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Al-Qasas 1-21 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 14-21

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Are the below him in a shape of a gene Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

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lesson number 200. So total causes

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what am i by the way I should the who, and when he attained his full strength was there were and he was mentally mature at a nahu hoekman, where a llama We bestowed upon him judgment and knowledge worker that he can educate more syngene. And thus do We reward the doers of good.

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We see that mozarella ceram he was raised were in the balance of federal.

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But in the beginning years, when he was still an infant, he was in the house of his mother.

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Because it is said that the mother of musar, dissonant she was called by fit her own and his family by the wife of her own. And she was asked to stay in the palace to nurse the child. But she said that she had other children as well, she had a family as well. So it would be easier for her to stay in her own house and the child should be brought to him for nursing. Now, obviously a child that age has to be nursed every few hours, it would be very difficult to take the child back and forth every two hours every one hour. So therefore, for most of the time, he would be with his mother, and he would be taken by the Royal Guards do his mother, he would be nursed, he would stay there for a long

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time and then you'd be taken back. So we see that the initial years where did he spend in his own house with his mother. And then after that he was raised were in the palace of eternal However, he was still connected with his family. Therefore he was upon the right Dean. He was not on the religion of our own, but rather he wasn't the religion of his forefathers his family, the religion of though hate.

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Well, I'm Marbella, I should do and when he reached his majority, I should physical majority. And this is the age that is between 30 and 40. From shredded shredded is to be severe. So I should when a person is physically mature, fully grown, he has good strength, he has a lot of physical power. So when he reached physical maturity was stellar. And he became even his there were literally means to become even to become balanced. So what does it mean by that? That it wasn't just that he was physically strong, but he became well balanced How? By being mentally mature, as well.

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As Dana Heckman, Alice pantalla, gave him her judgment, wisdom were in men and also knowledge workers Alec in education worsening and thus do We recommend those who do good? What do we see over here but musar isn't?

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that although he was not a prophet at this point, because remember, he received Prophethood, much later, when he was on his return from Medina. But because he was a mortal sin, He was good. He was good in his behavior towards others. Allah subhanaw taala gave him knowledge and wisdom as well. He gave him sound judgment as well. Because he cared for others, he was concerned for others, he wanted to help other people. Allah subhanaw taala also bestowed him with great blessings. And this is going to be illustrated in the following if that how he was concerned for other people, he cared for them, he was a more sin. So Allah subhanaw taala, gave him hokum and also a llama.

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And you see this quality of having her come under him together, this is a very great quality

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because many times people have power to judge, but they do not have knowledge or they have knowledge but they do not have wisdom. Right. But what do we see over here that he had both knowledge as well as wisdom

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and when a person has both of these qualities, only then he can make the right decision at the right time.

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So what happened then, was the Holland Medina and he entered the city with city, the city of Rome, and it is said that it was in Egypt. So he entered that city, either he Nila flatten upon a time of negligence. waffler negligence heedlessness when people are not paying attention.

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So Hany law for the time of negligence What time is this? It is said that it was a time of afternoon. The time when people generally take a nap.

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or others say that it was during the night after a shot when people are asleep.

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And if you think about it, if you go into the streets at that time, generally you won't find many people, isn't it?

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Today you have a lot of lights and people who still have their shops open late in the night. This is why you see people but otherwise, towns cities are dead at this time.

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You won't find many people outside roads are deserted, markets are empty.

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It is also said that this time Haney lafleur was the day of read.

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So no one was really at work. It was a public holiday. People were busy amusing themselves in their own houses and nobody could be found in the streets in the marketplace. So Mossad SNMP left the palace he entered the city at this point of the day, hanging off let him in earlier, the people of the town of the city were in a time of Koffler

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for what are the fee hassle he found in it? Roger Lamy two men he found in the city to man out in the streets and what were they doing? Yeah, Killarney they were fighting with one another. They were trying to kill one another. Yeah. Tatiana's from cattle and cattle is to attempt to kill the other person.

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So here these two men they were trying to kill one another. And these two men who were they had them in charity. This man meaning one of them was from his group from his Shira. Meaning he was an Israeli it

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from the Shiro of who was our listener

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will have them in or do we, and the other man was from his enemies, meaning he was a Coptic, he was an Egyptian. So one man is Israeli, and the other is Egyptian. And both of them they're fighting one another.

