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Al-Anam 111-127 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 111-112

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With a bit let him in the shade little genius over him.

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Lesson number 84 sort of neuron is number 111 to 120 710 n Nanana zanla, la him Wilma ekata. And even if we had sent down to them angels sent down to who, to the moon carry to those people who deny those people who demand miracles, whether they are the people of Mecca, or they are other than that, of that time, or after them, if Allah subhanaw taala sent down abundant angels, and these people would actually see the angels and the angels would talk to them. And they would tell them that yes, indeed Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is true. What can lemahieu momota and the dead would even speak to them and Mota is a Florida made,

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that those people who are dead, who are buried in their graves if they were to come out and speak to these people who deny the prophets are no longer the center. And the dead were to tell them that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is indeed the Messenger of Allah. And on top of that, what Hashanah and we gathered are laying him upon them called lashay in everything, Oberlin, in front of them, face to face or in groups.

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The word quibbling is the plural of RV, or RV.

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So, first of all, if the singular of the word qubole is RV, then it gives a sense of one that is in front of the other, that is face to face. So if everything was brought in front of them, before their very eyes, and they saw everything of the heavens and the earth, the matters of the unseen still, they would not believe.

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Secondly, COBOL is a plural of a B. and a B gives a sense of in a pile, from the same root is the word Kabila. What is a cappella,

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a tribe, what is a tribe, a group of people, it's not just a few people, it's a group of people. It's a great number of people.

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So if we brought to them everything Oberlin meaning either face to face in front of them, so they saw everything of the heavens and the earth before their very eyes,

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or everything was brought oberland in groups group after group, still, McCann only, you know, still they will not believe.

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So for example, the whole group of answers brought to them the whole group of elephants and lions, one species after the other one creation after the other is brought before their very eyes as a miracle. Still, Allah subhana wa tada says, mercantil the mineral still they would not believe in the inertia a lot, except if Allah wills, meaning acceptive, Allah forces them to believe, only then they will believe when I can act on them. But most of them, meaning majority of the people alone, they're ignorant, meaning they're ignorant of the fact that if Allah wills, He could have forced them to believe, or the majority of the people are ignorant, which is why no matter what they see,

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they don't believe no matter what they're shown, they still don't get it. Extra homea Hello.

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This ayah is a response to the demands of the machine of Mecca.

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The machine of Makkah, they would say that if they were shown a miracle, they would believe

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and as we learned in the previous ayah, in number 109, and 110, that will occur some will be led by a man in him or injured at home, I don't know nebia.

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Similarly, in the next time, Allah subhanaw taala said, Why no kalibo of EDA, Tahoma vasara. Home? Can I mute me? No, be a Well, Mr. Raja

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Mohan. This is a result of that, that when they were shown the miracle and still they didn't believe now their state of denial is so severe that even if the angels are sent before them,

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even if the dead spoke to them, even if everything of this world is brought in front of them in groups, one specie after the other things that they demand are brought to them in front of them, they see it still, they're not going to believe why because they have become extremely stubborn in their denial.

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Like in the previous ayah last point, I said when kalibo of Edo upasana home, that now their hearts and their vision, they are turned.

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They don't function properly anymore. Why? Because they denied the first time. So now it's not the matter of belief and disbelief rather

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It's a matter of bias, it's a matter of being stubborn, that they have become so bias against the profit sort of artists that, um, they have become so stubborn on their disbelief, that no matter what they see, they will still not accept. Remember that denying the truth after seeing it hardens a person's heart hardens the heart of a person. And it makes him very stubborn. And it's impossible to make him accept anything.

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Why? Because his heart has become hard. He refused to accept something when it was very clear to him.

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So what do we learn from this is

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that those people who demand miracles, in order to bring a man there, in fact, like,

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they're not serious. They're not interested in believing. It's just an excuse. Because no matter what they're shown, they're not going to believe if the moon was split for them, and they saw it with their very eyes. and still they didn't accept you think they're going to accept something else? No.

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So what's the lesson that those people who demand miracles in order to believe they're not actually true in their demands? They're lying. They're just making excuses for not believing they have a non serious attitude.

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So don't pay any attention to their demands.

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Because the prophet SAW a lot of sentiment along with him the Muslims as well, they would feel that one is a lot natural, some miracles, at least a few miracles. Yes, they were showing the splitting of the wood, maybe a few more, perhaps they will believe at the final musasa he was given so many miracles. So similarly, Mohammed, Salah lawlessness should also be given miracles. But the fact is Allah subhanaw taala says, they don't want to believe

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we don't insult users, I number 96 and 97. In alladhina Hakata Allah in Kalamata, Rebecca, let me know in the doors upon whom the word of your Lord has come into effect, they will not believe without

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it, even if every sign should come to the hat, the Euro will either will leave until they see the painful punishment, then they will believe for what uses him and at that time,

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what can I get your honor, nikolina begin I'll do one. And thus we have made for every prophet, enemies, which enemies shall please clean and NC well, Jeannie devils from among mankind, engine

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and these are the opponents of the Prophet of Allah.

