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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Welcome to Al mashreq. on radio Islam international it is eight minutes after 11 it is Thursday morning. And we are usually joined on the program on a Thursday morning by brother Idris camisa. It is by will be speaking to us at 1130 in Shanghai as is. And so we have until 1130 to have our own discussion. And what I thought we will speak about in these few minutes that we have until 1130 is, is about being busy, being busy. This is something that we all find ourselves trapped in that we are constantly busy with engagements with appointments with work with deadlines, with responsibilities with

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tasks that we have to be doing something that has to get them and we find ourselves so so busy, and

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we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah Allah has blessed us with his great Deen and Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us with these beautiful bodies in this life that Allah Allah has granted us in this opportunity, these moments that Allah subhanaw taala has granted us to make his vicars into remember him and we consider all of these numbers in bounties of a loss of handle data to be the gift of Allah subhanho data upon us. And we are grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for every single one of these bounties and so, this gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala has to manifest itself manifest means it has to show it has to bubble out into the open. This gratefulness this gratitude

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to Allah subhanaw taala has to show in our limbs it has to show in our face it has to show in our body it has to show in our actions has to show in our deeds it has to show in every part of all in lines, there's gratitude to allies to show in our clothes, it has to show in our homes it has to show in our children it has to show in our motor vehicles has to show in our work is to show in every single thing and especially this gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala has to show in our prayer in our submission for Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so we find ourselves busy in this world that we are living in whether we are living in Johannesburg, which is a city where there is lots of traffic

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and lots of activities, many things that people have to do long jobs that people have to go to throughout the day. And then other sorts of engagements and extracurricular activities for themselves and for the children and meeting up with family and meeting up with friends and all the rest. And we are so busy in our lives, and speaking about being busy. And on the other hand, considering our responsibilities to Allah subhanho wa Taala that how do we balance the two and how do we marry the two? How do we reconcile this to being busy in our daily lives, together with the responsibility to have her to please Allah Hamilton and to do those things that Allah Subhana Allah

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desires of us and requires of as how do we reconcile between these two? And the answer surprisingly, is in becoming more busy, the answer surprisingly, is in making ourselves more busy. And the more we make ourselves busy, the more Allah subhanho wa Taala frees us, the more we make ourselves busy, the more Allah subhanho wa Taala frees us

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frees is in that is our F our will, is it he flees his f double e s develops, handle free as more and give us more free time in what am i meaning by the statement that the more we make ourselves busy the more allow will make us free is a reference to the hadith of a surah Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in which Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam has mentioned this hadith is narrated by even omega and by other Hadith narrators as well. It is this authentic hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, whenever you Salah Mahara. He

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has mentioned that Allah subhanho wa Taala says that

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men gyla woman who hangman were hidden for hola who shut your eyes Oh

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Next person that

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accumulates all of his worries and his concerns and puts them all into one basket. He's worried about his children. He's worried about his job. He's worried about his social obligations. He's worried about his position in society is worried about his motor vehicle. He's worried about his activities. He's worried about his finances. He's worried about his investments is what about everything else, everything that he's worried about, and he takes all of those worries within various places. And he makes it hum Anwar Hayden, he makes it 11111 concern for humble Sarah, that is the concern of the azura. fl who love who said you're a homeowner, he, then Allah subhanho wa

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Taala, will take a look of all of his other worries.

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Now we're just going to analyze this first part of this hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and we look at this heavy Hadith. And we see what Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam has mentioned here, that are pseudo natural law, he

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has said that

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that person who has taken all of his worries, and his put it into one basket, that means he doesn't concern himself about anything else. He just concerns himself about one thing, and that is the worry of the asherah cefa, who lost his sight you're a homeowner, that Allah subhanaw taala suffices for him, all of his

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worries. And Allah subhanho wa Taala takes care of everything else for him. So

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whether it is business, whether it is finances, everything else, he doesn't constantly concern himself with it, he doesn't lose sleep, basically over those things. And he concentrates, he concentrates on pleasing Allah subhanaw taala. And he concentrates on his acciara he concentrates on his alzira that he concentrates that in my business, which I'm very, very worried about, in that instead of worrying about everything else, am I pleasing Allah? And will this business be a means of Baraka and blessings for me in the ashara?

