Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-047A Translation Aal-e-Imran 92-109

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of disconnected sentences and phrases, with no clear context or topic. It describes a false belief that Jesus was born on a tree, the origin of the tree's name, and its use in popular culture. The speakers discuss various theories for the birth of Jesus, including its origin, name, and its use in popular culture. The transcript also includes a legal deal, weather report, and recitation of verses.
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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who are with bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, WA Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish roughly Saudi were Sidley Emery wa Hello looked at our melissani of Kahu Kohli Allahumma Nickleby was so deadly Sunni was ruled schemata Kolby Amin, yerba aalameen Jews number four verse 92 of Surah earlier in one translation lantana Lu you all will never attain al Bidra the righteousness Hatter until don't feel oh you all spend menma from what do a boon you are love warmer and whatever don't feel cool you all spend min che in have anything for inner then indeed Allahu Allah be he have it or Limon is ever

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knowing Kulu every kind of Tommy of food Cana it was halen lawful. Lee Bernie for children is Surah eel of Israel eel Illa except, man What have Rama is La emu. Israa either made unlawful or Allah upon Nuptse he himself, men cobbly en before tuna Zilla, it was sent down a de la to the Torah pull you say for two so you all come forth Bitto Rottie with the Torah fat Lu her then you all recite it in quantum if you all truly slightly clean are ones who are truthful feminist Tara then whoever fabricates Allah against Allah He hola el Khatib the lie mimbar the after Valley cut that for hola Erica then those whom they truly a lolly moon are those who do wrong call. You say solder kola.

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Allah told the truth. For who so you all follow me letter creed, Ibrahima of Ibrahim Hanifa. An unswerving monotheist warmer and not Kana he was men among emotionally keen those who associate partners with Allah in indeed a while at the first bathe in house will there it was put in place Lin NASCI for the people leathery surely is the one which Biba cutter is in Baca, mobile rockin as one that is blessing. Well, who then and as guidance Lila aalameen for the world's fee in it, I act on our signs by Hina tone, clear ones McCall Moo place upstanding Ibrahima of Ibrahim woman and whoever the Hala who he enters it. Cana he is Amina secure, well Allah He and due to Allah, Allah Allah upon

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a nasty the people who do is major pilgrimage elbaite to the house man who is the torah he was capable la he to it Sevilla awake, woman and whoever Guevara he disbelieves for inna then indeed Allah Allah Lenny Yoon is ever free of need on from Allah Allah mean the world's call you say Yeah, hello all people al Kitab have the book. Lima Why do the Karuna you all disbelieve? Be it in verses in science Allah He of Allah, Allah Who while Allah Shahidan is a witness, Allah over Mao what Dharma loon you all do? Cool you say yeah, a healer or people al Kitab of the book. Lima Why do the Sedona you all hinder on from severely way Allah He of Allah? Man who mana he has believed double

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Hoonah as you all seek to make it every WADA as a deviation were unknown while you all Shuhada are witnesses warmer and not Allahu Allah be law feeling is at all unaware. Our ma about what Dharma loon you all do? You have a you have or Alladhina those who know they have believed in if totally true, you all obey Farrakhan a group men of Alladhina those who Otto they were given al Kitab the Book yo do come they will turn you all bother after Imani comb your belief caffeine to being disbelievers. What kafer and how could that for Runa

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You all disbelieve what Antonia while you all to Claire it is recited RLA come to you all IR two verses Allah He of Allah where fee come and among you all rasuluh who is his messenger woman and whoever era tell slim he holds fast Billahi to Allah for other than indeed who the year he has been guided ILA to slit all clean path musta came straight. Yeah. Are you her or a Lavina? Those who are no they have believed it the coup you all be conscious of. You all safeguard yourselves from Allah Allah helped by to party as is his right that you truly have Taqwa while at the Mutanda and he will indeed do not die Illa except what Antonia while you all Muslim on our one to submit worthless li mu