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What are their leakages? What does it mean by this because Anika

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meaning just as we have made, or just as these people of Mecca have become your enemies or profits out of understanding that they saw the truth, they saw the miracle, still, they didn't accept. And now they're opposing you. And they have gone into extreme opposition against you. This is not something new. every prophet of Allah faced a similar situation,

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that there were people who opposed they saw the truth, they denied the truth. The saw the miracle, they rejected it, they didn't accept and then they became severe in their opposition against the Prophet of Allah. So this is not something new. Okay, danika giannelli colina begin for every single nebby there was another one.

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The other one is actually a singular word, but it is also used for plural.

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And these enemies of the Prophet were off sheltering. Shelton is a Florida shape one and shape on his every disobedient and rebellious being

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every disobedient and rebellious creature, it is disobedient to a las panatela and it is rebellious against you. Allah does not obey and does not submit.

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For example, it believes, for example, a Buddha

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because the word shape fun, it can be used for both human as well as gene.

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Even our vessels that aren't who said that shape on is from the word chef on it and shop owner is better than what is better than

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what is better than me. Word to be far to be distant.

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So when a person disobeys, what happens when a person rebelled, what happens? He is distanced from Allah subhanaw taala. He goes far away from a loss of data. On the other hand, when a person will be his than what happens, he comes closer to Allah.

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Every time we disobey, we go farther away from Allah. So if you feel that you don't have that closeness

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Last time

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that you feel you're very far from him, and what you need to do, increase in your good deeds. Because the more a person obeys, the closer he comes to Allah, the more a person disobeys, the farther he gets from Allah.

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So over here shouting devils rebels, meaning the disobedient and rebellious ones, those who were disobedient and rebellious towards Allah soprano.

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These shouting are among an ins meaning amongst human beings, one gene and also the gene.

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So basically, many among the jinn and ins became enemy to the prophets. After seeing the truth, and yet denying it.

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They saw the truth, yet they denied it. And then what happened? They became enemies to the Prophet.

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And then they use their full force against the Prophet of Allah to oppose him.

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And what did these shayateen do of the insurgent? How do they become enemies of the Prophet?

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You he, he would inspire Baboom some of them elaborate to others. In other words, they would inspire to one another, the gin and ins to each other.

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So for example, the people inspiring other people, or the gin inspiring people, like we know that shaitan What does he do? us we saw fucile dirtiness, mean Elgin nutty, oneness.

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So the child theme they would inspire in the hearts of people, and the people, they would inspire one another as well.

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Meaning they would plot and conspire against the Prophet of Allah secretly in order to harm him.

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So for example, the prophets are allowed a certain wonder what he was given to him, and he went to the people and said that he was a messenger. What happened? There were people who accept him there were people who denied outright. Why did they deny shaitaan inspired in your heart? How was it possible? why it doesn't make sense? If he is a prophet, and he is going to become better than you, you will have to accept the supremacy. So don't accept him. Even if you know he is the truth, even if you know what he's saying is the truth. Still don't accept him.

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So you are Hey beldholm ileviathan they inspire to one another, meaning the jinn would do what was said to the people, and the people would conspire and blood secretly against the Prophet of Allah. Babu. Elaborate, what would inspire to another Zoo fellow Cody, decorated speech? Why would they inspire decorated speech to one another?

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To deceive, to dilute for the purpose of deception, meaning to deceive other innocent, ignorant people.

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They come up with plots and plans, false statements with regard to the profit, this spread false propaganda and who are the deceiving with that false propaganda? Who are the deceiving ignorant people, innocent people who don't know anything better?

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Like so many people that times the Prophet sallallahu wasallam they were fooled by statements such as there is a magician over here. There's a sorcerer over here. Don't listen to what he's saying. If you listen to him, it will affect your family. It will affect you, you will become bewitched. So with this false propaganda, what were they doing, deceiving people?

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Now what does it mean by Zuko Falco

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is on the roof at rosae Hall Rafa

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and Zoho is decoration. What is a decoration? ornament, a decorated thing.

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Something with which you decorate something.

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For instance, the Christmas tree What is it full of decoration. Now all those objects that are hanging on the tree whether they are golden balls or silver balls or whatever, what are the zoo ornaments there used to decorate?

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Similarly, there is a woman she's wearing her jewelry. Now her earrings, her necklace, her rings, what are they?

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Because they are decorating. They are being used to decorate

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a plain wall and you put some nice picture on it. artwork on it. What is that going to do? It's going to decorate the room. It's going to decorate the wall.

