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AI: Summary © The Day of Judgment is a powerful reflection of the horrors of the day, where individuals will be held accountable for their actions and incite justice. The shin seeker is a symbol for wealth and wealth, and the symbol of wealth is a symbol for the price of a cow or a cow's value. The segment discusses the legal consequence of taking a baby and the associated legal liability, as well as the importance of the Holy Spirit and its power in protecting people from evil behavior. The speakers emphasize the need for people to recognize the holy spirit and its impact on their lives, and discuss the use of shaming and projection in media and political media to depict Islam. The title of the Day of Judgment is used as a way to explain the concept of the "will of Islam" and how humans can make decisions.
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aminos salat wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was so happy.

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So, yesterday we started we started to queer and we said, assaulted to queer

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starts with the horrors of the Day of Judgment, a description of the Day of Judgment is such a profound description of the horrors of the Day of Judgment and what happens there. So we'll just go over it over that again briefly, because it helps set the tone for the rest of the soul. So,

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it will demonstrate on our gyms metal handle, either shim Sukkot we are not in a shim Sukkot we are at when the sun is put out. Cool, we are not in the Arabic language we're gonna take a little bit today, maybe a little bit more of a linguistic approach to the meanings here the shin suku we are not who we are, is a verb comes from Quran Quran means

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a sphere or a ball. So, what will happen the sun will be wrapped

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sounds like sun will be wrapped and thus put out and again the moon as well as another narrations that came from the prophets I so love the sun and the moon will be wrapped in the will be thrown in the hellfire.

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So they will be gone.

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Well, then Mojo monka dot

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and the meaning general meaning and if the or when the stars are blown away and removed.

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That's the general meaning but the linguistic has specific meaning credit in Kedah basically comes from Cadabra cada and Arabic language is when you have clear water and you make it more murky and shady. That's what kind of is impurity. So, basically

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what will happen to the

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to the to the stars, they will change the light will not be as bright as it used to be all of that will be removed. So, basically they will lose they won't be in the shape that we know them today they will change or either jiba loose a year rot and if the mountains are removed and blown away.

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develops a year or two basically made to move either removed completely or will be made made to move quickly they will be blown like thrown away like like the wind like dust in the wind. Okay, that's what Allah Subhana Allah says, for example, waste alone organic zhiban faculty and staff who have been thus far they ask you about the mountains say Allah will blow them away, that will be blown away.

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And what algae Bella, Cebu Raja Middleton we're here at a more Roma rasa hab and you look at the mountains you they seem to be fixed, they seem to be stable, but they're actually the running, they've been blown at the speed of

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the clouds. So regardless whether this verse has to do with the day of judgment or not, there's a dispute among the scholars but still applies to the Day of Judgment.

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What either a shadow play that basically that means the sheep, camels, the pregnant sheep, camels will not give birth or will be left people will turn away from them. This is symbolic, in the sense because the wealth of the Arabs was mainly what sheep, someone is navigating, like here. Okay.

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So sheep, camels and business, that's all the add. So Allah Smetana mentioned the symbol, one of the symbols of wealth, and a wealthy person who had camels that would actually look after their camels carefully. Like if they had a sheet camel that was pregnant, they would give it extra care. But why because that baby is extremely precious. It's worth a lot of money. It's worth a lot of money. So basically, people look after the welfare, look after the money, people are busy. Today, if we were to translate this into this world, basically, it means commute to work, we'll stop, there'll be no commute to work, shops will not be open, people will not pursue their business and the work it has a

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similar effect. So people will not be doing pursuing their own daily business.

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What either will hold your house yachts, and when the animals all of them, beasts, all types of animals will even be resurrected and brought on the Day of Judgment. Why? Because even they will be held accountable, and incense justice will be brought to them. Allah subhanaw taala or the Prophet SAW Selim says in an authentic hadith

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that everyone will be given the right on the day of judgment and the officer says in Hola Hola, tous so

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they after Soo

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Min and

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Do you think I

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am in a natural corner that Allah subhanaw taala will even give the right to a sheep that was hit by another horny sheep, for sheep has warned and it goes and hits another one, Allah will give that one, its weight on the Day of Judgment. So that shows you that there is absolute justice on the Day of Judgment whose ultimate justice, everyone is going to get the right way they will be held on. So Jonathan, if the oceans are set on fire.

