Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 15 – L150A

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Al-Kahf 1-8 Translation 1-8

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Santa Monica

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National Zoo on a Sunday a lot of pseudo Karim unavowed for a little bit left him in a shape honorable Jean Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Allah beshara He further us sadly Andrey wash Lola Melissa Nia for who calmly open as you can in

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Lesson number 150. So let's have gas is number one to eight. Translation

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and handle all praise lilla for

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a lady, the one who unzila he sent down Allah upon RBE his servant, as kita but the book wollam and did not yet he makes laahu for it anyway, any crookedness, any deviance

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are human, one completely straight, Leon zero, so that he wants, but son, a punishment. Shadi then severe men from leaden who near him, what end? You bet Sure, he gives good news, a lot meaning to the believers and levena those who are madona they do our saw they had the the righteous deeds and that indeed, law home for them agilon a reward has center good Marikina ones remaining one's dwelling fee in it other forever.

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One and Yun zero he warns alladhina those who are low they said it the harder he took Allahu Allah, whether they're a child,

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man or not the home for them, be he with it. Men from Edelman any knowledge whether and nor Lee Abba in him for their forefathers gobbler. It was great. Gailey Martin as a word dahulu it comes out men from afar he him their mouth in not Yoko Luna de se Illa except Viva La Fille are lucky liquor, then perhaps you

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want to kill want to destroy that sucker yourself either upon sad him their footsteps, their traces in his lung not you know they believe we have the with this. Elisha DC the speech a suffer due to sorrow due to greed

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in indeed we jalna we have made math whichever Allah upon the earth, Xena turn as an adornment let her for it. Lena Balu home so that we test them are you home which of them

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is best armella indeed. What in the end indeed we ledger a Luna surely ones who make ma whatever I lay her is upon it. Sorry then plain ground jarusa one buried

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we listened to the recitation of these

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mushy banyuwangi this mill man

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meanie de una sala

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de nyama Runa sorry Hi.

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Maquina de

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