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So when they saw musala, salaam, what happened? Festo also who? So he asked him for help, is the author from the reflectors? Lane? Well, sir, what does it mean? Help? analyze basically means rain.

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And stls is to ask for help to ask for rain.

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If you think about it, when do people pray for rain?

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When they're desperate for it, isn't it

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and lathe is used for saturate that is timely, that comes at the right time when people are very desperate for it.

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And when you really want something badly, and you get it at that time, don't you benefit from it most of that time? Right.

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So is the last is to ask for help. At a very desperate moment, that the Help is urgent, it's needed very badly suffers the loss of this person, he asked him for help.

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What does it show

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that musar nslm. His personality was such that people could ask him for him.

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Many times what happens that people are going about to see others, they see them in difficulty. But they don't even look at the other person. So that the other person can ask him Can you please help me with this? You understand?

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I guess possible that you're struggling. Or a person is struggling with their bags and a child and a plate of food and etc, etc. And all of a sudden three people are going by but they don't even look at them. You're going by you're passing by you don't even look at them. Can they look at you in the eye and ask you for help? They can't.

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But we see that mozzarella Sam he was so attentive. He was immersing. He was concerned for others, which is why this man was able to ask him for help. He didn't say oh my god two people are fighting Get away from here leave. No, he took interest he wanted to help them.

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So first of all, sir, who he asked him for alpo and let him and share it he the one who was from his shear, the one who was from the group from the faction of Messiah listen Um, so who was he

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I want you to keep in mind over here that musala salaam knew his identity. He knew who he was. He knew that he was an Israeli

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and the people also knew that musallam was an Israeli

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So first of all, I will let him and share our D he asked him for help against to our that led him in or do we against the one who was from his enemy. So the Israeli asked the help of musala slam against you the Egyptian the Coptic. So musala center because he was concerned for others. This person is asking him for help. What did he do? Masada said I went and helped him. So how did he help him remember musallam had reached his I should. He was strong. So what happened? for workers who Mussa some Luther Ellison punched him. Fuck all the rla and then he finished

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workers from the newsletter as well cap say what it is to strike someone with your fist. Not open hand not open palm but with the fist. Were on the chest. You understand what it is to hit on the chest and the stomach using one's fist.

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So this is like punching someone. You understand? There are many other words using the

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Arabic language that describe what kind of hitting it is many many words like for example, soccer, what the soccer mean to hit on the face using the hand sufferer suffer is to hit on the back of the neck using the hand.

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Similarly left arm, left arm is to hit someone with one's fingers laka laka is to hit on the cheek using the palm Leatherman is to hit on the cheek using both hands.

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What it is to hit on the chin and the jawbone is to hit someone here

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was a is to hit on the side of the body. Zevon is to hit using the knee calacatta to hit with the leg. So there are many, many words that are used for hitting depending on which part of the body you're hitting from how you're hitting where you're hitting. This is how descriptive the Arabic languages.

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So for workers, who Moosa musasa he punched him with his fist onto his chest. fumbled Our Lady, so he finished his metric, although he actually what does it mean to make a judgment final judgment to conclude the matter, so he just concluded him meaning he finished his affair, meaning that man died. Did musallam intend to kill him? No, he didn't. But musar listening was a strong man with a powerful strike. So what happened? call ahead. I mean, normally shoot one. Mozart is that um, did not intend to kill him. So immediately, he realized what he did was wrong. And he said, had them in harmony shavon did this from the deed of shaytaan How could I am so bad that this man died? What does it

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mean by minyama shavonne meaning this is of those deeds that shaped on commands you to do that shaytan wants you to do. I have obey tradeline over here

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in the who are the one Chitwan indeed, he's an enemy. Molina one who misleads mubin, clearly.

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Now remember that this murder was not an ordinary murder. This was a murder of who have a Coptic by who? by musasa. And this is why it became a big issue. The musasa was afraid. And the only people who knew about this murder war musala Center and the Israeli government, no one else knew about it. But obviously, when that man died, people were wondering who killed that man.

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But who knew only musallam and the other Israeli

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Mossad, Islam he immediately turned to Allah.

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Allah He said, what have been nice for them to not see, Oh my Lord, indeed, I have done Zalman myself. He didn't justify it. He didn't say it wasn't my fault. I didn't mean it. Why am I to be blamed? He realized that yes, it was a mistake. But after all, it was a murder. It was unintentional. But after all, the other person lost his life. You understand many times we make mistakes, they're unintentional. We didn't intend to do anything wrong. But whatever happened, at the end of the day, someone suffered because of your mistake.