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So these oceans that we know will turn into fire

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will turn into fire. What either no force is a widget and when people will be resurrected and will be

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crowded in pairs. Basically,

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people have Jannah and people of paradise that will put in place so the pairs will be these two types, people who will be successful on the day of judgment and people who will lose on the Day of Judgment, well, either in order to show either to be a good them, or to that and when you know, some

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at that time in the world, not only in the Arab world, generally speaking in the world, people obviously valued

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baby boys more than girls. So when they had a baby girl, they would bury it alive, they would bury the baby or life. And this was a general practice in the world. Why? Because people lived a life of poverty and lack, and adding one member into the family was such a big strain on the breadwinner on the Father. And they would usually Oh, always wished to have a baby boy, because a baby boy usually would go to the market would work, even from a young age children. Now what we call child or child labor today, which is illegal, that was the norm in those days. And

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actually, you know, taking the kids out, I wouldn't say kids, but taking a child when they're around 1213, when they reach puberty, they actually become an adult, they become an adult forget about the legal definition of what the child means. But generally speaking, throughout human history, when a person reached puberty, they were considered to be an adult. So they actually contributed to the house, they provided for the house, they went to work, they started to learn a trade and so on and so forth.

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so when people had gills, that would see that as a burden as an extra cost. Also a liability because in tribal societies, were those tribal societies, I don't mean tribes only. But there was a lot of war for fair, there was a lot of attacks from one nation against the other. And usually women would be taken girls would be taken as concubines, they will be taken as slaves as well. And that would really disgrace the the family or the tribe or the nation where they came from. So people didn't want to deal with all of that. So this, they said, there's just, you know, get rid of hair. And, you know, we sort of get rid of the whole implications that could could happen afterwards. Now, we might

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think, Oh, we are a civilized world today. But the numbers are shocking as to how many babies are found. Newborn babies are found in the streets,

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found in trash containers, they found in sewage.

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drains, they found in the streets, sometimes they found in corners, they found in different parts. I don't know not only the undeveloped world, even in the Western world, there's a lot even I believe in one of the one city in the US I was I just saw a video of a couple of weeks ago, where they actually they had these sort of deposit boxes that if you want to get rid of a child, you can do that without any legal implications.

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Why? Because the numbers were shocking of babies found in the streets, they said, let's give these babies a chance. So we're going to waive that kind of legal liability. So you can anonymously just gonna, you know, put the baby in that box and at least the baby will be checked on. There are police patrols that keep checking on that social workers.

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They make sure that the baby's taking care of the Tegan foster home, etc. So, so this is happening everywhere. And what about abortion as well.

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There's a lot of you know, relationships outside the wedlock boyfriend, girlfriend, prostitution, a lot of this is happening and a lot of females get pregnant how many teenage girls in schools get pregnant?

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The what they call the phenomena of baby mama right? Baby Mama she's 12 years old that she's pregnant. She's in school and she's pregnant. One of her boys, a boyfriend in school. One of the others too.

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In this call, what do they do?

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Oftentimes they go to abortion clinics to get an abortion and you're killing a saw. Specifically if after, if this happens after four months of pregnancy, this is definitely a murder. Because the soul is blown into the baby four months, 120 days after.

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After the creation, the first creation of the baby of a fetus 220 days into the pregnancy, it's a human being, it's a soul. And when you perform or when you make an abortion,

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it's a murder. It is definitely a murder. It's considered in Islam a murder, you've killed a human being.

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So, so let's not think of of our times as so civilized. So civilized, by the way, it's a tendency among humans, every nation every usually, every time they think they are, the more civilized, it's a, it's a blind spot in our perception and our understanding

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what either sort of financial watch, and when the records of deeds will be given distributed to people, so everyone is going to receive their records, you will receive a copy of your life documented, you will have it, you will give it to you, either in your right hand, or your left hand. That's what's gonna happen on the day of judgments.