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and you all hold fast be heavily to rope Allah He of Allah Jim era together while at a for Rocco and you all do not be divided. What Kuru and you all remember near Mata blessing Allah He of Allah or LA con upon you all Eve when contam you all were are that an enemies for a leper Boehner then he united Gulu become your hearts for us bottom. So you all became binaire Murthy he by his blessing if Warner Brothers were quantum and you all were Allah upon shefa edge her 14th of pit Mina now of fire for an cada con then he rescued you all minha from it. Gallica thus Ubu Allahu Allah makes clear law calm for you all at he has signs law law calm so that you all the dune you will obtain guidance Walter

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Cohn and there should be men come among you all Oh Mattoon a community here the owner they call ILA towards a higher the good way up Morona and they command Bill ma roof that which is right way and Hona and they forbid I'm from a LaMancha that which is wrong. What hola Erica and those whom they truly ultimately Hone or those who are successful while at Hakuna and you all do not be can Latina like those who the for Rocco they became divided walk della Fu and they deferred mimbar Dima, after just a home it came to them. I'll begin at the clear proofs what hola ICA and those LA home for them or their bone will be a punishment, or Lehmann ever Great. Yo Ma on a day on which Tubby are blue.

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They will turn white. They will turn joyful. Would you want some faces? What does sweat do? And they will turn black and they will turn distressed? Would you want some faces for Amma? So as for Alladhina those who is what would you whom their faces turned black, or their faces turned distressed? AKA Fortum did you all disbelieve BARDA after Imani calm your belief for though cool. So you all taste either the punishment be mad because of what? Or because quantum you all used to duck for rune you all disbelieve what unmask and as for Alladhina, those who ABL but would you whom their faces turned white, or their faces turned joyful, for fee than they will be in a hermetic mercy

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Allah He of Allah, whom they fee her in it, Holly dune will be ones who remain eternally DeLuca those I add to our verses Allah He of Allah not Lu ha we recite them are Lekha to you bill help in truth warmer and not Allahu Allah UD do He intends loyal man doing wrong Leila al Amin to the world's well Allah He And to Allah belongs man what fee is in a summer wet the skies warmer and what fee is in a lot of the earth? What ILA and to Allah He Allah Dora Giroux they will be returned al OMO all matters. All right, let's listen to the recitation of these verses and then we will begin to proceed

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how to people who mean to have

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people who need shade

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Are you in law heavy or?

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Go look mica and leave any straw ILA Elana. How long is long

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enough see?

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How Brahma is straw

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to be

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tombs are the thing than any filler law here at Bermuda

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Inka houmas badimo own whole sort of along that Debbie omy letter EVO Hema honey fell oh

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shit shrinking

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in whatever you do the audience see the lady that I'm about oh the Lila me Jean V he is vain

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can I mean on

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July 18th and his staff are in adcb

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law held on IE you

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can only

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be limited

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very much also don't

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to me

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or I'm alone log will be logged

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into eBay Oh Daddy meaner lady know to look into the into the Oh

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mean a lady in Tulum kita

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Imani Fuka hearing or case

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law he wants he wants Hulu or may not be about the hoodia LLC Oh they'll be

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double la have fun to Auntie or hola como tune in

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see more we'll be having you Jamie I

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was put on your mantle here on a you can eat

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all be home for us back home. But also back to being a DD it was

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helpful on Team Mina

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me mean Gary came

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in he

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meant we had Rona collied Yeah, they were owner LLC for you rewire Munna OB GYN Hello.

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Wahoo Inka hormonal movement Hone. Wala Tunku long can lead vocal was

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Dr. de magia.

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Murda will normally mean? Yeah, we'll match me up to Joe this was doodle.

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Lady in US Watson toujou home

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Imani from

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He won't be able

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to log in at

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And Allah who read

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it I mean

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he met his

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wife in a law he told him Oh

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