Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 21 – L216C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of planning for one's goals and work is crucial for achieving their goals, including retirement and success. The use of tools like the report of the creator and the report of the creator is essential for managing loss parameters and achieving goals. The complexity of the system that handles power loss is discussed, including the importance of planning for future events and creating a complete understanding of the loss of primary data. The speaker emphasizes the importance of planning for loss parameters and personal and professional growth, stressing the need for pride in projects and avoiding interfering with people's lives.
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You don't build Amina sama here ranges each matter from the heaven, it an OB to the earth, each each matter, he regulates it, he arranges it from where, from the heavens to the earth from the sky from the summer, to a

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meaning the entire creation, all the way from the sky, to the earth is under whose control who manages it, who regulates all of the affairs.

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So it's not just that he is the Holic that he is the Malik. But he is also the altar that would that dish, remember, and the same word you That bill has been used over here.

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You don't below

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the bar, you'd have to be it has to reflect automatic, while keeping the end in mind

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to reflect and plan concerning a matter, while keeping the end in mind. Because it's from do but what does the word mean?

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What does it mean back behind? Right?

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So anything that you have to do before doing it? What should you do?

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What should you do? Whether we do it or not, but what should we do?

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Plan, right? And we should plan how with the end in mind.

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This is my target. This is what I want to achieve, at this time, this much in this quantity. And when you have that goal, when you have that purpose, when you have the end in mind that How is your planning? It's very thorough, isn't it? It's very complete. And if you don't have the end in mind the vision to go then what will your planning be like? And what will your work be like completely haphazard, it will not have any benefit whatsoever.

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Now some people, they do their work with the end in mind and others they do it without thinking the mind. Like for example, some people, when they take even one course, they don't come in thinking that Okay, I'll just pass you know, I'll just do whatever happens, I'll just take one day at a time. No, they come with a goal. When I am done with this course this is what I want to achieve. This is what I want to have in my hand.

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You understand?

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And all of you when you were interviewed for this course you were asked about that.

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Do you remember anything the goals that you had set the planning that you had come with the after this course I want to achieve this, this is what I want to have, because Mainers we start off with the goal. But what happens after some time we forget, we get derailed, we get discouraged, we get distracted. So those people who have the end in mind what happens their planning is proper, the way they execute their work is also the right everything is completed, nothing is left out. And whatever they do they accomplish something at the end

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they accomplish something and be at the end. And the planning the alasa panel data does is also that B

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that we say if we do that V then this is what the sun now

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this is the way of Allah.

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If you look over here you

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have the Allah planet, it includes everything from the sky to the earth. You know, for example, in this institute, so many courses are being run simultaneously. So many classes, so many people are coming, and all those people are connected together, whether it's coming with daughter, sisters or coming together. And you know the brother is coming with the sun is coming. And because so many things are going on at the same time, a lot of planning is required. And many times what happens one thing is missed out. And sometimes a big chaos happens why only one thing was left out. But just imagine Allah regulates the affairs from the sky to the sky to the earth, everything you do. And so

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the greater the work, the more important the work, the more planning is required.

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And we see that with big corporations, big companies, the greater goals they have, the greater targets they have, the more planning they do. So the more important your work is, the more planning you need, isn't it?

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Because many times when it comes to anything or to the inner dunya we have very vague ideas in our mind. I want to memorize a quote on how, when, how much by which age by which year, I want to do it. But how are you going to do it? You understand? We have no planning.

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I really want to do good and

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tests, what are you doing for it? What's your third beat? What's you're planning on going to a wedding today to I'm going to go shopping with a friend. And I wouldn't be able to do today's lesson, I want to be able to tomorrow's lesson. But I do plan to do well on my test is this morning,

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this is no planning.

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If you want to achieve something, you have the end in mind, then you have to go backwards, right, you have to go backwards and plan accordingly. And if you don't plan accordingly, you will not be able to achieve anything.

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So you duckbill Amina, Sanae,

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Allah subhanaw taala, he does the deed of each and every matter.

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soprano, he did not create the universe without any outcome without any end. And many people they come into this dunya thinking that they do not have any purpose. Imagine everything in the heavens and the earth has been planned. And part of that is also the human being.

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So, when we are living in this dunya, what do we need to realize our purpose in life, what we want to achieve in our life.

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And remember that whenever we do something,

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any action that we do, it has an outcome and it has two outcomes. One outcome is that which we see in this dunya.

