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A Juz A Day (27th): Allah Gives and Takes

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This juz includes Surah Al-Dhariyat (51), Al-Tur (52), Al-Najm (53), Al-Qamar (54), Al-Rahman (55), Al-Waqiah (56) and Al-Hadid (57).

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The importance of faith and belief in the church is emphasized, along with the holy eye and the need to stay in the present moment to achieve ahas been met feeling. The transformation of Jesus's punishment beginning from forgiveness becoming a disrespectful person is discussed, along with the title "Okeppi's Day," which is given to the creator by the royal family for the duration of the day. The title is given to the grandparents of the children after theirsets have been killed.

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filati Santa Kakinada mana Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to a juicer day. Today we are going to be studying the 27th Jews of the Quran. And this is a very, very intense juice intense in the sense of it is packed with content. And we will try our best to do justice to the words of Allah subhanaw taala. We will

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yesterday we didn't get a chance to discuss Surah kamar which is in the security score of cough which is in the previous juice, I will actually talk about sort of cough first and then we will head into the 27 years, I would like to speak about soda cough first because it is such a such a beautiful surah and I really think that there's some content here that we can all benefit from pseudo class let's actually speak about that first

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consequences of your choices, very important idea of wealth or annual Majeed off by the glorious off is obviously a lecture Allah is taking is using the lecture as the starting to start sutra with, it takes an oath by the Glorious Quran. And then the point of the oath is Balaji, boo, Anja hongmoon, zero minimum despite the fact that the plan is glorious. They are astonished that a warner has come to them from themselves as a as a human being what for kollel Cafe Luna has a shaman RG the desires of truth say this is really a strange thing, something that we haven't heard before.

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We also haven't heard before that if we die, we will be brought back to life Delica Roger and Barry, that's really improbable. So this is the introduction to the surah games. And here the people who are being astonished by the fact that the Prophet Salam is a prophet, and the Quran is the word of Allah, and the resurrection is true, or the people of Makkah, they are quite surprised by that last podcast as well called the alumna Martin casole album in her mind and Nikita Boone afield, we know very well what the earth takes away from them. And we hold a book which records all things, the thing that they do is they have denied the truth. And Allah will now use some of his signs to

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highlight how he is the truth and believing in Him is actually the right thing to do. He starts by pointing to the sky has not seen the sky, how amazing it is. And you know, the looking at the sky is something that a Bedouin Arab would do. And looking at the sky is something that a scientist at NASA would do, everybody looks to the sky. And that is one of the greatest signs of lost power, how it is made, how it is adorned, has no flaws, the earth likewise, all of these signs are double zero 10 a lesson and a reminder for every human being who turns to God. So the idea is about faith and belief is you choose this and you choose to believe in the unseen something you can't see that as a last

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patola and resurrection that is also in the unseen yet when you believe there is evidence to support your belief system. And the biggest evidence or the evidence comes in two parts it comes part number one in the Quran, the words of Allah. And part number two is in the creation of Allah, the sky, the earth. All of this is a lesson and a reminder for every human being who's searching for God. So that is what Allah says. But then also he says recognize that these are choices that you are left with, to choose to believe or not are not. choices that are small, your choices are going to have consequences by elfie lumen Colin Isla de Hara Pavan hottie, everyone word he utters shall be noted

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by down noted down by a vigilant guardian and then the result of your choices will come when you have passed away john sakata Modi will have the trance of death will come revealing the truth and that's when you know

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you will find out what is what

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and value gamma quantum into Minnesota hate. That is what you are trying to escape. So Subhanallah the idea of your choices has consequences. Lee is laid out a love provides a scene from the fire of hell a very scary one.

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Yo Munna Hulu Johanna Marlin talathi but the cool who helped me muzzin on the debt on that day we should ask how are you now full? And hell we'll answer Are there any more meaning the fire of hell is not just a fire? It is like a scary it's got a it's got a mind of its own and it's like

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to consume and looking to prey upon the ones that are coming in it, the ones who have chosen wrong, the ones who have lived wrong, the ones who have done evil, the ones who have rejected the ones who have preferred the luxury and affluence of the world, it seeks to hunt them down. And that's a scary proposition. This is not just like a fire, like we know fire burns, this is actually something that is actively tried to hurt the ones who are in it. We ask Allah protection from that. And then Allah describes paradise. As always, he does right after Hellfire, but who's the fourth genda to deal with the finovateeurope eyes, and the paradise will be brought near to the righteous and will no longer

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be far away right now as far away, but now it won't be at that point, it won't be far away. That is what you have been promised. And you're the promise of a lot is true. And the promise is mine. Hershey Rodman, I believe, is fulfilled for the one who fears the Compassionate One, without having seen him.

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This is the beautiful ayah it lays out our emails are the tenants of our faith hersha fears, or Rahman fears, the one who is the most compassionate, the Most Merciful, and He is the Most Merciful, yet he is the one who on the day of judgment will take a well established justice will punish those who did not choose correctly. So those two things go hand in hand. He is still a rando, the one who loves the one who has infinite mercy, and that is what we always hope to attain from Allah subhanaw taala. And then it is he is in a way will have a without in the unseen and that is the tenants of our faith that comprise hope in Allah as mercy fear of a loss rat and him being in the unseen yet

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our faith isn't just completely blind. All the signs are there that allow us to really recognize the truthfulness of the message. And then the person himself has to improve our job because we need a heart that is penitent a heart that is repentant, a heart that is looking to get better. That is the the life of the world. You make a mistake. You try to get better you make mistakes, you try to get better, as long as a person is engaged in that process and actively seeking to get better. That is the person who will be told Oh Dooku Javi Salam enter Paradise in peace. That is the day of the everlasting life. No Maya shot when a few holiday in amazi they will have all the desire in it. And

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we have even more with us. Like even more than what you could desire. Things that you can't even comprehend right now. La has that with him in store. What very interesting idea that I wanted to share with you all. Is Ulla mentioning here. What about the Holocaust? Amati? Will Allah in Houma Fie sit that the mamama Santa Malibu, we created the heavens and the earth and everything between them between them excuse me in six periods, six days or six time periods. Nor were we Luber and for even a moment now there was no tiredness or weariness to Allah subhanaw taala. So what Allah is saying is that luck would have done this all in one shot, but he chose to do it over six periods.