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my my kids in the upbringing and in making them good people, are those kids a means of success for me in the US, when it comes to my home, will that home be a means of success for me in the US, keep asking ourselves this question that relate whatever whether you we may be having, and sometimes it would require us to sit in the quiet and meditate and ponder, concentrate, and think that what do I actually worry about what actually concerns me in my life.

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And if you are a lady, and your husband is out at work, and you are taking care of the home, you are the executive, you are the queen of the home, then consider think sit down for a moment. And focus. Consider what is it that worries me? What is it that concerns me? What is it that makes me wake up in the morning? And was he about this and screen about this? And what gives me a headache? What is it and write it down? Is it about the kids clothing? Is it about the homework? Is it about the food that you have to cook? Is it about

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somebody that you have to go to meet? Is it about some work that needs to be done? Is it about your home industry that you're running? Is it what what gives you what is it about teasing your husband? Is it about this? Is it about that? What what is it that what is me? And whatever? What is you related for us, Sarah? related to ask her that in those kids, whatever I'm doing for them, whatever needs to be done for them, that how can those kids become a means of my salvation in the era? So whoever takes all of his worries, and makes it the worry of Ashura, Casa La who said, he

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said Allah subhanaw taala suffices for him, all of his worries, that means Allah subhanaw taala will take care of it. Allah help and the direct assistance of Allah subhanho wa Taala will be with you in that and this is your Hadith

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millimeter wave and I must order the line Whoa. I will receive the Arabic for you and I'm delighted when Mr. Odom or the Allahu anhu call Samia to Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a call when Jalla humo Mohammed wa Haden

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Sierra de Kapha Hola Hola. Amazonia whoa aumenta Shabbat v Hill home si le donia Lem you barely know who see a you see a god at her halleck. Raja who even imagine what was

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the person that makes all of these what is one worry, that is the worry of his Ashura, Allah subhanaw taala will suffice for his worldly worries that Allah will suffice unless assistance will be with him, Allah Subhana Allah this help will be with him and Allah, Allah will take care of all of his worries. And then the second part of the Hadith, which Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has mentioned here is that woman Tricia Abbott Hill home, that person whose worries take him in all different directions. And this is how we are exactly that our worries take us in all different directions. And that is why it gives us headaches, it gives us sleepless nights and nights. It gives

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us ill health as well. These worries that we have remember that the attitude that we show to the things that we are involved in this world

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determines our health as well. It affects our health as well. These worries are the cause of hypertension, they are cause of cholesterol building up their cause of high blood pressure they are cause of other ailments as well. All of these worries that we have woman the Shabbat to be healed hormone forevers, what is taking two different different different places, without focusing on the accuracy actually dunia in all of his matters of the dunya is what is I'm caught up in all different things, LEM you by the la houfy a god at her halleck Allah subhanho wa Taala does not concern themselves that let that men destroy himself in any family that he wants. And this is exactly how it

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is the figuratively It is like this, that

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worrying about the kids is like climbing down into a valley, fixing up what has to be done there. And then very soon, they asked comes to worry about the husbands who have to climb out of that valley, climb to the peak of the mountain could descend into the next Valley and worry about the husband. Then comes the worry about the home or the maid and have to climb out of that mountain out of that valley climb to the top of the mountain descend into the next Valley sort out that problem. When it comes to the next problem climb up to the top of the mountain get to the top descend into the next Valley. And we sort of the next problem. So Allah subhanho wa Taala Lem you Bella houfy,

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odfb hereke, Allah subhanaw taala does not concern himself with regards to when this person goes and destroys himself and finishes himself out.

