.

00:34:21 --> 00:34:31

fertile land that is bereft of vegetation. Why? Because of dryness. So little juice and we have read this word earlier as well. We're

00:34:32 --> 00:34:59

sort of looking at for Inanna Jerry Luna, Marlena sorry then juicer. So do they not see that we drive the water to land that is dry for nuclear up he's around and then we take out because of that water is on crops. And these crops that could have been an aroma home run for so long. their livestock, their grazing animals, and also themselves the eat of this of the eat of this crop.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:10

What do their livestock eat? The grass, the leaves, the shrubs, the father and the people? What do they eat the green the fruit fly up, don't they? Do they not see?

00:35:11 --> 00:35:14

If you think about it barren land, what is it a symbol of

00:35:15 --> 00:35:19

that there is no response. Nothing is on it.

00:35:20 --> 00:35:28

And sometimes when a person is walking on the way of a loss of data, it seems as though everything will come to an end, there is no hope left.

00:35:30 --> 00:36:14

So much opposition, so much difficulty, so much hardship, you feel that there is no hope whatsoever. Now imagine how difficult things had become over there. That there seemed to be no hope of any change of the circumstances changing in any way whatsoever. But what happened soon after Allah subhanaw taala changed the situation. And this Allah subhanaw taala shows us that look at the land, it's completely dry, nothing on it alone brings water and look, it begins to grow so much produce so much you eat of it, your animals eat of it. There's so much food, look at the situation it can completely change who can change it allows a predator

00:36:15 --> 00:36:24

and rain is what his mercy isn't it? When does Allah subhanaw taala centers mercy when we prove ourselves worthy how, by our suffering

00:36:25 --> 00:36:37

by our actions. So when we stay consistent when we do suffer, when we do what we can then what will happen Allah subhanaw taala he will also enable us he will also change the situation in our benefit.

00:36:39 --> 00:37:22

We are called Luna and they say the machine of Makkah, the disbelievers I say to the believers matter has been fought through when will be this conquest. in contempt side again, if you're truthful, you keep saying that Assange will become victorious, when will it be victorious? Because at the moment it seemed impossible, impossible. Every day, the persecution was increasing. The Muslims were suffering from the boycott. And then opposition from their family members opposition from the entire Arabia. So they said Mother hasn't federal you keep saying you'll be victorious When will this victory is victory and also decisive judgment between us and you? in contempt. Again, if

00:37:22 --> 00:38:07

you're truthful, a las pantallas Haskell say to them, yo man, on the day of conquest, the day when that conquest comes the day that we are victorious. Lay And Pharaoh lady in a colorful new home. Those people who disbelieve their belief is not going to benefit them while our humans alone, nor will they be given a chance that when the disbelievers are overcome when they are defeated, when it's decided when it's proven when it's clarified that they are wrong. Then even if they believe at that tender demand is not going to benefit them whatever means alone and they will not be given any more chances. We see that bother. Many disbelievers were killed many 70 disbelievers were killed.

00:38:08 --> 00:38:20

And throughout the many, many battles that took place between the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Machina maka, again many disbelievers record. But what do we see that once they met that they weren't able to change their way

00:38:22 --> 00:38:33

their Eman did not benefit them. If a person has not accepted Him and Indonesia, then if he accepts him and after that, at the time of that, then that Eman cannot benefit him at all.

00:38:34 --> 00:38:43

Just like for their own. When did you believe when he saw that? It didn't benefit him. So lion Pharaoh La Nina cafaro Emmanuel Mola humans are known.

00:38:44 --> 00:38:57

Similarly, if a person believes after he has died on the day of judgment and he says that oh law now we have seen and we have heard from Jenna Nirmal Tyler and in them walking on is it going to be of any use? Not at all.

00:38:58 --> 00:39:02

So what is needed that we change our ways? We do something before it's too late.

00:39:04 --> 00:39:08

This is primarily about to disbelievers, but this is a huge lesson for us as well.

00:39:09 --> 00:39:16

That if a person has not done something himself in this life if it wants to do it after death Can you do it? No.

