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Al-Anbiya 1-29 Word Analysis and Tafsir 5-10


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The speakers discuss the use of "arare" in various context, including lawsuit, booming economy, and a mixture of haphazard and normative dreams. They emphasize the importance of avoiding false accusations and cautioning against failure. The transcript uses historical examples and references the internet for more information. The speakers stress the importance of confirming information and being open-minded to one's own thoughts and experiences to gain knowledge. They also emphasize the need to reflect on oneself and not let anyone convince them to believe in the Quran.

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Well, ALU rather than say, meaning, the wishek enough mcca. At one point, they said that he is a human being that he's a magician. Well, Carlo No, no. Instead, they say, that was

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a mixture of all streams, that this could and that he is producing this hold on that he is reciting to you. It is a result of what others who have read this word earlier and sort of use of as well. Advanced is a Florida, this and this is a bunch of dry grass or dry stocks. It's a bunch. And it's such a bunch that can be held in one's fist.

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And if you look at it, if you have a bunch of dry grass or dry twigs, if you analyze them, each and every one will be of different lengths, perhaps have different thickness, perhaps, perhaps have different color, even if you just take a bunch like that, you will see a lot of variety. So this is why a device is used for a mixture, a model of different different things, that is completely haphazard, there is no order, there is no coherence. So they said this is a lawsuit Atlanta, and Atlanta is a Florida, which is used for free and above. So what is it used for? It is used for two things.

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First of all, also a ham is used for false dreams, dreams that are meaningless dreams that are not to be interpreted. Why? Because they have no coherence. At one point, a person is talking to someone and other point he's sleeping at another point he's jumping in another point, somebody else comes, you know, dreams that people have on a regular basis, on a day to day basis, they have no coherence in them, if you try remembering your dreams, like they make no sense whatsoever. So this is what others who are how do you interpret these dreams? No, do you remember them? No. But dreams that are coherent, that you remember really well, that you remember very clearly, those dreams you're

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concerned about, you're concerned about their interpretation. But otherwise incoherent dreams, you don't care about them, they're not to be interpreted. So also our grammar, incoherent false dreams. Secondly, avasarala figuratively is also used for confused thoughts and imaginations.

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It's used for confused thoughts and imaginations. That if a person is thinking about certain ideas, and they come and share with you their ideas, and they make no sense whatsoever, are you going to give any attention to their ideas or their suggestions? What are you going to say? Just a mixture of confused thoughts, confused imaginations, this person does not have any idea about what he's saying what he's doing. He's not being practical. He's not being realistic. So they said that this is a Drosophila, that this is a result of what he has seen in dreams. Or this column is a mixture of confused ideas and thoughts. There is no coherence in the Quran.

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At one point in one verse punishment is mentioned in another verse reward is mentioned in another verse, a prophet is mentioned in another verse, you know, something else has mentioned. So there is no coherence in the Quran. It's just incoherent statements. But then again, they disagree amongst themselves. And then they say, but they thought, Oh, no, no, no, he is fabricated. Because such column which is so beautiful, such statements that are so beautiful, that are so eloquent, they cannot be a result of incoherent dreams, they cannot be a result of confused thoughts and imaginations, no, this has to be a deliberate fabrication. So he has made this up. He has invented

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But then they say that, how can he still be so eloquent?

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That's because balharshah rather use a point.

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And remember that the word share it the Arab they used it for a board, but the word share it was also used for a cab a liar. Why? Because near the Arabs, the best part three was that which was the most false, which had the most lies in it, meaning that it was exaggerated beyond reality.

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You understand, exaggerated beyond reality. Such poetry was the best poetry. So this is why the word sharing was also used for a cafe. And this is the reason why false evidences are also used for a dilemma.

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A dilemma yet, same word here. It is used for false evidence. So why do I share it this convention in two ways that rather he is avoided? Because he's so eloquent in his speech? Or they say, No, no, he's actually a liar. And all of this that he's saying is lies, failure

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Deena so let him bring us the item with a sign come out of balloon just as the first ones meaning the former messengers were sent with, like the sheikh, Gameloft, sila Harrison, and the staff and the blowing handoff, musasa. So he should also bring to us a miracle.

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We say that the truth of the matter is that the Quran is so grand, it is so perfect that those people who do not believe in it, they cannot invalidate it.

