Taleem al-Quran 2010 - Juz 21

Channel: Taimiyyah Zubair

Audio Episodes: 56

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Juz 21 comprises of five chapters which are brimming with lessons that are relevant in our daily life. Surah al Ankabut ends with a promise for the ones who strive in the path of Allah that He will guide them to the right way and that Allah is always with the doers of good.

The next chapter of Juz 21, is Surah Rum which speaks about the victory of the Muslims over the Byzantines. Moving further, the next chapter, Surah Luqman outlines the soul stirring advice given by Luqman to his son that becomes the foundation of righteous conduct.

Juz 21 progresses with Surah al Sajdah which encourages one to reflect in the alteration of the day and night and speaks about those who forsake their beds, seeking the pleasure of Allah.

Moving on, the final Surah in Juz 21 is Surah al Ahzab which majorly speaks about the Battle of the Trench. The powerful ayaat in this Surah captures the state of the Sahabas and inspires us to progress through our life with increased eeman and trust in Allah.

A Juz that encompasses 5 chapters; it is only left to our imagination to the number of lessons that can be drawn from it. Join Taimiyyah Zubair as she enumerates the message of this Juz in a stupendous manner.

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