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And it will show everything so when the

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people who don't really help I, when they look at the records will be in the left hand. So they say Maddie, how that good tabula rasa Yatta. And voila can be written in LA. So what is it with this book, it doesn't leave anything unrecorded,

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everything small or big, tiny, hidden. It's all written. It's all written.

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Even specifically, straight away will always think I know.

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We think about external actions, right?

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We think about external action straight away.

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But do you know there is something we do more than our external actions?

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What's going on in our hearts? How much envy we have, how much hate we have, how many bad intentions

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how many evil thoughts we have. This is running at like Lightspeed

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at lightspeed, so we do much more inside than we do outside. And what we do outside is filtered,

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is filtered.

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These deeds in our hearts are going to be recorded and you're going to see them Allah Samantha says, Well, how slayed MF is to do it, right? And what's in the chests will be brought out on the day of judgment that's going to be brought out.

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So, and people as we said, who are destined to Jannah will receive their records in the right hand, those who are destined to the alpha will receive it in the left hand was not going to be like this because I receive it from behind their backs. So they will receive it like this.

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Their hand is back as well. Allah Subhan Allah says, Well, I'm an oto Kitab Yahuwah Allah hurry, and other vessels Medina says, Woman OTFT turbo Mishima Lee. So both are correct the left hand and from behind their back, more disgrace more pain

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what either summer or cushy applets and when the heavens or the skies will be removed, but crack and will be removed. What either Jehovah God and the Hellfire is

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is lit.

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And basically it's fire is increased. Its heat is increased, it's getting ready. And I think I mentioned that when I was talking about

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sort of another that the Prophet SAW Allah and he was salam said, Yo yo, multi MTB Johanna, Lucha Verona and fuzzy man. I luckily Lizzie mom and Sabrina AlFalah Cujo, Rona where he is older or Muslim. On the Day of Judgment Jahannam will be brought, it has 70,000 handles

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to be carried from

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each handle is carried by 70,000 Angels.

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How many angels in total

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49,000,000,040 9 billion angels. How big is an angel? The prophets of salaam said for someone on their horse to cross the distance

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from one tip of the shoulder of an angel to the other tip, opposite tip of the shoulder is one year on the horse.

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That's one angel

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14 9 billion angels will be carrying the Hellfire

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on the Hellfire sees that people have violated the rights of Allah. People will live

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negligent of Allah people have violated the rights of human beings. Allah says the caribou Tamiya zoom in Al Qaeda it's, it's about to get out of its place to go and catch these people.

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So what either

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either agenda to Oslo, and Paradise is brought near

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paradise is brought near to the people who will enter it. What was the fatal janitorial mortality and available aid? As in solid awfulness? Allah Subhan Allah says Jana has been brought close for the Mk 13. For the pious ones, not far not far from them, it will mean it will be made easy for them to enter it. At the middle of summer, every soul knows at that time for sure what it has brought when it has brought forth

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what have you done in that in life in this present dunya life, you will know it. You can't say Oh, I didn't do that.

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Like you can't lie. You can't fake things that why? Because Allah Subhan Allah says in the Quran, Nana stands Homa contenttype manual, we use two copies to make a perfect complete copy of what you used to do. So your life will be played in front of you. All of it, you're going to see it, it will be more evident than anything else. You can't deny it.

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It madness some wallets.

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The prophets Allah mentions in one Hadith

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that people when they are brought before Allah subhanaw taala think is you know your records not going to just going to be your record. That's the first step. Second step, you will have you will be made to stand before Allah subhanaw taala you will be made to stand before Allah subhanaw taala and on that day, everyone recognizes the greatness of Allah. You can't like be heedless of Allah because you can't see him. There. It's so evident. You know, you recognize the greatness of Allah, you recognize it, and you will be made to stand before Allah Subhanallah the prophets of salaam says that people the gentleman, Allah will ask them about what they have done this, that this that one,

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everything on the record, Allah will ask you about it, everything.

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So the prophecy says,

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fire do what virtually minute hire in Allah zoologia So a person feels so shy in front of Allah because of how much they have violated the rights of Allah to the point that the skin on the face will start melting out of shyness.

