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Ar-Rum 33-40 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 39-40


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The speakers discuss the concept of "interest" in the context of wealth and how it can increase wealth. They emphasize the importance of giving for interest and wellness to increase wealth and give gifts in return for small small gifts. They stress the importance of intention and giving things in return for others, rather than just for one person. The heat is being established in Nevada and people need to have a sincere intention to give things in return for others.

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One day to mareeba and whatever you give for interest, liova fee and wellness, in order to increase within the wealth of the people following the law, it does not increase with Allah. You think that it's increasing the wealth, but in reality, it does not increase woman data and whatever that you give me the river river is from the reflectors, blah, blah, well, and what does river mean? interest, right? And what's the definition of Riba? technical definition of there, but

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define it, what is interest? What is Riba? Don't write and forget, okay? Because this is a very important thing, if we don't remember this definition, then it's quite possible that we, you know, make mistakes in our financial transactions and buying and selling so on and so forth. Okay. It's every court every loan,

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that is given

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that brings back a profit, could look out in Giovanna fine, for who or even, that every loan that you give,

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and in return for it, what do you get a profit a surplus, then that surplus amount that profit is what

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you understand. Like, for example, I give you $10. And I tell you, when you return these $10 to me, then you have to give me $12, why the $2 is my profit that I'm going to make on lending this to you, you understand? Now, for example, if I gave you, let's say a book on loan, and I say that, you know, if you want to borrow this, if you want to borrow this and this is the fees, like for example, you know, for certain things like you go and take something on rent, you understand that is the fees, okay? That is the charges that you have to pay, but for cash for money, when you give a loan, and you bring back with it some profit and that profit is what that is what Reba right. So, when I say

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to miss even, whatever you give for interest, now, river can also be understood as a gift. In certain situations, the word river has also been understood as a gift. Why? Because sometimes people give a gift, why? In order to get something in return,

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right? Like, for example, somebody getting married, you give them a good gift, so that when your child gets married, what happens? They give a gift as well. Somebody's got a very nice job. So what does the person do? He gives them a gift so that they can also benefit him in some way.

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So am I datum is driven. Because of this, this has been understood in two ways.

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That whatever you give for interest, and secondly, whatever gifts that you give, we'll look at the first meaning and then we'll look at the second meaning. Okay, so whatever you give for interest, whatever you lend on interest, why, Leo Booyah, so that it increases your blah, blah, blah, same route as river, and over here, your boy is being used in its literal sense. So that it increases it grows,

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fee and wellness in the wealth of the people, meaning you pay interest thinking that it will cause an increase in the wealth of

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other people, especially who the person who has lent the money to you.

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You're paying interest on something. And you consider that as you pay that interest, what's happening, the person who has lent you that money, their money will grow. Think about it, if a person is paying 2% interest every month, then what is this doing? This is growing the wealth of the other person by 2% every month, correct? leaderboard fee and wellness. This is the objective of interest, isn't it? That people pay interest people take interest Why? So that wealth can increase?

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We understand so that wealth can increase. Like for example, if I say to you, I'm giving you $10 by the time you return by $10 to me, the value might be more so give me 12 understand, so when you give me 12 My money is going to increase by $2 Leo bofi unworldliness, this is the main purpose of river so that it increases the wealth of people. But what does Allah say? We're in the law. It does not increase in the sight of Allah. It does not grow in the sight of

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Because in Surat Al Baqarah 276 we learned young haka lava river where you disorder God, Allah destroys interest and he gives increased To what? To charities.

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River no matter what the quantity may be, but once river enters some well, then what happens? It pollutes it. It destroys it, it corrupts it. There's absolutely no Baraka and charity. On the other hand, what does it do? It increases the world failure, we're in the law. Women, data means the keratin and whatever you give up the cat, why would you give the cat doo dee doo and I went to LA, in order to gain the word of Allah in order to see the face of Allah for Allah, aka then those people whom will move forward. They're the ones who are getting multiplied benefit who those people who give sadaqa So two things are being mentioned over here. Riba

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as opposed to sadaqa.

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When a person gives Riba he thinks that the wealth will increase, somebody's wealth will increase, right? But what is the loss of data say, it does not increase wealth valuable in the law.

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And on the other hand, when a person gives a cat and overhears a cat will be taken as the meaning of charity. Why? Because this is the machimura and in Mark as a cat was not obligatory over here is a cat means charity. So whatever charity you give, what does that do? It multiplies the wealth of a person, it multiplies the rewards of a person,

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isn't it?