00:39:17 --> 00:40:00

You have to make the intention now you have to make the resolve now you have to do it now for artists own home so turn away from them one toilet and keep waiting in the home until it on indeed they're also waiting the profits on a lot of semester all that just turn away from these people. What does it mean by this? Ignore them. It doesn't mean stop doing Dawa to them but ignoring them means that when they say to you Mata hadn't fat When will this victory when the market you when they oppose you like this when they make fun of you deny you that what should you do get caught up in the argument. Don't get caught up in the argument just just turn away from them. And this is a beautiful

00:40:00 --> 00:40:34

thing a beautiful thing, that when somebody is arguing with you about something, and they're not willing to listen, they're arguing for the sake of arguing, in denial out of mockery, then don't get caught up. Just ignore them or have one delay and keep waiting, keep waiting for what for the fatter. You wait for the fatter as well, because the believers also they were facing a lot of difficulty. So just keep waiting in the home until later on, indeed these people, they're also waiting. What are they waiting for? What were the machine waiting for?

00:40:35 --> 00:40:45

But were they? No, they weren't looking forward to the fight at all. When they said When will the Fed be the senate out of mockery and denial?

00:40:46 --> 00:40:48

They didn't really mean it.

00:40:49 --> 00:41:00

The Senate out of mockery if you say you're going to be victorious, when will that victory? Look at you today. You think you'll be victorious? So the senate out of mockery and denial. So what were they waiting for them?

00:41:01 --> 00:41:04

The end of Islam, the death of the prophets of

00:41:05 --> 00:41:06

the defeat of Islam,

00:41:07 --> 00:41:33

because according to them, since the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had come, their life had become extremely difficult. It had created a lot of unrest in the society, Islam had created a lot of unrest in the society. So what did they want? That Muhammad said a lot of them should die. And when he will die, what will happen? We will go back to normal things will be fine again, because he belonged to such a tribe that they couldn't just kill him.

00:41:34 --> 00:42:08

So they were literally waiting for his death. We learned in through the tour I have 30 that mucuna Cherian, neither of us will be here ableman or do they say about you avoid for whom we await a misfortune of time. And label Maroon is also used for that. They do they say about you that this is a point and we're just waiting for him to die. We're just waiting for his days to end in the home until noon. And then we're also waiting for Muslims to suffer more harm for Islam to come to a complete and so what is that over here? Just ignore them are at a time when

00:42:09 --> 00:42:30

the decision will be in your favor. Therefore, one delay in the home until you know insolate Eunice is 20 we learn fun delito in the miracle middle mentally. So wait, indeed I am with you among those who wait, keep waiting. And let's see who decides in favor. Who is victorious?

00:43:55 --> 00:44:17

mentioned I have 27 that isn't a miracle that land that is completely dry. There's nothing to drink, nothing to eat. People are dying animals are dying. And Allah sends water and then the whole land. It's full, it's green. There's so much to eat that people have to eat an animal to have to eat. Isn't this a huge miracle? What is it

00:44:19 --> 00:44:23

that Allah can change any situation? It's not difficult for him.

00:44:24 --> 00:44:36

So a person should never ever give up hope. He should never despair. That just because I am in this problem right now. This problem will never come to an end. No, never think like this.

00:44:37 --> 00:44:59

A lot can change your situation. Anytime you could be suffering. You could be miserable. You could be distressed. Everybody could be opposing you. They could be making a feeling horrible. But if you turn to Allah, you ask him to change your situation. He can do it very easily. It's not difficult for him. If and I obviously don't don't see this. So when a person sees this, what should you do?

00:45:00 --> 00:45:05

He should increase in his drawer or he should increase in his hope he should turn to Allah not turn to people.

00:45:06 --> 00:45:13

This is where motor is the one who gives up hope of people and he hopes only from Allah Subhana.

00:45:14 --> 00:45:46

Allah responds to his call, he will change the situation for the better. And we saw this happen with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam under Sahaba, Makkah was a drought and they were taken to Medina, it was explained. Was it life completely changed? Yes, Medina brought its own challenges, but still, they were out of that suffocating, extremely difficult environment. So Allah subhanaw taala can change the situation any moment, anytime. You just need to ask him, just ask Him and He will change your situation for you.

00:45:48 --> 00:45:56

So panic aloha will be hamburger Machado La ilaha illa Anta Nesta Haruka wanted to really listen and work on what I have to live

As-Sajdah 15-30 Tafsir 21-30

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