Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 21 – L216D

Taimiyyah Zubair
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And who is he? And levy Asana cola Shea in colloca. The one who has perfected everything that he has created Asana, Asana has seen noon her son, her son is beauty. right and center, your center in our centers, if I but which Barrett is this

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mother right? center. So the one who has made beautiful

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and the one who has done very well.

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Because your son is one that when you do something, you do it at the level of excellence. You do it at the level of perfection.

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So action over here gives meaning of that at Connor Ackman, he made firm, he made proper he perfected the creation of everything could lay in colloca everything that he has created.

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Everything that Allah has created, how is he created it beautifully, in the most perfect manner.

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Just yesterday, it was quite windy. And there were so many clouds up in the sky. And as those clouds were, you know going and going and going, I was looking at the clouds. I was amazed by the color, the size, the beauty. The Imagine if all of these clouds were red in color.

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Would it be a beautiful thing?

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Imagine if they were, you know, black or smoky color.

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They were white, shining, beautiful, that when you looked up, you felt this inner coolness in your body, although it wasn't raining at that moment, but just the sight of those clouds made you so calm. It really cool you down

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is so beautiful. And yet we dare to find faults in the creation of Allah. Why is it like that? And why is it like this?

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Everything that Allah has created, he has made it beautiful, he has made with perfection, whether 100 concern please. And he has initiated the creation of human being from what from

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the creation of human beings. He has initiated it from who Adam or the salmon Adam Ernestina was made of what? CLAY

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so what do we see over here, that everything that Allah has made

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every creation that our last panel garden has made, however it is, whatever its size, whatever its color, whatever its function, what do we see? It is good. And it is beautiful.

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Whether it is a mosquito,

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or a penguin, or an eagle, if you think about it, a mosquito and Eagle both fly, isn't it. But there's a huge difference, a big difference in their sizes, in their abilities in their function, isn't it, but both of them a loss of punctata has created an with perfection

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so that they can do what they're supposed to do, they can fulfill the purpose for which they were created.

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Similarly, one creation, like for instance, and and, and another like elephant, both of them work, isn't it. But there's such a huge difference between the two. And both of them are beautiful in their own way. Both of them are perfect in their own way. And lovely. So Nicola Shay in Kanako was better than me and everything that he has created, he has created with perfection, with beauty. And people when they make stuff. What happens when you look at it,

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you get disgusted sometimes the kinds of pictures sometimes people make, the kind of drawings that they make, the kind of cartoons that they make. And you wonder what's wrong with people what kind of thinking Do they have,

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but everything that Allah has created, it's beautiful, it's perfect, and the human being, his origin is what of clay.

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So Magellan a slew and then he made his progeny whose progeny whose descendants, the descendants of insan meaning the future generations,

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they will create it from what means solar lighting out of the extract mimar in maheen of a liquid that is disdained.

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Nestle is from the factories known seen lamb

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and literally this word means to be separated.

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What is the need

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to be separated? If you think about it, Nestle is what generation progeny and each generation is separated from the previous generation

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isn't it so that one generation

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comes in this dunya lives it's time and then it goes away and then another generation comes and other people come and they replace them. so thrilled Magellan. So then he made the nozzle of the human being min celerity, Mumma immerhin Solana is from the reflector seen lamb lamb from the word Sal and Sal is to pull something out. And Solena is essence, that which is taken out from something.

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That is it that which is taken out from something like for example, a sword is pulled out of its cover.

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Okay, so anything that is pulled out of another, that is what it's Salalah. And this is why it's also used for the essence of something, the extract of something, you know, for example, you have a particular fruit, you put it in the machine, and what happens, it squeezes it and all of the juice, you get out of that juice is what?

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What is it it's so Allah, you pulled it out, you extracted it, it's an extraction.

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So Salalah is what extract that which is pulled out. So, the rest of the human beings, they are created from what from an extract, extract of the human being, the essence of the human being and it refers to the sperm drop, and this firm drop is what remember in my hand of water, liquid, that is my heat that is worthless that is disdained. mahina is from the root letters, how well known how and who. And what is it that which is despicable, weak, little delicate.

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So this is the origin of who human beings that the first human being was created from clay. And after him his generations they were made from the sperm drop, and the sperm drop a las panatela describes it as pseudo Allah. Because if you think about it, what is it that begins the creation in the womb of the mother, when the sperm, it joins the egg, right? And the egg is there, but it will not develop into a human being what is needed the sperm and it has in it the extract the essence of all that the human being will become into isn't it? It's the gender of the human being. Right? What gender is going to be as a girl or a boy then the color of the skin? Isn't it? All of these details?