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Because everything that is important, everything that is worthwhile takes some time, it takes a while to achieve anything that's worthwhile. First, where am I akula. So bear with patience. What they say, Be patient, it's okay. tide, the tide will turn all profits are solid, and you to help yourself get through this difficult time or somewhere behind the ROB Baker, glorify Your Lord with his praise, as before the rising of the sun, before the setting of the sun, and middle lane, and the in the night. What advice to Jude at the end of every prayer, engage in the remembrance of Allah that is what helps overcome the difficulties of life and be patient as life becomes difficult

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because everything will run its course, as long as your patience as long as your patient fosse Mirada. Hold on. So it's a beautiful relationship between the two is the ayah that talks about the creation of the skies and the earth over six days, and the eye of patients that and then the idea is It'll take a while Be patient. Don't be hasty. That's a beautiful message that your choices are not just like short term choices or choices. You have to take the long view of this thing and keep at it but be patient and don't give up hope that it's going to be that it is to it. It's either nothing is changing, and you give up hope or I'm too hopeless. So what's the point of me doing anything? That

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is a shame

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short sighted view of things the Quran saying take the long sighted view of things and that is an important message little cough that I want to share with you all now so not 27 just the one that we have today. It starts with surah Daria is number 31 ends in sort of Hadid

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I at the very end, it includes that yet 51 a poor 52 and 53 armor 54 Aurora man 55 alafaya 56 and Al Hadid 57

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either yet

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so number 51. The the theme of It is Allah gives in the law takes

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the surah begins with an old with a bunch of oats. Let's look at what it says was that he at the law by the witness that scattering the dust philomela tea with Cora, and those that bear the burden of the rain for jatiya to use, and those speeding along with ease fell mikaze Mati Umrah and those distributing the command of God and His at his behest in number two, I do not I saw that what you are promised is certainly true. But in the DNA level care and the judgment will surely come to pass.

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What is this ayah? Or what are these oats referring to a very ad is our winds that are scattered dust, okay? They scattered dust. So what this that yet is, is actually preventing

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you know, it prevents

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precipitation. And it also prevents

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the it makes a mess of things cuz it scatters dust. So, you know, the crops are dusty. It's not like a optimal conditions for them to grow in. It's when that either it it's harmful in a way that you have to clean up afterwards. It doesn't it's not conducive, it's not a pollinating wind, okay. So this is a preventing wind, a wind prevents growth. Hi millet is the wind that it

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spurs it acts as a catalyst for the for the rain to fall, because the clouds are already condensed and and are ready for at least a participant precipitation. The winds often act as like what's like a squeezing agent, and that allows the precipitation to fall faster. So Hamlet is referring to that. So it's a very beautiful way to describe that here is a wind that prevents that's a lot taking away. And here's a wind that gives homina that's a lot giving a but Allah gives more Jedi yet are he is this is referring to the ships that sail in the ocean, Allah has enabled that so that we can take from all the bounties that he's giving us. And we can see that the angels that enabled ours our

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blessings and allow us to thrive, meaning there's a a login, prevent and unlock and give, but he gives more, he gives more he gives a lot he gives at a material level level like the ships that failed is at a material level, it gives at a spiritual level, the the angels that come to bless the angels that enable all the actions that need to take place. All of this is a glimpse of how Allah gives and Allah takes away and he does that by the oath and then he says in number two, I do not know

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what you are promised is the truth. So we no doubt about this. Be certain that on that day Allah will give and Allah will take on that day as well. Or in the dnl awatere it will happen for sure it will come to pass. And this narrative that once Amaro de la Ron, who was riding a camel, and somebody was reading this ayah or reading the surah when this person read this surah or excuse me, this ayah in the dnl awatere Omar on the other hand, who fell off his camel, and actually was sick for a few days, and sick because he was worried sick about what will happen when the Day of Judgment is established. So panela The idea is that there is a man here is a man who has been promised

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paradise where the profits are solid, who is, you know, chosen to be the leader of the believers. yet he's so worried about what is going to happen on the Day of Judgment. And that is what the true believer is that they are never, they never think that they're at a point where, you know, they don't have to worry about

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the consequences of their choices. They're always concerned is always a fine line. The believer walks between hope in Allah's mercy and fear of Allah's wrath, and that is something that we see

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From the example of the Sahaba, the surah then goes on to talk about

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a description of the wicked people who are not so righteous coup de la hora soon, Allah describes these are people who are, who do conjecture. Who would, you know, who would try to predict the future or who would, you know, speak to the devils to try to foreshadow things. And these are wicked people that a lot pantalla warns us against. And these are the kind of people who think that they can give and they can take, you know, sorcerers and magicians and suit says, they think they have the power to give and take, whereas they don't last as they are those who will perish. Alone, on the other hand describes the righteous eye number 15. He describes how the righteous are the righteous

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are in the midst of gardens and springs fija, not Humayun as a subtlety here. It's not that they will be in gardens and paradise or gardens and springs, it's like they're in it already. Not that the world is a garden in the spring? Of course not. But the idea is when the person who is a truly righteous person, their mindset is such that you know, they are content with what Allah has given them. So that is the contentment that's the agenda for them in this world. And then the actual agenda waits for them in the next life. Like even say me, I would say Rahim, Allah shapeless Imams, Emile would say that what can my enemies do to me, if they put me in prison, I will, you know, find

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solace and I will files you know, I would have the

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I would be alone with myself and my Lord, I will be worshiping Him alone. If they are to imprison me, they can take it with the contentment, contentment, of my heart, which is the agenda of the believer in this paradise. And if they kill me, then they rush me to the agenda of the next world, which is the agenda of the hereafter. spatola What an amazing mindset that the believer is like, in this situation.

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The world and even though all the difficulties of the world, they're the contentment of the believer is like a piece of paradise that they're enjoying the nama Adama boom, they should receive what their Lord will bestow on them. They have done good works in the past, they used to sleeping little in the nighttime can Oh kalila men and Lady my room.

