Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 21 – L211A

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Ar-Rum 41-60 Translation 41-60

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Muhammad Ali RL Sudha Hill Karim amerit for the billionaire humanist shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, are you sir sorry, we're silly Emery.

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Little Millis any of Coco de urbanist

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lesson number 211 sort of room number 41 to 60

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Translation Well hello, it has appeared as I said, the corruption

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see in albery the land well battery and the sea be mad because of what Kesava it earned ad hands and nurse of the people

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losing a home. So he makes them taste Baba some

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a lady which army Lu they did learn the home so that they your do your own they return

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all say see you you all travel fill out the in the earth fund guru. So you all look kafer How can it was our activity and alladhina of those who men from a blue before Ghana was Excel whom most of them wish the keen want to associate partners with Allah.

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For open source direct word you hugger, your face lit Dean for the religion, Alka Yum, the right, the correct

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main from our belly before and that yet There it comes Yeoman a de la not morada any repelling any resistance Lahu for it. Men from Allah, Allah, Yama, Eden that day. Yes, sir their own, they will be divided. Man, whoever cafaro he disbelieved for our lady, so upon him, go through who is disbelief. Woman and whoever, or Milla he did solely hand righteous, fairly unfussy him so for themselves, em Hadoop, they prepare

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Leah jizya. So he may reward and lovina those who knew they believed what I may do, and they did a solidly had the righteous deeds, men from fugly he his boundary in who indeed he learned, not you hibou he loves as Catherine, the disbelievers, woman and from a de his science and that your sealer he sends a via the winds mubasher rotten ones bringing good news what do you do kakum and so he makes today's to you,

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men from rajmata he his mercy while into Judea, and so that it flows alphacool the ships, the emri he with his command

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wallethub the who and so, you all seek men from fogli he his bounty while our local and so that you all the school you all are grateful.

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what are called and certainly our son we sent mean from publica before you was to learn messengers, ILA to only him there are people for the EU home. So they came to them by unit with the clear proofs, frontal corner, so we revenged men from a Latina those who do move they committed crimes. What can and was happen, incumbent arlena upon us now through help many of the believers

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Allahu Allah, Allah He is the one who your salute he sends

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the winds for to zero. So it's there's

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so haven't clouds fire bazooka Who? So he stretches it he spreads it

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See in a summer the sky kafer how yoshua He wills where Dr Lu who and he makes it get certain fragments further ah so you see alward the raindrops Yahoo do it emerges men from hilarity he it's missed, for either so then a Saba he makes to reach or a Saba he made to fall behind with it. Man, whoever is shot, he wills men from a birdie he his servants either, then, home, they escaped Sharon, they rejoice.

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What in and indeed can they were men from before? And that universal? It was sent down or lay him upon the vino cobbly he from before it Lamu Billy seen surely once in despair, funds or So look, Isla towards Sadie effects Rama Have mercy Allah He of Allah kafer how you he he gives life

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to the earth bar the after multi her it's dead in indeed the Lika that la Moshi surely one who gives life and motor to the dead ones well who and He is Allah upon Kohli every che in thing called Iran always all evil

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whether in and surely if our center we sent Rehan wind for Ohio so they saw it was fun one one turned yellow. Laval Lu surely they remained men from BB D after it he akun the disbelief for inika So indeed you learn not to smear you make to hear and motor the dead ones well and not to smear you make two here are some of the deaths a DA the call either when Willow they turned away would have been once turning their backs Wilma and not under you be happy at all a guide around me of the blind on from validity him there in not to smear you make to hear Illa except man who you may know he believes the IRT now with our vs. For home so they will see moon want to submit. Allahu Allah, Allah

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de is who holla Kaku He created you men from birth in weakness. Some then your Allah He made men from body after barfing weakness overturn strength. So much then Darla he made men from body after over strength bar fun weakness. Will Show You button. An old old age or che button white hair. Yes local. He creates ma whatever he or she he will wear who and he is an early move. The always all knowing as Cody the always all able

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way Elma and on the Doku it will establish a sir the our yakushima he will swear almajiri Moon the criminals ma not lobi through they remained via other than sir and our gallica thus ganhou. They were you for Cohn. They were diluted, they were deceived.

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What color and he said alladhina those who who do they were given an ailment the knowledge will emerge and the fate local. Certainly love is to you all remained. See in kita decree Allah of Allah, Isla del yo de el birth of the resurrection for her the so this yo mo de alberth of the resurrection. Well I kinako but you all couldn't do you learn not that Allah moon your love for Yama even so that they are not yen so it will benefit and Medina those who were removed they did wrong. Mara de la to whom their excuse whether and nor home day you start a boon they will be allowed to appease

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Well occurred and certainly bobner we have struck Linares for the people fi in Heather This is an men from Cali every muscling example. Well in and surely is the home you came to them be a attain with assign layer Colin surely he will definitely say alladhina those who cafaro they disbelieved in not until you all in there except morbidly Loon. One to falsify or ones who follow false hood. gallica does. YouTuber, he seals Allahu Allah, Allah upon galoob hearts alladhina of those who lead not here on the moon they know

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Firstly, so be patient in indeed where the promise Allah of Allah help is true. Allah and should not yesterday fun. He definitely find your light or he at all. Find your light and Medina those who laugh not you can own they believe with certainty. We listen to the recitation of the silence.

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d nu

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e oma Ed,

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the edges he

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saw the

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family in

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D, D,

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D, D,

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D, D, D D D

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probably one each other.

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He wanna

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go Sula Nila?

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Why can I have fun on a

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meanie hola hola De

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Soto peace

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the locker

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wanna see him?

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To see me on

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mute obeah Tina

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de Hanako

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body Cody, Wyoming

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full speed in our

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wallet is turkey