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Allah Subhana Allah does not worry, Allah leaves that person to sort of his own problems. But when that person puts his problems into the hands of Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala assistance will be with him and Allah subhanaw taala will assist him help him in every aspect of his life. And this is this is directly read this is a direct reference to the busy lives in inverted commas, busy lives that we lead in this world that we are living today that we find ourselves so busy that we cannot take time out for kids we cannot take time out for family members for volunteer work for the deen of Allah subhanaw taala for propagation of the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala charity work for

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assistance of the needy and poor, if we focus and concentrate on the greatness the Oneness the might of Allah Subhana Allah and put all of our ways into the hands of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will see us and the statement that I made in the starting that the solution of the problem of being busy is actually to become more busy, meaning become more busy in our submission to Allah Subhana Allah give more time to analyze Deen and Allah will free us from the buisiness that we have of this dunya and just in the explanation of this hadith it is mentioned workiva nayaks de la who's le callaham wahaca Allah humma haldwani the Yoruba Allah for indicateur asahina, whom acts of unnecessary

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additon cydonia. How, then will Allah subhanaw taala not suffice all of his words, for all of his worldly worries, because he has made his one concern

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to please Allah subhanaw taala you see those people who have made the consent to please Allah subhanaw taala alone, the pious they are the people who are most free and most happy in this world. Adam in the whole

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model is in accord with local law, genitive definitely have a lack of a home, one of the biases mentioned time passes, and I enjoy my time so much in the submission to Allah subhanaw taala that I say to myself if the people of Jenna were to enjoy this alone, this pleasure of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. This will be sufficient for them another of the pious as mentioned in ch en lo Halima Holbrook, Lucha de Luna Allah he received, one of the pious has mentioned that we are living a life, although simple, although devoid of luxury and the lavish lifestyle, but we are living a life with such peace of mind and contentment, that if the kings and the leaders have to know that

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the extent of peace of mind and contentment and, and happiness that you're living in, they would actually go to war against us to snatch this life away from us, because we have achieved this life through pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala. And yes, we busy ourselves in the worship of Allah. Firstly, and the very basic is to make sure that in our day, we have devoted time for our fight Salah on time, not

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on time to perform or five times Salah, that is the first basic submission that we have to make to Allah subhanaw taala and be asked to take out time for the recitation of the Quran occurring when we dedicate time for the recitation of the Quran Karim.

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Then you will understand what's great Baraka daily, we should never ever snatched away the time that we have dedicated to Allah subhanaw taala. If we've given to Allah subhanaw taala that we will decide one just a day or half a day or we will decide or we will do certain amount of Vicar day, then we should never snatch away from the time that we give to Allah subhanaw taala one of the oral ama very beautifully explained to us. Well, it was one emissary mamula who explained to us the seal of a verse of the Quran came in which Allah subhanaw taala mentions the broad gist of that first is the Kufa of Makkah. They used to dedicate certain portions of their wealth for the idols and certain

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portions for Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they would believe in Allah but they had sherek they had partners for Allah subhanaw taala and the idols, they will dedicate certain portion of the wealth for the idols and certain portion for Allah subhanho wa Taala. And when the portion of the idols would be spoiled or stolen, or would be damaged in any way, then they would steal the portion of Allah subhanho wa Taala and they would give that to the idols and manana a true an analogy from this, what a beautiful analogy, he said, that we are living in the modern world, where we do not worship idols, but we have certain engagement, certain things that we are busy with the certain

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things that we give our time to. And we have perhaps dedicated time to recitation of

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our Salah, our details of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And we have given time to all of these things. But now, sometimes we get caught up, either caught up in traffic or caught up in a meeting or caught up in certain things. And we did not have time in the day to decide that our daily portion of the Quran did not have time in the day to complete our vehicle. Or we do not have time in the day to complete our our NFL center that we would perform every single day. There's not enough time in the day to do another good deed that we used to do make, perhaps for a certain period of time. So Milena says that what is the common solution that we find ourselves implementing for that loss of the time of seeker of Allah subhanaw taala we wouldn't,

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we wouldn't normally say that. Okay. I lost time. So now I'm going to take time away from a worldly engagement. I'm gonna take time away from my job to fulfill the task that I was supposed to do and I will complete my Vicar of Allah. I will take time away from my plane and my games and I'm going to take I'm going to read the Quran.

