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Juz’ 13: Yusuf 53-111 – Ibrahim

Ibrahim 1-27

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Ibrahim Bismillah

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kita Boone

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Irina min

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Shadi alladhina. Boonen, hi

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In the name of Allah be Entirely Merciful, be Especially Merciful. And if lamb raw, this is a Book which We have revealed to you or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam meaning this book has come from who, from Allah, this is not the word of man, rather, this is the word of Allah. And why is it that this book has been revealed that you might bring mankind out of darkness into the light, this full on is meant to enlighten people, it is meant to enlighten our minds. It is the most progressive book because it takes one out of darkness into light, it is the most forward thinking, by permission of their Lord, to the bath of the Exalted in Might, the Praiseworthy, Allah to Whom belongs whatever is

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in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And woe to the disbelievers from a severe punishment, the ones who prefer the worldly life over the Hereafter, and leadin as the hibernal, higher to dunya.

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Era, those whose priority is this life, not the eternal home of the Hereafter, and those who avert people from the way of Allah seeking to make it seem deviant, those are in extreme error. And we did not send any messenger except speaking in the language of his people, to state clearly for them. And Allah sends a stray there by whom He wills and guides whom He wills and he is the Exalted in Might the wise, and we certainly sent Marcel with our signs saying, bring out your people from darkness into the light and remind them of the days of Allah, meaning remind people of the major historic events why, so that they take lesson from history indeed, in that are Signs for everyone who is

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patient, and grateful enough evali Kala ettin liquidity suberin Shaku and recall are children of Israel, when Moosa said to his people remember the favor of Allah upon you, when he saved you from the people of our own, who were afflicting you with the worst torment, and were slaughtering your newborn sons and keeping your females alive? And in that was a great trial from your Lord. What is the venerable comb, and remember when your Lord proclaimed, let in Shackleton, if you are grateful, let us see then comb, I will surely increase you, I will surely increase you in favor, meaning I will give you more than what you already have, while our income term. But if you deny, then in other

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below Shadi, indeed, my punishment is severe. We see in this ayah, that sugar is not just something that we were commanded with, that the oma of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was instructed with, rather, the previous nations were also instructed to be grateful to Allah for whatever blessings that He has given them. Because the reality is that no matter where a person is, no matter what situation he is in, no matter what time he's living in, no matter what place on Earth, regardless of the circumstances, what is necessary is that we are grateful to Allah, because in every situation, there's always a reason to be grateful. And what a beautiful promise is it that Allah subhanaw taala

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has made over here, that if you are grateful, you will get more, and gratitude at what time is adjust on receiving the blessing. No, gratitude is meant to be expressed when a person receives a favor from Allah, but also on incurring loss. Also when a person has suffered something, why gratitude over there, because nothing happens. There's no gain no loss except by the permission of Allah. It was his decision and if

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It was his decision that even though it may seem to be harmful, but in reality, there's a lot of hidden good in it. In reality, there's a lot of good that is going to come about from it. Like, for example, into the use of we learn about the story of use of early cinema, how much he suffered through his life. But if he hadn't been thrown into the well, if he hadn't been brought as a slave, if he hadn't been sent to the prison, then how would he go next to the king of Egypt? How would he, so we see that no matter what happens in our life, whether it is good or bad, we must always always be grateful. In our heads, we learned that when the slave is ill when the servant of Allah falls,

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Ill, then Allah sends to him two angels, and these two angels, Allah says to them, that go and look what this man says to his visitors, meaning those who come to see him, go and see what he says to them. If he praises Allah and exalts him when they come to Him, then take that up to Allah, the majestic, and he knows best. So whatever a person says, if he says, good words, if he praises and thanks, Allah exalts Allah, then that is the report that is given to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if a person says something negative, then that is also what is taken up to Allah. And Allah already knows what his servant has said. But when positive words are taken up to a lot by those angels, that

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Oh Allah, your slave, she was really sick. She was really unwell, her body was hurting, but still she was saying, Alhamdulillah she was remembering you. So what does Allah say? Allah says, If I make my slave die, I will make him enter Jannah and if I heal him, I will replace his flesh with better flesh and his blood with better blood, and I will wipe off his evil actions. This is for what this is for sugar, even at the time of difficulty. So that in Shackleton, let us eternal calm, this is a lost promise, if you are grateful, alone will increase for you Your blessings, he will increase what you already have. And while incoterm in other Elijah deed in gratitude is something that only makes