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They cannot prove it wrong in any way whatsoever. Then we're sick enough maka, they try their best. And in their frustration, they will say one thing at one time. And another thing that another point, they would call it poetry at one point, and another point they would call it magic. And with all of these false accusations, they were not successful. And this is the way that they had during the labor. labor's doubt, what kind of drought that makes a person restless. So this is the restless doubt that they were in. What is this? I don't want to believe in it. How do I refute it? How do I invalidate it? It's poetry. No, it's magic. No, it's an invention. No, it's a result of false

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dreams. So this is the rate that they had. And alasa panatela responded to all of their allegations. In total hacker I have 41 we learned woman who will be calling Sherry Padilla met me noon, and it is not the word of abort. liberal Do you believe in 13 is 69 we learn from our alumni who share our well may unbelieva. Who in who are in there they can work earn a movie, and we did not give him knowledge of poetry? Nor is it befitting for him. It is not but a message and a clear cut.

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So finally on being defeated, what what do people say? That if he's really a prophet of Allah, then you should bring a miracle to us, then he should show us a miracle.

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But even about a miracle, what does Allah subhanaw taala say in sort of Israel, I have 59 we learn why men are on a new syllable iottie in there and cut there will be a well known and nothing has prevented us from sending signs except that the former peoples, they denied them. Which is why Allah subhanaw taala says Ma and at cabela home in Korea, no Korea, no city, meaning no people of a city believed when the miracle came.

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No people of the city believed when the miracle came to them. alaknanda We destroyed it. Meaning we destroyed that Korea, the people of that city. Why? Because even when they saw the miracle, they refuse to believe. Like, for example, the people of Sally Harrison when the she camel came they believe, what do they do? They went and killed her. So as a result what happened? They were punished by Allah, they were destroyed. So Allah says Allah whom you may know, then is it these people who are going to believe meaning will the people of makaveli if they see the miracles, we do not find any example in history, that a messenger showed a miracle to the people. And as a result, the people

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like for example, Mousavi showed so many miracles. Clearly there were miracles did the people have their own belief? That for their own belief, no, except for the magicians, nobody else believed. seminary we see he saw this and then he shot so many miracles that the money is fine, buddy. No, it was only a few men who believed in him.

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So we see that never has it happened. That the messengers they showed miracles and the people they believe, rather what happened, they rejected. And once people reject after a miracle has been shown, then what is written further punishment. So if this has not happened in the past, then are the people of Makkah very special that they're going to believe, if they see a miracle, we learn in sort of Tunis, ie 96 to 97. In alladhina Hakata Allah in kalama, Topeka, let me know in the those whom the word of your Lord has come into effect, they will not believe while Oda at home kolu it. And even if every miracle every sign comes to them, had the yellow one, are there any until they see the

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painful punishment? Like for example, for their own so many miracles were shown to him, one after the other? Does he believe? No, even when he saw the sea split into two parts did he believe? No. When did he finally believe? When he saw the painful punishment,

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warmer outside Napa will occur and we sent not before you will Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in laddy jail and except men

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meeting before your Prophet sallallahu Sallam we only sent human beings as prophets. We only sent human beings as messengers. They were not angels. They were not jinn. They were not some other creation. Who were they human beings and among human beings were they

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Legion men

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first Alou victory, then go ahead and ask the people of the message, the People of the Scripture, who are they, the scholars of the year who then assault those people who knew that older and the Injeel? Well, go ahead and ask them in quantum letter the moon if you do not know,

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the people of Makkah, they used to trust the people of the book. Who did they use trust upon the People of the Book, especially their scholars, and they trusted them more than they trusted the prophets.

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Especially when it came to religious matters.

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And they would also consultant because the Jews who were there, they were the

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they were the knowledgeable ones and the Arabs who were there on me, they were the unlettered ones. They were those people who didn't have any knowledge the unlettered ones. So if they wanted to know if the machine the Arabs, if they ever wanted to know if something was right or not, what would they do? They would go and ask the scholars of Bani Israel. And if they said it was right, then they accept it. If they said it's wrong, then they would take it as wrong. So everything that the hood would say they would be. But the amazing thing is they did not accept Judaism.

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Nor did they accept Christianity. See the contradiction. They did not accept that religion. But still, when it came to big Religious Affairs, we would consult the Odin, the masala. So we see that the Americans, they are told over here that if you deny Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, just because he's a human being, what did we learn at the beginning of the sort of what did they say? Hell? Are they elaborate from Islam? Is he not a human being just like you? So if you're denying Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, simply because he's a human being? Then go and see who were the previous prophets of Allah? Who were the previous messengers of Allah? Were they human beings? Or were there

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something else? Were they men? Or were they angels?