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So the roof is the command of some of something. The height of beauty of something

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that when you put a decoration on it, what's going to happen? It's going to become extremely beautiful. It's going to become

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extremely attractive.

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In reality, it may not be that beautiful. But when you put the decoration on it, it looks so pretty. It looks so beautiful.

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Sometimes you see that it's possible that there is a particular table or a piece of furniture, or maybe a house even, that is not that good. It's not that beautiful. But depending on how people painted and how they set it up, and they do the lighting and everything, what happens, it becomes a completely different place. Doesn't it looks completely different.

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So Zoho is adornment. Now, when the word is used for our free speech, like over here,

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what does it mean? It is a statement that is adorned with lies a statement that is adorned with lies. In reality, that statement is not that beautiful, but it is made beautiful with words. It is made beautiful with words, very impressive and charming words, which when a person listens to he gets impressed.

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And if you say it to him the same thing in another way. He's not going to be impressed by it at all.

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You understand what I'm saying?

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Like, for example, in commercials or, for example, when people are advertising something, what do you see?

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You see, for example, do 1999.

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If you saw 3000, you would see three in like, no way, you see a two, you don't read the numbers that follow. Now, because of the two you get the seat. Now you go there and you pay. And it's like three. And sometimes they will say you pay only this much a month. And then there's a star at the end of the sheet. That mentioned some exception, which obviously has to apply to you.

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This is a beautiful code is that if you say the same thing, in its plain form, people are not going to like it.

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They're not going to like it, but you say it by adorning it with lies. And people get impressed by it, they get deceived by this is what's difficult is that it seems very appealing. People get influenced by it, they get inclined towards it. But in reality, it is plain falsehood.

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For example, resumes, what do they do in that? You use words? What kind of words big and fancy words for example, give me some examples.

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extremely helpful and open to challenges and very eloquent and so on and so forth. People use big words, impressive words. Why in order to deceive the other? This is exactly what the enemies of the Prophet of Allah do.

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They use impressive words, impressive speech, which in reality is playing falsehood, and they use it in order to deceive normal people in order to deceive ignorant people.

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And because of this false speech, people turn away from the Prophet of Allah.

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Allah says when OSHA of a book and if Allah willed my foreigner who they would not have done it alone would not have allowed them to use this false propaganda against the Prophet sallallahu sallam. But Allah subhanaw taala allowed this to happen. Why? Because it was a part of us plan to test the prophets to try the prophets. Therefore Allah allowed it further whom study them who the enemy mean, don't be concerned about what they're saying. Those people who spread zofran Oliveira leave them when my afternoon and whatever they fabricate, don't go on, trying to justify yourself, trying to show that what they're saying is false. Just ignore them. What do we learn from the cya?

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First of all, we learned that any person who calls to Allah will definitely face opposition. Because Allah subhanaw taala says well karateka jalna Lee Kulina vision

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and from this any person who calls to Allah will face this opposition it's not possible that a person is calling others to the way of Allah and he's not opposed

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to the prophets are allowed us and has been reassured over here that this opposition that you're facing, this is not something new. This happened to every profit opposition is inevitable.

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We learn so little for fun I number 31. worker Delica giannelli kuleana beginner do 1 million wizardry mean and thus we have made for every profit and enemy from among the criminals will sorry Santa he had our own and what it fit our own do when he saw the miracles he said this is magic. We can also compete with you. So he used Hong Kong he termed

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The miracles as magic and people really fell for it. In reality, it was not magic. But the people fell for it they got deceived by.

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Secondly, we also learned from this ayah that those people who recognize the truth, and yet they deny what happens. They become enemies of who of the Prophet of Allah.

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A person recognizes the truth, yet he denies

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what happens. He becomes the enemy of the Prophet of Allah.

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We learned that the profit side alone isn't when he received the first reputation. He went to Khadija later on. And Khadija Duran had to call us messenger, where do what have I been known for? And what did he say that none came with what you came with, but he was a subject of enmity. He was the subject of enmity.

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This is something that is understood that there are going to be people who are going to see what you're saying they're going to understand, but still they're going to oppose you. And when they will deny they will become your opponents. And the prophets are abolished and he faces opposition.

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People spread so much false speech about him at Hajj, when people would come to visit when people would come to Makkah because remember, Morocco is a central place, people will come from all over Arabia, to perform the Hajj. And when they would come, the leaders of Mecca, they would warn them, don't listen to such and such men. If you listen to him, you will get affected stay away from him. They will spread so much false news about him false propaganda about him through poetry, even they would have poetry competitions, people would come and they would say poetry. And there were people who said against the profits out of autism.

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We also learned from this is that sometimes the jinn inspire humans and sometimes humans inspire other humans What?

