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The importance of Islam as a means of achieving spiritual health and happiness is discussed, including the fasting period and recitation of the daily schedule. The segment also touches on the importance of avoiding negative self-talk and seeking guidance from the spiritual medium. The Hade's actions have caused harm to their community, including their ability to grow close to their parents and neighbors, and their ability to kill their children. The pandemic and its impact on society, including the loss of jobs and social security, are also discussed.

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No hamdulillah no matter who in a stallion who in a study, when I will be law him in srry unforeseen Allah Min segi Melina Mejia de la hufa who well mokdad y mejor de Lille philanthropy de la jolla murshida Chateau La ilaha illAllah hula hula Shadi Kala shadow and say eterna Wahhabi bene Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa and Toby Yahoo, Eli Yo, Medina. I'm about

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to fall Allahu Allah. Phil could Arielle Majeed while he took Missoula Valley to Kabir, Allah, Allah had come while Allah comb touch guru, Praise be to Allah. To Him belongs all praise, we praise Him seek His forgiveness, guidance is mercy. We seek refuge and protection in Allah. From all the bad that's inside is as we seek His protection and refuge from the evil of our bad deeds. One who is then guided by Allah, they are truly guided, one who is left to go astray will not find a guide or a protector or a helper after that. And I bear witness that there is no God, but the one true God and he has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is a

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slave and messenger, their brothers and sisters.

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It seems as though you drew the short straw and you got me for the hotbar

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I'm afraid the better for thieves We're at 730 and the other one's going to be at 11 o'clock, but you'll have to put up with me anyway. That's another story.

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So lucky back isn't it? What do you expect?

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Allah so this is the day brothers and sisters as Allah says in the Quran, well it took me like data so all of you you complete the fasting period the month bless it month of Ramadan volley to Kabir Allah Allah Maha comb and now mentioned the greatness of Allah for he has guided you. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar, La ilaha illa Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allah Hill hummed. Allah is the Greatest Allah is the Greatest allies the greatest, there is no God but Allah.

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah is the Greatest Allah is the Greatest and To Him belongs all praise. So that's what we do. And we begin our day, as the Quran tells us, for he has guided us. We mentioned in our last greatness guide he does. Allah Swanton made his Muslim, Allah Samantha showed as Islam may give us a man because in only in that, have we any future have we not brothers and sisters, otherwise, there's endless suffering in the life to come by to sirona, higher tech donia. But for the believers, in contrast, those giving preference to this life for the believers, while to hide on what other call that the life to come is better and everlasting. And that's what we want. So

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in order to gain that this is the way Serato musta came in the guidance of Allah smart Allah and Allah blessed us with that. Yeah, so Glory be to Allah. Allah is the Greatest we mentioned that Allah Allah contest Quran so this is a day of gratitude, is it not brothers and sisters?

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This day of eat is a day of gratitude of thanking Allah subhanaw taala for guiding us of thanking Allah for sending us Ramadan of thanking Allah for making us Muslims, and giving us the ability to force the month of Ramadan, and to stand in Khayyam in Ramadan, and thanking Allah for giving us the ability to recite and understand and reflect on the Quran.

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And by the way, when I say fasting that includes those who are ill or on a journey, those who are not able to fast and they pay the 50 are they making up later, they are included amongst society mean brothers and sisters.

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So let them not lose heart. Let them not lose heart, whether the elderly or whether they're ill they're included. They're included as though they had fasted. May Allah smart Allah accept that from us. So this is a day. This is that day of gratitude. This is like they have mentioned the greatness of Alaska. This is a day of happiness and rejoice. Gamma Kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam Hadees the will Allah Allah wa who Muslim Africa Muslim oneness say

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wafi as the prophet SAW some he mentioned it Howdy, which is long mentioned by those various Muslim etc. In it he says Wallace saw him for hathorne Yeah, for Houma.