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So it's a it's a difficult day. Allah says, for that he can Yama even Yeoman Asad al Katharina UBCO. That day is a D that is going to be difficult, really difficult. It's not going to be easy. It's going to be extra difficult for people who have disbelieved in Allah. So

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then now Allah subhanaw taala says

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fella oxy mobile honus Allen Jr incanus

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will need either as I saw some hate you that and a fuss last month, Anna says Allah makes her a lot swears by

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the planets and the celestial bodies that he created. Basically, Allah is pointing to pointing our attention or directing our attention to his magnificent creation. Law says by the planets that I have created, that every each one is in its own orbit running according to the system that Allah designed for it. For that oximeter will will honus energywire il Kunis

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and these are basically the,

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again, a description of the of the, of the planets. And you see what the translator says.

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So I do swear by the receding stars, and basically, he's talking about one aspect of a wholeness and wholeness. Allah describes Hello, I use the same word or the same route to describe shape on 100 s right? And you said it was worse. 100 Allah describes the

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the planets, you're using the same route and wholeness. Why? Because celestial bodies, they don't appear in front of us all the time. They have times whether there are they appear times where they disappeared, right? They're not visible to us, in the sphere that we are on in this world. So so Allah shows that the age that sorry, the planets and the celestial bodies, all of them are moving their own orbits according to their own system. So Allah is this squaring by that to draw attention that what you the natural phenomena you guys see. I put that in place and you should reflect on it and see how great and magnificent it is.

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is so that you can reflect on the mind and power of Allah subhanaw taala and Joanne Kunis

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he describes it here as witch travel and hide again. So it's more of an elaboration on the same meaning. And the night as it falls will Lili either as one lady either as ice.

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Ice Ice means has come. So sort of the night comes, the night comes. So Allah describes, and this is something it's one of the,

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the, the distinct features on the Quran. Allah describes some of the natural phenomena and some of some of the inanimate objects, inanimate objects, basically things that don't seem to have life like a wall, a house, son, Allah describes them as living creatures, they have a life of their own. And that's a strong opinion among the scholars that actually, what we deem as inanimate objects, like table has a life of its own.

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It has a life of its own, we might not see its reaction. We might not see how it responds, but it has has a life of its own. For example, in Surah Alkaff Allah subhanaw taala says, For what if he had you darlin you read to a young above a farmer and they mo Salah Salem Harbor,

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they came to the town and they saw a wall that was about to fall.

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You read to Allah describes it, if I were to translate literally, they found a world they saw a wall that wanted to fall that wanted to follow Allah is quoted as wanted you redo onion Kochba.

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some of the scholars say these objects have a life of their own. And that's true by the way, those two things have a life of their own as the last one of us grabs your image, Shane, Ill you said behind him, we're looking at a hornet's nest behind there's nothing except that it celebrates the glory of Allah. But you guys do not understand it, you guys do not know it, you cannot understand the language.

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So things have a life of their own. Even though in science, like recently, the last thing the last 10 years, they've been studying plants. And the the actually, it's interesting how they have a plant and where the plant is they hang a label on it. And as absurd as this may seem to be, they put

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like cussing, not cussing words on the plant

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something bad, let's say something really bad. And the other plant, they put actually a positive notes like you are beautiful. And they noticed, actually, the plants grow differently, and they respond differently to words put on them. I know this sounds man, that's like science fiction. It's happening it's there in science, even water as well. Water putting out an a container, which has a positive note actually has different feedstocks to develop different features than than water that is put in a pot that has a negative knock on it. So things have a life of their own. We don't know when we're at Terminal enemy. And luckily we've been given very little, the knowledge you've been

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given is very little. So Allah subhanaw taala is swearing by the by the night when it comes so the night is described as it has a life of its own that it comes even the prophets of Solomon he was talking about when to break off when to open our fast he says either up to Bella, the advanta haram in Hoonah, who asked Bella lado in Hoonah Africa after Aslan, the Prophet says if the if the day goes from here runs away from here escapes from here, which is the West. And the night comes from there approach is the person who describes it as comes that it has a will have its own volition of its own. So it comes about from the east, then that's the time the fasting person opens their first.

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So we'll either assess when the night comes was so bad at that and a fuss.

