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Al-Maidah 27-40 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 33-b


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The transcript describes a disturbing incident involving a woman who killed her neighbor and her family related to terrorism and Islam. She was sent into the desert and killed by the lawyer of Islam. The speaker discusses the responsibility of individuals in authority and the use of force against people who don't comply with rules. The concept of "faima" is used as a motivation for cutting lives and causing chaos, and punishment is severe, including exile or loss of property. Helaba is a combination of multiple crimes, including rape, rape, and theft, and is a complete offense.

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There's a particular incident that is mentioned with regards to the revelation of this ayah

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it Isn't that an incident medic he he's had that eight people

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are going to use of the local tribe or clan clan with the lamanda Urkel tribe, they came to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam,

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and they became Muslim and they gave their pledge to follow Islam.

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But the climate of Medina, it didn't suit them, and they became sick. You know what happens? Sometimes you go to a particular city, particular country, and it's difficult to live there. The climate doesn't suit you. So similar to these people, they had migrated to Medina. The climate didn't suit them. They became very sick.

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And they complained to the Prophet Coronavirus. And they said, What do we do? This weather is not suiting us.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said go with our Shepherd, to be treated by the milk and the urine off the camels. Basically, they would treat people with the milk and the urine of the camels, different ways, different different types of medicine. So basically, they were sent outside of Medina into the desert, so that they could become healthy.

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So they went as directed. And after they drank from the camel's milk and everything, what happened, they became better they became healthy again.

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But once they became healthy, what did they do? They killed the shepherd of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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And they took all the camels.

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And they said that the brutally killed that Shepherd brutally

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said, these people, when the prophets or the Lord has found out about them, he sent people in their pursuit. And they were captured. And then he ordered that their hands and feet be cut off, and that their eyes be branded.

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And then they were put in the sun until they died.

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And this is the most severe punishment that the Prophet sallallahu ever gave to someone most severe punishment,

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this is terrorism,

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that a person is looking after you, he took care of you, and he is alone, and you kill him, and you take his animals.

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And as a result, the entire population is going to feel threatened.

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The entire population is going to feel threatened. The presence of these people in a society is a threat to the entire society. If you know that there is a person who killed another and he's free, are you going to feel safe? Are you going to feel safe, you're not going to feel safe?

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So this is the punishment the profits are abolished and gave to these people.

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So what do we learn from this if First of all, we see that there is severe punishment for those people who spread terrorism

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whether they cause harm to travelers, people who are traveling, or they cause harm to people who are living inside their houses,

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this is a punishment for them.

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We also learn from this I about the magnitude of the crime of waging war against Allah and His Messenger, that waging war against a lion, His Messenger is not something that is insignificant, it is something very serious because look at the punishment. Look at the punishment.

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And there is a particular sin, rather crime that we learned about in sort of Bukhara,

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for which Allah subhanaw taala said that if you don't stop then then it will be hard to be mean en la hora suli. And what's that crime interested in? dealing with interest, taking, giving, consuming, interest, waging war against Allah and His messenger?

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Because what is the person doing?

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He is opposing the commands of Allah. He is denying the commands of Allah.

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So when a person does that, in reality, he is waging war against the line His Messenger, and this is a crime that is very serious.

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30 we learn from this idea that the objective of our Deen is to clean the earth from facade fill up.

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It is to cleanse the earth from facade fill up and to establish peace and justice.

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And so this shows that it is a responsibility of those people who are in authority of the government, to get such people and punish them. Why, so that other people can live in peace?

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Such people, yes, I want to fill out the facade who are creating facade on the earth. What are they doing, they're taking the piece away.

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They're taking the piece away of the society. So it's the responsibility of those in authority to catch them, to capture such people and to execute the punishment against them.

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We also learned that the punishment that is to be given to such people is going to be according to the crime that they have committed. And this is left to the discretion of the judge.

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That depending on what

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They have done the punishment will be given but it is going to be one of these punishments that is mentioned over here that you are used to Qatar ad absurdum. And

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we also learn from this is the disobedience to Allah causes corruption on the earth.

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disobedience to Allah is what facade will have.

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Even the previous iron facade was mentioned even over here Facade Facade as mentioned.

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What is it? It's crimes it seems.

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So when a person commits sins, what is the spreading facade in the earth.

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And when there is facade, where there is corruption, life becomes difficult.

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We see that in the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when a person would become Muslim, then a pledge would be taken from him.