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I'm going to take time away from watching a match whatever. And I'm going to do make may or may not. We won't do that what we'll do is we'll save it. No I will. A read every day today, I must never mind and I will. I will eat tomorrow. And Malema says that this is similar to the example of those people, that when the portion of the idols are lost, they take steel away from the portion of Allah subhanho wa Taala and they give it to the idols metallic renders all the understanding of the depths of that analogy and that explanation and determine the meaning of this verse in our last panels and apprentice understanding Allah Subhana Allah grampus the opportunity of submitting ourselves to Him

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and in submission to Allah subhanaw taala will we find freedom from all worries, stress, tension concern, and last handle dollar will grant us peace of mind contentment of heart, and all sorts of pleasure in this world? Cover and archaeologists continue nine minutes after 11 we're going to go for a break when we return inshallah we'll be joined by Idris camisa inshallah Javi. Stay tuned for

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Good evening.

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It's been nine minutes to 12 Welcome back to all my secondaries Islam International. It's Thursday morning and my guest some has is his brother Idris camisa. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato walaikum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. My beloved Mawlana from Amarillo, how are you? Very, very well. Happy last day. How are you keeping this morning? I am wonderful. I'm sitting in the home of my brother, my dear brother mom, a doctorate in law in knotless and under the law and so that's why I delayed the interview I suddenly connect my adjuster for myself.

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Allah tala increase Muhammad

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Amin Amin Amina is by you in you in Joburg this weekend. What's the occasion ipave some programs lined up. He I know.

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You know, with Allah blessing, I work with lots of people in different things.

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I'm hoping to do a program in benoni around the 22nd in the evening at three

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Our parenting program, then I tend to do some programs in

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midrin before the weekend, and I just went to one of the schools, they want me to do a parenting program. So I'm meeting, you know, meeting people and see how best we can, you know, take the city forward, inshallah. So I sent him to come visit my brother Yeah, also phonetic and underline something magical. That's good. It is my

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one of the issues that have come up is the issue of father support in separated homes. We, the father and mother have have separated and the responsibility now of the father to play his role in the upbringing of the children, and also in fulfilling his side of the maintenance and his responsibilities towards the children. I'm sure you deal with these type of cases as well. Yes, Yes, I do.

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Speaking about the father speaking about the he separated from his wife. Yes, that's right. Yeah, no, no, these a lot of those issues. In fact, you know, Milan, you know, a blessing that you think of these topics, because they are some very, very serious issues. I just, in fact,

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there's one that I'm dealing with the very moment, you know, where the father realized that, you know,

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you know, he was in here, and he was in error in judgment and all things. And now that he is not that he and his wife are separated, in the sense that she's not with him at the moment. And the kids that were teenagers know, how he's going to cope with it. And to disappoint you know, when couples get married, they often gravitate towards each other because they care and they love each other. And but when they divorce the so much of bitterness and acrimony, that even sometimes, maybe, because the lady now wants a freedom, she might tell her Okay, as when you look after the kids, I'm not prepared to look after them, you know, I'm actually taught

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her children, right. And the other side of it all is this, that, you know, sometimes you get men who behave in a similar fashion. And the people that suffer most, even these a divorce are often the children and of course, the couples themselves. Never come out unscathed. You know. And so there has to be this element of forgiveness. So what is important is this, and India special skills that people need to develop in terms of single parenting, you know, I'll never forget this. I recall, I might have mentioned this to you, Mawlana. I think I was in Edmonton, Canada, when you interviewed me that there was a, I was addressing this, in this young boys. And I just said, to get some motion,

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I think about it. And what some teachers told me that that particular boy is very special. So I asked him what it is, you know, and subsidy, Mama speak to him.

00:28:12--> 00:28:58

So the boy said, No, his mother passed away many years ago. And because they don't have anyone else here, the poor father stopped work. And he was like the mother and father for this child, you know, and it was so emotional, that you know, and, you know, this feeling of someone, you know, doing something and you know, at the best of times what you got to understand that the single parents cannot do the job of the couples, you know, yes, sometimes circumstances dictate that you lose your wife or your husband. And that's very, very important. But they need to develop the skills and sometimes the some preconditions, sometimes a father, who has to look after his son or his daughter,

00:28:58--> 00:29:26

and because he's compensated for the loss of the mother, he might just want to spoil them, you know, you want to buy them things and whatnot. And as a result, we also created the situation, that a child can become very, very defined. Sometimes you're incubating a monster. So this is a difficult thing. And we're not I'm not sitting in judgment of people, but Allah make it easy. We are homes, whether we single parents or both of them is a place of tranquility and Sakina.