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a person suffer more and more, it doesn't improve his condition. Rather, it takes him towards torture and punishment. So we learned that a person should be grateful in good and bad times, even in extreme pain, say Alhamdulillah, even in extreme hunger, say Alhamdulillah. Even when the head is hurting, say Alhamdulillah. Allah likes his servants who are positive, who are thankful, and ultimately it is the thankful people who are happy. And musala is Salam said, If you should disbelieve you and whoever is on the earth entirely, then Indeed, Allah is free of need and praiseworthy. He doesn't need your gratitude, has there not reached you, the news of those before

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you, the people of New and odd and some mood and those after them, no one knows them. But Allah, meaning there's so many nations in the past whose names we know about. But there are many more, whose names we don't even know about. Neither history nor record of history tells us about them. Nor does any research archaeology, geography does that tell us about the people who lived in the past, there are many about what we have discovered, we have learned, but there's so many of them, who's not even a single trace remains today. Their messengers brought them clear proofs, but they returned their hands to their mouths in shock, and said, Indeed, we believe in that with which you have been

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sent. And indeed We are about that to which you invite us in disquieting doubt. Their messenger said, Can there be doubt about Allah, Creator of the heavens and the earth, He invites you that he may forgive you of your sins, and he delays your death for a specified term. They said, You are not but men like us who wish to avert us from what our fathers were worshipping. So bring us a clear authority. Their messenger said to them, we are only men like you, but Allah confers favor upon whom He wills of his servants. It has never been for us to bring you evidence except by permission of Allah and upon Allah. Let the believers rely and why should we not rely upon Allah, while he has

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guided us to our good ways, and we will surely be patient against whatever harm you should cause us and upon Allah. Let those who rely indeed rely and those who disbelieved set to the messengers, we will surely drive you out of our land, or you must return to our religion, so their Lord, inspire to them, we will surely destroy the wrongdoers and we will surely cause you to dwell in the land after them. That is for he who fears my position, and fear is my threat. And they requested victory from Allah and disappointed therefore, was every obstinate tyrant before

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him as hell, and he will be given a drink of pool and water, the excretions of wounds and burns, he will gulp it, but he will hardly be able to swallow it. This is the punishment and Hellfire, he will hardly be able to swallow it. Like when a person is sick, and he's trying to drink medication even that is making him throw up, and death will come to him from everywhere. But he is not to die. And before him is a massive punishment, meaning from now onwards, the punishment will only increase. The example of those who disbelieve in their Lord is that their deeds are like ashes, which the wind blows forskohlii on a stormy day, they're unable to keep from what they earned a single thing. That

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is, what is extreme error. Those who disbelieve their deeds will not make it to the why, because they never perform them for the sake of Allah. And so on the Day of Judgment, they will be awarded no merit whatsoever, they will be blown away. Have you not seen that Allah created the heavens and the earth in truth, if he wills, He can do away with you, and produce a new creation, and that is not difficult for Allah? And they will come out for judgment before Allah all together? And the week will say to those who are arrogant, indeed we were your followers. So can you avail us anything against the punishment of Allah? What do we see over here, that on the Day of Judgment, those who

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blindly followed others will back those whom they followed? Can you please save us? Can you please do something for us, however, they will say, If Allah had guided us, we would have guided you, it is all the same for us. Whether we show intolerance or our patient, there is for us no place of escape, meaning now, in the Hereafter, there is no point of showing Southern or showing in gratitude, or complaining in the punishment. Why? Because it is not going to change anything, it is not going to change the situation, even in the least. However, in this life, when a person is patient over the difficulties, then what happens? Is he rewarded? Yes. When a person is patient over the commands

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that Allah has given him, then is he rewarded? Yes. But what happens to people right now what happens to many of us right now, we prefer the comforts of today. We don't want to defer gratitude, we want the return for our efforts immediately. This is why we prefer the immediate, over the everlasting. We prefer the dunya over the a hero, however, the one the ones who live like this, they will live in eternal regret in the hereafter. And Chapin will say when the matter has been concluded, Indeed, Allah had promised you the promise of truth. And I also promised you but I betrayed you look at the deception of shavon He will say to people on the day of gentlemen, Allah

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made you a promise and I ultimately your promise, but you know what, I lied to you. I betrayed you. I can't help you today. But I had no authority over you, except that I just invited you and you responded to me. If you followed me that was your decision. So do not blame me, but blame yourselves what an enemy shaitaan is, what a deceiver he is that look at how he traps the person right now. he convinces him because whenever we are tempted to do something wrong, who is it? That is tempting us? It is straightforward. Who is it that is showing this flowery beautiful side shape on his, whereas in reality, it is punishment. It is torture, but Japan makes it appear as something so good, so