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Where are they in the salon? So it's the extract the essence of the human being. And if you look at this salon, what is it it is maheen something that is despicable something that is not spoken about even? It is this day and and it's literally in its quantity very small in its quantity and it's washed away my in my team

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so Misawa who and then he proportion him a loss of data. How did he make the human being that then he fashioned him proportion him so well seen? Well? Yeah. What does that mean?

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So to be equal to be the same. And so we're just we're is to level something? It is to level something to smooth and something. Typically what happens when you start making something? It's bumpy? Isn't it has ups and downs. But then when you're giving it the final finishing touches, then what happens? You smooth in it, you level it, whatever bumps there were whatever ups and downs they were, what do you do? You level them?

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Isn't it? You level them by for example, just imagine you're making pizza, you roll out the pizza dough and you put it on the tray. What will you do them, make it all nice and straight and shaped out very nicely. This is what the sphere is. So some muscle wha hoo. Then he fashioned him he fashioned his body and then we're never happy and then he breathed into him, Miss ruhi from his role.

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What does it mean by this, that Allah blew into the human being from his rule, rule he

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wrote he is modaco de la and we can understand this, that he this modaco de la can be of two types, first of all, happy

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which means that part of something so ruhi Some have misunderstood this, and they have said that it means part of his rule. Now.

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That part of the rule of Allah He has blown it into

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human beings. But this is incorrect. You see, a lava is also for the purpose of the Sharif to give honor that rule from him meaning rule that he owns rules that he

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He created ruhi. It's like you say my bag, doesn't mean that that bag is a part of your body. No, it wasn't my money doesn't mean it's a part of your body. No. What does it mean? That it's yours, it belongs to you. And if you give someone of your money, then what does it show? Your money, something that belongs to you? Something that you made. You value it so much, but you gave it to someone. It's such a huge favor that you're showing to them.

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Isn't it? such a huge favor that you're restoring to the other? So we're never happy human ruhi this is office for the srif just as Baitullah. What is beta Lamine house of Allah karma is what? made to Allah. Now why is it called the house of Allah? For Allah for the sheaf? Not that Allah lives in our beloved, what does it mean? That that house has been honored by being called the house of Allah. Similarly, wonderful coffee Marie in this is honor for the human beings.

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What gyla como summer, and he has made for you the hearing, well of Syrah and the site's well, either and the hearts curriculum at the school level is that you give things

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that Allah subhanaw taala it's not just that he gave you a beautiful appearance, but he blew a roof into you.

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And along with that, he gave you some are absolved of either, but how very little? are you grateful?

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Well absorbed as a Florida bus or an Africa Florida

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and Kadena matter school. How do we understand this? That man is extra it is eight for the purpose of emphasis, the heavy lifting isn't that you offer gratitude? Hardly are you grateful hardly.

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And karela Mel Mac can also be understood as that which means the sugar that you do offer is what can be very little and very few among you are those who are grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for his many blessings

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will listen to the recitation and will continue

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Mia poo

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the rule of

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law along with levy on

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dooney you

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a lady

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Hong Kong

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solar lighting

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So what have you seen these

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today and the end of the day? And I was thinking what the heck, man? Right when you begin the day, you should know what you're expected from us. And when you end the day when you think what

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accomplish the mistakes you made. And in the middle, I just I was thinking about them disappearing part of

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this is from the drop of that. And I got the meaning of drop as well, we know it's the highlight.

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And I found them here.

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And then he rolls over.

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And he's the one who makes that the DVD. So because he's we should know that who he is, and on our part, our reality, what is needed by us. And then we ended with Al Aziz and Rahim as well, we should know should have a check that he is Almighty Allah, we should be in the limit in the beginning of the day you plan. And on the end of the day, we check ourselves civilized merciful to as well so that we could be prepared for the next day. Exactly. So basically, we see that these if they indicate the power of a loss upon Garner his greatness and and this is a great lesson for us that begin your week, Friday morning with what the recitation of the solar, set your goals, set your

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targets, don't just let this be another week that's going to go by without you achieving anything. And as you finish each day, check yourself What did you accomplish? What did you gain?

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Because whether you plan or not, your life is being planned, isn't it? Whether you do something or not your days are coming to an end. Because you don't build Amina sama ILA and you are on the earth. And you're planning also Allah subhanaw taala does. So you also have to plan as to what you're going to do. Because otherwise this life is going to be over and you will have nothing attained, you will have nothing achieved with you.

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So we really need to stop and think and analyze ourselves and what are we doing every single day? What are we accomplishing? What are we ignoring? What are we giving preference to? And what are our targets?

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Allah has given us hearing sight of either, why?