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Whether it was a man or a woman, they would have to make this pledge.

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Or by Devin Smith, he said that the prophets Allah said him, he took the same pledge from us that he took from the women. And what does that pledge that we do not commit check? We do not commit adultery, or kill our children, and that we do not spread falsehoods about one another.

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And if a person does it, what is it

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creating facade on the earth? It sin, as well as creating facade on the earth? So first of all, what is it chick? Do not commit adultery, do not kill your children, and do not spread faulted about one another? Because if you do so, that is facade. So what does it show that sins, in reality, create corruption on the earth.

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This is why committing sins is not permissible. This is why certain actions are considered as sinful.

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We alternate under this idea that Islam reformation is done in two ways. reformation is done in two ways, peace is brought into society in two ways, first of all, verbally, that you advise people, you tell them, You teach them, you instruct them. And as a result, you change their mentality and their behavior.

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But if a person does not listen, if he does not accept, and if he still creates Poseidon, the earth, then how are you going to do this law?

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by use of force against. So yes, Islam is done verbally. But it is also done by use of force against those people who don't listen, those people who don't comply.

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So when a person crosses the limits, then you're not going to send them to a psychiatrist, that this person, he killed these many people or this person, he barged into somebody's house and killed their dog and took their money and went away.

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So you're going to send him to a psychiatrist,

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that will, oh, he's suffering from a psychological issue. Therefore, he's committing this crime.

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And today, he went to a neighbor tomorrow is going to another neighbor know,

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if a person is seriously mentally ill, that is something else. But there are two ways of doing it.

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First of all, verbally, and secondly, by use of force, when somebody has gone to such a great length, then you're not going to send him to a psychiatrist,

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then you're going to give them some punishment. Because if they're allowed to stay, if they're allowed to be free, then what's going to happen?

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Today, they're harmed one person tomorrow, you're going to harm somebody else. Which is why we see that many people who commit crimes once, and then they say that, oh, I was mentally disturbed, and I need to go to a psychiatrist for some treatment.

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They're sent, and then they go back to the same crimes, if not worse, if not worse.

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So we see that Islam is not just on verbally, but it is also done by use of force against people.

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Now, when it comes to a protest,

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you're protesting, but what right? Do you have to burn somebody else's car?

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What right do you have to do that?

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Or to throw a bomb and kill a person who is innocent, or destroy somebody else's property has nothing to do with you. You don't have the right to do that. And if in your protest, in your demand that justice should be given to you. If you're harming other people,

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then you are becoming a foreign as well.

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And this is no excuse because people say, oh, we're not given our rights. This is why we're going to deprive other people of their rights. No. Then you are becoming dissolved.

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recitation of the

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All these punishments that I mentioned over here they are great humiliation,

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great humiliation that a person is killed, or he is crucified or his hands and feet are cut, or he is exiled.

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Great humiliation, why humiliation?

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Why this kind of punishment? Why not just a simple find that they have to pay.

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Because if they're humiliated, they will not go back to it.

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And secondly, other people will also take a lesson, other people will not dare to do something like this.

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They won't even dare. Because when one person manages to steal the property of the other, when he manages to kill someone unjustly, then in a way, what is he doing? He's encouraging other people.

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Which is why if a person kills even one person unjustly, it is as though he has killed the entire human race. Because every action that we do,

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there is an effect, there's a ripple effect, and other people get affected by it.

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Now, the word helaba

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It's from the word hub, as the ISS alladhina, you had Ebola, the wage war. So helaba is what highway robbery, or robbing people, not just when they're traveling, but even inside their houses. And this is basically using violence and force against people. Why in order to get hold of their property,

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in order to get some benefit out of them. And basically, it destroys the peace of society and it spreads fear in a society, whether people are traveling or they're at home. Why? Because they're always in this fear that what if I lose my life? What if I lose my property? What if somebody comes in harms me?

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There's a book, which is known as Sharia, the Islamic law, and it's by Abdullah Herman. And he mentioned in the chapter with regards to and helaba. He says that an helaba or robbery is not merely an offense against the human society. But according to the verse of the Quran, it is as if one is waging war against Allah and His Messenger, through the use of sheer force.

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to wage war against a community may result in chaos and confusion, and loss of peace of mind and heart.

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If you think of it, because of the same reason, people don't go to the massages anymore.

