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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of removing debts and impurities from one's bodies and the use of oils in different materials. They stress the need to be cautious when entering public baths and remind listeners to remind them of the heat of their body. The segment also touches on the concept of "will" and its use to create experiences, including shaving and painting. The speakers stress the importance of shaving and painting for calming and peace, and explain the meaning behind the meaning of words and their use to stimulate thoughts. They also discuss distractions and the use of words to stimulate one's thoughts and feelings, and stress the need to deal with them in order to attain success.
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hamdulillah Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was heavy Jemaine obado Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome to our sixth session in the series wrote the Ramadan series, we titled The path, which is a commentary on a beautiful book by an imam even more damning this year hammer Allah who had his book, which is an abridgment of men agile classes in Mata salamin head, of course,

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we are dealing with the

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first quarter or section of the book, which is on worship.

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And he started speaking about knowledge. And then he started speaking here about Behala purification and its secrets and Salah and relevant relevant matters.

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So, last session we were dealing with, he was dealing with the concept of purity, and he was emphasizing purity of the heart.

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And that it's a higher goal, the ultimate goal.

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And he criticized or called out people who emphasize physical purity and go to extremes with it, while ignoring completely overlooking the inner purity of our heart and the inner dimension. So we reached a point here, where he says when that is edited for the Latifa, you know, as to removing

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waste, or impurities, then it's two types.

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And no one will succumb to that calorie estimate. In other words, if you were done face to habit, and we've all been obviously, we're told God, what did he need, isn't it a shot, okay, that he can manage to fill only when am female was refused to do is enter to. So the first type, these are debts normal, you know, accumulation of dirt, and maybe wax, he says that is sometimes you know,

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is accumulates on the head in the hair, it could be dirt could be oil.

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So it's, it's recommended that you actually remove it by washing. And by combing. And by using oils in different materials in order to remove that.

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And also,

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you know, the kind of wax and substances that might accumulate or might be

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produced in the ear, or by the nose, all of these debts, they should be removed.

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We used to have Bucha So while my mother only my mother truly is Ella Tina, and as nanny Woodley Sani miracle,

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okay, rally Casa full Balaji me we're done and let the Estemirova Jimmy, then garage Hill out of a robotic Park, where they can't use eel who Allison Olson is saying It's also recommended to use the miswak to brush your teeth. And to rinse your mouth to remove whatever, like, you know, that whatever, like

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stuff starts accumulating on your tongue on your teeth, on your gum, probably. And also cleaning and rubbing, you know, the

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areas where you skin folds, like where there are, for example, the knuckles here, or bigger ones, maybe under the arm and armpit. Or some people who are a little bit overweight, you'll find there are areas in the body where the skin folds in and, you know, dirt, sweat, etcetera tends to accumulate. So he's saying these should be removed should be washed. Especially you know, this sweat when it mixes as well with dust etc. And he says this is done by washing or rinsing. Whatever said with the whole himanta In now available, Phil is and he says there's nothing wrong with entering these public or Turkish paths, sorry, Turkish Turkish baths.

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Which, again, they were very they were known and they're known in the West more like to a Turkish bath. But they were just called him mom and her mom at that time. These are these public baths

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where again, hot water is available. So

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facilities or facility.

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Because it's actually he says, it's there's nothing wrong with, you know, using these public baths because they're actually the more helpful in removing, you know, the dirt and purifying the body. And he says some of the companions of the Prophet SAW, so let me use these public baths. He's saying, but when you enter these places, it's very important to be cautious and to make sure that your our does not get exposed, and it's not touched by another person. And he's saying, also, when you enter these public baths again, there is hot water there, you should take a reminder, they should remind you of the heat of the Hellfire. So when a leader he really he and his other Calabi