00:29:28--> 00:29:59

Yes, and there is definitely this responsibility that both of the parents have towards the children and particularly in the cases when there's separation between husband and wife and the father has to play his role and fulfill his duties when it comes to his children. Firstly, with the basic of maintenance, that is his obligation, not only the legal obligation, but it is the Islamic obligation as well.

00:30:00--> 00:30:21

As to pay maintenance for the children. And then thereafter providing the emotional support and providing all the necessary support that he is required to raise those children. And to give them a at least a decent jumping

00:30:22--> 00:31:02

through to what you're saying is so true. And that is a fundamental human right, you know, you know, the, in fact, there are many legal aspects, not legally there's something we supposed to do. But again, things also the element of generosity, you know, if you do not have generosity of heart, then in for your own children, I mean, you know, then you don't do it for your own children, unless given them to you as an Amana. And it is, so this shouldn't do that. What is your agenda, because nobody reminded us that a father or parents cannot be maintained better beyond the pious children, there's one aspect, but there's another aspect, the other aspect is this, when the couples are together,

00:31:03--> 00:31:44

when they are married, we got to make sure and Allah forgive us, you know, I will not say we are perfect people. You know, we but we are we participate in this program so people can learn from our mistakes also, that when you have been an active father or active mother, in the your children's growth, that you have empowered them, you asserted yourself, you made sure there was discipline in your home, but there's elements of trust, there was rapport, empathy, and everything else, that if you lose your husband, the kids will continue to respect you. Because the husband respected you, the husband gave you dignity, it's very, very important. Very, very critical. My advice to our fathers,

00:31:44--> 00:32:27

right. I'm not suggesting you sometimes get upset with me but think what am I seeing a woman ain't far from it's a woman a very diabolical Let me tell you that at the very beginning, but statistically whether we like it or not, women, outlive men, right. But in the lifetime of that marriage, it was not given dignity or respect. He has served not assert himself with the children, or empower ourselves, they had to discipline the children through the husband, then what is happened, that when the husband passed away, I can tell you something, it is like hell on earth for that lady, to look after the children and many of them, many of them cry for help. And there's one

00:32:27--> 00:33:09

aspect when there is a dip, but sadly, you know, I never ever expected this in my life. You know, I never thought there'd be so many single parents join me because of divorce. You know, we are a oma that is bleeding and oma that is in hemorrhage. And I want to recommend to people to my brothers and sisters Alhamdulillah yesterday at such a beautiful cause. Such a beautiful quote from a young man. We know who was in the brink, you know, he was concerned about the future with his wife. He told me he sounded so happy. He says, you know, I've forgiven my wife and we are together and that does bring tears to me, you know? So the idea of forgiveness, the idea of the of why we are in the earth,

00:33:09--> 00:33:15

what's our purpose over here? Is it about me myself, I so these are some of the fundamentals we need to look at.

00:33:18--> 00:33:44

It's just 90 minutes before 12 to the listeners you're listening to our mashreq on radio Islam International. My name is Juanita SAP and my guest this morning Idris camisa, we are speaking about the social issues particularly about the responsibility of parents in the imprinting of the children and in the responsibility that fathers have towards the families

00:33:45--> 00:34:40

please SMS any program any questions that you may have 20731738461 You can also SMS it this way directly on 0828251 double nine one and you can call in and comment discuss in the program on zero double 18541548 It is very your program in benoni What time will it be and we will the program be not done inshallah, that we still it's going to be I think it's a Friday, the 22nd or something in May, but we are still the flyers and I'll be ready by next week. I would know exactly, you know, inshallah, you know, but there's something else molana I wanted to speak about, you know, on the radio, if I could, you know, one of the things that I'm gonna speak about is that, you know,

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sadly I find this you know, that means whether, you know, maybe to the universal malady or illness, malaise, you know, our oma that we are very judgmental in. We are pretty quick to judge as a people. We