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And if you don't want to take the word of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam for that, then go and ask the people of the book, go and ask them, what do they find in their scriptures? Who were the previous messengers? We don't insult use of IO 109 one ma I'll send them in oberliga elante janin nuheat la him mean alien Cora. And we sent not before you as messengers except men to whom we revealed from among the people of the cities in throttle a half I number nine, we learn pulmoquin to be there. Amina also say that I am not something original among the messengers, meaning I'm not something new. If I'm a human messenger, than the messengers before me, even they were human beings. So people of

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Makkah, if you want to be sure, go and refer to the hood and then solder. Now over here, we see that our last panel data says first Aloo Allah victory in quantum data,

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we see that the people are being told to ask the analytic to confirm the matters of religion that you're confused about.

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That if there is any affair, any matter of the religion that you're confused about, you want to become sure off, what should you do? Go and ask the who the Minnesota go and refer to their scriptures. Now does this apply today as well?

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It's in the Quran. Allah says Allah, Allah decree in quantum law. Yes, it does apply. How in what matters? We learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, had the zoo and Bani Israel, he will

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narrate from the children of Israel, there is no college. But what have we been told that do not confirm and do not reject.

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So if there is anything, for example, from the people of the past, from the stories of the previous messengers, if some detail is not mentioned in the Quran, and we want to become sure of it, we want to know what exactly happened. What really happened. That detail is not mentioned the Quran we do not find the detail from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then we can refer to the books of the Yahood and then assala and we can see what they said. This is why many Israeli traditions have been used in books of the first seed as well. Many Israeli traditions have been used to explain the stories of musallam. Our own for instance, fit our own. All of these stories their details are

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taken from the books of you holding the Masada, but we have been told that we should not confirm nor should we reject, we can narrate it, when we narrate it we should clearly tell that this is from their resources. This is not 100% accurate, why? Because their books have been altered. So the books have been altered. How do we know if what is mentioned over there is correct or it is a fabrication. We cannot guarantee that however,

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We can take from there as long as it conforms, or as long as it does not contradict the Koran. Okay, that first of all, it should conform to what Allah has told us. And secondly, it should not contradict the, if it contradicts in any way, we're not going to accept it, we're not going to take it.

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But if there's some detail, which is not mentioned in the Quran, then we can take it, but we cannot say that it's 100% accurate.

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And first Allah, Allah Vickery in quantum lateral Mo, this is also a general principle that we are being taught over here, that if there is something that you do not know, that there is something that you're unsure of, you're uncertain about, what should you do, remaining that confusion?

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You should remain in that unsure. You should remain without that knowledge. Without that information remain in ignorance. No, go and find out go and ask if you don't know. So in this part of the eye, there is great emphasis on acquiring more knowledge as well. Clarifying confusions, clarifying doubts, increasing the knowledge increasing and understanding, which is why we see that the term that has been used over years and who is either someone who has an IQ of someone who has the mention of it, whether he is a believer or not a believer, and this shows to us that a Muslim can also learn from who, from a non Muslim, but with regards to what matters, those matters that the non Muslim is

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aware of, and what you're not aware of what you do not know of, which is if you go to university, if you go to school, and you have anonymous and Professor don't say, How can I learn from him? No, you can learn from him. If he's telling you something that contradicts your religion, obviously, you're not going to take

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now this teaches is also something else as well, that sometimes people have this bias against certain scholars of Islam, they do not accept them, they say, refutation has been done against this, so and so scholar has been refuted by so and so scholar, therefore never listen to them.

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But the fact is that if they have more knowledge than you, and if Allah has given you a mind and intellect, and if Allah has given you knowledge of the even if it's a little bit, use your mind to analyze what they're saying. And if they're teaching you something that you do not know off, then you can listen to it, because there is a vicar over there, and you are someone who does not know anything. So we should become a bit open minded. Just because someone has been refuted, quote, unquote, doesn't mean that we don't listen to them, doesn't mean that we deprive ourselves of what they have to teach of what they have to give up the knowledge that they have to impart, especially