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Herati had one now he's just saying, take a lesson from every, every incident in your life, every situation taken lesson. So your attention is always your thought is always gravitating to the hereafter, any kind of even remote reminder about something in the hereafter. It awakens that aspect of the hereafter in your consciousness. So he's saying would you enter there just because there is hot water there there is heat there is steam. That should remind you of the heat of the of the health hellfire. For in difficult meaning that has to do with equalization in order duniya faith corabi Moral actual, he's saying because the awareness, the consciousness, the thought process of a

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Whatever it falls on in this dunya

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it should remind him of matters of the hereafter. Why? Because again, he gravitates to the hereafter, it's his main concern, the NL oliebollen mini emerald ash borer, because what dominates the consciousness the experience of a believer is the issue of the Aquila the next life. What could Luna in younger who will be Murphy, and every sort of container

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is going to bring out what's in it. So if what's in you is connection to the Afghan are concerned about the alpha. So whatever happens around remote is going to bring about you know, what's within us what? So what you remember, which you to think of in any situation is not only a function of your immediate environment, but the immediate environment interacts with what's in you to produce your experience. That's a profound point, by the way, like that's really a he puts in a very simple way but it's so profound, so deep, so insightful

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that you're not just a product of external reminders because external reminders don't just act on you what they do they interact with what is alive in you. And that's what you know, jumps up to your to your inner screen to the screen of your mind towards you thinking about

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and I totally would have definitely learned that in my Malton bazaars when a German woman never had econ or a little business or younger or ill Furoshiki I will fall she yet she is a middle teammates will hurt your Korean ball. Ilana stick it up when the job of Fidel will be no younger Elon is saying Don't you see that if

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a fabric person like a fabric merchant, someone who works with fabric with cloth pieces. bazaars is someone who sells cloth and sometimes Yeah, someone who sells cloth and carpenter and a builder.

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And a weaver, someone who makes fabric not this one who sells fabric but the one who makes the fabric manufactures the fabric.

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So he says you would see the merchant who sells fabric and cloth or clothes, he looks at the furniture. He looks at the furniture and the pieces of cloth. And he's assessing the value whether they're good quality, poor quality, etc. Why? Because that's what his life is about. That's his craft. That's what he's thinking about most of the time. So that's what it is attention goes in that house. Whereas the the weaver the one who makes the clothes makes the fabric or maybe probably hear how he's referring to probably a tailor. He says a tailor is going to look at people's clothes, what they're wearing, you know what type of clothing what type of tailoring is behind it etcetera. Will

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style whatever when when the job is done and the carpenter is going to look at the see

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Because ceilings were made of wood, like the bridges, the Joyce's, etc and all of that. So that's what he looks at, that's where he gravitates to well, but now, ill health and the the builder is looking at the walls and how they are constructed.

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So he's checking the construction, okay, they either don't matter won't matter, and then I'll do metal cover and he's saying such as the believer when he sees darkness.

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If he remembers the darkness of the grave, well, either somebody has assaulted how you enter the Coronavirus or stolen fee if he knows if he hears a sudden, strong sound that reminds them of the blowing of the horn to begin the day of judgment. And if he's without an amen to that color, now EMA agenda and if he sees

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a life of luxury or any kind of extravagance and easy life, this reminds him of the beauty of life in Jana. We're in Durban the corona, if he sees any kind of painful thing, this reminds him of the Hellfire where you crumble the whole hammer. So basically, what he's saying again, here is a beautiful thing is that

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he's just talking about imagine he's talking about cleaning oneself. And he was just mentioning that it's okay to use these public baths and benefit from them as long as you observe certain etiquettes and guidelines. But he's also emphasizing the share of your heart here, that it should be a reminder should always everything should be a reminder that reminds you of Allah and of the airflow. When you crawl the huddle, Hannah may vary by mineral gurobi ouabain and Aisha NFN walked into shell shell shell to anything it's disliked that you enter, it's not recommended that you enter these public public bath just before sunset, or between Maghrib and Isha. Just because this is the time when

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shell clean, you know, spread around. And we know this from a Hadith from the prophets of Allah Salam that this is the time

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where she up in and the jinn start spreading

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around Maghrib time and no Athenian is eligible for that. So he mentioned the first type of removing this physical dirt wax, purifying the body in that sense by removing these things.