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negative thinking, negative thinking.

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So negative thinking comes in the heart of a person from who, from jinn, sometimes from share time, and sometimes from other people.

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But sometimes you're sitting in this all of a sudden you think we're wasting my time every day. If I were working in that place, or making this much money, I'm here volunteering, not even making a few cents, a few dollars, what am I doing? I'm wasting my time. Where does this talk come from? From Chicago. And sometimes what happens you go somewhere and another person who comes and talks to you, like what are you doing, you're wasting your time. So this negative thinking it comes to the heart of a person from who Jin as well as other people.

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And a person should see a loss of refuge from such people. In Serato NAS What do we say?

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colorado. belovedness mexicanus Elena's mean shell real was were cylinders from the evil of was was the one who was was was a who is Juanes retreating goes back comes again led us through the fuse holder in us the one who whispers in the hearts of people, I mean a genetic oneness.

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So sometimes there are people and sometimes there are Jim Shelton, who inspiring negative thinking in the heart of a question.

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We often learn from this is that there are sheltering from jinn as well as humans

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sheltering or not just from the jinn, some people are also sheltering.

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Some people are also sheltering,

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learned that a Buddha did on who he said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to him, oh Buddha, seek refuge with Allah from the devils of mankind. And the

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Buddha said, I asked him, Are there human devils as well? And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Yes.

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And we should take a loss of refuge against the shell Tina Jean as well as it's because Jen, okay, you say are the blemishes on your virgin use Ganassi goes away, you recite the Quran, you listen to the and then you will go away. But if there is a person who is inspiring negative thoughts in your heart, he doesn't leave you he doesn't go away, he continues to email you continues to message you. He continues to tell you, how do you get rid of them. So especially seek refuge against children. And

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we also learn from this idea that when a person encounters such opposition that people are talking negatively about him. They're spreading rumors, they're spreading false statements about him, then what should you do? You should just ignore them. And you should remind himself that it is the plot of shaitan. This is the plan. This is the plot of shaper.

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That these people, they just want to have some fun by talking negatively about me. Leave them don't even bother to deal with them.

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Because sometimes we see that there are, for instance, scholars, there are great teachers out there about whom people are publishing articles, they are writing against them, they're speaking against them. And we see sometimes they're not saying anything in response. They don't even say a word in their defense. Why? There's a wisdom behind that. Because if you get tangled up in justifying your innocence, in showing your sincerity to people, then you will not be able to do your work.

00:25:32--> 00:26:01

The fact is that you are in the way of Allah subhanaw taala in the path of Allah. And there is something that Ally's telling you you're definitely going to face that waka dareka, Allah nikolina vision are the one for every prophet was an enemy. And if the Prophet had an enemy, you normal person, you think you'd have an enemy, of course you will, they're going to talk negatively about you, they're going to spread lies about you, they're going to deceive people concerning you. Don't bother with these people.

00:26:02--> 00:26:17

Don't even try to prove your innocence to them. Why? Because you are in the Battle of Allah, and Allah will protect you. Because Allah subhanaw taala says, Father, whom am I after all, ignore them, leave them and whatever they're fabricating.

00:26:19--> 00:26:28

Now person may wonder why there's a lot about this. Because this is a part of a test. Allah causes for the prophets. Same thing, for those who walk in the footprints of the prophets.

00:26:30--> 00:26:46

Sometimes you see that there are people who are saying negative things about, for instance, scholars, and those scholars, they will not say anything to defend themselves, but there are other people who will come up and defend them. So your responsibility is that you do your job, and Allah will take care of you, Allah will protect you.

00:26:48--> 00:27:05

And sometimes, it's just a waste of time. If you try to talk to them, if you try to advise them, if you try to discuss the problems with them, it's just a waste of time sometimes, because they're so biased that no matter what you tell them, they're not going to accept, they've made up their mind, they become stubborn, they're not going to take it.

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We also learned from this AI about the importance of being careful about what a person listens to about what a person accepts. There is a lot of information out there. A lot of information, everybody's saying everybody's promoting something or the other big words, fancy words. But you can't just accept everything that people are saying.

00:27:29--> 00:28:16

Because if you do, then you're going to suffer a lot, then you're going to suffer a lot. So what do you need, you need to filter against the vocal when people are using false speech, that's very impressive, just to deceive you to get you to buy their product by convincing you that that product is a solution of all the problems in your life. That if you buy this mop Your life will become so easy if you buy this machine Your life will be so easy. If you buy this food your children will be so happy. I mean, when people use deceptive speech, deceptive portrayal, then don't be deceived by it. Have a filter. Have a filter. Don't accept everything that's out there. Because otherwise,

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you're going to suffer. Don't be impressed by every glittery thing out there.