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if they are specialists in that field. Right, especially if they are specialists of that field, because very few people are specialists of certain fields. So there are specialists, take it from them. But use the filter that Allah has given to you in your mind. First Allah Allah decree in quantum law.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says, WOMAD, your unknown and we did not make them. mean we do not make the prophets of Allah, just Adam. bodies, meaning we do not make the prophets of Allah such bodies, we did not give them such forms, that lie gurunath armor that they would not eat food with American holiday. And they were not immortals, just said, is literally to come together, to be tied up together. And if you look at it, a body has different different parts in it, isn't it, but all those parts they are tied up together, they're all connected with one another, through systems, where you have your nose and you have your mouth, and you have your lungs, they're different parts of the

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body. Maybe they're very far apart even. But they're all tied up in a system. So the entire body the entire just is connected together in a system. And there is another word that is used for body which is just

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Jason is only used for human body. And Jessa is used for anybody, whether human or other.

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So the prophets of Allah, Allah did not give them such bodies that they did not need to eat food. No, they ate food.

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And Allah did not give them such bodies that would never deteriorate. No one America no holiday, they were not immortal. They suffered from that. So in other words, the profits of other like other human beings who ate who drank, and who suffered from death.

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Now this is like in refutation of the objection, that the people of Makkah made in total for one number seven Willard wakad O'Malley, Heather was solely yaku, Tama Wham she filled as well and they say what is this messenger that eats food? He eats food and he's supposed to be a messenger and he walks in the markets. What kind of a messenger is this?

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Now even today, there are some Muslims who find it extremely difficult to accept the Prophet sallallahu says

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As a human being, they will say things like, you know, he didn't have a shadow. He was made of light. They have fabricated certain stories, or certain descriptions of the profits or allowance and under a completely false and that contradicts the Quran that contradict the authentic sooner. This ayah clarity tells us that the prophets of Allah who were their normal human beings, the only thing that was different about them was what? That they received revelation. That's it. What do we learn at the end of life? What do we learn that in Nima and Sharon mythical, I'm a human being just like you. What's the difference? You have? The worry isn't to me simple. That's some muscle the human

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word. Then we fulfill for them the promise which promise, the promise of victory, that the prophets of Allah Allah promised and victory for angina home, so we save them, woman Nasha Oh, and whom we will work a lacuna and we destroyed a loose defeat the transgressors. Allah promised victory to all of his messengers, that at the end, you will be victorious inside Abraham i a 13 to 14 we learn for Oh Ha, la Yuma boom La Jolla kandivali mean, while a new skin and na como album embody

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so their Lord inspired to them, then we will surely destroy the wrongdoers and we will surely cause you to dwell in the land after them. So Allah says over here, some of the canal human worker, this promise was fulfilled. The messengers were granted victory. So the messengers were saved and along with them, who else was saved, Manisha those who we will? And who were they, those people who believed in the messengers, and who was destroyed? What a Muslim, and we destroyed the mystery.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells the people of Makkah, that Nakata and Zen illegal that certainly we have revealed to you keytab and a book, this book we have revealed to you fee, the croco. In it is your mentioned FLR therapy, then will you not use your mind? Will you not use your reason and accept this book, you're calling it magic, you're calling it sorcery, you're calling it false statements, you're calling it one thing after the other, don't you realize that this keytab has been sent and it has the crew comb, it has your mentioned after that article, and you see, believing in the Quran is much easier than this believing in it. Because if a person believes in it, it's very simple, very easy.

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And if a person is believes in it, then he will have one theory at one point or another theory at another point, he will have to refute one statement somehow another statement somehow life becomes difficult.

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It's only easy when you believe when you accept.

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So thinking the curriculum, what does he mean by this that in the Quran is your mentioned

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this has been understood as that in the Quran is a reminder in the Quran is advice in the Quran is instruction that is meant for you the crew comb

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in it is mentioned instruction, advice that is meant for you. It has gone for your benefit

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as it is in your language. Secondly, the The crowcon has also been understood as that in this call and is your mentioned meaning it talks about you

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What's the subject of the Quran.

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Mankind, if you look about it, every book, it has a certain subject, it talks about a certain thing. Like for example, if you pick up a guide about a particular country, then when you go there, what's the climate? Like? What's the geography like how many provinces there are? What's the political system, etc, etc. So what's the main subject of that book? That country because it's giving you details of that country. Similarly, the Koran what's the subject of this Quran? human beings? Because the Quran talks about human beings, it guides human beings to what is beneficial for them.