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To be grateful? And also to do something with them. Because look, Allah soprano goddesses kalila mata guru, you can do so much with your summer absord and F ADA. But how much is it that you do karela mata scone, you hardly do anything, you hardly value them, you hardly put them to good use? Because when is the person truly grateful for a blessing? When he uses it properly? Isn't it? Think about it, if someone gives you a good gift, and you really use it? You really do a lot with it? What does that show you're very thankful for it. And if you don't use it, just put it away. You hardly ever use it. You hardly ever look at it. What does it mean, you don't appreciate the gift. The more

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you use something that shows the more appreciative you are of it. So Allah has given you some are absorbed of it so that you can do something in your life. But what are we doing Kadena method crew level is it that you are grateful

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for the

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body part, and if he take it, one of the body part is still

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alive. And he did it for reason we have to sell hundreds. If we sell hamdulillah inshallah, we'll see

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that this is what you got is that a person reflect on what he has, and what he does not have. Because many times what happens we get lost in I don't have this, I don't have that. This doesn't happen. That doesn't happen with me. And we forget about all those blessings that we do have

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a loss a penalty has given us hearing, and sight and hearts. And remember, four ad is used for heart that is emotionally charged that is overcome by emotion. So it's not just that we think, but we also have feelings. We love, we feel sad, we feel happy. All of these emotions are what even they're a blessing. Because imagine if we didn't have these feelings and what would we be? How would we be different from clay? Because the creation of human beings as mentioned right? That it is from clay. Clay does not have any feelings. But human beings, they have feelings if you don't have much to give, if you cannot do much with your hands, at least you can think good in your heart, isn't it so,

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but still, Cadena matters, because our focus is always on what we don't have, instead of what we have. And this is why we lose many opportunities.

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So that he made humans from this worthless extract of water and then he gave them a spirit and then he gave them all these things and made them into

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They are. So we should never think that like, if he can take us from something so worthless into who we are, we should never think that we're like such singers that will never be saved. We're so bad, that alone will never make us into somebody better. Because I can take us from that into this. So he can also take us from whatever our current spiritual state is into something better. Exactly. And at the same time, we should never become very arrogant, because we should remember our origin. That what are we, and also that we should remember that alone made everything beautiful. So we should think about our potential to be better. Exactly that as an akula, in Hanukkah, so we should think

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positively, and think about our potential to improve to be better, because sometimes we just think, no, I'm bad. I don't do this good stuff. No, that's not how it las panatela has made you. He has put goodness in you. So Nicola Shea in halaqa.

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And if he has made you from something that's so this day is something that does not have any value. And yet, he made you so beautiful. He gave you some bizarre to add, then he has given you many blessings, you can do a lot with it. But unfortunately, many times were negative. This is why it has been said career matters.

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And you see what has been mentioned over here karela mata Sharon, so what are we supposed to do them?

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We have to be more grateful, because Allah is telling us kalila matters. You don't think enough? You think very little.

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So cadila matters Quran this teaches us that we need to be more grateful. But how should we be more grateful? How can a person be more grateful? When he uses his some absorb an ADA?

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Because these qualities are very unique, that have been given to human beings, that only here we don't just hear sounds we can understand when we listen, isn't it? What we see we don't just see random things, images, but no, we can analyze them, we can remember them.

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And it's not just about seeing before sight and taking a lesson. And then for add feeling having emotions. This is a huge blessing. So how can we be grateful by using our ears, eyes and hearts? Without them we cannot be grateful. Remember, we learned about sugar earlier. Right? And we learned that sugar is done how I'll listen and alter divided. So when we are grateful with our code jawara and lisanne then this is doing shocker otherwise, if a person does not use these abilities these faculties Lusaka Kareena Mehta school,

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and how can we be grateful by looking at all those blessings that we have? instead of complaining about what we don't have?

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This is a sort of,

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I am thankful for my shadow that watches me work because it means I'm out in the sunshine. When we're out in the sunshine, what are we thinking about?

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And I have to do all this work. But the fact that you are out in the sun, what does it mean, you have work to do.

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Many people don't have work to do. The fact that you're out in the sun means you're getting a lot of benefit from the sun as well.

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Which other people cannot get when they're cooped up inside, in their small small offices from all day long, and they don't get any sunlight at all. How much their bodies needed.

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I am thankful for my teenage daughter who is complaining about doing dishes because that means she's at home and not on the streets for the taxes I pay because it means that I'm employed

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for the mess to clean after a party because it means that I've been surrounded by friends. And how long grateful are we at that time?

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Oh my god, all this work to do all these dishes all this food to put away all the cleaning I have to do. We complain so much. And we forget all the blessings that we have just enjoyed.

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For the clothes that fit a little too snug. Because it means I have enough to eat for a lawn that needs mowing windows that need cleaning and gutters that need fixing. Because it means I have a home Yes and maintenance. We complain a lot about the house. Too much work too much work.