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Now remember that this is a Maki surah and this is the first ayah that was revealed condemning labor because the prohibition of Riba One was that revealed later on in Medina and where do we learn that in sort of Baccarat right, and turtle Baccarat is a madry surah there is a Maki surah. So this is a first ayah that was revealed condemning River. Remember this ayah does not prohibit river this one in particular, but what does it do? It condemns river, and how does it make us dislike river that when you give river, it does not bring you any benefit. But when you give sadaqa then that brings benefit. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that no person gives in charity, the equivalent of a

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date which was earned in a lawful manner. But a man takes it in his right hand and takes care of it for its owner, just as any one of you takes care of his fall or young camel until the date becomes the size of Mount

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motori phone while the phone is from what blood to multiply. So those people are really multiplying their wealth out that they give a date and what happens to that date. It grows into the size of a mountain mount or hood. Now that is real profit

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in Serato Hadid I 11 we learn menza lady Euclid Allah cotton Hasson for you Laurie for hula who wanna who agilon ketene that who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan, so he will multiply it for him and he will have a noble reward

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a person who give sadaqa who spends in the way of Allah what will happen, Allah will multiply that for him, and that person will have a noble reward.

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If you compare this with the previous ayah, what was mentioned the previous is spending on relatives on the needy. Now many times what is the person think that instead of spending on my relatives and other needy, if I invest this money over here and gain interest on that, at least my money will grow? Isn't it? But what does Allah say? You get interest, you pay interest, okay? But your money will not actually grow? When will it grow? When you spend in the wave

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when you give the others their help.

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And with interest, it may seem that your money is going 2% 1% 3% but in reality, it's not going there's no benefit of that growth in the sight of Allah soprano data. In fact, there will be no Baraka, no blessing in that.

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Because sometimes it happens that a person let's say he purchases a new car with money that was not completely valid. And what happens? One accident, that's it finished, finished. Doesn't happen. People have businesses, one natural disaster, and that's it finished. One of my relatives live in the US in a place where a lot of tornadoes and hurricanes they hit. And they were mentioning about how many people they know who have started businesses who worked all their lives as taxi drivers. You know, people who've been working convenience stores and whatever money they accumulated. What did they do, they invested it in that safe shop or something like that and wonder

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NATO and everything finished. And now what do they do? They clean other people's houses to make money.

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So I'm not saying that whatever they made was Hold on, I'm just trying to explain that if a person saves only for himself, when he becomes selfish, when he takes ribeye when he gives Riba then what happens, it does not grow his well. But when a person spends in the way of Allah, when a person gives to the needy, then that is an investment that will bring multiplied benefits multiplied reward.

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So this is one interpretation of this.

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The second interpretation of this is that Wilmer Tatum is even that whatever you give, of labor, meaning whatever gift you give, why, for the purpose of demanding more in return, for the purpose of getting more in return, Leo boo, Effie and wily ness, so that that gift would increase in the wealth of people, Leo, Bo, Effie and well in so that that gift would increase in the wealth of people. And as a result, they would give you something in return. Allah says failure, we're in the law than such a gift, it does not grow in the sight of a man or

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woman. data means a keratin, and whatever you give in charity, whatever you give with sincere heart, doo dee doo Nigella sincerely for the sake of Allah for America, who will not before

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now, sometimes what happens? people they give gifts to one another, why to get some benefit in return, just like rubber you give to bring back a benefit to gain something in return.

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But when a person gives a gift like this, and this is what a waste of reward, a person is wasting his reward. And this is something that is forbidden.

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We learn Instituto modesitt is number six, well, atom non destructive, and do not confer favor, in order to acquire more. Do not show favours to other people. Why do you get more benefits from them?

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And you think about it gifts are given at many occasions. Like what weddings, what else?

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What else? When a child is born at a baby shower, what else? graduation is what else? birthdays, they when people move into a new house when they buy a new house? different occasions, right. And sometimes the intention behind giving gift to someone is truly to help them by for example, you know, the young people are getting married. And people give them gifts, why they have to start a new home, they have to start a new life together. So people really want to help them. And as a result, what do they do? They give them good gifts.

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Somebody just graduated, you give them a gift, why do encourage them, right? To help someone to encourage them to motivate them. But sometimes the intention is something else as well.

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And what is that, that if I give a gift to this person, they will also give me a gift. You understand? If I give a gift to someone, they will also help me.

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But if a person's intention is like this, then there is no reward for such a gift near Allah.

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filet yanbu are in the law. This does not grow in reward in the sight of Allah.

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Because think about it, when you give something to a guest who has come to your house. When you give something to your relative as a gift. Now, you're giving something you're parting from your wealth, you're following the command of Allah for additonal kotoba hepco. Well, miskeen webinar Sabine, technically you should be getting a reward for that. It's not necessary that it's

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okay. It's not necessary that it's other casetify is given to someone who is needy, but a guest who's coming to your house, you give them a gift. Why? Because they're poor. No, you give them to honor them. So technically, a person should be getting reward because he's obeying the command of Allah soprano.