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Is mentioning a second type here and notice anyone is eligible for that, at that 1/200. The second type of removing stuff or cleaning the body from stuff is trimming here saying for example, trimming your mustache,

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removing the or pulling the under arm or the armpit hair. Help Alana shaving the pure pubic hair person have offered trimming in your nail clipping your nails where you could own it for Shelby and it's disliked to pull out gray hair. We used to have a barber when it's encouraged that you actually color your hair dye your hair

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guava theme or article Kahala T FuelBand Molly cat William Juliet insalata saying the other types so he talked spoke about

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from last time we learned he identified four levels of purification. The very basic one is physical purification and that's what he spoke about. But then then there are higher levels three levels of purification he said these will be dealt with in another section of the book which talks about you know the things that destroy humans and things that save them in sha Montana. Then he moves on to another chapter in this section which is for salon fee for La La sala

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so this is a a chapter on the merits of the prayer

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when masala Tofana in Aberdeen, we're a world war two pilot

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saying as to the press Hello, it is the foundation, the pillar of the Dean religion and a water bottle that is the most beautiful

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it's the most beautiful and apparent aspect of of the

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of worship. So it's the most apparent authorize usually whatever is referred, you know the horse when it has it's the hair right at the front of the head of the horse. This is called the walker. Okay, because it's it's the first thing you see about about the horse it's quite it's representative it tells it gives an image and gives an impression

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Sure. So this is how the prayer is when it comes to acts of worship. What are the one of the few following the Sonata Barranca theological misura woman as a woman, woman, I'm an escena. I'm an absentee owner for short, is saying there are many narrations and statements about the merits of Salah famous iterations. And

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among the most beautiful of its etiquettes is who should and crucial is humility. Who show is

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is inner calm and peace centeredness

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connection to Allah that

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demonstrates itself

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on the physical dimension as

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stillness, quality peace

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and it's a pleasant there's a pleasant kind of

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that's what for sure it is. So it's in the heart the root of it. The essence of it is in the heart but it has reflections. What do we know it's mad at me I found the Allahu Anhu and in nebi Salah when you send them out now but Mammon Emery in the hablo salatu Oktoberfest you know, how sure I will go in the cannot get fell it in the malerkotla Hermina denote melamine it can be about 10 whether he can Dara Kula who this is collected by Iman Muslim from Kathmandu and finally Allah that Allah is messengers not Salam said

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if a man when the time of a, an obligatory, a written obligatory prayer comes about, so this person performs will do well for it. And the person prays it with cultural humility and

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performs it well physically. So perhaps I mentioned Rocco here he performs glucose Well, meaning all of the physical aspects of it as well are done properly. So all the levels of it,

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it becomes an expiation and it atones for his sins all of the previous or past sins as long as he does not commit a major sin and this is for good like forever this sins are forgiven it's not like they're going to come back it's not that like they're contingent. No that's going to do it will wipe the sense once and for all as long as again, major sins are are avoided. What if you had eaten Avon and NWSL salami now called masala Katene Illa you're ready to feed him and if so, what if your Allahu Mata dama mean then be

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okay and this authentic inauthentic it again from mathematical funnel, the Allahu anhu, that the messenger is almost

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I believe it's from Earth man, I believe so.

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The messengers, Salam said, Whoever prays to Raka and is not engaging in a dialogue during these two loci so completely present in these prayers.

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Then his past sins or her past sins will be forgiven. Pretty much same meaning but here it's any tool icon. What can I do liveness debatably Allah Who and Homer

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either committed somatic Anna who don't mean short.