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So that's NFS

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Basically it's enough for us to breathe,

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benefits to breathe, but the general meaning here when the when the day comes and the day

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starts on the day approaches when this when the day starts to spread it's light. But the word enough first means to breathe. It means to breathe was so big at first, and it shows there's a strong connection between life and breathing. And between, you know, the activities that we do in life and so on so forth.

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I see the translator I'm reading as I said previously from the clear Quran by Dr. Mustafa. It's a very good translation of the meanings. It's come out with the last one

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probably four or five years and he's done really good job. So it's something I recommend and I find it really relevant and it's very easy for non Muslims and Muslims who are not really don't have good education in their religion. It's quite easy accessible. So it's quite a very good piece of work Mashallah. It's Dr. Mustafa Baba and I think he's the Imam of Anatolia, Masjid. Right.

00:25:25--> 00:25:29

And he's a graduate from Lazada he's a very much Allah. He's a very educated person.

00:25:31--> 00:25:35

Yes, this is the manga. He's from Egypt share his furniture.

00:25:39--> 00:25:39

So yeah.

00:25:41--> 00:26:29

swept by the receding stars which travel and hide and the night as it falls and the day as it breaks. That's as he translates the basic meaning. Indeed, in the Hula, hula schooling, Kareem indeed this Quran, or this book that you have is the word of God is the word of Allah is the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala in hola hola Rasool in Karine. It is, it is a statement brought from a Noble Messenger which is Gibreel brought from ALLAH SubhanA wa it's Allah who spoke it Allah spoke the Quran. Last spoke the Quran and the words of Allah have divine nature of divine nature. So in our Rasool in Karim, the OH WHAT IN endocrinology McKeon He has power this angel, this noble angel has

00:26:29--> 00:26:48

power and honor with the Lord of the Throne with Allah subhanaw taala Mata anthem, Amin he's obeyed there in heaven is obeyed by the angels because he's the leader of the angels. them I mean, and he is also trustworthy. He is trustworthy, Allah has entrusted him with the message of the revelation of the Quran.

00:26:51--> 00:26:54

So Allah subhanaw taala here is proving to the people of

00:26:55--> 00:27:03

an emphasizing to everyone especially the people in Mecca at that time, who disbelieved because they thought Muhammad took the Quran from the People of the Scripture.

00:27:05--> 00:27:12

on a Saturday morning, they said these are the books and the legends of the early nations. He took them from their

00:27:14--> 00:27:35

local minima, your Alamo, Basha, and they said there is a man who is teaching him, they were referring to a man who actually studied Judaism and Christianity, but Allah Subhan Allah is saying, know what Mohammed came to you with is from Allah subhanaw taala and it came through the messenger debri and he his salah, so that's the chain of narration from Allah to Gibreel to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:27:38--> 00:27:39

Then Allah

00:27:41--> 00:28:01

repels some of the accusations against the profit side. So let me say is one outside he will come and be my Junoon. And your friend, basically Mohamed Salah Lauricella is not insane. He's not out of his mind. He's not crazy, because this is one of the accusations they attend to Muhammad is why one day they brought to him a man

00:28:05--> 00:28:11

and this man from from, from St. Lucia as Shadow this tribe called as do shanwa.

00:28:12--> 00:28:29

He this man used to treat people from the spirits. So he used to do exorcism. I don't know what exorcism looked at that time. But he used to treat people against evil spirits, according to them. So they brought him to Muhammad salallahu Salam and he came to the provinces and he said

00:28:31--> 00:28:36

in the team in how they react, he says I treat people from these evil spirits.

00:28:38--> 00:28:57

So if you want for I can, I can I can, like see what you have. I can check out what you have. I can make a diagnosis. The prophets Allah says in the home that he learned from Idaho in a state you know and stuff like that, although we live in surely unfortunately, I was a Yeah, Molina and he says La ilaha illallah wa had the whole luxury color.

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Wash. I don't know why don't actually color wash. I don't know Muhammad Abdul Rasulo. So the man says in the huddlecam Laolu Hello, hello, Acharya. He says this state this thing is not set by these people. Is Lisa B Columbia. Bucha. He says this is just the words of human beings. So the problem caused him to Allah and the man becomes a Muslim man becomes a Muslim why? Because he's a wise man. He is always man. So Allah subhanaw taala is saying what Masahiko can be Nigerian and your friend. Mohamed Salah Salam is not your fellow.