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Do not allow people to make mistakes. We are very unforgiving. And we are so unforgiving as if you are a paragon of virtue, you're a prophet model, that, you know, you do absolutely nothing wrong, you know, and this is the thing you see Islam, to my knowledge is such a diverse, comprehensive deal is such a comprehensive deal that nobody, none of us has the monopoly of knowledge. You know, and I think, you know, especially as a woman in South Africa, we need a, you know, I'm not saying tolerate things that flout the Sharia metamodel those aspects, you know, but there are some nuances, some, a change of opinion, some difference of opinion, I think we need to respect that. And as a result, or

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what is happening as a result, when when people grow up in our country, when they do not see from us as elders, dynamic leadership, you know, what it does, it affects their own fate, it affects the commitment to the beam. And so what we need, we need to galvanize ourselves, you know, a lot for name and fame. And we must work in silos of work, you know, in terms of, in our own organizations, you're not prepared to work with others and all of that. So that, to me, is very, very good. Because I interact with a lot of people, you know, and you find the Some will say that what you're doing is haram, I say, Oh, you know, that Mawlana said, is Allah, you know, what I'm saying? You know,

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because he said it, and I thought about the other monana to say it's okay, Ignacio Milan is around, notice, thank you. Now, this thing of folk, you know, we identify people have got gotten this talk, you know, and that thing is very, very important, very, very important that are the landscape of the world has changed dramatically.

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That means we got to compromise on issues, no Far from it. But we must not impute intention, and judge other people, because we have no idea of what's gonna happen to us when we die. And secondly, what is worse, when you make public things, you know, when those issues could be dealt with, with maturity and understanding, because it hurts me, you know, it bleeds it really hurts, you know, because we do not want people to tarnish the image of Islam is not people who see that the Muslims are a divisive, we are divided group. We don't want people to say this. We don't want people to say that you need a Muslim, you are constipated, there is no sense of enjoyment. our nervous system has

00:37:39--> 00:38:15

a sense of humor. He was romantic. He also, you know, a, you know, within the Sharia, he also in terms of his interaction with people he was he is a smile, the sadaqa always smiling. He is a person. As we said last week, you know, Monaro among someone that spoke about it also in Durban, that he put a smile to people's faces. And the question is, are we doing that? And I why I'm saying this because I deal with young people, you know, and I deal with young people and said, You sometimes through our own,

00:38:16--> 00:38:28

I would say in Orlando is this I don't have that than I am, I'm an ignorant person. I'm not learned the monana I'm not learned at all, let me tell you, but when a team and I deal with

00:38:29--> 00:38:39

familiar problems and issues, I tell you, sometimes we I don't know how you have understood this Islam, that we killed us to the to our children, you know, we kill the

00:38:40--> 00:39:25

daughters, you know, like their daughters must be locked up in a closet, somewhere in the corner of the room, you know, a cannot be exposed to the sunshine. We I never came across that Islam. Anyway, it impacts on the self esteem, it impacts on the assertiveness and it impacts on the marriage. molana I see it every day because I'm exposed. I'm exposed to the wounds of our society, you know, this is an i think you know, me, you know, we must be very, very guarded about what you say. We will be very, very guarded. You know, because Navy SEALs can give me the mercy of all mankind having a mercy to each other, you know, are we leaving a legacy so these are things that I felt out Tricia

00:39:25--> 00:39:26


00:39:27--> 00:39:29

interesting that you speaking about this

00:39:30--> 00:39:34

issue of sheltering our children to the extent that they have no

00:39:35--> 00:39:55

idea of what's happening in society and they have no interaction with with people in the world at all, you know, just yesterday with discussing on our segment of last Islamic history that one of the downfalls of the Ottoman Empire came when one of the Sultan's made the first decided that

00:39:57--> 00:39:58

all new Ottoman

00:40:00--> 00:40:22

You know, the whoever is going to be next on in line for the throne should not have any interaction with society whatsoever. So they will basically prisoners in their own palace until they assumed the throne. And because of that they didn't have any experience in interacting with people didn't have any experience in

00:40:23--> 00:40:42

running the Army or in doing any sort of work and they just lived in that luxury and being has served all of the time. And this was one of the downfalls of the Ottoman Empire, because these youngsters had no education, no Street, the