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I'm the Lagna abbess Abdullah is about all the Allahu Anoma, the great companion. If he stood up in Salah he was he was like, a pillar, he was like

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a tree trunk. That's it like so still that he would not move. What can I used to do for 10 00 I love every letter Sabu, illegible

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and even birds used to land when he made to do with birds used to land on his back. Due to his stillness, it seems the birds thought that he was just a piece of wood

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was Yeoman Phil Hijri soldier had your own hedgerow cadet in further habit, we will be here for manufacturing. And one day he prayed in a hedger. hedger is this

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bow shape area right next to the cabin, which is already naturally part of the cabin. And it's you can pray in it inside it. She was praying there and

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a huge like shot stone from a catapult was

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passed by him and grabbed part of his ripped his is his garment his hope.

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And that did not even shake him or take his attention. You might ask you know in the cabinet and Macau What about Qatar Paul shot what's going on? That's when Hijjah

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In a set of seats around the cabinet around the vessel, how long when when Abdullah Ignis Dubai was actually there and then there was a whole issue about loads of aid, being declared Khalifa in Mecca

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during the beginning of the Obama years period and then

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a head judge went and set a siege around him. He came he broke into Makassar to siege around al Qaeda and eventually captured Abdullah admits about Alonso took shelter in the in the Masjid Al haram. So that was the incident there.

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Were called Motobu Mahan Morrow a to Muslim Abdullah Hassan MultiFit and V Salatin Otto

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well if I didn't have them, Aetna here two minute MST, DFFs sotd had the they had that year. We're in now levelness Did you recently FML tablets. So this is my mobile Mahan a great scholar. He was like one of the teachers of an Imam Malik. He said,

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I saw Muslim have no ASR. I never saw Muslim Assad looking around in his Salah he was so in it. And one day, part of the masjid collapsed like the ceiling collapsed. He was in the masjid. People rushed from the market because of the noise and the incident etcetera. He was in another side of the message which is essentially that time were not so big like they're small.

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He did not even distraction from his salah. He never even noticed that part of the masjid collapsed. What can I do at that different Masjid? It remains in second over either Camila salata more of a hippo and his family's household every time he entered the house, they would remain silent, out of respect, and they don't want to disturb him. But if he entered into salah they would start talking and chatting and laughing. Why? Because they knew that he would not even notice he was so absorbed in his Salah that he was completely oblivious to his surroundings. It's that level of absorption. What can I do when it hasn't only Allahu Allah Almighty that our boss for one

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particular whom I had and let the title candle Waldo call it a federal Boehner? The men who read one ha comb. This is Ali Evelyn Hesson, the grandson of aluminum Butalbital De La Hoya Jermaine.

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When whenever he was about whenever he was making Well, no, he would go pale. So

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he was asked what's what's this you know? What is that state you go in when you make a law? He says, Don't you don't you know, don't you realize who am going to stand in front of whose presence I'm going to stand in?

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Subhanallah there's just it makes us feel

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it uh, we're not you know, we're not we're not we're not praying as they used to pray last time. While I'm under a celestial cannon would you bet in Missoula Anna whoo hoo, I need you to wear the floss. Well, for sure. Well, hold on can be and he said no, that the Salah prayer, it has pillars and it has obligations that should be done and it has soon

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again recommendations.

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What will her and Nia and its spirit is the intention and the sincerity in it and the horseshoe.

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This humility tranquility and peace and also the presence of the heart this full presence that's the spirit of Salah for inner salata touched me earlier of caring woman adjutant

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one that I don't have all the layers so don't carry well manager because Salah contains you know remembrance, you're doing remembrance you making dua, you're reciting things and you're doing actions, you moving from one stance to the other

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and without the presence of the heart.

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And the point behind these remembrances and these and these kind of, of actions is not achieved because they are meant

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essentially for the presence of the heart for what's going on the experience in the heart. The analog got it LM Europe, MF a Bermuda, Canada Manzella Tina how they am saying because speech when you say something, if it's not a genuine expression of what is in your inside of you, what is in your heart, in your inner dementia, then it's more like hallucination.

