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An-Nur 32-34 Word Analysis and Tafsir 33-34

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Allah subhanaw taala says Well, yes that fifth and he should adopt chastity. While he is there a fifth year starfy from the Ruth address, I infer

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from the word refer, refer is a state in which a person protects one's knifes. He overcomes his desires, he stays within the bounds of higher he remains chaste he abstains from wrong things.

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So when you start fifth, yes, there are fifth, he should try, he should try to remain chaste. He should put an effort to remain chaste, he should adopt chastity, he should strive to live a clean life who alladhina those people who lay a dune Annika Han, who do not find the means to get married.

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So those people who are not able to get married just because they're not married, does not mean they do how long you understand. Just because a person is not made does not mean they can indulge in how long they can commit Zina. They can masturbate or they can do other wrong things. No, they should strive to live a life of chastity. They should remain chaste. And Latina lady Luna nica

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now what does it mean by layer? Do you do Anika and they don't find marriage, meaning they cannot find the means to get married.

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Now, what are the means that are necessary that a person must have in order to get married?

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First of all, what do you need to get married?

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a potential spouse. Right? So if you do not, if they cannot find a potential spouse, they cannot find a suitable match. There are many things that they're compromising on, but still they cannot find a suitable match. So what should they do?

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How does the loss of prioritizing they should strive to remain chaste?

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Secondly, in the case of a man, he does not have the financial means. He's applying for work here, there. He's completely out of a savings. He doesn't have money. He doesn't have any financial support from his family. And certainly he cannot afford to have a wife right now. He's just living in with other guys, you know, sharing a bedroom, sharing a house sharing a basement sharing an apartment, how can you bring a wife over there, he does not even have enough money to pay rent. Forget about buying a house.

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And similarly, if he wishes to get married, he doesn't have enough money. He doesn't have enough money to give to his wife.

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Or if he does have the money, he does not have any money to give to his wife afterwards.

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So basically, the circumstances are not allowing.

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So in that case, a person should strive to remain chaste, had unia home until Allah enriches them. Allah whom in fact Lee from his bounty,

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and Hatha Yoga near Milan and fugly in this hope, that they should not become despaired, or marriage is not meant for me. Maybe there's just nobody there for me. Maybe there's just nobody suitable for me.

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Maybe I'm never going to be financially able to get married. No, don't lose hope, be hopeful, remain chaste, had their you know home along with family until Allah enriches them out of his bounty.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said that whoever among you can afford to get married, let him marry for it is more effective in lowering the gaze and protecting the private parts. And whoever cannot do that, then what should you do?

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Then let him first for it is a protection for him?

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Because fasting, what does it do? What does it develop in a person? The Aqua

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katiba Lake mostly an aquatic Ella Latina and COVID eco la Lacan that the horns are that you adopt a quad. It develops fear of a line, the heart of a person, how that a person is fasting, all of a sudden he wants to drink a sip of water. He thinks, Oh, I'm fasting, I'm not allowed to drink. He wants to eat he wants to nibble on something. I'm fasting not allowed to do that.

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Similarly, when there comes a non Muslim woman in front of him, What is he going to think? I'm not allowed to look at her. Similarly, a woman What is she going to think? I'm not allowed to look at him.

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So fasting, it develops the quality of a person, it helps a person remain conscious, control his desires.

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If from morning to evening, you can refrain from eating and drinking, then inshallah You can also control your sexual urges.

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So this is the case with those people who cannot afford to get married.

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Well levena and those people who now again after the free people who are being mentioned the slaves,

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just as earlier, the free people are mentioned that were mentioned then the rebel and the email were mentioned. Similarly over here, the free ones are mentioned and now the slaves are being mentioned

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that one Lina and those who meaning those slaves Ooh,

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yeah, but the hoonah, who seek meaning who want alki taba the freedom, the contract to buy their freedom,

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Al Kitab is from the ruthless cafta. And GitHub literally means writing. The word also applies to a book, a document, something that has been written a contract.

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And over here keytab as a term, it is referring to a contract, a written contract that is mutual, between a master and a slave,

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a written mutual contract between a master and a slave, in which the slave promises to do a certain amount of service in a certain amount of time. And the master agrees to free him on receiving that service. You understand? a mutual agreed upon written contract, it's written, and what is this contract about? Who is it between it's between a master and a slave.