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Fellow is your fellow man is not insane.

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Well, AccuDraw who will offer Colombian woman who had a lovely baby born in and he did see that angel on the clear horizon.

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

So the Prophet SAW Salem surgery center that's when he first came to him. That's when he first came to him are also licensed. Medical consider

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well consider of how many angels Gibreel had

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how many wings

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600? Yes, 600 Allah who said to me, said to me at Jana and set them up, he has blocked the whole horizon. So the problem soldier breed in his original shape in his original shape Balabhadra who will overcome mobian One who had an ABB Bonnin. And basically, Mohamed Salah is not someone who lies about the unseen world, he doesn't basically say something he doesn't have knowledge about.

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Well now where we publish a fundamental gem, and these are not the words of Shavon there's not the words of a devil, because some of the people in Medicare they actually accused the prophets of salaam that he was a sorcerer that he used to deal with Shavon imagine people of Makkah accusing the prophets of salaam of dealing with Chapin,

00:31:05--> 00:31:08

of dealing with Japan. And by the way, this is always

00:31:09--> 00:31:13

a strategy that is used by people against

00:31:14--> 00:31:26

their opponents, they will, they will always project what they have on their opponents, they will project what they have on their opponents. And that's actually helpful in personal relationships.

00:31:27--> 00:31:29

If you are an honest person and someone calls you a liar,

00:31:31--> 00:32:12

that's a good reason for you to actually, you might want to see if he's alive, and usually narcissistic people, you know, accuse others of being narcissistic, and full of ego and so on and so forth. So this is a human tendency, we tend to project our disease on other people, generally speaking, and that's called projection. So that's what they do with the prophets. I send them even one day the problem for a couple of days the problem wasn't feeling well so he was at home. Then when he gets a little bit better, he goes out. So one woman and probably she was the wife of Abuja, she says, Hola, Anisha Barna, che ba Naka, Taka,

00:32:13--> 00:32:19

I, it seems that your Chopin has left you who has given up on you? That's what she says to the prophets of Allah. And

00:32:20--> 00:32:29

so they they literally and this is why this they control the masses. And today, what do they how do they depict Islam, some, some media outlets,

00:32:30--> 00:32:52

terrorists, right, savages backward, etc. And they try to blow these out of, you know, in every nation, you're gonna find people who are unethical, you're gonna find people who are uneducated people who are not civilized people who are violent and extreme in every nation. But when you highlight the small percentage of a Muslim population regardless,

00:32:53--> 00:32:59

and blow it out of proportion, it becomes a matter of perception. When people see this,

00:33:00--> 00:33:37

then they think all Muslims are like this. And it's an emotional impression. It's hard to really repel only with mere information. When you just say, Oh, that's not true. By the way, that's not enough. Really, it doesn't, because people are getting a lot of animation. They're seeing images, they're hearing accounts, and it's happening over years and years, and it's an indoctrination. It's brainwashing so it's extremely difficult to change with the mere information. It requires much more requires much more. So the Prophet Islam was accused of of all of these on the last Masada is actually answering these. Then Allah says for a knitted one, what are you going? What do you think

00:33:37--> 00:33:48

you've got linked with all of this? For a letter? They're born in Hawaii, they call me dementia, I mean coma yesterday. What matters Your Honor, insha. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah when I read the translation of the meanings,

00:33:49--> 00:34:03

and he does not withhold what is revealed to him of the unseen. And this Quran is not the word of an outcast devil. So what other path would you take? Where are you going to? Where are you heading to?

00:34:05--> 00:34:51

Surely this Quran is only a reminder to the whole world, to whoever Have you wills to take the straight way, but you cannot, will to do so except by the will of Allah the Lord of all the wells, the Lord of All the Worlds so Allah Sangha started the Salah by talking about the horrors of the Day of Judgment, explaining them in some sort of detail. There's a lot of imagery, they're very powerful symbols and figures and imagery. And then Allah subhanaw taala talks about the authenticity of the message of the Quran, the authenticity of the message of the Quran, and by the way, the Allah's mantra and the Quran proves the authenticity and the truth about the Quran, not only through

00:34:51--> 00:34:53

scientific and logical means.