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But if a person gives it with a wrong intention, then there is no reward for that gift giving

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falaya boring the love no reward for that gift given.

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Like you have a guest staying at your house to give them a good gift. Why? Thinking that when you go, they will also give you a very nice gift.

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You travel, you go back home, you take gifts for your relatives thinking that they will also give you very nice gifts on your leaving. That's what people think. Right? But such intention does not bring any reward to a person

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And Allah subhanaw taala knows our intentions, what is the objective of gift giving? Think about it

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to increase love the hairdo to have boo, but if a person gives gifts like this, then does it increase love? Not at all? What does it increase in return burden. Because a person who is receiving that gift, you will consider it to be a burden that oh my god, I have to return this to them somehow or the other, you understand?

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Now, in certain cultures, this is how gift giving is considered, that if somebody gives you a gift, you have to give them a gift of equal amount as well. You cannot give them any less than that. Which is why, for instance, at weddings, what do people do there? Right, this person gave this much gift. Why? So that when their child gets mad, you can return it to them somehow or the other. Now, when you've taken that gift, and you've written Okay, $500 they gave, oh, my God, I have to give $500 as well, is that gonna make you happier and feel burdened?

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burdened? Is there any love, no love, there is only burden. And when a person gives with the intention of receiving something in return, somehow or the other, you know, it comes out somehow in the behavior, in the comments, in whatever said afterwards, it comes out. And it's very heavy on the receiver,

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extremely heavy on the receiver, what do you want, you know, keep this gift to yourself? Thank you very much. I don't want any of it.

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You can keep it to yourself.

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So such gifts do not increase love. Rather they increase burdens. And they do not bring people close together. Rather they what do they do?

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The separate people, isn't it distances, they increase? Because you know that the next time you have to go back home, then you have to take a lot of gifts.

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And what happens? Everybody is expecting? And if you don't give them then what will happen? They will not give you anything in return because of this. What do you say? Forget it don't go?

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Right. This is what people think. This is not the right way.

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We learn in sort of bacala i 264. Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, you're Latina Amma no legible to us, or the quality control manual either, that all you have believed do not invalidate your charities with reminders or injury,

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that after you've given something to the other person, don't remind them again and again. So what did you do with that gift? By the way, my birthday is also coming up.

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As long as it's not something that is burden upon you. I remember somebody was doing this once, and there was another person who happened to pass by. And they said that I don't look at what the other person has given me and how much I'm supposed to give them. Rather, I look at what I can give them. So if they have given me something very small, and I can give them something that is better, just because it gave me something small doesn't mean that I don't give them something. But no. The thing is that if you're really grateful for a favor that somebody's shown you, then what will happen, you will want to pay them back somehow or the other isn't it. And that will be by good words, by

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treating them in a good way, by remembering them by making to offer them by sending gifts to them. And sometimes it will be something small that you can afford. And sometimes it could be more than you could afford.

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And sometimes it's not really the value, what is it? It's the benefit that that thing brings.

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Sometimes you think, oh my god such an expensive gift, it means I have to give them an equally expensive gift. Like for example, if a person gives to another out of nowhere something made of gold, then what will happen? They will feel like you know something's going on. Isn't it something that maybe it means something is expected of them. So you don't want the other person to feel bad. So don't give expensive gifts, but give something that is useful.

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The thing is we should not expect anything from people.

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I mean, just because a person is very wealthy does not mean they have to give expensive gifts. Again, this is not the right way you should give what you can afford the understand if a person has a lot of money, and when it comes to giving a gift to someone who is poor, what do they do, they give extremely cheap gifts. Why? So that when the other person has to give them a gift, they don't have to give them very expensive. This is again same thing river you're giving so that you can get something back. Now, this is not the correct way you should give whatever you can afford.

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You should give whatever is within your capacity without his love. And without going to other extremes.

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hadiya is in fact that which is given

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with no strings attached, I mean, you don't expect anything in return. You don't expect that the other person to change in some way, you're giving it out of your own goodwill. So when you give something in that way, then you don't expect anything in return. What do we learn? Learn UI domain comm design. And while I show Korra, when a person gives sincerely for the sake of Allah, he doesn't expect any desire in return. Not even any gratitude. He doesn't even expect you know, a thank you. thank you card when he's giving exclusively for the sake of a loss penalty. Which is why you see what has been mentioned over here is duty, do you know what your humble

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that you're seeking the face of Allah you desire the face of Allah, when that is your goal, then what will you do? You will give the best that you can? You will not try to remember, okay, what did they give me last time. So I should not give them something too expensive. Like somebody sends you some food, and they've sent that food and their dishes. So when you return the dishes, you don't want to send empty dishes back. So what do you do, you put a little bit of food in there perfectly fine, it's okay. Now, it would be wrong, that if let's say you send some food to someone, and if they send empty plates back, you're like, look at

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empty plates, you sent them some dessert so that you could get some dessert in return.