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And this contract is that a slave, he says, I will do this much work in this much time. And if I do this, if I get you this much money, then you free me. And the master agrees.

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So you understand.

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So those people who wish to buy their freedom in this way, my mama cat, a Monaco, from those people whom your right hands possess, meaning your slave men and women, then what should you do or masters? forgettable, whom then write for them, meaning, agree to make that contract with them. And this is, according to many scholars, and obligation on the Masters, that they must agree to make this contract with their slaves.

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That if a slave says, I will do this work for you, you gave me freedom at the end of that, the master cannot say, No, I'm not going to make this contract with you. Don't make this promise? No. What does Allah say, Kathy boom, according to many scholars, this is an obligation.

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So for example, a contract could be such that I contract you for the amount of 2000, to be paid over a period of two months, at 1000 a month. And if you fulfill this, you are a free man.

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Understand, so the master could make such a contract. And the slave says, I accept.

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But there is a condition, you should only accept this contract in Ireland, if you no fee him in them hide on good meaning of the Masters know that the slaves are good. What does that mean by the slave, that if you know them to have good conduct, you know them to be trustworthy, you know, that they will be able to do this work within the promised time.

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And you know, that they are righteous people, that once they become free, they will not create facade in the earth. They are noble, they can handle being independent, they praise Allah, and they want to buy their freedom for good reason.

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So if that is the case, then definitely help them buy their freedom.

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What to whom, and also give them my family, Larry Levy, Agha Khan, from the wealth of Allah which he has given you. What does it mean by that? Meaning the slaves who want this macatawa who want this kita you should financially assist them to buy their freedom.

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And who is his command to this command is being given to the slave owners, the masters, and it's also being given to the Muslim community that as far as the masters are concerned, what should they do? They should financially help the slave by his freedom.

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So for instance, if the slave says, I'll give you 2000 enough, so what should the master do? He should say, okay, you give me only 1000.

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And then I say, meaning wave a part of it off, forgive a part of it, help them financially with the wealth that Allah has given you.

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And this command is also to the Muslim community, that you Muslim community should help the slave by his freedom. So for example, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu, wasallam. There's a hobby sell manufacture, see, he wish to buy his freedom, remember from his Jewish Master, and there was a certain condition that was set by the master that summerfest he had to grow a number of trees. He had to plant a number of dead pumps. So what happened?

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The Sahaba they helped some minor fighters.

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And when they helped him when they assisted him within the given time, so Matter of fact, he was able to buy his freedom. So what to whom imagine that he led the attack.

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And notice how wealth has mentioned over here, it's the wealth of Allah. And remember that this wealth, it can refer to sadaqa, it can also refer to the cat.

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Because the Muslims, when they give the cat, part of that cat money is also supposed to go where will fill the cob, remember, and in the freeing of the slaves.

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So for example, the cat money can be used to help a slave by his freedom.

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Now, let's look at the background of this ayah so that we can understand this a bit more what circumstances existed at the time when this ayah was revealed.

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Remember that in pre Islamic Arabia, a large portion of the society, it was of slaves, a large portion of the society was of slaves, almost every household had a slave. And sometimes they would have multiple slaves, because the people that would buy and sell slaves just as machines are bought and sold, just as animals are bought and sold. And the criteria to determine the wealthiness of a person was how many slaves he owned.

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If a person owned many slaves, what did that mean? He was very wealthy. If a person did not even own a single slave, he was very poor.

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And we see that with the coming of Islam. Slavery was not immediately abolished, that all the people were commanded that free your slaves, no gradual steps were taken, to eliminate to reduce slavery from the society.

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And what were the steps, what steps were taken in order to reduce slavery, that first of all, the Masters, they were encouraged to free their slaves.

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And a lot of reward has been mentioned for this. For example, the profits are a lot of itemset, that whoever freeze or Muslim slave, Allah will save all the parts of his body from the Hellfire as he has freed the body parts of the slave

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that just imagine the slave was first owned. His hand was as if owned by someone, his legs, whereas if owned by someone, he didn't have any free will.

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So when the master free that slave, Allah will in this way free that person from the hellfire.

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So imagine, this much reward was ascribed. So people were very, very encouraged and motivated to free their slaves. And it is said that Abu Bakar, they learn who he would free a slave every Friday. Just imagine, every week at least one person gain freedom.