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In some countries, literally people born you and go perform Jumeirah Salah, because they know that if they go, maybe there will be some bandits over there, maybe they will lose their wallet. Just recently, I know of somebody who went to performer janessa.

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And after the janessa, they went to bury the person who had died. And after the very the person, everybody they made are over there. And when they put their hands in their pockets, everybody their wallets were gone.

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Imagine you're burying the dead. And even there, people don't fear Allah,

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that people are burying the dead, and you're picking their pockets, and you're taking their wallets away.

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So why would somebody go even bury the dead? Why would somebody go and press a lotto janessa even why would somebody go perform so that tomorrow so that when they know that their wealth, their life, their security, is at risk, it has been threatened.

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So he says that this results in chaos and confusion and loss of peace of mind and heart. This is why it is known as waging war against a lion is messenger because such a person, he's denying the loss of a loss of penalty and he's harming the people.

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And you mentioned that the robber is over here, those people who commit helaba there are those people who raise arms against innocent people with whom they have no previous enmity.

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You know, what is that you have enmity against someone. And because of that enmity, you're trying to harm them.

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But helaba in particular is raising arms against those people with whom you have no previous enmity. It's an innocent person, he has done nothing to you whatsoever. So this is why such a person who commits this crime What is his punishment, that either he should be killed or he should be crucified or his

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Hands And Feet must be amputated from opposite sides or he should be exiled.

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And it is said that, for example, it has been said that he raba, the jurist, they are divided into further categories. First of all, they have said that the robbers who could only kill but could not get away with their loot.

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So one is that a person comes, and he just manages to kill the other, but doesn't really manage to take anything from him. So in that case, the person will be just killed in return.

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The second is that if a person killed and also took away the property, in that case, he will not just be killed, but he will also be crucified.

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The third is that if he takes away the property with the use of force without killing, he just manages to take away property with the use of force without killing. In that case, what will be done, the hand in the foot will be cut off.

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And the other is that a person only manages to frighten the other,

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he doesn't manage to kill him, he doesn't manage to take away his property. In that case, he's only frightening the other, he's only posing a threat to the other. Like, for example, he just comes with a gun, and he threatens the other, give me your wealth, otherwise, I'll shoot you. And in the meantime, somebody else comes to he runs away.

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But he frightened the other. So in that case, the punishment is exile.

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In that case, the punishment is exile. This is a serious crime. If a person kills, kill him guilds and loads, then crucify him, if he only loads the property, then got his hand and foot, if he manages to even frighten in that case, what should be done, exiled him.

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Just like for example, if there is a child in a particular school,

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if they're bullying than what's done, what is done, eventually, they're expelled, they're suspended, and then eventually, they're expelled. So similarly, such a person should not be allowed to stay in that community, because he has committed a great offense, the other people are fearful of him, now, he is a risk to the safety of the society. Because of him, people are not peaceful anymore, therefore, he should be removed, he should not be allowed to stay over there.

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And some scholars, they have said that even the case of rape falls in this category. Why? Because a woman she is being forced into this act against her will. So in that case, what will be done such a person, the same punishment will be applied upon him which is off. In particular, you gotta use one level depending on how much they have caused harm to the woman.

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But definitely, it's either you or us fundable in the case of rape. Because a woman, she has been hurt physically, her chastity has been affected. She has been ruined completely. Women who have experienced such a thing, they're shattered for the rest of their lives.

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So rape also falls under this category of helaba. Because again, it takes the piece of the society away, it ruins a piece of the society.

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And one more thing, some people have asked me that, where it was mentioned that if a person repents before being caught,

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then in that case, no head will be applied upon him.

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But if the error is of the disease, their demand is lost, and he is going to be killed even if he has repented.

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So some people ask that the law of the sauce is already there, then how come this new law is being given? The thing is that the sauce brocato is only one case is only one crime, this is a different crime. This is helaba. This is not just

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you understand, this is not just part of this is a combination of several crimes together. This is threatening the person killing the person taking away his property. If there's a woman she's being raped,

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so, this is a different case. So therefore, only the law of causes does not apply over here. Only the law of causes does not apply over here it could go even further to more punishments because this is a different case. Similarly, there is a law of theft which inshallah we will learn now, the ruling concerning theft, that is only theft. Okay, but helaba is a combination of theft of murder of threatening the other person.

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This is why the punishment is so severe.

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So don't confuse this with other crimes. This is a completely different crime. It's a combination of many, many crimes together.