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They they're taking what the Lord is giving them that's an application that they're content with what the Lord has given them now, and they will be happily taking what Allah gives them on in the in paradise. In the world, they would be spending a little time sleeping, and a lot of time praying. And spares especially, I mean, as Holly whom yourself rune, they are praying at dawn for God's pardon. Meaning amazingly, the people who are praying at night and they spend a lot of their night praying, but then that doesn't make them feel that they're so righteous. They've done such good stuff. And you know, now, they look down on others with contempt. No, in fact, to the contrary,

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they're, as they're waiting for fudger prayer, they're asking a lot to forgive them for their mistakes, to overlook their flaws. To clean. The record is selfie rune. It shows humility, that's what it shows. And that is what a true believer has never arrogant, always humble, always trying to do better Neverland that better get to their head thinking that they are so awesome and whatnot. No, no can herbalists hiding from yourself at all? And then, of course, they're sharing their possessions but the ones who are asking and the ones who are deprived? The ones who are asking, or the perhaps the ones who are in need, and they ask, the ones who are deprived are the ones were in

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need. And they don't ask. So they are the the the amazing ability to give money, but not just give money to just randomly to whoever's asking whoever has the loudest voice, but they're also able to find who needs help and isn't speaking and asking about their needs, isn't able to express their needs, maybe because they have dignity. They don't want to say that that so publicly, or maybe they just don't know how to say it properly. These people have the emotional intelligence to look for the one who needs help, who can't ask for help. So Pamela, and then that is how Allah describes them. They are content with what they have. They are, you know, worshipping Allah paneled Allah and the

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most difficult type of worship which is at night, and that doesn't make them arrogant, that makes them more humble. And then they give and they serve. It is serving Allah, worshiping Allah, and then serving his creature is his creation, worshiping Allah in the most difficult way, and then serving his creation in

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Always say the one who's looking for help Muharram The one who doesn't know how to ask for help, but still needs help. They're able to give that to them and to Pinilla. This is such an amazing description of the righteous, we ask a lot of makers of those who worship Him and serve Him. And also surface creation. I mean, terrible, I mean,

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then Allah mentions a bunch of profits very, very swiftly, very, very quickly. But he spends a little bit more time talking about Ibrahim alayhis salam, and again the steam the surah is Allah gives him a lot takes he's going to talk about Ibrahim alayhis salam and his generosity how he was such a giving person. That's what a righteous person is supposed to do. You know, Allah mentions the the righteous here, and he's going to mention right after the righteous Ibrahim, how he would give and as a result of him giving how Allah gives him. Okay, look at this Hello, Taka howdy to lavey Ibrahim Al Roker, amin, have you heard of the story of Abraham's honored guests. When they entered

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upon him and said peace, he said peace. And he said to himself, these are strangers. Yet despite the fact that the strangers he quickly turned to his household and brought a fatted calf engine in semi This is like a nice cut of meat. That's what he brought the syrup. Okay, you know, just generally the cuts of meat, they have to have a little bit of fat, especially like beef and whatnot, if you don't have enough beef in all the marbling and it's going to be messed up. I know you're making everybody hungry here. But that's what the barbecue, that's where the real real taste of the barbecue comes. And there's a bit of that nice marbling of the meat. And that is what you brought in

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the best cut of meat that he could bring. And in another part of Iran, aged in Hades, the calf that was roasted really well, meaning it was cooked nicely. And it was a nice cut of meat. And he brought this out of generosity for people who didn't even know. Right, these were guests he didn't even know shows you about the attitude of the righteous, the believers who are giving, giving, giving, giving that's you know, serving the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. That is how they are. And Ibrahim Assam shows us a glimpse of the glimpse of that, when he's giving so much Allah gives in return as well.

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For our Shalu Lamin

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eilene, they gave him the good news of a son who will be endowed with knowledge that these were angels. So the angels are like, No, we can't eat this. Man, the angels that we can't eat this about him the son was afraid that these are strangers who came to do him some harm. But they're like, no, don't worry, we're not, you know, we're not humans, we're actually angels. And we're here to tell you have a good news of a son. So you see how Abraham gives in generosity and then Allah gives him as well repays his generosity or takes care of him through Allah, his own generosity. And that is how we will be hope and expect from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Of course, this was an unexpected thing

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for the wife of Ibrahim was like, how can I have a son, I'm a Baron or woman. But the angel said, this is the command of Allah, this is going to be a miraculous baby. Of course, the angels weren't just here to tell them or tell him about him about the son that he was having. But we're also going to talk about what they were going to take away, and they're going to take away the people of loot. And Ibrahim Hassan was, of course very worried about that. But the the people the faithful in that town, the one family, the one household, that was of true believers, the household of loot, was saved from the punishment. So Allah took away those people alone gives them lots that's the theme of

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the surah. And this is what an example of a lot taking away. Likewise, he mentions Moosa and Farah around the hudna, who was the who we seized him and his army and cast them into the sea. Well, who Mr. Leeman for the Pharaoh was himself. blameworthy, it was his fault, his choices, okay, fit our own. Then rod, Rod, had a prophet they, who the restaurant rejected him, and threatened him, and then they were destroyed by the life destroying wind again, the surah began talking about winds that give life the the winds that bring the the bring the the rain, and hear a lot talks about the wind that took away their life are synonymous with reality, the life destroying wind, that destroyed

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everything and passed over. So panela the mood,

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the mood that was told to them, you know, here is a miraculous camel that Allah has sent to you as a sign, yet they killed it, and has they were, what they took, they took away what Allah gave them, the miracle and now

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They were, you know, Allah took away their lives, a

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father to Messiah to a home, young rune and the people of Noah as well. All of these people says, look, Allah gives generously, he is giving generously, but he could take away when he saw wishes. And these are the examples of that we asked a lot to protect us from his punishment. A lot of signs he mentioned something very beautiful here with some I banana hobby ad and we're in a museum, excuse me, just one second.

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The we built the universe with our might, giving it its vast expanse and the earth we have spread it out, and how well we have spread it out, and how everything is created in Paris. So you may reflect on the unity of the creation of the Creator, the one who is the unified single creator, and how he creates creation that is interdependent as humans as creatures, we're dependent on others jalapeno Jain We need someone else's support us. And if not just a person, like we need a system of life to support us. That's how we are it shows we are completely dependent. Unlike Allah who is completely independent. So Pinilla all these are signs that should make us a federal in a lot. haste into God,

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run to him, don't make other gods set up other gods with Allah because he is the one truly worthy of worship alone. A lot highlights in this surah fulfill in Allah run to Allah also, he highlights our, our,

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our purpose in life, which is I created jinn and mankind only so that they may worship Me, I don't seek sustenance from them, I don't want them to feed me either. It is Allah who is a sustainer, the great sustainer, the Mighty One, the invincible one, who wasn't Mateen Allah gives us he doesn't need us to give him we need him to give us and that is the our situation and has our purpose in life is to worship Allah alone.