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It is live in Armada, he freed at least 1000 slaves in his life 1000 slaves. So we say that people, they freed their slaves in great numbers in great numbers that would free their slaves. So this was one way.

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Another way through which slavery was reduced was that freeing a slave was made an expiation for many things.

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If you hold the pen in your hand, and you sit up straight, and you write notes, believe me, you will not be sleeping. Okay? So write these points down that I'm telling you

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how slavery reduced, first of all, a lot of encouragement for freeing slaves. Secondly, freeing the slave was made an expiation for many things.

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Like, for example, for murder, for breaking a note so many times we have learned earlier for the heat of Aqaba. Right. So with that many slaves were freed.

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And a third way that was adopted was that if a slave wishes to buy his freedom, then let him buy his freedom.

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Now, the question is, how would the slave buy his freedom, it could be in different ways. For example, it could be by doing some work or it could be giving some money to the master.

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Now, if the slave says, I will give you this much money, where will the slave get money from?

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Because whatever he earns, whatever his income is, that belongs to the master anyway.

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So in that case, the Muslim community has been told there were two more men in there he led the attack.

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And as I told you, that in the cat, a portion were filled up is to be given to free the slaves. So that wealth is to be given to the slaves so that they can buy their freedom.

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But which slaves should be freed should be allowed to buy their freedom

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over here what has been mentioned in our them to feed him later on, if you know good to be in, if you know that they're good

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Because, as I mentioned to you earlier, that slaves, they were used doing many wrong things, because they were forced to, they were used to living a life of complete dependence on others. And if each and every one of them wants to be freed, then that will lead to chaos in the society. And you can imagine that all of them were not financially smart, they were not smart in the sense that they would be able to go to the marketplace and make money. So if all of the slaves are freed at once, if any slave is allowed to buy his freedom, he would become a burden on the society, isn't it? Because crime would spread, he would perhaps commit theft, if you know that he's not a righteous person, he

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does not have fear of a light does not pray that he's going to commit theft, then a lot of wrong things could happen. So if you know that there is good in them, only then let them buy their freedom.

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Now a person might say that, how come it wasn't just said that free all the slaves? Why wasn't slavery put to an end immediately, because as I mentioned, to you, a large part of the population was of slaves. And the kind of lives that they had lived, were very different. So if all of a sudden they were freed, it would be very, very difficult for the society to accept them.

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And it would be very difficult for them as well to assimilate into society, because of the differences in the status, the differences in their manners, in their behaviors, in their way of life. So that is why these gradual steps were taken. And the condition was set that in earlier to feed them while then you allow them to buy their freedom. Now, this was mainly the case with the male slaves, mainly with the male slaves, not necessarily the female, but mainly the males. Now with regards to the female slaves, the women slaves, how do people use them to earn money? Like, for example, a slave a person would, you know, tell him, go and do this work out the marketplace, and

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whatever money you get, bring it to me. Okay, just as you can rent a machine to someone. And if they're renting that machine, they're using that machine, they're going to give you some money at the end. Similarly, people would rent off their slaves in that way. And whatever money they would get that money would go to, to the masters.

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Somebody was mentioned to me recently that in Pakistan, they had a servant in their house was a very young boy, perhaps like 10 years old. And the parents, what they have done is that all of their children, they have kept them as servants in different different houses. So a seven year old daughter is in one house, 10 year old boys and one house, 12 year old son is in another house, and all of these children, they're working on other people's house, and the money that they make, it goes through to the parents, for the parents, they live in the village very comfortably, and the children are sent to work in the houses and with that their income is coming, or the parents

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themselves are also working, depending on their financial condition.

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So similarly, at that time, people would rent out their slaves in this way.

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But with slave women, what would they do?

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They would use them as prostitutes.

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They would use them as prostitutes, that a slave woman, she would be given to one person for a night and whatever money would be received, that would go to her to the master. So when the slave men, there was a possibility for them to buy their freedom. What about the slave women?

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Allah subhanaw taala says well, ethically who and do not compel to create from the euthyphro skaffa go across,

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that do not compel Do not force them. And remember that a claw is to force someone to do something that they dislike.

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So do not compel for the article your female slaves, but they act as a Florida for that with our booth at the end.

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And for that is used for a young woman, but it can also be used for a young, female slave.