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You understand?

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Someone has suffered because of your mistake. So you cannot justify to that guy.

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You cannot say I didn't mean it. You didn't mind. Right? This is what we say a lot. We say the most harsh things and we say it in mind. Right? You're okay. Right?

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We say the most millions of things. And this is what we say at the end.

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musallam didn't justify it. He realized it was his fault. And he immediately turned to a lot of B enable him to nuptse so please forgive me. Because even if people don't find out does Allah not know? Of course he knows.

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And even if you didn't mean it, that other people not suffer? Of course they did. So don't you need to seek forgiveness from Allah Of course for fairly so please forgive me. So what happened? falafel Allah, so Allah forgive him in there who who will have a photo Rahim? Indeed he is Forgiving and Merciful. What do we see over here something very, very beautiful.

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That Musa SNM he did not delay repentance. He did not delay turning to Allah.

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Mistakes happen. Because after all, we're human beings. mistakes. Many times are unintentional. You don't intend to do that wrong thing, but it just happens. You didn't mean it that the other person got very offended. You didn't mean to hurt someone, but they got hurt.

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Now at that time, should you become stubborn.

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And should you think oh, they're too soft. They should be strong. It's not my fault if they're so weak. No

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Realize that someone has suffered and do not delay in seeking forgiveness from Allah.

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This is how musala Sunnah was Emerson. He accepted his faults immediately. And he turned to Allah immediately.

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We see that every mistake is forgiven, you're alone No matter how great it is. Murder is not something small. It's a great crime. But we see that still ALLAH forgive him. Why?

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Because there is a condition. What's that condition that a person must not delay in turning to Allah.

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The moment you've done something, turn to Allah. Apologize, seek forgiveness was our listener, he sought forgiveness immediately. And Allah subhanaw taala immediately accepted his repentance. Look at the words, but I'll be in Neelam to nuptse fall fairly for her for Allah.

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For family, Finley falafel, Allah, he repented immediately and the forgiveness game immediately as well.

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What happens with us, we know we're wrong. But we're too proud to confess, to accept. We don't apologize, we keep delaying. And it gets harder and harder to apologize, it gets more and more difficult to repent.

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There's an example that is given off delaying repentance, that a person who delays repentance is like as though he has planted a tree. And that tree is like what the crime that he has committed the sin that he has committed.

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If he did his repentance, what's going to happen, the tree is going to get stronger, and the person is going to get weaker,

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isn't it so he's going to grow older. The more you delay, the more difficult it will be for you to uproot that tree. The more you delay, the more difficult it will be because you have become weaker, and that tree has become stronger.

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This is why we need to accept our mistakes immediately. As soon as we realize and seek forgiveness immediately as well from a law or from the people. Whatever is relevant over there. What's the difficulty in saying I'm sorry? What's the difficulty in apologizing and accepting that it's your mistake?

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The more you delay, the more difficult it becomes.

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So we see that Missouri listener he turned to Allah seeking forgiveness Allah also immediately forgive him.

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Allah He said, Messiah listen me said or be oh my lord. Bhima unarmed, are they? Because you bestowed this huge favor on me? What? That you forgive me? felon akuna la helidon. Majidi me I will never be an assistant to the criminals. I'm never going to repeat this mistake again. This person who was fighting with the other man, I'm never going to help such people again. I'm never going to assist them in the future. What do we learn over here that he learned from his mistakes, isn't it?

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And he made a firm determination. He made a firm resolve to not repeat the mistake again.

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We need to learn from our mistakes as well. Mistakes happen. But if you learn from them, it's not so bad. It's actually beneficial for you.

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Now there is one question over here musasa was not a prophet at this point. So how did he know that he was forgiven?

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Rob the bema and underlay Yeah. How did he know?

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You see, the thing is that Allah fara Mo Farah, what does it mean literally, to cover the same

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so mazarin s&m he committed the murder by mistake, but no one found out.

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You understand?

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So when his crime was concealed, and he realized that nobody has found out about it, so this is why he made this promise that all love because of this huge favor of yours on me that nobody witnessed the crime. Nobody knows I did it. I'm never going to repeat this again.

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And you see, when a person repents from his heart, he seeks forgiveness from his heart, he cries before Allah. He's restless at that time, isn't it? But after some time, he gets this piece in his heart. He gets this reassurance in his heart, that inshallah it should be okay. He keeps seeking forgiveness. But at a moment comes a time comes when he feels addressed. This is why many scholars say that if you're feeling restless, if you're feeling anxious, think about what you've done and seek forgiveness from Allah. Because perhaps this is a consequence of a crime that you have committed.

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So what happened then? For us by having Medina t, so the Missouri listener, he became inside the city hyphen fearful.

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Obviously he was afraid. What if somebody finds out?

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Yakubu, anticipating exposure? Yakubu from the reflectors law.

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But what does it mean by lacava? To watch closely and tarraco is to keep oneself safe from some danger by keeping one's eye out by keeping a check on what's going on, by looking out so imagine he is going about in the city, afraid, fearful, and he's watching uh, somebody's watching me. somebody's looking at me. Somebody's following me. You understand? Yet ah boo. He was extremely careful waiting to see what happens. And he was anticipating exposure he was afraid that somehow people will find out

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for either lady, then all of a sudden, that same person who is done Sarah who bill MC, who asked him for help yesterday. Is samsara to seek help to seek nosara meaning the Israeli men who had asked musar s&m for help bill MC yesterday. Now what happened? Yes, they'll slip who now he was crying out for help. Again, why?

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He was fighting another person.

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Yesterday he was fighting one man. Today he's fighting another person. What did we learn at the beginning of the Sora that fit our own he had divided the people and because this class system people were hostile towards one another, they were busy fighting with each other. So that the elite they could do whatever they wish.

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So now this man today he's fighting with another Egyptian. Yes, the three Who? Yes, Deus Li who is from the roof letters. SOT ra Soraka Soraka is to scream to yell.

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And is this law is to ask for help by crying by yelling by making the scene by doing so in public. That Oh my God helped me Come here. He's beating me. So yes, the three Whoa. He was crying out for help making a scene. Why was he doing this now?

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Before he was a crying out for help. He knew that he could use massage. Listen. Yesterday when he asked him for help was Alison and Kim helped him. He hit that man and that man died. So he knew that if he cries out if he makes a scene musala Sam, he's very soft hearted. He's gonna come and help me. So yes, the three who

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are homeless Abu Salah Sam said to him in another video movie. Indeed. You are surely a troublemaker. You're really you are someone who has deviated mubin clearly, you're clearly a trouble maker.

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Yesterday you're fighting with someone else. And today you're fighting with someone else. You're a troublemaker. Why have musar listen and say this to him?

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To make him realize that he shouldn't be doing what he's doing.

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But mussalam Did he just stay away from this now? Just because two people were fighting. He by mistake killed one man yesterday, he made a promise that he was not going to help the wrongdoers. Did he just stay away from this? No. When he sees two people are fighting, he knows that he needs to help them somehow. So what happened? fellow man went and allowed that he intended when musallam intended able to share your pleasure from the reflectors Bell blushing,

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but but is to get hold of someone to capture someone.

00:23:26--> 00:23:31

Novus musala sam did not intend to hit the man over here.

00:23:32--> 00:23:32

You understand?

00:23:33--> 00:23:50

What happened the day before he hit the man for workers. Now what is he doing? He's just grabbing hold of Bill Levy, who are the wilhelma the man who was an enemy to them to Who was that? The Egyptian.

00:23:51--> 00:23:59

So mozzarella salami just intended to grab hold of the Egyptian and pull him aside so that the two cannot fight anymore.

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There's a difference between striking someone beating someone and pinning someone down. You understand?

00:24:08--> 00:24:26

There's difference. One is that you strike someone beat them and throw them on the ground. And the other is that you just hold them and pull them away. musasa was not going to beat them over here. He was just going to pull one men away. So when he intended to do it, call and he said who said the Israeli man.

00:24:27--> 00:25:00

The Israeli man the one who asked musallam for help. He said yeah Moosa almost A to D do antiqua to Lenny, do you wish to kill me? Other than Epson bill Adams just as you killed the man yesterday? Why did he say that? Because he thought musasa was going to strike him. Why did he assume that? Because musar listened and said to him in the hallway you move into he knew he was in trouble. He knew that now. musasa was not going to help him. Some will say listen, he's approaching and he wants to do

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Pull one man away. And the other man because he's guilty, what does he think will satisfy them is going to hit me? You understand?

