Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 17 – L164A

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Al-Anbiya 1-29 Translation 1-29


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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah

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wa salam ala rasulillah Kareem another word for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim are be slightly odd were certainly under the watch of data melissani of tahu hopefully open as it enter in

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Lesson number 164 so little MBA is number one to 29

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Echo Dot over it has come near Lin se for the people his elbow whom their reckoning while home while they fee in love letting heedlessness more alone one to turn away

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man not yet the him it comes to them. Men from the crane remembrance men from Robbie him there are more than one new Illa except is tomorrow who they listen to it. We're home while they yell our boon they play lair he often distracted engrossed calobra home their hearts what a sub rule and they concealed an edge where the private consultation or the private conversation I levena those who wanna move they did wrong. Hell not Heather this Illa except by Sharon a man myth lucam like you effort to do then you all come to approach a session the magic will Anton while you are too busy rune you all see

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Allah He said Robbie Myra yellow kinos Alola the word for summer in the sky while up and the earth wahoo and he is a Sameer the always on hearing and Arlene the all was all knowing but rather palu they said a boy who confused mixture a Hillerman false dreams, but rather if there are who he has fabricated it, but rather who are he is share Iran abort failure Dena so he should bring to us be I attend with assign karma just as Ursula he was sent away alone the first ones the former ones

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math not eminent it believed about a home before them men from Earth in a town a HELOC. Now how we destroyed it

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do so for then home they use me known they believe warmer and not all of a sudden now we have sent abeka before you in that except region and men knew he will review la him to them first Alou so you will ask people addict of the reminder of the message in if condom you will learn not that alone You are no

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warmer and not Jana who we made them just a body a form letter not yet coluna they eat the food warmer and not can do they were highly been ones who are immortal.

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Some much then slather on our home. We made true to them. And wider the promise for Angelina who then we rescued them. Woman and whom Michelle? We will what alakina and we destroyed almost riffin the transgressors.

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laqad certainly. And then we sent in a comb Do you keytab and a book fee in it the crow comb you're mentioned a fella will they're not alone you will understand

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welcome and how many are Sumner we have shattered we have crushed to pieces made from our yet in a city, Canada it was Wally Martin, and just were unsure and we raised bar the hair after it a woman a people are hurting other one's

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fellow man then when it has to their perceived they sense that center our punishment either behold, instantly. Home the main her from it, your qaboun they flee.

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Left do not Darko Do you all flee war Do you and you all return either to Mao what

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thrift home you were given luxurious life fi in it. Well Mr. Kinnick home and your homes now I like him so that you alone You all are questioned

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ALU they said yeah or way learner war to us in indeed we gonna we were wildly mean once you do wrong, firmer than not zealot it seized they'll get that they're aware of who their call had until jalna, whom we made them hasley than as a harvest as a reaped field, comedy, once there are extinguished, warmer and not Hakuna, we created a summer the sky will up and the earth warmer and whatever bainer humor is between them to Larry bean, as ones at lay, low, if Aradhana we intended, we wished on that netta hidden we adopt law one pastime diversion, let the hudna who surely we would have taken men from Laguna ourselves, near us, in if goodness we were fairly lean, once we do, but

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rather knuckle the food, we throw we have been happy with the truth either upon all battling the falsehood, fire the novel who, so it nullifies it, so it destroys it for either. So then, whoever it xeric one that vanishes, one that departs. Welcome and for you, la Lu, the wall the destruction mimma from what does the phone you all attribute?

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what or who? And for him man is who first semi wet in the heavens while up and the earth woman and who in the who is with him? That not? Yes, that would be wrong, they are arrogant, and from rebel that he is worship, whether and not yesterday, the rune data

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use of beehoon they glorify Elena the night when the hammer and the de la not you have to learn this lesson. They pause

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on it the hurdle they have taken earlier Gods men from the earth home the young children, they raise the dead. They resurrect low if Ghana was fee Hema in them to actually have gods in there except Allahu Allah never said that there. Surely they both were ruined in this order. festival Hana so exalted, glorified, Allah, Allah Rob, a large of the throne. I'm from what he has the phone they attribute let's not use Aloo he is questioned, about what yes or no he does, who or whom and they use alone they will be questioned.

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And or it the hurdle they have taken. They have adopted men from dooney other than him earlier than gods who say hello to you all bring more Hana come your proof. Heather this the crew message, reminder. Man who Maria is with me with a crew and reminder. Message man who are really before me, but rather extra room most of them learn not Yala Muna they know and help the truth for whom so they Marylebone ones who are averse

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woman and not our center. We sent men from publica before you mean from rosulip any messenger in there except new, he will reveal in a he to him and the Who? That indeed he left not Ilaha any god in there except Anna I felt bodoni so you all worship me

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will call you and they said it the harder he took a rush man the Most Merciful whether they're a child, so behind her who Exalted is He glorified? Is he been rather rebadow servants mokra Moon ones who are honored? No, not Yes. mucuna who they proceed him. Bill Foley in the word while home while they be angry he at his command Yama loon they do their work. Yala. Mo he knows man what bainer is between ad him there are two hands warmer and what Paul for whom behind them whether or not yes for owner they intercede except Lehman for whom is double. He is pleased. Welcome

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And they men from Hachette he has fear which we call ones who are fearful woman and whoever Jaco he says men home from them in me indeed I Illa Hoon God men from dooney other than him for that ecosa that Niger z we would recommend him jahannam hellfire. gallica likewise nezzie we recommend avoiding mean the wrongdoers

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that specific recitation of these verses

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in one one who was me oh not me.

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la de Bona

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comun last vehicle

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