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So do not compel your slave women, I ll Bihari over prostitution, meaning don't force them to commit Zina.

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The word below is from the routers back behind yet and bully is to cross limits in order to fulfill one's desires. And we have done the word belief earlier

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baliya into the idea

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that Miriam was told that your father was chased and your mother, they were not bullied.

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And bullied is used for a woman who committed sin, meaning who is a prostitute

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and below is prostitution. Zip

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So do not compel your female slaves to commit Zina in Aradhana especially if they wish the Hassan and chastity

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that her son is from the root address household noon.

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And remember, my son at the house son is when a woman is fortified, when a woman remains chaste when she does not commit Zina.

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So, if these women they desire chastity, they desire to abstain from Zina. they desire to live a chaste life, then don't compel them to commit sin.

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Now this in over here doesn't mean if that if they're okay with it, if they're okay with remaining prostitutes, then let them know if in over here gives a meaning of is when, like, for example, in the Quran, we learn whether Roma Bucky Amina Reba, in Cottonwood many meaning is going to move meaning when you are believers and leave the river.

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So seminary over here in London at the house sauna, meaning when they want chastity, and in has been said, because this is what happens generally, this is what typically happens, that such women, their desire to live chaste lives, their desire to live chaste lives. So in order to have sooner, lit up the hole, so that you may seek meaning the reason for your compulsion for you're forcing them to do this wrong deed is because you want the out of the highest the dunya you want the goods of this worldly life, you just want some financial benefit, you just want some money. This is why you're making them commit, how long, this is why you're making them do such wrong things. You're making

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them unchaste, women,

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woman, UK hoonah. And whoever compels them for in the law, human body crying in the look of all over him that Indeed Allah after their compulsion, is forgiving and merciful to them.

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Meaning if still they are forced by their masters, and they are forced to do something like this, they don't want to do it, they're forced into it, then Allah is Forgiving and Merciful towards these women, but not towards their masters, then it's not their fault.

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We see that in the days of ignorance, female slaves were forced into prostitution. And through this, the Masters, they made a lot of money, we see that the slave girls they were made to stay in the brothel. And, for example, certain houses were made for them. And on the door, or on the ceiling of the house, a certain type of a flag would be bought.

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And that flag would be assigned for any person that this is the place where a prostitute is, and you can go in any time and you can fulfill your sexual desires over here. And such women, their houses were known as market

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and all the prominent men of the society, they own such women, and they own such places. And they maintained such houses of prostitution as well. And it was not considered something that was evil.

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And whatever money was earned through this profession was taken by who, by the master. And such earnings are how long the profits are, a lot of them described such earnings as impure, as the product of the worst profession and the most filthy income, the profits or losses for them set that model below he hobbies on the Maha meaning the money that believes that an unchaste woman that a prostitute makes that is what hobbies that is impure money, it's not lawful money.

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Now, this woman, first of all, whenever she committed Zina, whenever she earned money, that money would go to, to the master.

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And many times visitors, when they would come to a city, they would go and stay at such places. Or, for example, big shark people, young people, people who are very wealthy people who were very famous, they would very openly go and committed and it was not considered as something that was evil.

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Similarly, if a person wish to please a friend of his, what would he do, he would send a prostitute of his do that friend, to satisfy him to make him happy, it would be like a gift for him. And if let's say, a prostitute, she became pregnant

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and she gave birth to a child. Now what would happen with that child,

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two possibilities, first of all, that child would become a slave.

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So basically, this would be an addition in the workforce of the master.

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Just as if a person owns cows and sheep, if a cow gives birth to a cow, if a sheep has another sheep, then that is what your flock has increased, the numbers have increased. The similarly if a child was born to this prostitute woman, he would become a slave.

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The second possibility is that sometimes that woman, that prostitute woman, what would she say? That this is the child of so and so men, because obviously, if a woman is committing Zina with so many men, how does she know whose child she's carrying. But sometimes you would say that this is a child of so and so men. And if that man was of the elite, it would be a cause of great embarrassment for him, that his blood is going to be slave, his child is going to be slave. So he would have to buy his freedom, he would have to buy his child.

00:25:33--> 00:25:37

And for that, the typical cost, the average cost was 100. camels.