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What can I collect from them and also the action

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To the point behind them, it has to be the presence of the heart. Without that without that spirit, the actions here he's saying the actions are empty, the energy that can show the middle of a hidden woman according to a salute a doula tell him, what am I a clinical boy Hold on, let me actually matured, he saying because the point and the purpose behind standing up in work in worship

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is actually to be in the service of Allah to be in the state of obedience to Allah and his humility before Allah and the point and the purpose behind the record. And sujood is this kind of humility before Allah glorification of his magnificence. And if the heart is not present, while performing these, these acts,

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then the purpose has not been fulfilled. The purpose behind these actions and these words is not been fulfilled. For England failure mythology and lawsuit Heba. Salatin Matty Belavia is saying because the action is performed, without the purpose of it in the first place, then it remains as an empty image that has no value

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by Allah to Allah Linien Allah Allahu Allah, Allah the mount of our lucky Ananda who took one in consorted Hajj, verse number 37, that reaches Allah when it comes to the slaughter the Hadith, the sacrifice that you make is not the flesh, it's not the meat. And it's not the blood that was spilled from these animals. But what reaches Allah is the Toccoa state of Taqwa that's in you.

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Well, not so do another one Sara il Allah subhanho wa taala. Who will was for Lady Stoller LLP Hector Hammond. adilyn identitarian a woman Marc Luber is saying the point here Well, the point we're trying to make is that we're really reaches Allah subhanaw taala

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is the state that dominates the heart, which should eventually lead to the performance of these actions that are required of you. So that's the process is that there's a state in the heart that is meant was supposed to be acquired and experienced and achieved, which gives rise to the action it drives the actions. That's the point this is how it should be.

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Labeled demonstrable a call before salah, so there is no escape, it's indispensable to have the presence full presence of the heart in the Salah. Well, I can somehow shut it off enough let him throw. But Allah subhanaw taala forgives, I can instant of distraction of losing your focus fine if it happens, occasionally, but it's not like it should not be easy. This should not be like the

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dominant state where you're just distracted most of the time. And then the exception is that your heart is present. So Allah so distraction or not having this spirit of Salah and the state of the heart should be an anomaly like a rare occurrence.

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The end has to be for a while here and say we'll talk more about the

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because if presence of the heart is achieved at the beginning, then it sort of covers the rest of it. So if distraction pops up during this Allah as an interruption, but then obviously you go back to the focus and to the presence of the heart. That's fine. That's fine, but it's not like you're into your prayer in a state of distraction in the first place. That's like, again, he's just like

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he's saying he's not making a statement about this, but it's obvious it's obvious from what he's saying. Is that this is inconceivable does this shouldn't be the case?

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Well, man, let it simmer we have here to seletti Cathedral and the meanings that complete and enhance the life of your salon. The spirit of your salon are many. So he started he's going to mention some of them and a man and a woman who lb Kamara Karna. So the first meaning is the presence of the heart.

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This gives your salon life it makes it it gives it sort of the soul and the spirit of your Salah.

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So he explains it and he says Romana when you free her a new Flavel Kalibo and after vocal Bhuvaneshwari remeha.

00:29:46--> 00:29:47

Mahlab is from the who

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was Saba Modelica him okay? And that means that the heart should be emptied should be disengaged from anything other than what anything other than its present in

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engagement which is the salaat it should be freed from everything except what it's doing now Salah so your mind should be empty of everything else

00:30:13--> 00:30:15

whatever with Alec under him

00:30:16--> 00:30:19

and the reason behind this is you have

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an aspiration you have Allah as your ultimate goal that's the point. That's and him and him is the zeal it's the inspiration it's the drive that comes from you knowing what you want

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no matter a hammock or a mall Hydra, bookable water is saying because if something is important to you, then your heart will be present there if something is really interests you then your heart is there something means something to you Your heart will be present when you engage with this thing further ADA jelly while he in law school for him meticulous Allah so there's no remedy for distraction except to make Salah you know, a matter an important matter for yourself. So, and that's a realization you arrive at it's like it's not like you said Ocelot is important and happens no, this is work. This is in a way, you need to figure out you need to arrive at a personal conclusion,

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a realization that Salah is important to you is of paramount importance

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whatsoever for him, Matthew will be has to be over to the man he will ask your waiter for dunya and this zeal this attraction this absorption

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grows stronger and weaker

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in proportion to the level of Eman the strength of your iman in the actual and the disregard for this dunya understanding the low value of this worldly life. So if you ask the question, how do I realize the importance of Salah that it becomes really a topic of interest to me it like I see the value in it.

