Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P04 054B Translation Al-Nisa 1-6

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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whether we want to Sunday on our SUTA you'll get him on my beret Fairweather. bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, or Beshara. Lee Saudi where Sidley Emery well hello lokta tan melissani of Cohoon Callie Robin as in our Inma

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lesson number 54 Surah two Nyssa is number one to six.

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you year or you have nurse or the people it took who you are fear have become your Lord. A Levy who halacha calm. He created you men from nafcillin soul where he that in single one what end halacha he created men her from it Zoda her it spear it spouse?

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We're versa and he spread men humor from them to regionalen men. Cassie Iran many WA and Nyssa women what the coup and you all fear Hola Hola. Hola. Hola The Who? The ser Aluna you all ask each other? B He threw him by him? Well or him and the relationships

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in indeed. Hola Hola. Hola, Ghana. He is ever I may come upon you all rock Eva. One who constantly watches one or two and you all give Elia dama de Oh orphans and while their home their wealth their properties wala and do not forget about the loo y'all exchange Aloha visa the impure bit by you with the pure

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Walla wala and do not that Gulu you all eat you all consume and while at home their wealth ILA to unworldly calm your wealth

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in the who? Indeed it Ghana, it was huben a sin Kabira great. We're in and if halftone you all feared Allah that not to cassuto You all will do justice fee in a liana the orphans? Frankie who then you all marry ma what? Or who? Baba seemed good. Lacan for you. Men from a Nyssa the women Messina in TOS was Sula, sir. And in threes were Aruba and in fours.

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For in then if halftone you all feared Allah that not dar de Loup you all will be just for why hidden then only one? Oh, or MA what? Malekith it possessed? A man who come your right hands

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Velika that dinner is nearer? Allah that not there. Oh Lou, you all inclined to injustice. What are two and you all give a Nyssa the women saw Ducati hinder their bridal money, their bridal gifts, niche Latin, happily willingly. For in then if preburner they pleased locum for you. I'm from che in anything, men who from it nevsun oneself for Kullu then you all eat it, honey en enjoyably deliciously Marie and nourishing Lee Wilder and do not talk to you or give a sue for her the foolish ones. I'm wearing a comb your wealth allottee which gyla He made? Allahu Allah? Lacan for you, pm and as means of livelihood or Zuko.

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And you all provide them fee her in it works zoom and you're clothed them were Kulu and you all say La home to them. Oh learn a word ma rufa one appropriate one acceptable Waterloo and you all test Elliot Irma the orphans had until either when Bella who they reached and mica her the marriage the age of marriage for in then If Emma Stone you all perceived men home from them wish them maturity sound judgment for the Pharaoh then you will return lay him to them and while a home their wealth while there and do not the guru her your eat it is often extravagantly will be Darren and hastily I'm bad, yet guru they grow up woman and whoever can he was the Negan rich failure stuff if so, he

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should abstain woman and whoever can he was physically run for failure goal than he should eat Bill Maher roof with the recognized manner for either than when the fire tomb you all returned lay him to them and when a home their wealth for us you do then you all take witness you all call witnesses. I lay him upon them work affair and he is sufficient biller he definitely Allah has Seba as account taker

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that's listened to the recitation of these verses

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are all below him in a shape on one gene? This means

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ready Are

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you happy that you are on our coin has

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were caught up Amin has

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Marija coffee oh

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let it

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be he one of

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the law hacker

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I'm learning from

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gonna be your we're in crypto taco coo kidney

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care home

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indeed indicates to

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me that

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woohoo honey, Maddie

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What are two super

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was he

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What was the Home key? How

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are they

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on a

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Oh, either to me lay him

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as you do in work

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in a fancy

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