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And that worship as as seen in the example of the righteous isn't just prayer isn't just rituals, it is prayers, rituals, humility, you know, these, these amazing character traits, and also serving the creation of Allah serving the people, all of them, and that is the purpose of our life. And that allows us to be in a position where Allah gives us and doesn't take away from us, we ask Allah to be of those who he gives Amira Bergman next Surah Surah tour,

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just like the previous surah and the next surah afterwards will begin with an oath, an oath, an oath in the Quran are allows way of adding emphasis. It's an old Arabic construct, and linguistic construct, you know, to highlight something that's, you know, important, you know, all the Arabs would like, you know, you know, they would say, like, I swear by my sword, you know, they would take these oats, to, like, really highlight something like if someone is getting into an argument, you'd be like, you know, I swear by my sword, I'm not lying, meaning that if you don't believe me, I'm gonna use my sword to convince you that I'm not like, so that's how they would speak back in the day

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and even today, we are you know, like in colloquial, language we talked about, you know, I swear to God, or, you know, I swear I didn't do it, we have this way of talking. We want to emphasize something the alternate foreigner similar, it is an emphasis, but it is an emphasis that comes with some context. But some, it's related to the topic at hand, as you saw with that, yet, it was the idea of giving and taking now we have here sort of tour, describing Allah's punishment, the oaths here describe things that are all in the unseen, are not all in ncsu these are glorious things of Allah, Allah, that are partly in the world, partly in the unseen and all of them

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lead up to this point, this is the the job will pass. And this is the premise that's being emphasized. The punishment of your Lord shall certainly come to pass is going to happen for sure. A be convinced of it, and the oath is used to convince people of it. In other Arabic Allah wa camella, whom in the affair, there is no one that could avert that punishment. This is a very, you know, powerful statement very similar to the one in the surah before in Surah that he had right in our lab or in number two, I do not know sodic

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We're in Edina lower tear, right very similar expression.

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And again the author was used to emphasize that point that that is going to happen. Okay, but now, here is a description of those people who who reject what Allah has said is number 11. For Waylon for Wayne Lujan within McKenzie been the day when this happens the day yo Matamoros tamale Mara the days when the skies are convulsed, and the mountains shutter and shake the Cyril devalue Syrah In fact, they are obliterated from the face of the earth and they like float around like they're like they're toughs of wool. On that day, woe to those who deny the truth. And here Whoa, is a threat of punishment. Whoa, is whale is the expression of regret. That is what's going to be the case with the

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people who reject, they will have nothing but regret on that day. What is it that they're doing right now, I live in a home for you, holy Allah goon, who divert themselves with idle chatter, La ilaha illAllah. They are in Hobe. That's the Arabic word for it. idle, chatter, chatter, Yella goon and they are their fi, they're trapped in it. And they are messing around and playing around in it. This is a description of people who are distracted by the distractions of life. And my god, how many are there today, the distractions of life, the things that a person can just get consumed by this is an ayah, that talks about men, there were very few distractions in life, when there was maybe the

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only thing that can distract you with poetry or something, okay. And even that stuff was not a joke. It takes skill to be a poet, and to read and understand poetry and art today, you have just an endless as industry of entertainment, and consumption, consumption, not food, consumption of entertainment. And it is so endless that literally a person can spend their life and still not finish all the things that is to be entertained by how dangerous is this, the idea of the COVID denying the truth is related to the one who is distracted by the distractions of life. That is what is being linked here. Unless punishment is real. These distractions are real. Don't make them forget

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about Allah punishment, don't make them Don't let them distract you from Allah's punishment. When it does happen, the only without the knowledge and Damodara they are thrust into the fire of hell, ruthlessly, they're trying to like you know, escape, they're like trying to not run, they're not trying to like back away, and then they're thrust into it as they're trying to back away. The Hinata allottee going to be hard to cut the moon. This is the fire that you used to deny. Again, this is not somebody who just, you know, went to the fire and because they were born in the wrong family. No, this is a person to cause the Boone used to deny this. You say there is nothing of this nature.

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There is no accountability. And now

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you see this, is this real or is it magic? Right now you enter it. And it doesn't matter how you behave. Now whether you cry or scream yell, or you're patient, it won't change anything, it will make a difference at all. In the middle zone are going to time alone. You're only being repaid for what you have done. Okay, it's what you denied is what you did. The Punisher of Allah is real. It's not somebody who just ends up there because they were born in like a family or they're part of some ethnicity. No, no, no, it's somebody who rejects. And that's the key word there. The righteous are described here very beautiful passage. In Romans tough enough agenda to name the righteous God

00:33:54--> 00:34:37

fearing will dwell in gardens and in bliss. They will be enjoying what their Lord has given them, rejoicing in it, and the Lord will have saved them from the torment of the Fire. They will be told to eat and drink with good cheer as a reward for your good deeds. They will be reclining on couches chilling that is arranged in rows and they would the the men there would have a hole in these fair maidens with large beautiful eyes. These are creatures of paradise. As I mentioned before, the women have their own stuff too. So don't worry, like they have all the beautiful stuff that pleases them. And there's not a sense of or a feeling of,

00:34:39--> 00:34:47

of bitterness in at all between people. So don't think that that causes like bickering or anything in fact, to the contrary.

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

This idea or this passage describes families in Paradise and a beautiful description of families ballerina Armando, what about whom, to whom he man, those who have attained faith.

00:35:00--> 00:35:10

We shall unite their offspring who also have followed them in faith. And we should not let any of their good deeds go unrewarded law Like what?

