Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 21 – L217C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The secret reward of Islam is a large amount of money, but not something everyone can afford. privacy is the foundation of security, and anything big is going to be hidden. The reward is seen as valuable and has no limit, and is used in the context of sex, race, and culture. The use of "monkey" in relation to genetic malware is discussed, along with the need for a plan to make life as a habit and plan for the future. The emotional impact of being a guest in one's own home is also emphasized, and the importance of not giving up is emphasized.
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Find out talamona Epson then also knows mafia home what has been hidden for them min karate our union of comfort for ice jezza and recommends be Macedonia Milan for what they used to do.

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No person knows. No enough's, no human, no gin, normal color Angel, no prophet of Allah. No one knows. No one else knows, man or fella home, what has been hidden for them? What has been kept as a secret for them? Meaning the reward is what?

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What is it? It's a surprise, because no person knows about it, about the reward that has been hidden for such people. And this reward is what men covet the argument. It's such that will be a comfort for their eyes.

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War is from the rule of law. And what is called mean coolness, when something is cold, not cold in a way that it's harmful, but cold in a way that it's comforting.

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And you can imagine like somebody out in the heat, because basically this word was used when, let's say a person will be out in the Sandstorm.

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And you can imagine how much the eyes of a person would be burning. Just imagine their sand, there's extremely hot wind, and you're stuck somewhere out. And as you enter a place in which you are secure, what will happen to your eyes, there'll be comforted.

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So this is where this expression comes from. That cover to Aryan

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from coolness. Or let llena is when the night was called. Like we learned earlier gate as

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well as

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a coolie wasabi were Korea, China.

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And secondly, karate our unit can also be derived from the word cut off. And karate is stillness, that after which there remains no desire for anything else. It's going to fulfill every desire of this every wish of this outlet, the Aryan,

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just a reward. Why? The Macedonia Milan because of that which they used to do. So what do we see over here? That the reward that Allah subhanaw taala has preserved for these servants, those who truly believe in the Ayat of Allah is what a surprise.

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Allah has kept it as a secret.

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But unfortunately, we deprive ourselves of this great reward of the special reward. Why out of mere laziness? Isn't its mere laziness. We are so lazy, we cannot get up. We cannot spend, we cannot avail the opportunities and what are we depriving ourselves of

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the hidden reward, the surprise reward. And another thing that prevents us from going forward is what being disorganized

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that we are so disorganized, we don't know what we can spend where we can spend, we are so disorganized, haphazard, throughout our day, we have no set pattern in our routines. And as a result, we don't sleep on time, we don't get up on time. But as a result, we don't have any energy for the time that we are awake. And when we sleep, we're not rested, then how can we get it? And how can we do something? How can we implement the ayatollah. And this way we waste ourselves, we waste our realize we waste our opportunities. Look at the reward, it's so huge, it's a big deal.

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But what is our reaction, as if we are in no need of it as if we are running out of it?

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Honestly, this is how we behave sometimes, that we have no need of this reward. This is why we keep sleeping. This is why we keep giving up one opportunity after the other.

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And you see over here, the reward is what it is hidden in a secret. No one has been told about it. And this is an indirect implication as well, that those people who hide their good deeds, who perform them secretly, only for the sake of Allah soprano data, then what happens a lot also hides the reward, keeps it a secret does not disclose it to others. Because imagine if it's disclosed, then will it not reduce in its value. Of course, when anything big is going to be released. What happens it's supposed to be a huge secret. A huge secret. No pictures are released, no information is released. Nothing at all, or sometimes only a little bit of information is released by for

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example, a new car, a new kind of phone, a new kind of computer and everybody's excited and they're talking about it because only a little bit of information has been released. So anything that is special, anything that is important, anything that is extremely valuable, it is secured, it is preserved.

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So in this is

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Indirect implication that those people who perform their deeds in private, they keep it as a secret between themselves and their Lord. Then Allah subhanaw taala also keeps a reward as a secret, he doesn't disclose it to everybody. He doesn't tell everybody about it. He doesn't tell anybody about it. In fact, it's hidden lateral. And when Epson has an anniversary, he said, that if people conceal their good deeds, then Allah will conceal for them what no eyes has seen, and what has never crossed the mind of a man.

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Allah will conceal for that person what what no eyes have seen, and what has never crossed the mind of a human being.

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And if you think about it, in these ayat is mentioned which good deed in particular, waking up at night,

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waking up at night praying to Allah subhanaw taala Hoeven with Oman. But unfortunately, what is our behavior? That first of all, we do very little. And if we do very little, what do we do with it? What do we do after doing it?