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If a person gives a gift, and he takes it back, then that is like a dog vomiting and then eating up that vomit.

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So this is not necessarily taking that gift back. But it's like expecting equal or better in return.

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The same thing happens in parties as well, that if you've invited some people over and you prepare some food for them a lot of food and when you go over to their house, you expect that they should also have equal or more amount of food. And if it's any less than you feel as if you've been disrespected. This is incorrect. You see, everyone's situation is different. Everybody's situation is different. It's quite possible, they have the money, but they don't have the time.

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You understand, they have the money, they don't have the skill, you understand, every person is different. So you should look at what you are able to do, and do your best.

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You understand.

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Because that is the main thing to do. You do know what your law and you're giving the hacker the other person to the best that you can. And when you have this near when you have this intention, then this will really increase them.

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On the day of judgment, those three people will be brought the scholar the researchers are called on the person who spend in the way of a line of the person who needs to jihad in the way of Allah. And Allah, Allah will remind them of the different blessings that he bestowed on them. And he will ask them that, what did you do? And each will say that I did this, I did this. But what will the law say you never did it for me. You did it for praise, or you did it to get something in return and you got it, you got your desire in the dunya. Similarly, if a person gives a gift to someone expecting something in return, then that is what does that. And if he gets that gesture in the dunya, then

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what does he expect in the Hereafter, he should not expect anything in the hereafter. But if a person does it with sincerity, then what will happen in shall there is reward for him in the hereafter. And whatever benefit the other person gets out of that gift you've given them, that also will be written in your records. And

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it really highlights the importance of intention, that a person must have a sincere intention, that he must do it exclusively for the sake of Allah. And when you do something for the sake of Allah, then nothing is difficult. giving something you know, expensive is not difficult. giving a gift is not difficult. It's not difficult at all.

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We learned about Nevada and Rama between husband and wife. And we see that in Nevada, you're sacrificing, isn't it? You're giving up your right to make the other person happy.

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So this is what increases love and mercy between people.

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That no matter what, you know, the other person gives you no matter how small, insignificant, invaluable, it may be, don't belittle it.

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Because you don't know, it might be the only thing that the other person can afford, or they can afford at that moment. Right.

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Which is why he said that even if your neighbor sends you the feet of sheep, except that take it

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that's wherever they could afford at that point.

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You know, we've made gift giving a really big deal, unfortunately,

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that it has to be in a very nice bag. And it has to be wrapped up very nicely. You know, it's good to decorate the gift that way, but because we have put these unnecessary burdens on ourselves. This is why whatever has to be in the bag also has to be extremely valuable right

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When you're giving for the sake of Allah, then you're expecting reward from Allah.

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So when you give something, then don't expect from the person. Expect From who? Allah.

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If we do it for the sake of Allah then Allah will put the love in the hearts of people.

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Alone lady holla Coco, Allah is the one who created you some models of hokum, then he has provided you, he is your Holic, and he is also your rasik He is the one who created you and he is the one who provides for you. You don't provide for yourself. Suma you me to come and then he will give you that when after this life of yours. So my your vehicle then he will give you life again on the Day of Resurrection, Halloween Shoraka equal, is there any from your partner's mania? For Lou? Who does means alikhan from that? Is there any one of your partners whom you associate with Allah? Who does any of this means radical, any of that mean Shea in from anything at all? So for Hannah, who perfect

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is Allah glorified? is Allah What are Allah and exalted on my usually gone above what they associate with him?

00:26:18--> 00:26:31

In other words, no one but Allah is capable of doing this. Of what? Of Hulk, of giving risk of giving that I've given life again,

00:26:32--> 00:26:40

Ibrahim and Islam What did he say? Rob be led up where you meet minorities on who gives life and he also gives that

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no one but Allah is able to do this. So over here basically though hate is being established, because if you look the theme of all of these is what the heat

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the chick is being refuted and the hate is being established.

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That if there is no one else who can do this, then how can you prostrate before other than Allah?

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How can you expect from other than Allah? How, even if it's, you know, giving a gift to them and expecting something in return, when they cannot give you anything when they're unable when they're incapable to do it for the sake of Allah and expect only from him? Because no one is like him.

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We listen to the recitation of these things.

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soprano Callahan will be Michel de la Ilaha. illa Anta nostoc Luca

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh