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Yusuf 58-87 Translation 58-87


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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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khadim. Another ministry upon

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this malaria Rahmani Raheem Vishal actually saw that he will sue the MD Washington doesn't release any of the Hokulea webinars in Lesson number 125. So that uses ID number 58. To 87 Translation

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wotja and he came in who are two brothers use of use of arrays to then

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further Hello so they entered our Li upon him for our for home so he recognized them while home while they Lahu for him monkey rule, ones who do not recognize ones who do not identify.

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When I met and when Jeff has a home, he had furnished them beija has a him with their supplies. Allah He said it to me you all come to me be a friend with brother. Luckily for you, men from a vehicle your father, Allah do not the owner you will see a need that indeed I oofy I fulfill and Kayla the measure what anna and i hierro best Omen Zb of the host of those who accommodate

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so in so if lung not dooney you will come to me be here with him. fella so not gala any measure local for you are in the with me. Weather and do not Dakota boonie you all approached me

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they said Sir noir we do soon we will attempt to dissuade

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we will attempt to dissuade

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and hope from him about his brother we're in there and indeed we left alone surely wants to do

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more color and he said leave it here and he to his servants in your foot bar to whom their merchandise fee in rehab him their saddlebags learn the home so that they you're a foreigner they recognize it either when in Colorado they returned either to a him their family's Lyla home so that they yield the room they return

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saladmaster when Roger they returned it out to be him their father or Lou they said yeah or abana our father moon era it was prevented Minar from us as gaining the measure for ourselves so you sent Marina with us ahana our brother neck then we will get measured we're in there and indeed we level for him the hassleholm surely want to guard

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order he said her should ama Nicole I trust you are they about him in there except gamma just as a mean to come I trusted you Allah upon a fee his brother main from a blue before for long. So Allah Piru is best has the one protector where he will and he is our humble most merciful or Rashi mean of those who show mercy

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on them and when they opened mother home their baggage or do they found the bar or the home their merchandise wrote that it was returned to them although they said yeah oh a burner our father math what naturally we want or man not naturally we transgress heavy this bill Barr tuna our merchandise, wrote that it was returned Elena to us war and now we will obtain supplies or we will get provision when I follow and we will guard a corner our brother when as they do and we will increase gala measure variation of a camel than liquor that gave them is a measure you see on one easy

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corner he said learn never or Scylla who I will send him Morocco with you have there until dooney you all give me most affirm from its men from Allah He Allah let that money surely you will definitely come to me be here with him in there except and that you have, it is surrounded because with you all for them. So when

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they gave him multicar whom their firm promise, Allah He said, Allahu Allah, Allah upon ma what Nakula we say working

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On a trustee or a caretaker

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what color and he said yeah oh Benny Yeah, my son's lair do not the Hulu you will enter main from bourbon door Why didn't single one was the Hulu and you will enter main from a verb indoors? What are the different? warmer and not only I have a I'm come from you, main from Allah Allah MinJae in from anything in not a hookman the judgment is there except when they're here for Allah or lay upon him the workers do I have trusted What are they and upon him failure the worker so he should trust and with the work even those who trust

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one another and when the holiday entered Maine from Hazel where a motorhome he commanded them remove their father, man not Ghana, it was Yoni it avails on home from them, men from Allah He Allah min che in from anything in there except harder than need fi in naps. So year ago of your Kubernetes center, bye bye, her he satisfied it or he fulfilled it well in my role and indeed he surely possessor in men of knowledge. Lima because of what I'm for award, alumna who we taught him or her Kindle, but Excel almost a nurse of the people learned last year the moon they know

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whenever and when they entered Allah upon us suffer use of early center

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he brought close enough to himself

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his brother, color he said in me indeed I Anna, I am

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a hooker your brother, fella. So, do not separate there is you grieve the man for what can do they were young alone, they do.

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So, when Joe has a home, he furnished them, BJ has a him with their supplies jar that he bought a separator the drinking bowl or the measuring bowl fee in the back of his brother sooner than ever then he announced more as the known and announcer a year to her Are you under the caravan in the coup indeed you necessary surely to

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do this work and Alberto they approached

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or they advanced? I know him upon them mega What is that? They do? You all are missing?

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Our room they said nasty do we are missing solara measuring bone and medic of the king while the man and for who he can be with it him loot unload burden of a camel or other and I be with it there anyone responsible or one who guarantees

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follow they said de la he by Allah? Lacan certainly, I mean to your new man, not jitna we came Linux data, so we make mischief fill out in the warmer and not gonna we were studying thieves.