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publicize it, advertise it, we tell everybody. And why do we do that? Just to be acknowledged, just to let other people know that yes, we are also very righteous. That's what we want other people to know that I am also very good. I also pray the hedges and we will mention it sometimes in passing. Or you know, I'm so sleepy right now. I got up at three o'clock in the morning and I was praying and I couldn't sleep up to that

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will mention it like this. Something that will secret between you and your Lord, you let it out.

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And the reward that Allah has got for you. He didn't let it out.

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You understand?

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So in this is an indirect implication that you do your deeds with secrecy, privacy, and a local secure this huge this great reward for you.

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We learned from a hadith that Abu Zubaydah to learn who he said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Allah subhanaw taala says, that I have prepared for my righteous servants, what no eyes have seen,

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I have prepared for my righteous servants what no eye has seen, no ear has heard. And it has never crossed the mind other than

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never has any human being even imagined. Even thought about it. What does it show that they're worried that a loss of panel data has preserved for such servants as what? It's very unique?

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It's very, very unique. And since it's so unique, that Allah has not disclosed it to anyone. There is no imitation of it. What happens when big things come out big, expensive, valuable things. Along with them, you also have their imitations. Things that are not real. They're fake stuff. But they are an imitation. And as a result, what happens? You're wearing the original one, then people around you're wearing the fake one. Do you want to wear your original stuff anymore? No.

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So what happens when people go higher and higher, they try to buy more and more expensive things. More and more unique things that other people don't have the latest things that other people don't have. But look at the mercy of Allah that this reward is such that no eye has ever seen. No ear has ever heard is its description. And no mind has ever imagined it.

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What happens is donia people keep coming up with new and new ideas. They keep inventing new things. But no matter what they do, no matter what they come up with. They can never ever come up with something like their award that Allah has preserved in general. It's that special. It's that precious. It's that valuable.

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falletta elimu, nevsun Melfi Allah home in karate, our union, just be Macedonia Malone. What do we see over here? It's just that Recompense. Why? Why? Because of what they used to do. They did something. What does it show to us? that a person who does something

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and a person who doesn't do something? Are they the same?

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They're not the same. They're not equal, completely different. This is why I lost Pandora questions as if a man can emote meaning, then is one who was a believer command can have a circle, like one who is a disbeliever.

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A person who is a believer, can he be like the one who is a disbeliever? Can they be the same? Impossible, who is a moment? What do we learn from these ayat? Who is the one who truly believes?

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The one who submits the one who is not arrogant? The one who humbles himself before Allah,

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the One who leaves his bed, the one who prays to Allah, how often what am I the one who spends in the way of Allah, FM and Canon movement in command kind of a second who is fast

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faster because one who does fist and fist is literally when a date it becomes so right that it comes out of its skin

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that the skin shriveled up, it dries up and the bulk what happens to it? It comes out. So, this is what fist and this is why fist is used for crossing of limits. And it can be used for cover as well. Why? Because one is that a person crosses the limits of Eman enters into kofa. The other is that within the man What does a person do? he crosses the limit set by Allah. So he performs acts of disobedience. He is sinful, he is disobedient.

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So over here because facet is being used in contrast to movement, what does it mean?

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Because it's being used in contrast to men. So who would facet be? cafe? Right? This is why the translation is that if a man can have more meaning than the one who is a believer, can he be like come and kind of as like a disbeliever. They're not the same. And if we look at it in another way that more men true believers who the one who obeys be Makana, Yama loon, and facet is the one who does not obey or do the same, never lay a stone, they can never be the same. They can never be equal. why they're not equal in their actions. They're not equal in their level, they're not equal in their consequences. They're not the same. They're living their lives very differently, as we have

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been saying from the very beginning. One is that a person is humble. The other is that a person is arrogant. One is that a person accepts the others that a person objects. One is that a person realizes it's my fault. And the other is that a person presents a list of excuses, completely two different ways. One, Allah subhanaw taala give Sophia to act upon what has been commanded, and the other is deprived of tofi can they be the same in their lifestyle, in their actions, in their thinking in their behavior?

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And ultimately, in their outcome? in their consequence? No way. Layers don't they're not the same.

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I'm a Latina. armano as for those people who believe what our male asylee had, and they perform righteous deeds, what is their reward for their home? jannatul for them, our gardens of refuge knows Zealand Bheema can we get Malone as accommodation for what they used to do? What is their reward? Janata madhwa more from their own countries Hamza? Well, yeah, away yet we, which is to take shelter in a place and not what is it some love, so a place of refuge, a place of shelter, and abode habitation, dwelling, and jannatul where this has been understood as being the name, so jannatul name of gender.

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And secondly, genetic malware can also be understood as a description that gardens off abode, meaning gardens off a board in which there will be dwellings and houses. New Zealand, New Zealand is what hospitality, entertainment, whatever that has been prepared for a guest.

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The Mac, I know you're gonna win because of what they used to do. If you notice previously, what was mentioned, just

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be Mac and we are Malone. And over here again, what has been mentioned New Zealand been Academy Avenue and what does it show?

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The importance of armor. It's not enough to just say I believe I love I will do this know what is required action. Because only there is action, then there is misery. Because those who do and those who don't do they can ever be the same. And we see over here that Jeanette there what an abode, a place to live in a place where the dwellers of Jenna, the inhabitants of Jenna, they will be secure.

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Because it's a place of shelter, a place of refuge. So there'll be secure from any problem any difficulty, any calamity, secure and safe.

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And all of this is what New Zealand hospitality. So when the people of Ghana will enter Jannah after their long journey, long and tiring journey done, they will give them shelter. It will give them refuge and in general, in their houses in their dwellings. They will be treated like what

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my guests. What does it mean by that? Don't you feel awkward when you're a guest all the time?

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Tell me if you go to somebody's house and you live in like a guest. Do you feel awkward? You do. Are you comfortable? No, no matter how much they try to make you comfortable. It's not the same. So what does it mean by this New Zealand that you're enjoying

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But still, it's like as though you're a guest. What does it mean by this?

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That we see that although their houses will be theirs, their dwellings will be theirs. But all the services will be provided to them.

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All the services will be provided to them. They'll be living in those houses just like guests. You're like, when you're in your house, you're at home, you're thirsty, you're upstairs, the kitchen is downstairs, what do you want?

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What do you want? You could just tell somebody to bring a glass of water.

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And you have a pile of laundry? What do you want? You could just tell somebody to do it for you. When you get up in the morning from your bed, you have to make your bed What do you want to just tell somebody to make the bed?

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When your washroom gets dirty, and you have to clean it? What do you want somebody else to clean it, isn't it. So people in Ghana, in their houses, all their services will be provided to them. And this is why they will be treated like guests. What do we learn, insulated for 24 we learn that we are to for our lady with a man on the home

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maknoon that they will circulate among them servant boys, especially for them, as if they were pearls, well protected.

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pearls clean, beautiful appearance, not disturbing in their nature at all. And they will serve them and just as your guests somewhere and everything is brought to you This is how in their houses in their gatherings, things will be brought to them. What do we learn that fruit will hang glow? And they will have all the comforts that they could ever imagine more than that.

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And then what does Allah subhanaw taala say on the other hand, what Amala Dena festival, and as for those people who committed this what fiscal disobedience cowfish

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didn't care about what Allah subhanaw taala had said he didn't care about the commands of Allah didn't care about the Ayat of Allah, the Ayat of Allah recited, they were reminded of them, but they didn't change. They didn't accept.

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So what Amala Deena Federico from Oklahoma, and then their abode is hellfire.

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Cola, or Odoo. Whenever they wanted any room in her that they get out of it, or you do see her, they will be returned into it.

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Every time they will wish to come out of Hellfire leave Hellfire, they'll be returned back to the home and it will be sent to them. Luke who are the venetie lead, he continued to get the boat days the punishment of the Fire, which we used to deny, tested the same punishment that you denied because of which you had the confidence to disobey Allah. Go ahead and experience it. Now. What do we see over here

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that the two groups are clearly distinguished, they're not the same. They're not the same in their lifestyle, and they're not the same in their consequence. And this is a justice of a masa parameter, that a person who obeys. He is made distinct from the one who does not obey how, in their consequence.

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We don't interpret how should i a 20. Allah subhanaw taala says layers that we have enough was halogen. The people of Hellfire and the people of God are not the same. As horrible genetic warfare is own the people of gender. They are successful. They're the winners and the people of Hellfire through losers, they're not the same.

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Instead of DRC 959, we learn one tassel, Yama, au almajiri mo, the criminals they'll be told, stand apart, stay away. Don't try to mingle in with those people who are getting into gender. Stay away.

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Instead of sod I have 28 we learned I'm Nigerian alladhina amanu. I'm an asylee head can move sildenafil up. I'm not sure I don't want the clinical for job, that should we treat those who believe and do righteous deeds like those people who do facade in the earth corrupting the earth? Or should we treat those who fear a lot like the wicked? No, Allah is just he will not treat these two different people in the same way. Their end will be different their consequence will be different, just as their way of living is also different.

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Intro to Java I 21 we learn um hassy bernadina Tara who sejati unnatural Duncan Latina armano What are middle sorry, so a mahiya hamamatsucho. Sir, Miko that do those people who commit evil, do they think that we will make them like those who have believed and unrighteous deeds that we will make them equal in their life and in their death? Evil establish the judge? No, Allah is just he will keep a difference between these two people

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will listen to the recitation of these.

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The queue

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Being in.

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Yesterday, we learned about the derbies

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that Allah subhanaw taala, he does that

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every affair. And in that is a lesson for us as well, that we need to plan our lives as well. planning our life, what does it mean by that? setting some goals, some targets, things that we want to achieve. Why? Because it's life is limited.

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chance is limited. And the opportunities that may come our way, once it's possible that they never come again.

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If we lose it once, it's quite possible, we never get that opportunity again.

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And what is mentioned in these is that those people who do armor, and those people who do not do armor, they're not the same.

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One is the person who is taking the maximum use of his life,

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spending as well. Getting up in the night, remembering a lot during the day, praying to Allah seeking His forgiveness, earning his reward.

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And the other is that a person was heedless, slipping away,

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living in one day after the other, not even analyzing himself. What did I do today? What did I achieve? What did I lose? What opportunities did I lose?

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Can they be the same? No. Life is limited.

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It's not eternal. And it's a test. And it's very precious, we need to do something.

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And for that we need to realistically plan set goals. Because if we don't set these goals, and we'll be unable to do it, like for example, those of you who have made up your mind, I am going to recite this order before going to bed, you were able to why you made up your mind, you made the decision. And this is why you took our time before going to bed.

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And if a person does not even make that intention, he does not even plan will he be able to know you need to plan you need to make up your mind.

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And this is what a submission that when a person submits in this way, that alone will give him the ability

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being a student of color and when you are a mother, you are needed to treat them equally, right you can make a difference among them. But even then, sometimes it happens like recently because I'm suffering through a problem that is my neighbor came to my home one day and she saw me that I was holding a snake and I was cooking something for my older son and she says this is very you already prepared the lunch while we're standing and giving yourself a hard time. I said to my oldest son, he never asked me anything. And he will always listen to me. And today he asked Mom, do you have something else? So I pushed myself to do something extra? So I was thinking this is what is Mozilla

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like you do something extra for a person who is very obedient. It doesn't mean that I'm being mean to others and I prepare for them too. But since this and then I was thinking what would I use to make sense of things.

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But Allah is

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just as what Allah knows who is doing extra and he wants to quit.

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Here's something extra exactly, that we see that obedience that helps you gain the love of others, isn't it? It makes you win the love of others obedience. That's the key action. And if you don't do anything you keep talking about what happens nobody believes your words after some time.

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there at night before going to bed when we read the surah that the Jaffa Juba, humulene Mataji, the owner of Banco Tama, at that time the person makes the intention that I will inshallah get up and pray then if he's able to get a good and if he's unable to get up because he had made the Nia still there is reward for him and his sleep is what charity for him from time to time as we learn from Heidi. It's a good reminder right before going to bed.

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I was just thinking about

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his house panela for doing I will always work very hard and we don't think about it. I was talking to my neighbor the other day and she was so happy that oh my daughter now she's you know, she's managed to go she's gonna buy a house. And so that's good to me know she's been working. She wakes up like four o'clock in the morning till three o'clock Monday to Sunday. And then something is hidden says who can have a look at this lady. She's looking for dunya like this. What am I doing for us here? So have four o'clock in the morning people get up to get to work, why? To get houses of dunya in which they will not be guests, but rather house will be a guest for them because they

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that's what they're serving all the time. But for us, what are we doing?

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What are our efforts like

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to share like, when I went to my sister in law, she came in to take care of my small kids. And so panelo and I came back. It's a wonderful emotional experience. What I really really want to share it was my own home and being here in Canada for 12 years. It's like you either hate within your own home, sometimes you tired you want a little bit help and you don't have to do yourself. So panela those 15 days I can't forget it's unimaginable. I stuck into house it was completely different atmosphere. Everything was on the place. When I stepped into my bedroom. There was one of the most like bats were spread on my bed what I never put on because it was very delicate and it takes very

00:27:21 --> 00:28:04

hard time to wash. So I never tried to put it on she put it on to me. And the way she decorated just like the way me and my husband stepped into like a newly bride and groom, the kitchen, the wardrobes, everything. Trust me and my kids they told me purple made us clear though, as with the sponsors, everything that mom is coming, make sure nothing wrong is there. And when the guests were coming to greet us, she never let me get up like the trays coming in front of me and guests like I'm guest though she was guest in my home. But I was being treated like a guest within my own home is unimaginable. Imagine how.

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And I'm sure you had a very long journey back home. And that long, exhausting, tiring journey. You forgot about that when you were treated like a guest in your own house. Whatever you've experienced in the past, it makes you forget it the comfort, the enjoyment the pleasure that you experienced.

As-Sajdah 15-30 Tafsir 17-20

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