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attractive. And what is it that he's gonna say on the day of judgment? I only invited you it was your decision when you followed me. So don't blame me. I cannot be called to your aid, nor can you be called to my aid. It's as if he's saying, stop talking to me and stop blaming me. And don't even call me for help. This is how shaitan will abandon people on the Day of Judgment. Indeed, I deny your association of me with a law before indeed for the wrongdoers is a painful punishment. What would you say? levena? Amanullah middle slowly Hattie Jenna, and those who believed and did righteous deeds will be admitted to gardens beneath which rivers flow abiding eternally they're in

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by permission of their Lord and their greeting there in will be Salaam peace. In general, there is Salaam, everywhere. So those who wish to go to Ghana, what do they need to do right now? develop the habit of saying the Salah. Never be stingy in greeting and in responding to the greeting. It is not necessary that we stop every other person and shake their hands and then talk to them and then we move on. No, but we can at least say Salaam in passing, even if it's very quietly and if somebody has said Salaam to us what is the difficulty in responding to this greeting this beautiful

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and he who loves this kalama Today, the column of Salam today that Allah will keep him safe tomorrow as well. Because Salam is what these that may you be safe and I'm thought okay for the other Allahu methanogen Have you not considered how Allah presents an example? Kalamata de Botton kashia de Ratan Paiva. Tin, making a good word like a good tree, meaning the example of a good word is like that of a good tree, which tree is this the date palm tree, and from Hades we learned that the example of the believer is like that of a date palm. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that methylone what Mini, the example of the believer is like that of a nakhla a day palm, you do not

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take anything from it, except that it is beneficial. Meaning anything you take from a dead farm tree, you will find it useful, whether it is the wood, or it is the fruit or it is the branches, whatever it is even the dead seed every part of the dead, Paul, you will find it useful. So if the believer is meant to be like a date palm tree, than what does it mean? That when ever a believer is met with meaning when a person meets a believer interacts with them, engages with them, works with them, then what is the only thing that they should receive in return? benefit? Goodness, now 100, Allah, we all consider ourselves to be believers. And here we need to think that when I am

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interacting with someone engaging with someone, whether it is on the road driving next to someone, or it is walking somewhere, or it is meeting somebody, then what do they receive from me? Do they receive goodness? Or do they receive things that are a cause of irritation? The believer is always a source of goodness, this is what the prophet sallallahu Sallam is implying over here, that if nothing, at least you will get Salaam from him or her. Right? Because Salam is also a draw. Isn't that so? So when you come across a believer, even though there may be a complete stranger to you, somewhere outside? What is it that you will receive from them? What is it that you should give to

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them Salaam at least at least make a draw for them, because a believer is always helpful, useful, beneficial, productive, contributing. And this should be our goal, that this is how I want to be, I want to help those who are around me Right, Left Front back in front of me, behind me, whoever, wherever. And we think generally that helping others being beneficial to others is only financially when we can give them gifts when we can give them food. No, it's not just financially. There are other ways also, through showing good o'clock, that when a person is trying to change lanes, and there is enough space behind you, and in front of you then slow down a little bit and let them come.

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There's no big deal if you get delayed by a second or two. This should be our goal, helping those who are around us, benefiting those who are around us. And generally what happens when we're doing something good. We say, Oh, I have a reason to be mad right now. I have a reason to be upset right now. Why? Because I'm fasting and I'm hungry. No, a believer is useful, even when the climate is harsh, because you see a dead palm tree. Where does it grow in the deserts, where it's extremely hot, where there are sandstorms where the sun is up for so many hours, but still, the day palm tree will provide shade, it will provide fruit, it's evergreen, evergreen, always always beneficial.

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There's not a season, except that the date palm tree is bringing good to those who are around it. So what about us as believers? Can we excuse ourselves that today? No, today I am sick. Even when a believer is sick, he is a source of benefit for others. You see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even when he was close to his death, he was close to his death. Still, he was concerned about the welfare of his oma. He was concerned about the good of his community. And so he made to us and he also warned them he also taught us at his deathbed

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and this is the reality of the person who says Kalamata Yoruba, the good word because this a man of the believer it is rooted in what kaleva La ilaha illa Allah and La ilaha illa Allah is no ordinary statement. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that he man has over 70 branches, over 70 or 60 branches. And the most excellent of it is the declaration that there is no God but Allah, meaning it is the best aspect of Eman to say la ilaha illa Allah, it is the best they could also have been with Vic the best