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it's your Eman. It's your faith

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in the afterlife

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and your understanding of the reality of this life for Matala Atia callback reliable for Salah feminineness Ababa, hula full Eman fish to eight feet acquittee. So he's saying if you notice that your heart is not present in your Salah.

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Okay, he's putting it squarely no joke. There is no like he's not sugarcoating it. Fathom and there's a whole lot for him. And the reason for this is we Amen.

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seek to strengthen it.

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Knock on it. That's so straightforward. Someone says how do I strengthen my Amen.

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acts of worship, specifically difficult reflection, contemplation of the Quran. Many people don't want to slow down they want to keep doing what they're doing in their life. They want to keep chasing whatever they cheesing and they want to do just something a little on the side thinking oh, that's going to increase my mind I'm going to just pray a couple of rock I'm just going to read a few pages of the Quran and that shouldn't just do the magic. No

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no, if that's not your priority, that does not increase your iman

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Okay, the second meaning he's talking about here

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at TIFF, a holy man with Amanda Thani at tougher harmony managed calamp I know Amman Rolla I have already be

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so the second meaning here that helps you know revive the salah, give it spirit is seeking to understand the meaning of the words.

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Because it is a step beyond the presence of the heart, the analog, the mechanical beholder, and I love doing an Manna for him very self with the Iraqi be deaf el Hawa Trisha, Rita, are the

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same because perhaps the heart is present and it's focusing on the words, but not the meanings.

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So, the presence of the heart

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is present with the words but should also be present with the meanings of these words. So you can call incorporate not only your heart but your mind here your comprehension understanding

00:34:36--> 00:34:39

for yourself within a darkened manner, so

00:34:41--> 00:34:46

you should occupy your mind with trying to understand

00:34:47--> 00:34:57

the meanings of these words like you're reciting Quran are you making decreasing Subhanallah below in Subhanallah bill and what does that mean? So may Allah or even Hamidah

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

So, you occupy your mind with trying to understand or seeking these meanings

00:35:06--> 00:35:10

by pushing, distract distracting thoughts

00:35:11--> 00:35:51

and any and their sources distractions and their sources, you can see what the sources are. For individual data Lambton, kata Lambton, sort of a karate run, he's saying because the sources of the sources are not dealt with the roots of these distractions are not dealt with, then the distractions and the passing thoughts are not going to disappear. So don't engage with the thoughts trying to push them but deal with their roots with their origins. Will my wife do him our Hilton Why am I so wholesome, I will bustle in about an hour he shouldn't come on Tisha that we'll move your idea to dunya in our lion, hustle Fico houfy, even what

00:35:54--> 00:35:59

he's saying, the sources of destructions of ideas of passing ideas

00:36:00--> 00:36:14

are either apparent and visible. And these are all external. And these are, whatever engages you either visually, or in terms of sounds. So if there is,

00:36:16--> 00:36:35

there are things that are engaging your eyesight, as you are praying, some beautiful calligraphy, some colorful patterns around you, that's going to take drive your thoughts into that, or some kind of sounds, some people are talking speaking, or some kind of music in the background, and all

00:36:37--> 00:37:15

and that takes your attention and your thoughts. So these are some sources of distraction. These are apparent external ones, but there are inner sources of distraction. And he's saying these are more profound, a more powerful command to show that we remove God at the dunya like someone who's having so many concerns, worries and issues with regards to this life. So there's so entangled in this world the life with commitments with obligations with pursuits these are inner sources they're not external that they're having some kind of external influence now, they have been internalized

00:37:16--> 00:37:53

in Olayan hustle orthography if anyone has so this person their mind is jumping from one thing to another it's not like cannot focus on one thing why because each concern is is pulling him in once it's in another in another direction right? What am you only hear a bull buzzer and even if this person again does not look around so there's no external distraction or visual distraction the m&m our political be Catholic Catherine finished your rally behave but he already hasn't had has internalized a lot of substance or stuff sources of distraction that are keeping him busy.

