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Al-Maidah 6-14 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 12-13-a


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the promise of Islam to fulfill obligations and reward individuals for their actions, but also acknowledge the struggles of individuals breaking the covenant and causing harm to others. They stress the importance of accepting the truth and avoiding letting others's actions affect them, and discuss the history of the Hanahams and their actions related to breaking the covenant. The speakers also emphasize the importance of disrespecting words and avoiding distractions, and emphasize the need for people to forget actions and habit.
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I was a bit lame in a ship I have a GM Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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lesson number 69 sora to Narita

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will begin from a number 12.

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In southern Maya, we learned at the very beginning that all believers overbilling record, fulfill the promises that you have made with Allah.

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Meaning the obligations that have been laid upon you the responsibilities that you have to fulfill the commands that you have been given, follow them,

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do what you're supposed to do. Because when you will do what you're supposed to do, then Allah subhanaw taala will help you. Allah will aid you throughout your life as well as he will reward you in the future.

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And a similar promise was also made with the Bani Israel in which we learn Allah Subhana Allah says one or the other lamesa Kobani is for you. Well, barrass nermeen homeless me eyeshadow, Nikita, that Allah also took a covenant from the children of Israel and he delegated from among the Bani Israel 12 leaders to ensure that each and every single person is doing what he is supposed to do.

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And Allah said we'll call allow it numerical that indeed I am with you. Meaning my help is with you. My assistant is with you. My aide is with you when when you will do your job and what is it that you're supposed to do? Let in according to Mr. Latta data, Mr. Carter, you fulfill the obligations. And then what are meant to be roeselii you also have the correct Eman. You don't keep your demand stagnant, but rather, you increase in your email, you grow in your email. Well deserve to move to LA Carlton hustler, you also do jihad in the way of Allah.

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As a result, what's going to happen? Luca furon nan comes he article where he learned from Jeannette integrity mentality and her that I will forgive you your sins and I will also admit you into gender. Because as a human being no matter how hard you try, still you will make mistakes.

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We know about what we're supposed to do. But so what happens we make mistakes we forget. But if a person constantly tries to fulfill his obligations, then because of the good deeds that he performs, what happens the mistakes that he makes a loss of penalty I will forgive him for them.

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When others Ilana calm and Allah will also reward such a person in the Sahara with gender

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for men cafaro Baraka deli come in come for the Wellness Hour a severe but whoever Have you disbelieves after that he has certainly strayed from the soundness of the way, meaning he has gone off track he is misguided.

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What did the bunny is what you do? In response?

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Allah subhanaw taala says Furby man, NACA Li him Misa home.

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So because of their breaking of the covenant, NACA him knocked from the root letters, noon path, bond

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and not is used for breaking a promise going against the terms and the conditions of a treaty of a covenant going against what a person promised that he will do. It is to not fulfill the promise that a person has made.

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So Fabi manakala, him Misa home, because of their breaking of the covenant, which covenant of this

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the one that has been mentioned over here that you fulfill the obligations. You have the correct Eman And you also strive in the waiver law. As a result of that, you will be forgiven and you will also get rewarded. But what did they do? They broke this covenant. How do they break this covenant?

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by not doing what they were supposed to do?

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Like for instance, I went to bureau city you have to believe in my messengers. But what happened? Nobody Israel, so many messengers were sent to them if they didn't like what the messenger said, either they denied him or they went to the extent of killing him.

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They tried to kill a certain center and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam they denied him as well. And they also tried to kill him many times.

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So fabula knuckle de Misa home because of their breaking of their covenant. What happened?

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law now who weekers

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and what is learner? When someone is distanced from the mercy of Allah.

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Allah said we'll call it a low it numerical. I am going to be

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You You will have my help, you will have my aid, you will have my guidance. But when they disobeyed when they broke their promise Allah distance them from his mercy.

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They were deprived of his diet, they were deprived of a loss help.

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That I know. And learn also gives a sense of that we punish them, which is why we see that, for instance, the people who went against the sanctity of the Sabbath, they were turned into their other apes, what was that? Learn over loss?