00:35:11--> 00:35:49

That the families will all be united agenda, the kids and grandkids and then the parents, the grandparents, all of them the, the the uncles and aunts, the cousins, all of that will be all they will be together in paradise. Because wouldn't you want to be together with your family in paradise? Maybe in this world, you know what to get together with your family, but definitely in Paradise, you would love to be with your family, because that'll be awesome. You're all you know, together, often the same family, how amazing would that be. And that is something that Allah describes of the righteous, that is one of the great gifts that they will get. And that also implies is that if we if

00:35:49--> 00:36:10

one family member is in like a high level of Paradise, and the other one is not so high, because they didn't do that, when he could stuff, a low will elevate the lower one, so that he or she can reach the higher paradise, and then all the family members can meet together. And that is out of his mercy. ask Allah for his mercy that described these people say

00:36:11--> 00:36:56

that, you know what, what you guys do in life alone. They say, well, we use too much faith in me, we're afraid of something like like, we're doing something we're afraid love will like be displeased by that. But Allah was gracious to us. The implication is here is as follows. These people maybe made a lot of mistakes in life. They were maybe making mistakes. But Allah was gracious to them Manila, Marlena, or Kannada was someone he saved us from the trauma, the fire of the fire of hell, what did you do people to be saved from the torment of the Fire? What did you do that help attain atone for your mistakes in a good name in the room who we used to pray to Him. We used to make the

00:36:56--> 00:37:28

art to him. And we used to do this sincerely in who who will borrow Rahim? So the art is highlighted. These are people who made mistakes. I think that was 15. You know, we were about our family were concerned wasn't all hunky dory in life. It wasn't like everything was smooth and the dounia and now in general, they're all together is all nice. No, no, Indonesia, the family had a lot of problems, a lot of issues. It Allah seemed la was gracious. And that's an amazing, amazing

00:37:29--> 00:38:26

gift that Allah gives you as well as the makers of those who receive this. Now the next passage in Surah tour talks. So you said let's see the description or the punishment is described, and the realness of it is is brought to the forefront. Now, Allah will bring about a host of logical reasoning questions, clauses for logical reasoning. And this is a the instrument used for that is the word m. m, in Arabic is means or right. O means or an M means or both words, but the word m in Arabic is used when you're asking questions. Did you eat, you know, biryani? Or did you eat steak? And also you would say occulta biryani, um, steak, you will use the word m when you're asking a

00:38:26--> 00:39:14

question. Now, when you are asking a question, that is a rhetorical question. And then you say m that only drives the rhetorical nature of the point of that question home even further. Let's look at those questions that Allah is going to ask that are rhetorical, that will begin with a first he says remind them, continue to remind them because all prophet you are not some madman, you are not a soothsayer, you are a prophet of Allah. And, you know, making up garbage. You're not just seeing stuff that doesn't make any sense. You're not someone who is trying to be rich people, you are trying to guide people. And what you see is beautiful. It's it touches the hearts. I'm Yahoo, Luna.

00:39:14--> 00:39:38

Um, what are they saying? Are they saying that this person who's bringing this was saying who was brought this put on? Is he a poet, Sheriff, the Toronto superhero evil man, and we're waiting for him to, you know, get like, we're waiting for karma to befall him. You know, he's saying a lot of things, which is we're gonna wait for karma to come again, and that's what neither of us will be. Right? Well, Manu, and that's what actually labeled Manu refers to.

00:39:39--> 00:39:42

This is not a really, you know, this is a very,

00:39:43--> 00:39:59

that the person who says this isn't really using a lot of rationale or reasoning. A lot smarter doesn't provide them with any nuanced answer. He says photographers who keep waiting in numerical momentum Minamoto be seen, I am waiting along with you as well.

00:40:02--> 00:40:46

Are there minds that are prompting them to say this? Or I'm home, Coleman Baldwin? Or are they just merely insolent people are the same that he made it up? I mean, who wouldn't want the hawala? Okay, what are they? How are they trying to explain the Quran away? Okay. And the saying is, is a poet clearly is not the province have never said any poetry? Are you just waiting for him to like, you know, get caught up like some some evil to happen to him? Keep waiting, it's not gonna happen. And that's not any rational argument. Okay, how, what kind of reasoning? Are you using a hella moomba? Or is it that you're just, you know, you don't want to listen to what he has to say. So you say on

00:40:46--> 00:41:24

now that he's making it up? All right, if he's making it up, and you are, he's a human and us, you're a human, but you have to be highly Timothy, he produces scripture like it, if you are truthful, if you really believe he's making it up, if you really believe that he is a poet, and he's capable of this, then you are even more capable than him because you are better poets, then the prophet of Islam ever was You are the best poets of all time, you make something similar. But now that we have you physically in Kennesaw Duquesne, but of course, loss has been now you notice that they don't, they don't really believe what they're saying in the first place. They just want a

00:41:24--> 00:42:11

reason to reject the Prophet so they don't have to inconvenience themselves, inconvenience themselves into accepting him and inconvenience themselves into accepting the changes that will need to take place. And Julio, meanwhile, DJ in Okay, what about how are you made? If you're going to reject this whole premise? How will you make out of nothing? Or are you the ones who create a one Hollywood like, okay, you were not made of anything? Do you? Did you make yourselves as you like were conceived? Or did you this whole universe that's around you, that you create all of it as well, since you are, you know, if you're going to go down the line of, uh, how did this all come about?

00:42:12--> 00:42:55

What are the Lord? What's the only logical possibility left? The only logical possibly left is this is something that came from a source, it cannot have come from nothing. Okay, that's you're only left with that option. Then if it came from a source who brought it into existence? Is it us the people who are a part of it? Or is it the one who is above it? And who is not a part of it? It's the one who's above it is not a part of it. Okay, what about us? I'm woman Hala. Kuhn, are we creating things ourselves? Or did we make ourselves No, in fact, the country You didn't? The one who is you're in the system, you're a member of the genus, the one who isn't, he is the one who's creating

00:42:55--> 00:43:32

you, a mumble holla Poon am Hanako somebody will order by law, you know. And the reality is, they have no faith. Even though these arguments are laid out at the end of it still, the only possibility that is left is Allah is the Creator, he is the originator. He is the one who brought all those into existence. And yet, people still will not accept this. By law, Ukrainian causes, they don't have faith, or they don't have any desire to have faith. So the end of this passage comes and law says, first belief, rock music was really a miracle, because wait patiently for the judgment of your Lord.

00:43:34--> 00:44:17

And you are certainly under our watchful eye, and glorify and celebrate the praises from your Lord, when you rise up from sleep, and glorify His and glorify him at night. And at the setting of the stars in the barren Lagoon, setting up the stars is, you know, the idea of inviting the juniors when it's that time of the night, where it's about to be fungible, you know, because the stars start to disappear. When there is a little bit of the sun's light starts to appear, the stars disappear from the, from the, from the sky. So at that point at night, and keep doing it until it's time for fudger. And that's a beautiful reminder, again, that you Be patient. You keep worshiping, the way

00:44:17--> 00:44:33

you get through the difficulties of life, is by being patient. And the way you have conviction in Allah is by tying yourself, you know, spiritually to him. That gives us more conviction, more yet clean. Next one is food.