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It tells us as to what we should do, what we should stay away from what leads to benefit, what leads to harm, what leads to success, what leads to failure. What do they say that for everything there is a manual and the manual of human beings is what the Quran

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says. Sophie the crew come in it is your mentioned it talks about you. So all that is mentioned in the Quran is related to you.

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And thirdly It has also been said that fi the croco What it means is that it is your mentioned, Vicar has been understood as felina meaning in it is your prestige and honor. If you believe in it, if you follow it, if you observe it if you uphold it

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This hold on will make your mention common everywhere.

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And this is very true. Who was intermodal dinar in home before the Quran came to him?

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Nobody. He was just an ordinary Arab man, an ordinary American.

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But once he believed in the Quran once he followed the Quran, once he lived by it, he became the emperor of the Muslim Empire. He became the ruler, the ameerul momineen he became the leader such that so many people were under him, so he hit a clock home. If you follow this, or if you believe in it, it will bring you prestige and honor.

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Instead of I 44 we learn what in the hula dico laka when you call Mika, and indeed it is a remembrance for you and your people.

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So that we don't really not use your reason and see that the Quran is actually there for your benefit. Stop calling it magic. Stop calling it avasarala leave your ego and believe in it and gain benefit for yourself.

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boo boo boo

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was new in Revelation. But for us every day we learned something new. We all need to reflect on ourselves that so much of the Quran we have learned so much of the Quran we have heard so much of the Quran we have memorized perhaps there are some who have gone through the entire coriander somewhere who have gone through parts of the Quran, there are some who are going through the Quran for the second or for the third time, maybe more. But we need to reflect that many times we take pride over learning the Quran. We're grateful for the fact that Allah has guided us to it. But we must see that what is our behavior towards it, that when we learn when we study how much of it has

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truly affected us that it has brought about a change in our lives? And how much of it Have we just ignored that elastomer Whoo hoo, hoo hoo Mila are born. They listen to it very attentively, very carefully, taking notes but then they go back to their plain amusement as if they heard nothing, as if they had no idea that it was mentioned in the Quran.

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So we need to reflect on ourselves because this is a very serious matter.

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When our hearts are busy, when our hearts are occupied with other things, when the low other things has filled up our hearts, which we will feel to be human. Then how will the Quran affect us? How will we be able to comprehend the Quran? How will we be able to retain it? How will we remember the ayat of the Quran

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As we go by our days and our nights, we'll forget that because our hearts are busy doing other things, so wonderful, it becomes really important to a person, then it sinks into the heart of a person. It takes place over there. It takes a lot of room over there. And when a person's heart is busy with other things, that he has no room in his heart for when there's no room in the heart for the Quran, then the Quran would have no effect on a person, he will listen, but he will forget.

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Many times people face opposition when they're coming towards a Quran when they're telling other people about the Quran. Why? Because other people are busy playing. Other people's hearts are laughing at them. They are occupied with other things, and they cannot tolerate the fact that somebody is becoming more religious than them.

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And then they will begin opposing and they will begin chanting and they'll begin barking at them. They will say you're becoming brainwashed. You're getting mesmerized. So this opposition Yes, the prophets face but also those who come towards the way of Allah even their face that

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we see that elastomer who will whom we are born was also understood as while that many people they will only listen to the Quran, they will only listen to the teachings of the dean, if there's entertainment. If there's no entertainment, if there's no larger level, then they will not come. For example, if there's a conference, there has to be a section that has to be dedicated to this amusement and play. And if that section is not there, they're not coming. This is non serious attitude towards death, towards the Day of Judgment,

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towards accounting.

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Many people that are busy playing in their dunya because they consider their judgment to be very far. They consider that the Day of Judgment is going to happen many many years after we die. No it's very far. Yes, I believe in but it's very far but the fact is that your day of judgment begins when you die matter for other comments pm.

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We see that because the people of Makkah their hearts were Lariat and kulu This is why they came up with so many excuses to invalidate the Quran so many explanations to invalidate the one of the first things I said was he's only a human being Why should we follow similarly when our hearts are engrossed in the dunya when they're occupied with dunya we don't want to follow the instructions of almost Pankaj And for that, we will have a list of explanations a list one thing after the other, but all of them are meaningless, because death is very, very important.

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And you see the ayah Nakata, unzila la keytab and fee the cocoa fl adequado. This Quran has gone for your liquor and you're turning away from it. You have a list of excuses do not get affected by it. Do not implement it in your lives of others. Don't use your reason. Use your mind. Use common sense this has come to benefit you and you're turning away from it.