00:37:55--> 00:38:28

We're either dedicating ketamine or more the Valhalla beta Mm hmm. Similarly, Basa will Carbonell tabler will another element that has to do with the electrolyzer for solar thermal modeling and Kosha under April Ganga who manage his cell, so he's saying the way to treat this is saying external sources like visual ones auditory, you know, sounds etcetera, is, you know, to cut off all of these sources by taking into the direction of the Qibla

00:38:30--> 00:38:31


00:38:33--> 00:38:41

fixating your eyesight on the place where you make sujood So, you're not looking around you're looking at the place where you make going to make sujood and

00:38:42--> 00:38:47

avoiding prayer in in areas where there are visual distractions

00:38:49--> 00:38:57

and that he does not leave around him in the area around him. Anything that distracts him either visually or in auditory or whatever.

00:38:58--> 00:39:11

In an MBSR stamina muscle Fe MB journey yet in lamina Zaha called in her Let me an event Ancelotti is created by Buhari and Muslim prophets also prayed in a colorful

00:39:13--> 00:39:42

God garment kind of garment that has patterns and the prophets of salaam took it off and he said It distracted me in my previously in my salah. When can me know more about Lena Federico energy and the nessa Catherine LRMI opera office seletti Where is he ended up and if with regards to the inner sources of distraction, the way to deal with that is to force the self force attention here

00:39:44--> 00:39:50

to what he is reading or he's reciting and Salah and too busy himself his attention with it.

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

Where's the ID that erotica for blood holy masala and he prepares before entering this ally so he sort of warms up beyond the apple the Azure Fido

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

To get any business done get it over with

00:40:05--> 00:40:33

and that the person works hard to empty their heart before salon where you did the the Allah NFC the Quran, Hara will hop royalty me been a delay as well I will not lie and to revive renew within himself in his mind bring back again the mention of the Acura you know, they have judgment grow conscious of that bring his consciousness to the Acura

00:40:34--> 00:40:51

and the seriousness of standing before Allah subhanaw taala. And the horrors of the Day of Judgment, for in them just couldn't have caught will be Delic for the LM and now in the metaphysical female who was to her home. And if his thoughts do not

00:40:53--> 00:41:21

quiet, his mind is not quiet and don't go quiet with this. Like his distracting thoughts do not disappear when he reminds himself of the era. And let him know that his mind is so busy with the things that are important to him or her. And the things that are attractive. He's attracted or she's attracted to Philly attractive casual Toyota Toyota Corolla. So this person should seriously consider

00:41:22--> 00:41:52

severing their connection to these things, these distractions and these desires, like not only in the mind, but really cut off this relationship with these things. And again, use this wisely. So some people say all does that mean? Like I'm distracted with regards to my work, that I should stop working, not be wise, Be wise when it comes to these things. And the reason I'm saying this is sometimes you say a statement like that and someone takes it at face value.

00:41:54--> 00:42:12

without applying any level of common sense, you know, whatever is being said here is something that you should use wisely. Again, it doesn't, we're not I'm not assuming that you're just going to take things literally and apply them universally regardless of the situations you're dealing with.

00:42:13--> 00:42:15

So that's just common sense.

00:42:20--> 00:42:25

While I'm NLL letter mathema cannot lay and throw her in love the work will go away.

00:42:29--> 00:42:31

I'm not sure if to continue or stop here.

00:42:33--> 00:42:36

Because this is a profound thing and I want to spend some time

00:42:39--> 00:43:04

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