00:44:35--> 00:44:38

We're breezing through them because there's a lot of them to cover.

00:44:39--> 00:44:59

But we're still behind but no, no problem. So najem is the star when Nadia mega Hawa that's where the name comes for, but the star as its as it sets, however, as you might notice, also is a word that's used to describe a person's desires, how we are who we is something that's falling, how one is how our desires

00:45:00--> 00:45:47

Because a person's base desires make them fall it makes them set so panela here the idea is that the Quran is divine revelation the source of it is divine. The prophets isms words should know the Prophet is also divine revelation the source of it is a Lost Planet Allah will go to Lhasa is one najmi either, however, but the setting star Malala Sahiba ko mama Baba, your companion has neither street nor is he misguided. There's just like the star doesn't you know is not the star guides you in the night sky so you can go to where you need to go. Likewise your companion, ie the Prophet Salim your friend, the prophet Salim is not LED, he's not gone astray, he is also on the right path,

00:45:48--> 00:46:37

Mama Allah He is not intending to mislead anybody Am I am disappointed However, he does not speak out of his own desire in who you are, it is nothing but a revelation sent down to him. That is, so it is what he says sauce on the Niantic, while How am I enter one however, that is the Prophet should not he does not speak from his own desire, in Who are you had the morality that he is receiving? That is a revelation from Allah, those are the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is what we, you know, the source of this, this is a law, it was the source of this revelation. And, and the that makes the divinity of it is established as such. Also, what's described here is the

00:46:37--> 00:47:24

journey of El Mirage, the journey of the surah and Mirage, Israel was described in Surah Surah. And Mirage is described here in IR number six to 18. When he the Prophet son was taught by an angel mighty in power, that is a force jabril who was endowed with wisdom, and who manifested Himself in time, standing poised at the highest point of the horizon. And then he came close, came down came close to the prophet SAW clausal and this is a scene from how you breathe and sound came to the office, the ones in his original form to reveal to him the words of Allah maganda Koba Koba Jose Neo Adela until he was to bolens away or even closer, and then he revealed to Allah servant what he

00:47:24--> 00:47:35

revealed, meaning whatever it was a last command to reveal to him, he revealed. At that point, the puffs seems hard to not misconstrue what he saw, and all.

00:47:36--> 00:48:23

He will do them to speak with him as to what he saw. In fact, he saw him descend the second time that's done overall. And that was at the journey of Maharaja the load tree, beyond which none we may pass and that's where the prophet SAW jabril a second time in his in his full view. In the agenda today, we're at the garden of eternal repose, that is when the load tree was covered in mystic splendor. And that is when Allah pata spoke to the prophet SAW them at that point, and then at that point, Mazda basato Moto E not started his site did not waver, nor was it unduly bold. He was listening carefully observed everything louder. I mean, it will be in Cobra, he saw some of the

00:48:23--> 00:49:09

greatest signs of his Lord at that journey of marriage. So it describes how the Quran was revealed to Paul Salaam has a divine source revealed through gibreel Allah is Allah or the Prophet, some in one instance of Mirage going up to the heavens to meet Allah and speak to Allah me necessarily but speak to Allah, Allah receiving revelation for him there, what is not divine is idol worship for our eight thermolabile or za Have you seen this these idols Latin Ursa and manette these idols are not real idols and these are like Allah says, You have given them names. These are just names that you have named, which you devise yourself, you and your forefathers Allah has had no authority for them

00:49:09--> 00:49:21

they follow nothing but conjecture and what their own souls desire even though guidance has already come from their Lord, this is not divine idol worship was not divine his

00:49:23--> 00:49:59

base desires um, then inside the matter when whatever you want, you just do like I'll do whatever I feel like I'll do whatever like I'm I this is my desire, so I'm just going to act on it is this what life is about? Is this really something that befits a human being? If Linda Hill asks her to alula that is not unfold the that is not divine in any way. The people have forced us to misrepresent angels unless father speaks about that. And he says in the lottery, the lottery winner will absolutely lose some money and Mullah Etta Smith and those who do not believe in the life to come call the angels by female names.

00:50:00--> 00:50:44

But this is Mr. Lacombe human and they have no knowledge to base this on. There's no evidence to support this E and w aroona. In lavonne, they merely indulge in guesswork, or in a vanilla unimmunized lakisha, which can never replace the truth. So, the angels don't have a gender they're they're creatures of made from Knight, but the polytheists would name them as as females. And they will say, well, these are Daughters of a law. And this is such a, you know, such a terrible, you know, thing to say because the law doesn't have a son or a daughter, but you're just you your whole worldview and your theology is just just messed up. And what is it based on? That's the point what

00:50:44--> 00:50:57

is it based on? That is not based on anything that's divine, anything that is that has proof, it is just based on what people said what was became popular and then what ended up sticking around

00:50:59--> 00:51:45

the beautiful description of those who live by the revolution, what they learn in life is Amati one muffin up the agcl Latina so it will be Miami, New Zealand in the US and we will host Allah will reward those who did evil accordingly. And the good the people who did good as I know that it will, they will get I was not the best. Who are these people? alladhina Ah, then he will nakaba Iran infamy, wildflower fish will refrain from committing grave sins and indecent acts for harsh indecency acts or indecent and how easy it is today to do indecent acts how easy it is to indulge in decency today. So how to love as close protection from that Illa lemon do the meek commit minor

00:51:45--> 00:52:19

offenses we make mistakes, we're not going to be perfect. We're gonna make mistakes 11 it is understood as acceptable. As long as we don't commit the major sins, the destructive sins. The indecent sins are good that hamdulillah in Nara Baca was here all mouth Pharaoh your Lord is unstinting in his forgiveness, extremely vast, and his forgiveness, he knows you what he brings you out of the earth. And when you are embryos in the wombs of your mothers, so do not make claims. So he has known us.