00:25:09--> 00:25:23

So at that moment, in order to defend himself, in order to show moose are the same as the bad guy? What does he say? to redo untuck toolani Kanaka Delta nelsonville AMS you want to kill me just as you kill the other man yesterday.

00:25:24--> 00:25:28

And when he said that what happened? What happened?

00:25:29--> 00:25:30

The crime was exposed.

00:25:32--> 00:25:36

Everybody found out that musar Islam killed him and the day before

00:25:37--> 00:25:48

and he said into the Do you only want Illa and takuna Jabbar and fill of the only one to be a Jabbar. interland Jabbar is also someone who has an overwhelming power, oppressive

00:25:49--> 00:25:58

duty to enter Konami and Muslim hain and you do not want to be of those who rectify. This is a character This is the lack of

00:25:59--> 00:26:03

people who are enslaved people who are extremely selfish,

00:26:04--> 00:26:19

that they don't care about who their person is, who helped them yesterday. They don't care about who the other person is. They just want to defend themselves. They become extremely selfish. They have no integrity, no dignity, nothing whatsoever.

00:26:21--> 00:26:24

So when he said these words musasa was exposed.

00:26:26--> 00:26:32

And the people what did they do? They went to fit our own and they told him that musala Sam is the one who killed the man yesterday.

00:26:33--> 00:26:42

Now fit her own and his people. They began conspiring to arrest musar list and haven't killed him take revenge from him because he had committed murder the day before.

00:26:43--> 00:27:05

So what happened then, was Roger luminox Almudena T. Then came a man from the midst of the city, from the far end of the city exit from the earth letters offside yet must be the Luxor Why is it called Oxford because it is extremely far, sir on the farthest end of the city from the palace. From the court there came a man Yes sir. He was running senior idea.

00:27:06--> 00:27:27

And he said earlier Moosa, he said almost in all manner a time your honor big indeed the Chiefs the elite, they are conspiring against you yet the mirana Hamza Meanwhile, Mr. What does our mean judgment and a timeout is to discuss with one another and followed by b it means to discuss as to what to do with someone.

00:27:29--> 00:27:43

So yeah, Tommy, Rona Baker, they're discussing as to what they should do with you. Leah Toluca. So that they can kill you for her. So just go leave in Neela come in and now so Hannah, I am Do you have those who are now some of those who are very sincere.

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So what can you see over here that musar listen AMS prime it mistake it became well known. And Allah soprano Tyler he was an aide of Masada center. He had another plan for Masada center. So what happened?

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A man came from the farthest end of the city ran into Masada, Islam telling him just leave. Just leave. I'm telling you. I'm sincere to you. Just trust me. They're coming to kill you. So just go. So what happened?

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For horologium in her musallam left, he got out from there he came out from there. From where? From Egypt, hyphen fearful yet aka anticipating exposure.

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Allah He said, I've been a genie mineral calm inside me. He said, Oh, my Lord, save me from the wrongdoing people.

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We see that musala center right there. And then in whatever condition he was in, he just left the city and it is said that he headed towards the east.

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And he kept running and running and walking and walking to the point that his shoes, they got torn. And he kept walking and walking to the point that his feet, they got extremely hurt. And eventually, where did he reach muddy?

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But remember that he didn't have the time to go home and collect his favorite stuff. gathered together? No. He had to leave everything behind and just leave in the condition that he was. He had to leave at exactly at that moment.

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And imagine he had no food, no money, no water, nothing with him. And he just made the error to Allah. Oh Allah save me from the wrongdoing people.

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Because now he saw he witnessed the moral degradation of that people that how there was

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that the Bani Israel. They were so selfish and for their own and his people on the other hand, even they did not care for Musa Musa Islam was raised in the house of our own. Yes, in our own did not defend him at this moment.

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So both two people, what were the xylem so moussaka, Sam, he prayed to Allah to save him and then he left

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And he reached at the end and in the next part of the story we will learn in the next lesson.

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Oh Jaffe,

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Botha, Tina

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may not

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may not do

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all moves

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tolani comma

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to D

00:32:41--> 00:32:41

to D

00:32:45--> 00:32:47


00:33:04--> 00:33:07

una de Cali Oppo Toluca

00:33:15--> 00:33:16

photo German

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enter the stock

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market wabarakatuh