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When they disobey it, when they went against the terms of the Treaty of the covenant that they made with Allah, what happened? They were cursed. They were distanced from the mercy of Allah. They suffered from great punishments that came upon them from a loss of penalty. And they also suffered great torture and humiliation from people. They were oppressed by for their own and not just for their own after him as well. Many, many tyrants, they oppress these people that are now who we curse them.

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As we have learned earlier, that booty Bertha la uma Villa to when Musk, that humiliation and dependence poverty has been struck upon these people. Why?

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Because of their breaking their covenant that they had made with Allah.

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Once you're on, and we made paluma, home, their hearts arsia heart.

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So it's not just that they were cursed, but rather their hearts became hard. Why?

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Because of their disobedience, because of their breaking their promise with Allah.

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The word RCA is from the root letters top seed Well, from the word cassava, cassava. And what does that mean? hardness of the heart. It's basically used for the hardness of something. And it's also used for the hardness of the heart.

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What is a hard heart? What does it mean by a heart? That is hard?

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That the heart lacks feelings of compassion, of mercy, of love, of affection, of being hurt.

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I, for example, a soft hearted person, if you just yell at them, or you look at them harshly, what happens? Immediately they will start crying. But there are other people, you know, you yell at them, you shout at them, you say very harsh words to them, but nothing moves. If

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you try to convince them you try to make them understand nothing affects them. You advise them as a sister, as a mother, as a teacher, I mean, sometimes it happens, that there is a person who is so stubborn about what they want to do that no matter who tells them, and how he or she tells them they just don't understand. Even if they understand they don't accept what is this hard heartedness. That the advice of no one the words of no one, the love of no one, the anger of no one affects them. This is the sign of a person who has a hard heart, that they lack emotion. They lack feelings. They're dry. You know, just like a cycle rock that is hard, it's dry. You pour water on it, it doesn't

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absorb it. You pour oil on it, you want soften it in one, soften it no matter what you do. It doesn't become soft, it only breaks. That's it, it doesn't become soft. So this is a person who is hard hearted.

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So what is the mean by this, that we made their hearts hard that they lost their ability to be affected? To accept the truth, to accept the truth that they became so desensitized that no matter what they saw, no matter what they suffered, nothing would change them.

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No matter how they were advised, they wouldn't be affected. And we know that the bunny is fine. It wasn't just that musala salaam was sent to them. And then after many, many years and regardless of who said, No. We learned about us about so many times. That throughout history, many many messengers, many, many prophets were sent to them. But still, they wouldn't be affected. They wouldn't change they would go to the extent of killing the messengers opposing the messengers. They knew about the Sabbath, but they refused to observe the commands properly. So what is this hardness of the heart that no word of advice that they heard? would affect them? Would your unknown kulu

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baton pass here? They became very stubborn, very stubborn, that nothing would affect them. And as a result, what would they do? You have reformed el Kadima armillary. They would distort the words from their proper places. You have reformed as you know is from the root letters

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Have you felt

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that since their comprehension became corrupt, what happened?

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they behaved very treacherously even with the words of Allah.

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You see, sometimes people, they may be very disobedient maybe very far away from their religion.

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But they hear the words of the Quran. And they accept, they accept even if they don't understand what the Quran has said But still, you know it will affect them to some extent. But there are others that no matter what they hear, they don't accept

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if they are told about something from the Quran, instead of accepting the mark the market the words of the color,

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they alter the change the words of the Quran. This is a sign up hard heartedness. You have the final Kadima. armillary.

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And as you know, you're hardly foreigner Kadima is done in two ways, that literally changing the words distorting the words and secondly, the meanings. The leaf is lovely as well as binary itself the words as well as have the meanings.

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Now, which words would they change the words or the color? So for instance, the laws there were clearly mentioned in the Torah, but what would they do? They would change them, they would alter them, they would misinterpret them.