00:52:21--> 00:53:04

He will know us. He's known us when we were babies, infants, fetuses in the wombs of our mothers, and when we resurrected, so our conception and our resurrection, and everything in between, he knows us exactly. Don't think too highly of yourselves though. But that was a coup and pusaka to make claims to be poor, who are level manita he knows best who is righteous. This is again the idea of humility that will let your good don't let you the fact that you stay away from sins make you indulge in one of the greatest sins which is becoming arrogant, but that was a coup and forsaken. Don't make claims to be pure, divine message that LMS mess mess. mentions here from the past,

00:53:05--> 00:53:17

unlimited up Bobby Murphy maphis Sophie Moosa, but Ibrahima, the word for the scrolls are the scriptures of Moses and Abraham, Abraham will kept his word, what was the

00:53:19--> 00:54:07

word? What was the message in these in these revelations, that divine message from the past was allotted zero was zero to zero, for no soul shall bear the burden of another, what a sudden insanity Illa Massara and humans will have what they strive for, if you want something, you have to strive for it. That means the world, this life, and the next life, both things have, it has to be, you have to strive for, and then that's all you have at least that insanity lomasa what unnecessary, oh, sofa euro, and his striving shall soon be seen, and then you'll be repaid with it, or repaid for it in full. And at the end or the return will be to Allah Who is the one who brings laughter and tears,

00:54:07--> 00:54:36

the one who gives death, who causes death and gives life The one who has created us in two in two genders, male and female, from a drop of sperm, the same drop of sperm, you know, a lot turns that embryo into a boy and the other into a girl, a male and a female when looked further into panela and then if that is, you know, amazing, then the second creation is even easier for Allah Allah, Allah.

00:54:38--> 00:54:39


00:54:40--> 00:54:59

all of these beautiful messages Allah mentions about the divine message from the past the same shared message of the Prophet Salaam with all the prophets before and it says that never been heard. And how do you find these things strange, and you still are laughing and you won't You're too

00:55:00--> 00:55:21

arrogant to consider that maybe something is wrong still to distract them with life. First you do what you do, at this point prostrate yourself for God and worship Him alone. It's a beautiful ending to the surah very powerful ending to the Surah Surah Kama, we have like a lot of suitors to cover. So we'll go through this a little fast along Stan sort of come out of his

00:55:23--> 00:56:11

talks about the glimpse of Allah punishment, a glimpse of Allah's punishment, a few repeated phrases here, you mean the Quran easy for remembrance. This is a very unique surah By the way, when you listen to it or read it, you will notice how the surahs end with our raw camera, Mr. Mirror, Mr. Terror was the journal new door knocker? It's a very, very unique sound unlike any other schools in the Quran. And it's remarkably different as you're reading it. This phrase, we have made the Quran easy for remembrance, one or the assignment or an alleged victory for how many more decades, repeats four times to emphasize that the sutras of the Quran or the message of the Quran is easy. And the

00:56:11--> 00:56:56

process of learning the Quran is it's a process it's not like, you know, like a Assad two plus two equals four. Okay? There's effort that needs to go in. In fact, even the word would that give me modak is actually a complex Arabic word. It shows that complexity is part of it. That's not what simple that's not what easier means that it's not complex, easier means you commit to it. And you will see how Allah will help you get through these complex things. So you can understand it holistically and beautifully. But the idea is the message of the Quran is easy for remembrance. And what did you remind you of is that it's a glimpse of Allah's punishment. We were of that one.

00:56:57--> 00:57:22

So no Quranic also the phrase bakkavor can either be one other, how was My punishment? How terrible was it? It repeats a lot gives us like a quick glimpse into the stories of Noah of odd, the mood, loot, and drown how he gives us a glimpse of his punishment each time and concludes each time with saying how terrible was my punishment, how terrible was my warning.

00:57:24--> 00:58:10

And each time as he mentioned that he conclude by saying the Quran is a true reminder, the conclusion of the sutra is Brahma Muna, in our hidden column, Shem Bulbasaur. Our command is once it's like the blink of an eye. Hello, I'm Bill bustle in the twinkling of an eye as how the punishment will look and come, that's how quickly life can end. And one life of a person who ends and they're not in a righteous state, or they haven't done enough right things. And that is the beginning of their punishment. So it's don't take this for granted. Don't take that, that, you know, the fact that you woke up today that the next day is guaranteed, and just going to be no different.

00:58:10--> 00:58:26

Because it's just a blink of an eye and everything changes and Luna ilica wahiduddin. Kalam, humble, bizarre. A glimpse of Allah's punishment was provided through the stories of these prophets. Really beautiful, really eloquent, if you listen to it or read it, you will be amazed by the amazing

00:58:27--> 00:58:50

flow of the surah. But that's the point. It's very quick, but not for the righteous in Athena feagin that you wanna have a God conscious will find themselves in rivers and gardens, the makara, the surgeon and the Maliki McFadden, in the seat of truth with an all powerful King, and all powerful sovereign, we ask a lot of makers of those Ameen.

00:58:52--> 00:59:34

Surah Rahman is the first suitor that was ever recited publicly. In the Quran, the prophet saddam and this harbor were afraid to recite the Quran publicly. And then our beloved ministro de la one who was the first one who took the challenge of reciting the Quran, publicly in the in the garba. And he got beaten up to almost like the edge of his life, he almost died from the beating that he received as a result. So panela and this was the first one though that he that was recited publicly, it is the quote of the Prophet some calls it the urusan Quran translated loosely as the bride of the Quran. I mean, it seems like a strange thing to say. What it means is that it's like the thing that

00:59:34--> 00:59:50

is like, you know, like, just like a bride stands out from everybody who's on, you know, shows up on that day, the wedding. The Florida man is the sort of that stands out from all sorts of different as an amazing surah in the suit of the phrase of a love of the

00:59:51--> 00:59:59

Iraq be Kuma to cut the ban. Which of your Lords wonders, would you deny repeats 31 times the idea

01:00:00--> 01:00:49

Is the surah is which of your blessings which of the Blessings of Allah will you reject? He starts by talking about that He is the Most Merciful, and one of the greatest blessings that He has given us that He has given us stuff for. And then he's created us, he's given us the ability to to teach us is taught us speech, allama whovian not just speech, but more like the ability to express our ideas, he has given that to us. And that is such a unique, a human trait that is actually something that is not found in other animals do communicate, but they don't have began for us speech is, is art is history is culture. It's civilization. It's it's, that's a uniquely human thing. And Allah

01:00:49--> 01:01:37

has taught us that he talks about the sun and the moon, how everything's in a fixed in a beautiful, you know, predictable sequence in predictable orbits, the sky, how everything is made to measure and don't wreck the measure. And then the earth has been laid out for all creatures. Anam, right, and it's not meant just for humans mean so everyone has to take care of the other. And it has all these dis diversity of, of vegetation, fruits, and date palm trees, and with cheap clusters of dates, and greens with their husk and fragrant plants that I hand that's where a lot of the colognes and perfumes particularly in back in the day was were made some heinola