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Vicar is to c'est la ilaha illa Allah, and when a person dies, and the last words that he has said before his death are left in the law, then Jenna is wired up on him. Because the one who believes in La ilaha illa Allah, what is he doing constantly in his life, he's crossing out his desires, his wishes, all the temptations, every call, he's crossing it out, and he's responding to Allah, La Ilaha. In the law, there is no god worthy of worship of Allah, meaning the only one that deserves My love, my attention, my obedience, my adoration, my fear. My humility is who? Allah subhanaw taala. So this is the one who lives his life for the sake of Allah. He's doing good for his sake. Allah

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sake. So when a believer is beneficial, productive, why is he like that? Because he's a nobody know, because he's living for Allah. He's not expecting reward from people. And this is why the deeds of this person are very firm. They're stable. Not that a person, you know, one day he's very nice. And the other day, he's very rude. No, he's got consistency in his good deeds. He's got a very firm and strong and a stable personality. Why? Because he's doing what he's doing for who's sick. Allah sick and the one who lives for Allah, then he can obey Allah no matter where he is, no matter what state he is in. This is why Allah says, a slew her, the tune will follow through her fist summer, the root

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of this tree is firmly fixed and its branches are high in the sky. Amazing, the root is firmly fixed, the tree is so strong that it's difficult to shake it out. It's even difficult to climate. And it's resilient to severe weather conditions. And likewise is the believer, he is firm because his actions are rooted in the heat. This is why abubaker of the lower argument reminded the people when the prophets of Allah sent him died, that whoever used to worship Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam now Mohammed has died, but whoever used to worship Allah that He should know that Allah is Ever living, eternal, permanent, meaning then his worship should continue. So when a person lives for

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Allah, then his good deeds are seasoned on our continuous continuous is good a clock. Is it dependent on the surroundings? Or is it continuous? It's continuous. And then we see that the branches are high. The branches of the date palm tree are high. It's a tall tree, because the believer with his efforts, who is he seeking? He's seeking the one who is above the throne? Allah subhanaw taala he's seeking only Allah, he's not going right or left or down. Where is he going, reaching up to Allah, his desire is what the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala his desire, ultimate wish is to see the face of Allah when Allah is happy with him. And likewise, the tree is tall, the

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branches are reaching up because the believer his thoughts are high vision goals are all high elevated. Why? Because he's seeking Allah not this world. de una hakala. Hainan, Viet Nero, Bihar, this tree, it produces its fruit all the time meeting its productive, benefiting others sending forth for the hereafter. Goodness in all situations, regardless of how you are to him. The believer will always be good in return. How? by permission of its Lord, because only he can be consistent in good who the one whom Allah allows the one whom Allah gives the field to and who is it that Allah helps those who seek the help of Allah, and Allah presents examples for the people that perhaps they

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will be reminded, they will be reminded and they will adopt such noble character. And the example of a bad word is like a bad tree uprooted from the surface of the earth, meaning it doesn't have a stable root system. No, it's uprooted from the surface of the earth not having any stability. So what happens on the slightest disturbance it is uprooted on the slightest difficulty that person just gives up on the slightest occasion of somebody bothering them or trying to bother them what happens they get extremely bothered you know, something happens against their wish and they get extremely angry. They get out of control. Or does that mean Falcon malla Harmon Cora, there is no

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stability and what happens in one place he is one way and another place. He is another way a law keeps firm. Those who believe who is it that Allah gives stability to those who believe how does it give them stability with the firm where

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In the world, the life and in the Hereafter, what is this firm word? La Ilaha Illa LA, meaning the one who believes that Allah is my God, I have to worship Him alone. I have to fear him. He is watching me, he is having every deed of mine recorded and he is going to question me, then what happens? This person, he develops stability in life, then his flock is also stable. his good deeds are stable. He's not impatient, he's not out of control. He's not wild, unpredictable. No, he is firm and stable, calm in the most severe and difficult situations also, why? because he believes in La Ilaha in the law. So when a person lives like this, in this world, through the trials and storms,

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here he is stable, then what happens? A lot will also grant him stability or fill in the hereafter were in the grave, that when the angels will come to question, Who is your Lord? What was your religion? Who was that man? Then Allah will give this person who believes in La ilaha illa Allah, Allah will give him sebat over there also. So he will be able to respond correctly he will pass the test, will you lilla halali mean and Allah sends astray the wrongdoers Way of Allah Allahu Masha, and Allah does what He wills those who live their life doing learner who live their life like useless plans than what happens in this life also they have no stability and in the grave also what

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will happen they will fail the test.