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And the other outcome is that which we will see on the Day of Judgment. Now a person who is wise

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person who is careful, how will we do his work, planning for which goal which target just the immediate one.

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Know, ultimately after that, if I'm doing this work, okay, I will achieve this at the end. But what about the ACA what I gained over there.

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So that really is something that we have to be very careful about, we have to start making it a part of our lives, you the Bureau, because this is the way of a loss of primary data. And it shows us that this is the only good and effective way. So you don't build ama and

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I'm over here first each and every word of you.

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Whether it is the life of someone, the death of someone, health of someone, sickness of someone, poverty, wealth, so all of the affairs, worldly affairs, tangible affairs, with regards to human beings, okay, and not just human beings, but who else the rest of the creation as well, from birds, to insects to animals, to fish, do tiny creatures to plants, to clouds to rain, to weather temperature, so on and so forth. You double ama every single affair, every single matter in a cemetery in an RV, from the sky to the earth, the entire creation.

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And then when he plans it, he regulates it, he manages it, he administers it, he causes it to be executed. And once all of these affairs are executed, like for example, one person is given death, rain is sent at a particular place. A tree is made to grow a flower opens up it blossoms. So after that, what happens? So much then Yahushua it ascends to him. What a sense to him. That after it was executed, then it is assembled to him. Yeah, would you I'm Jean rouge and urges want to ascend to go upwards to rise. So yeah, he it rises up to him.

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What rises up to him?

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The report of

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and who rises up with that report, who has been sent to carry out these affairs? The angels, right? So the angels are sent to carry out all of these. And after they're executed, what happens the angels they take the reports to a little surprise

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that who was given life who was given that who is doing what all the deeds of people major and minor, significant and insignificant, everything that happens if report is taken to Allah subhanaw taala

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doesn't already know about it.

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Of course he knows about it.

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But the fact that the reports are taken up to him, what does it show a complete system?

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Isn't it a complete system that how much importance is given to it.

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And it ascends to him fee Yeoman in a day khadem ii kadavu whose measure is whose length is

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amount is whose extent in time is and will fascinating 1000 years methadone of that which will count.

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What does it mean by this, that the length of the ascension,

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the length of the ascension from the earth, up to the sky up to a loss of data, the time that it would take for the report to be taken to a loss of data, it will take how many human years?

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How many human years? 1000 years. So that day in which these reports are taken up, it's equal to 1000 human years.

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What do we see in this ayah? That Allah subhanaw taala is command.

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It comes down from above the heavens to the furthest boundary of Earth, and is that beef is not partial. It's not temporary. But how is it it is complete.

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Everything is connected to the other. And whatever that be a loss puntata does, it affects everything, it includes everything. It's not just that Allah subhanaw taala has planned with regards to human beings, or he has planned with regard to the sun and the moon know, the entire creation from the sky to the earth. Allah subhanaw taala plans, he manages it, he regulates it, he is running it, he is causing it to function. And this includes for instance, how much the distance should be between the heavens and the earth between each Evan the distance, then what's going on? How much distance there should be from the Sun to the Earth?

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When should the day begin? When should the day and

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how much brightness of the Sun should be seen by the people? And how much brightness of the moon should be seen by the people?

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All of this is what part of the planning that Allah subhanaw taala has done? When should winter begin? When should summer begin? When should it rain? When should it be hot? How much? You know, sometimes we check what the weather is. And we see okay, it's 22.5 degrees Celsius. It wasn't by mistake, but it's 22.5. A lot more than that, like that.

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for that moment, it was supposed to be 22.5.

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We look at the humidity level and we say oh my god, that unit of loss.

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We look at the speed of the wind, who planted Allah subhanaw taala every single affair in winter, when it snows? How much should it snow?

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When there's a storm and there's lightning? How much lightning? Should there be? How much sound should it produce? All of this is a part of the planning of a loss.

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When it rains, how much should agree. All of this is a part of the planning that I'm most proud of.

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And if you think about it, this could be this planning, managing all of these affairs. Is it something small?

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Is it something small? It's not small at all?

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Many times what happens if it's a small project that a company has to

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perform a small project, who do they hire a project manager,

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a project manager who's gonna come and plan everything, and then execute everything. You know, big companies, they hire consultants, for smallest of things even isn't it? But if you look at it, this is amazing. That when it comes to people and and and the weather, and the growth of the plants and the sun and the moon, everything is being managed by who? Almost panatela What does it show us his perfect and complete knowledge. His perfect and complete ability?