01:01:38--> 01:02:24

matsukaze been an amazing sutra that talks about the blessings of Allah one after the other phobia, a phobia a phobia. Right, the Lord of the east and the west, the one who brought the oceans together, the one who brings from them pearls and corals, the one who allows the ships to sail, the one who everyone when they're die when they're dead, he will be the only one who will remain so panel up. He talks about paradise in this beautiful surah talks about the one who fears his Lord will have two beautiful gardens. You know, this is the idea the one who fears a lot that allows them to live a righteous life and that allows them to attain the most amazing of blessings in this life

01:02:24--> 01:02:37

and the next life. Okay, and that is described with the beautiful springs are flowing through it. gardens with branches that are spreading their you know enjoying all types of fruit.

01:02:39--> 01:02:59

reclining on on carpets that are lined with rich brocade and the fruits of both these gardens will be within easy reach general agenda tiny Dan This is everything is luxurious and easy. The women of Paradise also lots of coffee, let me out with Honda in some kubla Humala john

01:03:01--> 01:03:19

and no one unknown that Yahoo to one margin as if they're like corals and rubies from Han Allah. So this is a description also. I mean, don't imagine that and somebody was added, like a lower level describes that they will have gardens, too. And this is what the next surah actually refers to a

01:03:20--> 01:03:29

next level refers to people in levels in fact, it talks about what I love here, people in three level three groups. group number one is

01:03:32--> 01:04:13

your three groups as well as interesa as horrible maimana the people on the right as haben mushaima the people on the left and then the savvy funa cyberport the people at the very top so you have the good and the bad, but in the good you have two levels level number one is a savvy upon the ones at the very top. And then the next level is the ones who I know did good but they're not as good as the saga. Cool. Okay, what are less the ones who are sad upon look at how Allah describes that they're the ones that are closest to Allah. They are the ones who are a lot of them are from the early believers and not too many from the later believers. They're enjoying all sorts of in quite

01:04:13--> 01:04:14


01:04:16--> 01:04:45

pleasures in the in. In the in Jannah. They are enjoying all types of fruits. Lakshmi boil the meat of any bird that they may desire and hold on in fear maidens with large lustrous eyes like as if they were pearls in their shells, they will not hear anything that's a bean or sinful talk. They will not they will only hear Solomon Solomon words of tranquility and peace.

01:04:46--> 01:05:00

It also describes the the women of Paradise, particularly the believing woman, a paradise in Santa Ana in Sha they will be brought like recreated in the most perfect way for

01:05:00--> 01:05:07

JANA Honda of Cara Ruben taraba, vergence, loving and matching an age, the ones you know, it's like

01:05:09--> 01:05:57

anything that was considered maybe flawed in the world would be removed from the people of paradise. And they have all sorts of enjoyments. In that, in, in Paradise, of all different types of consumption of company of what they hear what they say what they feel, every single type of enjoyment, the highest level people Sabu Sabu. The ones below them are the peoples of their people, the right who are a lot from the earlier people a lot from the later people. But both of these are people of paradise. One is a level above what is the level below but they're all people of paradise. The ones who are not is as horrible Shima as the people have the left and how terrible are the

01:05:57--> 01:06:38

people the left who are will find themselves in scorching wind and sculpt scouting water and under a shadow of smoke that is not refreshing or cool. And that was because they had they were a fluid before they had a luxury before they could, you know, they could do whatever they want with their with their money before. But instead of doing the right thing, they persisted ups obstinately stubbornly in sin. And they used to reject. Again, this is not someone who's just born in the wrong family, they would reject the idea of resurrection, they will reject the idea that anybody will be brought back to life and will be held accountable.

01:06:39--> 01:06:54

So this is what would be the end for them out Unfortunately, the Aggie Luna mini shadow demons of whom eating from the tree of the pool we asked a lot from protection from that ends up whom the tree was described in the sutra

01:06:55--> 01:07:05

in the 25th Jews if I'm not mistaken, so that is something that a lot describes Slovakia actually wraps up firstly by

01:07:06--> 01:07:13

looking at fr item, Fr item Have you considered okay?

01:07:16--> 01:07:59

How you discharge semen? What makes that semen into a human being who makes it You aren't we? You don't make it the semen is just a drop of fluid. What makes that into a human being? is Allah subhana wa Donna? Have you considered for a tomato soon the plants that you crop that you plant, the crops that you plant, you know, what makes the seed grow? Do you make the seed grow? Or do we make the secret? So hon Allah, Allah, Allah gives the example that if he wants to not let that seed grow, he can make it into Obama and into this, this Rubble, okay, and then you will be lamenting, and what happened? Have you considered water that you drink? What? Who brings it? Who sends it down from the

01:07:59--> 01:08:45

sky? Is it you? Or is it Allah subhanaw taala all of this are examples that Allah gives, points out to the things that are in existence around us the things that we take for granted, who put that in place, who made that system that you are the beneficiaries of, and if you don't recognize that that is a loss patata then sub Ishmael Robic allow them and glorify the name of your Lord, the Supreme the wood that we will conclude there's also sort of Hadith that unfortunately, we did not get to at the at the end of this Sora Sora sort of walked out again wraps up in circles back to us habel. The macabre been the people who are the highest level than us heavily, I mean, the next level people

01:08:45--> 01:09:25

were righteous and then ends up with the people of the left the three levels of people the three groups of people in wraps up, but then sort of Howdy. Unfortunately, we won't have time to cover right now I encourage you to read the transition yourself. It's actually a Medina surah that talks about the evidences for Allah subhana wa Taala that's really really has a lot of very powerful add. We'll just do a few quick glimpses of it tomorrow inshallah tada and then we will wrap up that nefarian for staying till the end. I'll see you all tomorrow, same time, same place. This is a lot of a lot of greener the sutras are very powerful. You know, when you do like study of the sutra, you

01:09:25--> 01:09:42

can actually study the sutras like a surah for like an hour by itself. So in the area that we have, we're trying to condense a lot of particular FICO, thank you very much for your patience and for your participation. I'll see you all next time. Tomorrow, same time, same place swag Alomar hamburger Chateau La Ilaha Illa