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Similarly, in the Torah, the description of the prophets are allowed us and it was mentioned. But what did they do? Either they concealed it, or they said that no, it refers to somebody else.

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Similarly, the interpretation of the ayat of the verses of the total, they would alter, distort that.

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And it wasn't just the words of the Torah that they distorted, but also the words of, for instance, the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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He said assalamu Aleikum, they started to do a ceremony.

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And it wasn't just the words of the prophets that allowed them but they also distorted the words of other people. Because when a person develops his habit of distorting other people's words, then he doesn't stop anywhere. Then he doesn't stop anywhere. He will change any statement any person's word. Why? to suit his desires. You have the fornell calima, Amal there he from their proper places. Meanwhile, there is a plural of molded

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one a suit and they forgot

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Another consequence of their knocked off meter of their breaking the covenant. What was the first consequence? What was the first consequence of the breaking of the covenant?

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law? No.

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Secondly, what's your honor kuruva Juan Garcia, then you have referral kalama

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and then one has to have

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this yen is to forget something. And remember that misiak forgetfulness is of two types. First of all, Miss yen in me it is to forget some information, some knowledge that a person has gained that a person has learnt.

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So for instance, you memorize the word to a translation. Absolutely Baccarat is number 57. But it's possible that if I asked you now, maybe you forget about 20% this is what Miss yen really mean? That when a person does not keep revising, what he has learned, then what happens, he forgets This is something that is natural. There is something that is normal.

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Similarly, if I asked you about some math equation, you know some concept that you learned back two years ago, three years ago, at that time, maybe you understood it fully. But right now, you may have forgotten it. So this is what misgendering me.

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And when we made the right to Allah subhanaw taala that robina led to a hidden in the center of Faulkner.

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What is that mission mission really mean? That if we forget, because if you forget to do something, that obviously you're not going to remember to do it.

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The second type of mission is mission, Amelie, which is to abandon an action, an omelet that a person was doing previously. Do abandon not forget, but it is to abandon an action that a person was doing previously.

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Because you don't want is that you forget to do it. And you forget to do it once or twice. But it's still your habit. Like for instance, you have a habit of reading your morning and evening car every morning every evening. It's your habit. But it's possible that one day you are out at somebody's house and all of a sudden when you hear the motor but then you're like, Oh my god, I didn't say my old car. Why? Because you forgot. It just happens once or twice. It's not something habitual. But the other is that a person abandons come

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Bleakley abandons an action that he used to do previously.

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So for instance, a person reads the morning and evening of car every single day, and then all of a sudden, what happens? He just leaves it, he forgets about it. He doesn't do it on a regular basis, he leaves it. So this is what this young family that he forgets to do the arm and he has forgotten to the arm and he has completely neglected that arm.

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And because he has neglected it, he doesn't even think about it. He doesn't even think about it, he might know that he should do it. But he doesn't even think about it. And if he tries to do it, he will not remember how to do it.

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If he tries to do it, he will not remember how to do it.

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Like for instance, if you knew a particular sort of you had memorized it, many people they memorize it 30 years or a few soldiers when they're young, and then they don't read them. This is what misiak Amelie misia normally they abandon reciting those students completely they abandon.

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Now, if they even try to recite those sources from memory, they will not be able to, they will not be able to Why? Because they didn't see anomaly which led to lucianne ilmi.

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So over here when Allah says one has to have one, and they forgot abortion mimma, the QB of that which they were reminded of, what does it mean by this? knizia This is michiana Amelie that they completely abandoned and ignored what they were supposed to do.

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They completely left it. They did not implement it anymore. What

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have what a good portion, a good portion of what they were supposed to do.

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What is this house I'm referring to

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a portion mimma the kilobyte of that which they were reminded of

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meaning the commands that they were given the commands that they were given that they were enjoined with, concerning many things concerning following the messenger obeying a loss of health or being merciful to other people, treating people justly that Be careful about your actions. You will be questioned about the

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many, many things people were told about in the Scripture, but they abandon them. They completely abandon them Nestle health one, Meadow Kilby