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Isn't his Rama, His mercy, his care, His justice.

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All of this manifests his greatness.

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It manifests, how just he is how caring he is how knowledgeable he is how powerful he is.

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Because nature is what happens that people who are hired to plan something because of their lack of knowledge. Because of their lack of intelligence, what happens they miss out some major major things or because they have a bias towards something, they'll ignore something.

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But what do we see that a loss of pantalla is so just he is so merciful, that where he is providing for people he's providing for ends, where he is providing for birds, he's also providing for insects, every single creation. And it's not just provision. It's everything else that they need as well. You

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Double, Amina Seminary in.

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So this verse is primarily telling us that Allah subhanaw taala. He arranges and directs each and every meter. To the extent that which tree will blossom in which season? How many leaves will it produce? What color and size are those leaves going to be? When are they going to fall to the earth, who is going to come and take shade under that tree, who is going to live off of that tree, who is going to live in that tree? All of this is a part of the planning of a loss parameter. And if we start in numerating, all these things that are lost pantalla plans for Will we be able to impossible

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when we learned that the man that if all of the trees were pens, and the season seven times more ink, would that be sufficient to write the words of Allah to write the knowledge of over direct the effect of

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the work that Allah subhanaw taala does that the beat of Allah impossible, it would not be possible, because Kula Yeoman, who official every moment, every day, Allah subhanaw taala is doing something or the other, planning something or the other. And if we start imagining it, thinking about it, even if we try to list it, there is no end to it.

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If you just start analyzing yourself, the things that have happened in your life, even one person, one person,

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even that you cannot do now imagine Allah subhanaw taala is doing a bit of the entire creation, and he is the one who has sent this book.

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He is the one who has revealed this book.

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And then, after that, the what is mentioned that the angels, what do they do? They take up these reports to a loss of panel data, once the work has been executed, they report to Allah as to what has been done, what has been accomplished, and the angels amongst the reports to take to a loss of parameters, also, the deeds of people, the merits assigned to those deeds, the intention behind that deed, what it is worth, all of this is taken to a loss of time

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and fee, Yeoman, how long does it take 1000 human years?

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Now, Allah subhanaw taala knows exactly what is meant by this. But the apparent meaning that we understand from this is that what people can do in 1000 years, the angels do everyday.

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What people do in 1000 years the angels do, everyday,

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meaning they work very quickly.

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Just imagine

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1000, human years, and the angels, they do it in one day, one day of this. That's it. So this is just to give us an idea of how perfect and detailed and comprehensive system is that a loss of power.

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And we are the center of that system. How can we ever think how that we don't have a purpose in life?

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How can we ever think like that? Just imagine the entire heavens and earth? The angels are working? Everything is being planned? And who is the center of all of this? Who human beings? And how can we waste our time? How can we waste our lives? How can we live one day after the other not achieving anything? not preparing for our accident? Not thinking about Allah subhanaw taala not praising him not thanking him? How is it possible? How can we do that?

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Now, in this ayah, it has not been mentioned that angels are the ones who ascend, isn't it?

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So where do we learn that from?

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Where do we learn that from? We learned that from other parts of the plant instead of the knowledge I remember for

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a las pantallas estado de la

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la de filmin canada.com Sina alpha Santa that the angels and the roof assigned to him during the day the extent of witches 50,000 years over there, how much has mentioned 50,000 over here 1000. So there's a difference in the time. But what do we say that the angels are sent to a loss panda with the reports. And these angels sometimes it takes 1000 years and sometimes 50,000 years. Now the difference in number 1050 1000 it's quite possible that there may be a difference in the distance.

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That sometimes the reports are taken up to a distance of only 1000 years and sometimes 50,000 years alone.

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Depending on what kind of report it is, what kind of deed it is, what kind of work it is, as you know that the deeds of the righteous where they are in the you, right? And the deeds of the sinful where are they see gene. So there's a huge difference in the levels as well.

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So the reports as they're taken up, sometimes it takes longer, sometimes it takes shorter span of time. And we learn from other places, as well, that the angels are the ones were told to execute all these commands and also report these to a last parameter. We learned where you see two and a half of them, and he sends over you, guardian angels in sort of Tarik I afford in Kowloon of cinema

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says that there is no soul but that it has over it, a projector.

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And even a vessel the man who was asked about this, about the meaning of this 50,000 years, and he said that Allah knows best what is meant by this however we believe.