00:25:38--> 00:25:55

So that great man, he would give 100 camels to that slave woman to get his child from her. And obviously, he would keep that 100 camels, the master. So you can imagine how much money the Masters would make through this prostitution, every night, they will be making so much money.

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And every few months as a child would be born, it would be an addition to their slaves, or it would be a cause of bringing 100 camels. And we see that in Medina, Abdullah, live in obey, he owned a regular house of prostitution as well. And he had six slave girls in his house of prostitution. And he earned money through them. And he also used to entertain his respectable and important guests, who came to see him from different parts of Arabia, through these young women. And he employed the illegitimate children who were born to these women. And through that he strengthened this army of slaves.

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And we see that when these slave girls have upped the level of obey, when they found out that there are other slaves were able to buy their freedom. They also wanted to do something to get out of the slavery,

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to come out of this for harsh life. So they came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. It has said that from among his slave women, moussaka and oma to women who belong to the leaven of eight they came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and asked him so then Allah subhanaw taala revealed that well, I took Rahu fanatical model below in order to have someone. So a last panel data revealed that such women should be fortified, they should be allowed to remain chaste. And this prostitution should be taken away from the Muslim society completely. So we see that if a woman is forced, then she is not accountable, who is accountable, the master is accountable.

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Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Verily, Allah has pardoned for me, my oma their mistakes, their forgetfulness, and that which they have been forced to do under duress. So whatever my oma is forced to do, in compulsion against their desires, they're not accountable for that.

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And remember that only Allah Subhana, Allah knows the intention of each person.

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Now, it's possible that a woman is doing something like that, and she's completely fine with it, she enjoys it, and she blames her master. And she says, Oh, I have no choice with regards to that. No, she should dislike this, she should pray to Allah to take her out of the situation.

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And if she is forced into it, then she is not held accountable.

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So we see the beautiful commands that are given in the surah that not only prevent people from committing Zina, but they also close the opportunities of sin. Because one of the ways in which people can commit Zina is through prostitution. So even that is put an end to

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a law Allah subhanaw taala says what are called the zelner eleiko is a mobile unit. And We have certainly revealed to you I add the mobile unit distinct versus clear versus mobile unit as a Florida mobile and mobile Hina is one that is clear, one that is distinct and one that clarifies. So these ayat are distinct, they're clear in their meaning. They're clear in their commands, very obvious. You don't have to reflect too much. It's very obvious the commands are right there. And ultimately, you know, that they clarify the Hadoop of Allah, they clarify the pleasure of Allah that in what lies the pleasure of Allah in what lies the anger of Allah. There I asked him mahina

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and we have revealed to you why my salon and example men and levena of those people who Holloman Kublai Khan, who passed before you, meaning and we have also revealed to you examples of the people who passed away before you,

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meaning their stories have been mentioned, for the purpose of social reform. So that you learn about social reform. You learn about what kind of vices can exist in a society and how they should be eliminated.

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Like for exams,

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In this tutorial we learned about the incident of if

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alladhina Holloman

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earlier we have read about the story of use of restaurant what the story of money and so these stories, what do they teach us? They teaches many lessons especially about social reform, about family life, about chastity, about living chaste lives, about staying away from Zina.

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And all of these things they serve as women were elected and an admonition. They serve as advice, as exhortation as instruction, that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed Motorola instruction by which the believer should take a lesson. Lil Mata theme for those people who have Taqwa

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and lil Mata cane, needs attention. That all of these commands, all of these examples have been given. But who is going to implement them? Who is going to learn from them? It's those people who have Taqwa. It's those people who have fear of Allah, who fear facing Allah, out of his fear, they will stay away from those things that he has prohibited

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and out of his fear, they will do those things that Allah has commanded, even if the commands go against their desires limit.

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So what does it show to us that the more taqwa a person has, the more conscious he becomes about observing the commands that Allah has given.

00:31:33--> 00:31:41

This is a very important thing. The more the quiet person has, the more conscious he becomes about observing the commands that Allah has given.

00:31:42--> 00:31:54

So we should all strive to increase our fear of Allah. pray to Allah to grant us the Aqua allama at enough psittacosis aha, because unless there is taco a person will not be able to implement the commands

00:31:56--> 00:31:58

will listen to the recitation of these as

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To move in.

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boom, boom

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to move

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Chronicle long we'll be having to kind of shadow later he learned the stuff he wanted to be like I said, I'm already