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For the fasting person

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two times of happiness and rejoicing yes Tahoma is after

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his after 40 happy fifth re what is

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lucky yarrabah sorry hobbyzone Subhan Allah rejoice brothers and sisters This is Bushra Yeah, glad tidings for us. prophesize I'm said two times of happiness. When the person who is fasting break their fast, they rejoice and are happy and that includes the star that we do every day. But it also includes a The fact of the day of breaking the fast means stopping from the fasting of Ramadan. Yeah, happiness, happiness, which is physical because when you get nourishment at the end of the day, and on Eagle factor, we feel happy. Nobody can say they don't feel happy. This is Namah from Allah, never from Allah. So it's a physical happiness, a spiritual happiness more than anything

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brothers and sisters. Our ego is not just about material. It is not just about food and drink. It is primarily about here what we feel an elevation in the amount. So the happiness is from that Allah gave us Ramadan. And now we have eight a day of qualifying a day of celebrating a day of rejoicing and happiness, that we went through that, that we went through that so and the second happiness, for that fasting person is when he or she meets his Lord Subhan Allah, Glory be to You Yeah, Allah, then he or she will be happy, happy with the fact that they had fasted. Because there is so much great reward, endless reward from Allah subhanaw taala as is mentioned, in the same Hadith that Allah

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rewards from himself from himself for the fasting, so I said they have no doubt of happiness and rejoicing.

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It is the day of though

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it is the day also of the What can I call it a pseudo life? sallallahu alayhi salam fe de sala de raha Muslim, Mary,

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Paul Salah said to learn to read that what to whom, three people that was never rejected from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Yeah, who are they Allah

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the ruler who is just

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well Muslim, and those who are oppressed.

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And the third

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let's assign him hanaa You're the fasting person until they break their fast so that includes breaking the fast every day in Ramadan, brothers and sisters, but it also includes when we stopped now, this is the day of fettle. Hey, Austin. This is a day of da da for accepting dwad to Allah that will not be rejected. So make lots of dough our brothers and sisters on this day as we celebrate Don't forget, don't forget, you know in the end brothers and sisters, let us go back to what was the mustard? The real purpose of the first of the month of Ramadan, Allah told us in the Quran Allah Allah conduct Hakuna was to develop this stuff wa and in the middle of the of the fasting of Ramadan

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Allah what I mentioned very significant is that every word is significant every literary significance of the Quran is it no brothers and sisters kaskel Allah, so Allah, Allah says, well either Salah kaiba the

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the fat in me Cory

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Oh, g Bo da da e that

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family yes that g Bulli well you mean ob LA I love home your shoe. If my slaves ask about me when the last word I use is my slaves it is that is a term of endearment yeah Allah accept us as your slaves yeah Allah we beseech you accept as all of us who are gathered as your slaves yeah Allah when my slaves ask about me. Then surely I am rarely near I answer the call follow up the one who is calling me

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are we calling him that they have to ah this is that closeness to Allah subhanho wa Taala Ramadan and fasting is for corb is to grow close to our Creator Allah subhanho wa Taala by me corrib I answer the call of the one who is calling foul yes that g Bulli so let them all the us all intern answer my call a last call. Yeah, well you mean ob and really show

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Believe in me, that Allah whom ye should own so perhaps they may be guided, guided, so closeness to Allah swag Allah was the objective.

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Our closeness in the fasting of remembering Allah in our sujood, growing close to Allah smart Allah, I hope and pray that we got some resemblance of that close now we feeling it in our hearts today, I pray and hope brothers and sisters, we need to feel that closeness to our Creator, because that was a purpose, the primary purpose of this fasting, let alone your shoe is something very significant in that the objective initially is to grow close to Allah subhanaw taala why alone your shoe, so that they may be guided rightly. The End isn't just this superficial closeness to Allah, it is how that is gonna reflect in our behavior. In the end, it is to mold the character it is to change our

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behavior to make ourselves better if we came out baked out of after Ramadan, the end. Yeah, very similar to when we went in. We need to really ask ourselves, all of us, what was the purpose of all that? I love him your shadow indicates that it is about reformation of us, because it will be the deeds that will be weighed up on the day, besides the deeds of fasting is did we behave according to our fast? Or did we do this have conflict? There was a fast and there was our wretched behavior. May Allah swatara save us from that. That's why the prophet SAW Selim says in a hadith which is reported by Imam Bukhari nice Hey,

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and this is how you could see prophets arson Allah the Almighty says men are Dolly were Legion fathers and to who bill herb. Whoever is an enemy to a friend of mine, Allah saying that I have declared war on that person. I have declared war and the war is not sensed in this world. It will come very quickly and swiftly as soon as a person dies. Don't be fooled to what we see in the world. Hence the Day of Judgment is a no button sisters to bring justice to to the calamities and the zoom and the wrongdoing that's going on.