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For all the complaining I hear about the government because it means that we have freedom of speech for the parking spot I find at the far end of the parking lot because it means I'm capable of walking. How much we complain This is not fair. Why do the disabled people have you know the closer parking spots people complain

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it's for a reason. You can walk they cannot walk and Alhamdulillah for the legs that function properly that you can walk all the way from there.

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And that I've been blessed with transportation for my heating bill because it means I am warm for the pilot

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Have laundry and ironing because it means I have clothes to wear.

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And at this time what happens? We look at all the clothes and we're like, This is unfair. Why do I have to fold on this laundry, and hamdulillah you have clothes to wear, your children have clothes to wear,

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for awareness and aching muscles at the end of the day, because it means I've been capable of working hard for the alarm that goes off early in the morning. Because it means that I'm alive. And finally, for too much email, because it means I have friends who are thinking of me.

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Think about the alarm that goes on in the morning. Sometimes we just hear it and we get so annoyed and angry that oh my god already The night is already I have to wake up further is too early. And why do we have to go at night? Can they not start at 10?

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We complain but imagine you're alive at that time. You woke up, you were sleeping and you woke up Allah gave you another chance, be grateful. But what's the typical way of people kalila matter school, we always look at the negative side. We always look at what's not there.

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We always look at what we're suffering from and we don't look at what we're gaining in return.

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And because of that we don't value the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given us

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because if you think about it in namale ersity Yusra, isn't it? with difficulty there is it's not inevitable, usually, you know, it's with the wrestle there is use, right? So with blessing comes hardship. With every blessing, there is our chip with the rose, you will also find saurons right. Now instead of complaining about the thorns, what should we be doing?

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appreciating the rose.

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And if you have your eyes fixed on the blessing, then you will be a happier person, you'll be a more positive person.

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there is a concept in human development, which says what you focus on you attract. So when you focus on negative things, you will attract a lot of negative thoughts. When you focus in the positive things that will attract a lot of positive thoughts and you'll see everything positive. Exactly very true. That if you look at the glass that's half empty, or you look at the fact that

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the more positive you are, the more positive you will feel, the more grateful you will be.

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So like, sometimes I hear mothers who are complaining about their children being like, you know, they're always up on the wall, and they're jumping up and down, and they're uncontrollable. And what I normally tell the parents, I said, Be thankful to Allah that they're moving like that, because some kids cannot move. There are no life support. And then they would realize, like how much blessing from Allah they have with it? Like, you know, it's annoying sometimes. But then again, like, No, you should be thankful that they're moving around. Exactly.

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Being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala. It's to teach the kids around us right about its attributes, and to instill that love in them sometimes makes a panel that's like how my four year old daughter statements makes me reflect sometimes. And I'd say I'm frustrated. And she would say to me, Mommy, just say I want to be there and just make dua, and he makes things easy. Look, I was I just lost my sunglasses. And I just asked him and he helped me find it. So like, from a young age, we have to instill this concept that it is Allah only or Well, he is the one that who's going to help us right? Because sometimes we feel they're too young and we shouldn't Let's wait for later. But they

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understand and we take for granted the intellect that Allah subhanaw taala has given us we just sometimes just don't know how to use it. But this is another way that we just skipped is to teach all the kids around us so in the future like they will be inshallah grateful. Exactly.

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And the thing is, if you're positive than the children around you will also be positive. And if you're a negative even they will be negative. So Kalia mata schroon little is it that you're grateful? How can we be grateful? If we use our eyes, we use our ears, we use our hearts. Because the problem is we don't use them,

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isn't it? We don't use them because we don't use them. This is why we are not appreciated.

00:29:34 --> 00:29:41

The fact is that Allah subhanaw taala has bestowed numerous blessings on every single person, every single individual. We have to look at them

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as thinking in order to be grateful you have to think and reflect and sometimes the benefit of that thing. Whatever has happened to you it is not come right away. I wanted to share a small story a couple of weeks ago My father told me to not go to the library that's close by and I was like really annoyed because I have to take the car and there's so many people over there.

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But after a couple of weeks, I realized Yes, there are a lot of people but that means there are a lot of non Muslims. And that means a lot of opportunity to do that. So in a way, it's a good thing that I have to go farther so many people. So it takes a while to see the positive side and it takes a bit of thinking as exactly, it takes a lot of thinking actually, because it comes with first of all acceptance, you have to accept your situation, right? And then you think about it that what is the head and this Why has this happened? What's the benefit in this and when you give it some thought, you will see a lot of positive things.

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We listen to the recitation of these.

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mad man

As-Sajdah 1-14 Tafsir 7-9

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