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Now, the question is that, why are we being told that this happens? Why?

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Like, for example, if you were being told, okay, this is how much planning it takes to make one timetable. And this is how much planning it takes to record your results. Why? What will be the reason behind that?

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Basically, to make us reflect in our lives, okay?

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Okay, so that you can value all that is being done, you can appreciate it, you can appreciate the blessings of Allah. Right? You don't take them for granted. That all of this that Allah subhanaw taala is doing managing everything, you appreciate it, you glorify Him, what else?

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Okay to teach us that we also need to plan what we do.

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If you think about it, if we ever find out about, you know, some company, okay, this is how much they plan. And, you know, this is the time that they spend in planning. And this is all they look at when planning do we get so impressed? These are the number of employees they have, they have a five year plan. They have these many people to just manage the work. And the reports are submitted every day. And this is how the reports are calculated. This is how they're recorded. And this is how they're presented on the best

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Just the other day, somebody was telling me about this hospital where they have 9000 employees,

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for helicopters.

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And just imagine for helicopters, 9000 employees are like, Oh my god, huge, massive. Imagine all the planning.

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And imagine how big it is, and how many people to have just to manage and look after all the work. So we get very impressed by. But we never ever think about the planning that Allah subhanaw taala does. We never appreciate the system that he has said that without even us realizing everything is functioning so smoothly,

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isn't it?

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We don't even realize, we never been thinking about it. yet. Everything is working so perfectly in such a smooth manner that our lives, it is as though they're not interfered by all of this planning. Of course, we are the center. We are the ones who get affected by it. But we don't feel as if our lives are getting interfered.

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That Oh, the engineers come in to do this, oh, my God now is coming again. You know, sometimes you're at the hospital, and one person is going to take your blood test, another person is going to ask you questions like, let me sleep

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night, let me take some rest. But what do we see the angels come they do their work, they leave without even telling us. We never even feel anything.

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And this is a huge blessing all of us. So we need to appreciate this as well. And we need to be impressed by this would have been a loss of pantalla. And as a result, appreciate his words, glorify Him praise Him.

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And the planning of a loss. The way every affair is executed, it's free of any discrepancies, any errors, any mistakes.

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And as a result, the entire system of the heavens and the earth is running so smoothly. And if you think about the reports are taken to a loss of personal data, even they're free of errors.

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What happens with this dunya the work is done. Then mistakes are made. The reports are made 1000 errors are there, isn't it and as a result, what you have before you is something that's so inaccurate, so inaccurate, which is why they have so many computerized systems and they hire people and they have people available 24 hours to help you to assist you just so that you can have your reporting, you know, proper and right and accurate. So that there are no errors over there.

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So just imagine how

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Perfectly Allah subhanaw taala is managing regulating the matters, the heavens and the earth. And we are the center of all of this. And then everything is ascended to him reported to him.

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Now think about it, if you reciting the solar at night, before going to bed, what will you think when you read this?

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What did I do today?

00:25:22 --> 00:25:24

What report has been taken up today?

00:25:27 --> 00:25:35

What is going to be said about me? What did I do? What did I say? What did I achieve? What did I lose?

00:25:36 --> 00:25:41

Think about it. Is it important to recite the surah every night.

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And you begin your week, Friday morning with this

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valley garden lady with Shahada that is the Knower of the unseen and the witnessed who Allah subhanaw taala. The one who has created all of this, the heartache of all of this, the mood a bit of all of this, he is the iron in the north of LA, that which is hidden from us, and a Shahada, that which is visible to us, that which is present before us.

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And the fact that he's planning for all of this is an evidence that Allah subhanaw taala is the norm of the unseen and that which can be seen, because we have no idea as to what's happening in the unseen, isn't it? But Allah subhanaw taala knows about it. We have no idea what's going to happen in the future. But Allah knows this is why his planning includes that as well. That he can move he was Shahada, and Aziza Rahim, the mighty, and also the merciful.

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Notice the names of Allah subhanaw taala, that are mentioned over here

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that it's not difficult for him to plan all of this, to regulate all of this, to manage all of this. It's easy for him. He's Aziz, and he's a Rahim. This is why he does all of this.

00:27:03 --> 00:27:12

This is why he sends rain and this is why he has said certain seasons, and this is why the temperature keeps changing. This is why the wind blows.

00:27:14 --> 00:27:15

He is overheating.

As-Sajdah 1-14 Tafsir 5-6

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