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For us and to who will hurt that for us to reflect on is not to think I am the Olia and the will of Allah.

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Ya Allah has declared war on my enemies. It's for us to realize that I mustn't harm any other person. That's what we need to reflect on from that. Yeah, I mustn't harm other people about as

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well I'm not a carnauba Illa Avi, I have by layer may muster up to who LA and Allah swatara saying in the heavy, my slave doesn't grow near to me with anything more loved than that which I have made fun on him or her. So the first comes first. Yeah, no point going, leaving five Delhi Salas and therefore doing even tarawih prayer, because Ravi Sinha nawapa hasn't been mentioned yet in the Saudis. What I've made obligatory for him or her is the way to grow close to Allah smart Allah for Allah to love us. Yeah, and the other misunderstanding people think * me just for breath for right here includes a bad dad which affirmed but he includes our behavior towards our parents,

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towards our neighbors, parking harming people. It includes how we are with others. And the further includes staying away from backbiting, harming people, it is fun to stay away from those evils as well. So the way of growing close, and that's what I was saying. In the end, the closeness of Allah has consequences. And the consequences of this. My servants Yeah, don't grow near to me with something that I love more than what I've made obligatory on them. While ISIL Abby Yeah, takadanobaba been awfully hubba hubba and my servant continues to grow near to me

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with extra deeds when the wall fell. That's so nanawall all extra that we do. Brings us even more close to Allah smart Allah. So Allah says until I love him or her for either Bob to come to some olavi some old lady Yes, now Obi Wan basara Halevy Yoda said Obi Wan y yeah the whole Lottie Yabba tissue be her What is the hula t young she her

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Weller in salani Tiana violin villainy is the as Annie

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A lot we are even.

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So, the Hadees cries on Allah says,

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one I love my slave him or her then I become the hearing with which he or she hears, then I become the site with which he or she sees. This is Allah guiding their slave is slave.

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Yeah, it's about behavior, isn't it? The airs about behavior, what you listen to is about behavior, what you look at, yeah, then I become the hand with which he holds a strike, then I become the foot with which he walks, whether he or she walks towards God, or towards evil. So if Allah is becoming that, then Allah is guiding this slave who's become close to Allah consequences of closest to Allah, his effect on behavior. And surely if he or she asked me for anything while I in salani, I will definitely grant him or her it. Allah saying he's promised, and if he or she asked, forget refugium me and my protection, I will surely granted May Allah subhanaw taala MC, Americans from those and

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makers of those who strive towards those that he loves, because if Allah loves us, we have nothing to fear about. May Allah make us of those are finally finished with a couple of things brothers and sisters. COVID has disappeared. So my I urge you to celebrate eighth with the COVID rules in place. Yeah, I know people become emotional and we want daily to cuddle and embrace each other. If any day this is the day but please resist and follow the rules and the guidance because we don't want to be seen as a community because of that we've actually spread the virus again. And you know, there's a lot of Islamophobia in society nowadays. So don't give the more opportunity. Yeah, there was enough

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said about Christmas. We don't we never said about eight that the Muslims spread the Indian variant that's arrived on our shores now May Allah protect us from that llama Amin. Finally, do not forget as we make out to us, our brothers and sisters, that the Hadees I mentioned on purpose the three peoples whose was not rejected and one of them was the maloom.

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And in another heavy if the press the month loom, yeah, there is no barrier between them and that war to the Creator, Allah subhanaw taala. It goes swiftly straight through him. But don't be fooled by what you see. Because when you see believers being slaughtered, they are being taken a Shahada by Allah we pray that they are going to show how the Yeah, because just because it doesn't come immediately, then you can't see visible judgment. Don't think that Allah is not aware and seeing everything and the judgment will not come it will come remember we believe in the world to come as well. Yeah, which is everlasting. So remember, our brothers and sisters who are oppressed in

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Palestine, in Palestine, from the wretched oppresses nothing to do with religion, wretched oppressors, land occupiers, yeah. Or whether it's in Kashmir or whether it is in China or whether it is in Burma or anywhere in the world. Wherever not just Muslims wherever people are being wronged are oppressed we stand with them do we not brothers and sisters and they are in other words, they are less What? Give them Southern mela swag. Give them victory. mela Rada give them relief.

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That's the least we can do. Baraka low FICO eight on side on wakulla one to be hide the Kabbalah home in our income. Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.com.