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Al-Baqarah 204-214 Translation

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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lesson number 28, pseudo dakara number 240 to 214.

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What and men from a nursey the people

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who? Your gebouw It appeals, it pleases

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you your cubicle. It pleases you tolu his speech fee concerning and hayati, the life

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of dunya the worldly world and Yoshi do he makes witness? Allah Allah, Allah upon Ma, what

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fee in ob he his heart well while

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he Allah do his most stubborn disputed

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AlHassan of those who dispute of those who call one end either when the one there he turned away or he took charge, sir He strove

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fee in

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the earth

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the UFC so that he creates mischief disorder fee her in it

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well and you liquor he destroys, he kills I'll have the the crops well and and nestler the offspring the progeny

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well and Allahu Allah, La does not you hate boo he loves or he likes alpha sad, the corruption the mischief

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well and either when Taylor it was said

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to him, it Ducky fear or adopt the core Allaha of Allah or fear Allah

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is added to it firmly seized him, it firmly took him

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to the pride

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bill with me with the sin are in the same

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for his boo so sufficient for him enough for him jahannam is hell

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well and the surely bitser how bad and we had the rest in place.

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Well and mean from a nursey the people

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man who, yesterday he barters he sells

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Napster who, his soul, his self, if you're seeking or to seek mobility, pleasures, the splore pleasures allow he of Allah

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wa and Allahu Allah rufen is his most affectionate, his most kind. Villa a bird with the servants with the worshipers.

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Yeah, Are you her? Or you allatheena those who are Manu, they believed or the Hulu y'all enter fee in a sell me the Islam the submission girl fatten completely

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well and law do not the interview. You will follow

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the footsteps I assure you Tony of the shaytaan

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in the who indeed he looking for you are the one anime movie in one clear one open

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for in so if xarelto you slip

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men from Baladi after ma that just come it came to you and Burkina to the clear proofs. Further move then you're

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No. And indeed, Allahu Allah azizan always Almighty her keman always always

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hell are not young Luna they wait

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Illa except and that

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yet to whom he comes to them,

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Allahu Allah.

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Fie in Villa in shadows. Men from aloha Mommy, the clouds work and Alameda echo to the angels. What end of the year it was decided and unglue the matter the affair

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well and either to Allahu Allah, dojo, it is returned, or it will be returned. I'll move all matters all affairs

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cell ask bunny children Esra ILA of Israel

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come, how many

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entertainer whom we gave them when from I attain sign by Jonathan clear, explicit well and man whoever you bet did he exchanges near meta blessing Allah He of Allah mean from birdie after ma What are that

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jab at who it came to him for in than Indeed Allah Allah Shadi do his most severe on the record the retribution.

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So you knew it was adorned. levena for those who

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they disbelieved they denied and higher to the life adonia the worldly

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well and yes Haruna the mock the ridicule, they make fun men from a Latina, those who

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they believed what and Allah Vina those who eat taco, they adopted the core, they safeguarded themselves. Falco whom above them Yama on the LTM at the standing will Allahu and Avaya years ago. He provides risk. He provides sustenance

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mn whomever you're sure he will be ready without he serving any account.

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Ghana It was

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a national the people

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within a nation

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were Hayden one

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forbartha so he appointed Allahu Allah and mabena the prophets, Oba sharena as ones who give good news. What and more the leaner ones one

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wha and emsella he sent down he revealed more home with them elkie taba the book will help me with the truth Leah Kuma so that it decides judges

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barina between a nasty the people femur in what a stellar fool the different fee in it.

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Well and math not if

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he deferred fee in it or concerning it Illa except alladhina. Those who

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who to who they were given it mean from birdie after ma that Joe at home. It came to them and vaginas to the clear proves volume due to rebellion or hatred buying a home between them.

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Further, so he guided Allahu Allah.

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Allah Vina those who

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knew they believed

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Lima for what is stellar for the different fee concerning it.

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Men from unhealthy the truth

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be evening he with His permission. Well and Allahu Allah yesterday he guides men whomever your show, he will

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Illa to slopping about Mr team went straight

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um or has symptom you thought on that

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that Hulu you will enter

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an agenda, the agenda the paradise well, while lemma not as yet yet decom it comes to you method like off alladhina of those who Hello. They passed away mean from family come before you

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must set home it touched them

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and but several the hardship well and of the row the suffering

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well and Zulu they were shaken

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had the until you're cooler. He says of Sulu, the messenger whoa and a Latina. Those who knew they believed more or who with him matter when meskel help Allah He of Allah.

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Allah beware

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indeed. nessa help Allah He of Allah Karim is one near

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let's listen to the recitation

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see that he

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can help

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see me

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Yeah, you

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Enough to

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sell Danny

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's UI

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dunia was

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one lady

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Nikita, Lamia

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movie, one of stellar

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