00:34:55--> 00:34:56


00:34:57--> 00:34:59

Allah oftentimes in the Quran appeals to

00:35:00--> 00:35:27

The football, to the Torah, the football, because that description of the Hereafter resonates with people. It resonates. And if someone is honest with themselves, talking about the Day of Judgment, talking about the horrors of the Day of Judgment, talking about being held accountable, talking about this life not being the only life you're gonna live, talking about a deeper meaning in life, all of this resonates. So Allah Subhan Allah awaken the fitrah then he brings in the argument of,

00:35:28--> 00:35:52

of the, of the of the Quran, the authenticity, authenticity of the Quran, because if you're, if you were to speak to, to an atheist today are agnostic today and say, well, the Quran is the truth, it was revealed from Allah subhanaw taala to Jinri, Gibreel Jibreel, the angel Jibreel. And Gibreel is honest, he's I mean, he's the trustworthy of ideas of the people in heaven.

00:35:53--> 00:36:30

And then it was revealed to Mohammed the most trustworthy, I mean, is that going to appeal to that person? It doesn't make sense to them. Because they already deny these facts, they already deny these facts, so it doesn't resonate doesn't make sense to them. So Allah Subhan, Allah does not straight away address or deal with logical points, Allah creates a context. So Allah appeals to the fatwa. And this is something very important that probably we can utilize. In dealing with non Muslims, people who are interested in Islam, people who seem to be against Islam, people who are actually agnostic, or atheist, or reject the whole concept of faith and religion. Because

00:36:30--> 00:36:42

oftentimes, we try to prove to them scientifically, or intellectually or philosophically, that there must be religion. And although this argument might be compelling, but they just, it doesn't register with him.

00:36:43--> 00:36:54

It doesn't register with them, because they don't agree with the premise in the first place. So why don't we approach them as human beings, we have many facets of the human beings not now we're approaching the intellectual.

00:36:56--> 00:37:01

The intellect, it's the intellect, intellectual part of who they are. But humans are emotional.

00:37:02--> 00:37:20

Humans also have spiritual sight to them. People need to find meaning in their life, they need to live for something bigger than themselves. People need to people have an emotional side to them, people have a fitrah side of them, they already know the truth. In a subtle way, if we can, sort of,

00:37:22--> 00:38:03

you know, take all that wake it up, scratched the surface of it, you might actually change the opinion of that person. Because you will, you will find what seems to be a logical argument by a lot of wealthy atheist is usually has emotional basis, there's usually trauma behind it. The US usually some social issue behind it is usually something from their childhood. That is usually something practical, okay, they can't get unless. So humans find ways to rationalize. So the same way when we give them data and advise them, we also should recognize that human being is made of so many facets. Don't speak to one side of who they are, speak to a holistic human being. Try to, and that's where

00:38:03--> 00:38:38

you find the Quran. Allah sometimes casts fear, sometimes he speaks with love and mercy. Sometimes he mentions logical points, sometimes he talks about the creation. And sometimes he talks about calamities. This way, you will find sometimes people they have the other have faith crisis, or they have an awakening when someone close to them dies, they start now seriously thinking, Oh, maybe there is life after death. What is your logic? You know that it was standing on an emotional Foundation? And when that emotional foundation, you know, got destabilized. There is no logic. There's no rationale there. Right?

00:38:39--> 00:38:58

So they start thinking, Oh, maybe there's a life after death, death, maybe there's a creator maybe there is paradise in hellfire. So it's a good example, in Surah Taquile of Allah's Montana presents, he didn't start the surah addressing the accusations of the people of orange No, he starts with a context about the Cree about this universe, and then about

00:38:59--> 00:39:24

basically the hereafter the Day of Judgment, the horrors that this might resonate with them and awaken something in their in their fitrah and this will hopefully give a gateway into their mind to start thinking about what Allah's Montana is sharing with them so we'll stop here and a few minutes left also make dua and these are the last few nights try to make the best use of them deserve your attention. So long so the missus I'm gonna do it. I'm so happy he was.

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