Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 21 – L218A

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Al-Ahzab 1-8 Translation 1-8


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The transcript describes a conversation between multiple speakers discussing a book and a possible punishment. They mention a woman named Alina and her mother, as well as a man named Fie and his wives. They also mention a woman named Oulu and her mother, as well as a woman named Fie and her mother.

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una salir de su de Karim Allah that for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Allah Vishal actually suddenly were Sidley mg washlet. interrupted me listening.

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Lesson number 217 to observe I am number one to eight. Translation. Yeah you have to enter bu the Prophet, it that the fear Allah, Allah and do not to tear you will be held Katharina the disbelievers while monaci Tina and the hypocrites in Allah Indeed Allah Cana he is ever Arlene and always all knowing, heck even always, always.

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What the beer and follow man that which you have it is revealed alayka Do you mean from Rob Baker you're in Indeed Allah, Allah, Ghana, he is ever the man with whatever Dharma Luna you will do Kabira one who is always all aware

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what are called amtrust Allah upon Allah, Allah wa kefir and he is sufficient below. Definitely Allah. What killer as a Disposer of affairs as a caretaker

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man, not Darla he made Allahu Allah lira Julian for a men, men from albini. To hearts Fie in jiofi he his interior, his body, woman and not Darla he has made as well as your comb your wives, unless he those who to LA he Runa you will do the hot men home from them. Omaha t comb your mother's woman and not gyla He has made other year equal your adopted sons, your claimed sons, Abner accom, your sons, their likkle that are you all our local is your word. Be FYI. He can with your mouth. Allah and Allah yaku he says, I'll help the truth. We're who and he yet the He guides a Sevilla the way or the room you will call them the Abba him by their fathers. who it

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is more just is more correct. In the near Allah Allah for in then if lamb not that Allah mu you will know about whom their fathers for when you come then your brothers for Deen in the religion. Wa and my welcome you're freed slaves. One's interested to you Walesa and it is not our lay come upon you all do not hold any blame FEMA in what?

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You all were mistaken. You all made a mistake. Be here with it? When I can but man What? That I'm mad that it intended to lubicon your hearts. What can and he is ever Allahu Allah fuhren most forgiving, bohemian most merciful and never be the Prophet. Allah is more worthy bill more meaning to the believers. Men then and foresee him themselves what as where do you who and his wives Omaha to whom their mothers work and Oulu possessors and our hand the wounds bearable home some of them

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are more entitled, are more worthy. Be Bharath than others. fee in kitabi. decree Allah, Allah mean then, meaning the believers while more hygiene and the immigrants in law except on that death or Lou, you will do ILA to earlier equal your close friends, my roofer kindness. Ghana was velyka that fee in Calcutta the book mistura was

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Written, one recorded What if and when? A hardener we took men from and narrabeen the prophets Mita Cahoon, their covenant woman and from you, woman and from new new. What Abraham and Ibrahim while Musa and Musa were Isa and Risa Evening Sun moriyama of Marian are they he was Ceylon. What a hardener and we took men home from them mythical, a covenant valuable, one that is firm, one that is sacred, solemn, Leah's Allah, that he may question outside the painter, the truthful ones on about solidity him their truthfulness, what are the and he has prepared lil Katharina for the disbelievers are there then a punishment, Alina painful

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will listen to the recitation of these

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he can

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