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Or Lou they said from us or what? Joseph who he has recompense in if you were daddy been liars. kalu they said Joseph who his recompense must have who would either it was found fee in or actually he his travel back for who so he is desert. Its recommends gallica likewise New Jersey we recommend a warning mean the wrongdoers

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suffer so he began the area to him with their bags. opener before we are back does he have his brother someone then is the Roger her. He took it out or he extracted it men from their back he of his brother karateka. Likewise, Kibana we plotted Li uses for use of early center man not Ghana was Leah Hooda that he takes a call his brother fee in Danish law and medic of the kingdom is there except and that your shirt He wills Allahu Allah. No foul, we raised the Rajasthan in ranks man, whoever we will, will fall over and above golly, every day possessor in men of knowledge or leave on one who is more annoying.

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Although they said in a yesterday he steals for us so in fact setup he stole

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Home a brother level for him made from kaaboo before for us over her so he concealed it useful use of earning center fantasy in yourself. Whether or not you buddy her he revealed the home for them. Pilot he said unto you on Chevron worst mechanics in place. What level and allow our demo is most knowing B man with watch just before you all assert

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although they said yeah are you are you are these there are these in the indeed level for him? I've been a father shavon Kabira great for home so take a hardener one of us McKenna who in his place in there indeed we know Okay, we see you mean from an worsening those who do have most good

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color he said my other refuge Allahu of Allah. And that netcode that we take. Is that except man who watches dinner we found Medina our possessions. Our belongings

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are in the room with him in there indeed we even then Lavoie on the moon surely wrongdoers?

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Fernanda so when is they assume they had despaired Meru from him colossal they secluded Nigeria in private consultation. Nigeria in private consultation

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he said Kabira whom eldest of them Adam did not Darla move you will know unless that indeed about comio father are in fact a hoarder he took or they come upon you mostly on a firm promise. Main from Allahu Allah woman and from fabuleux before man what forward to you all failed? See concerning us suffer use of earnings sooner silence will never abhilasha I will leave Hector until then. He gives permission leave for me a be my father. Oh or yes chroma key judges Allahu Allah leave for me. Well who are and he is higher best of hierarchy mean of those who judge? Is your your return either to a beak of your father for Hulu. So you all say yeah, earner or our Father, in the indeed. Eva Necker

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your son, set up a tea store. Warmer and not sure hidden we saw or we witnessed Illa except Bhima with what are the men we knew? warmer and not corner we were a little late for the unseen happy lean ones who God

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was and ask the city allottee which corner we were see her in it? Well are you and the caravan allottee which a cabana we came see her in it? We're in there and indeed we lasagna cone surely truthful ones?

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Either he said bad brother. So whether it made easy it enticed. Luckily for you and for your souls are more a matter for Sadhguru. So patients jameelah beautiful, are sir perhaps our who Allah and that yet he he will come to me, be him with them Jamia altogether in the who indeed he who will he is an early the always annoying Hakeem the always always

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whatever law and he turned away on home from them work harder and he said yeah, I suffer my sorrow either upon us suffer use of early center where we have both and it became white. Reiner who has two eyes, men from a hurts need to grieve for who was so he was Killeen, one who suppressed much

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taboo, they said the law he by a law does still you will not see that glue you mentioned you suffer use Hector until the corner you will be heroin fatally ill

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or the corner you will be men from an early King those who die

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those who are dead.

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Father, he said in nummer, indeed not but a school I complain by see of my distress of my suffering will hurt me and my sorrow. Either do Allahu Allah, what are them and I know men from Allah He Allah now what I learned not that the moon you will know

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you have any year all my son's is Hubble, you all go for the Hester Zoo so you will search you are

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Investigate men from usofa use of Ernie Salaam where he and his brother whether and do not they assume you all despair, men from Roshi, relief mercy, Allah He of Allah in the who indeed he learned not gay so he despairs men from gross relief a lot of a lot is that except have found the people and cast your own the disbelievers.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Thank you.

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Elena wanna follow up on

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me, Paul Allen. Oh, Sila hoonah

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comin along

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Jamie Shea in

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the car.

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he is real

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he wanna move

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the moon, Elon Musk as

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soon as he

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Jamie on

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the hockey team