00:40:45--> 00:41:33

street knowledge, and no knowledge of how to deal with people. And they were put into positions of leadership. And that was then a recipe for for disaster. You know, wanna, you know, I'm so glad that you, you mentioned this, you know, today, how many people how many kids grew up, they can have a decent conversation, how many of them can initiate a relationship with a stranger, the friend could talk to them. And I remember we grew up, you know, at the time, where our homes is smaller houses are very big. I met some people that already from perception. And I recall that, you know, they, they were getting married opposite. And my dad told him, our home is open. And about 350 people

00:41:33--> 00:42:12

stayed in the sleeping on the floor, and everything else, no one complained. And he and he understood it, he realized the hospitality is part of life, you also realize that you must be able to have the art of communication, to talk to people. And as a result, what has happened with our kids today, they interface more with the technology than with real people. They interface on Facebook and check WhatsApp and whatnot, and they go on, to become addicted to it, and then decode the real life problem. They don't have to deal with it because they're living in a cyber bubble in a virtual world. And I think we need to take responsibility, you know, and really, you know, for me,

00:42:12--> 00:42:55

there are two fundamental things Maulana the one is, I don't think you know, when we say we believe, when we say the the allies, the provider, how many of us truly, truly, truly believe it, unlike the provider? How do you first fully believe as Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Be Like a bird that leaves his Miss, on an empty stomach with a full conviction return the full stomach. You know, the bird doesn't say no, I'm not flying, there's no food, but believes a bird and the bird, human beings, almost sapiens, the highest of all US creation. And I think is a question of having a balance in our life. And then having fully internalized the provider and focusing on real things.

00:42:56--> 00:43:38

Because, you know, I shudder to think Milan I shudder to think, you know, Allah knows this, how much of life all of us have, I shudder to think what the future is going to be for our children, because we are to find them. We are incubating monsters, helping them, not helping them to understand, you know, the opposite sex not helping them to understand the whole institution of marriage, you don't have to understand what it is to be part of the oma, you know, and this is the whole issue, as we say with the time in our database and allow your telomeres the most onerous responsibility. He never said with the time Allah gave him the life of 63 years old, and life, but what he did he achieved

00:43:39--> 00:43:59

and what did he achieve? mind boggling, right? But he had to balance his wife could not complain about it, his friends could not complain about it. So the the cause the solver could not complain about it. We, you know, the people that emanate and become Muslims now could never ever have complained about him he

00:44:00--> 00:44:42

never could not even complain about that. Just the whole point is about us getting the variance and asking the if we often are so burqa man universal burqa in our time, you know, and that is far more valuable and quantifiable. And I'm saying this with passion. And you know, it's not with anger, right. And so I think people need to be in school and expeditiously does SMS, please. Yes, yes, sir. Okay. Right. salons, my husband buys the groceries in the house. But he never buys my boys clothing or anything else. I work so I pay for the school fees and clothes, whatever else they need. Now my kids are tending to move away from him. He accuses me accuses me of being responsible for this

00:44:42--> 00:44:59

attitude of this. He supports his parents and even for me, it doesn't spell. He's a very wealthy. In his mind, he only has a GTP his parents and siblings. You know, maulana this year is not the first time I've come across. Yes, we have a role to play. We have to look up

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

Hello friends, we must imagine betrayed that our parents have passed away. We pray that inshallah they were pleased with us before they passed away, because they were pleased with us, then allies pleased with us. But you will, when you are married, you've got children, you've got an Amana and the responsibility. And your parents, I like to believe their sense of understanding would never ever impinge on that. And I think they have a responsibility to play for him to blame the wife, I don't know the whole case, except from the SMS, I think is grossly unfair. The same token I don't expect the his wife to undermine the father, but the Father has a responsibility. He needs to do

00:45:41--> 00:46:27

that. Now, how would you expect his kids to know that the Father is wealthy? He does little or nothing for them, you know, is unacceptable. And I pray that inshallah, you know, I I'm not sure. I would recommend that they need to go for counseling someone and objective person needs to, you know, tell him exactly what he needs to do. And if there's an issue with the wife, he can also do that, you know, and May Allah make it easy. You know, the terms of our Rosie mela, make it easy for sisters. May Allah make it easy. They don't have to multitask. And we are lucky Mahabharat and love in our home. And we look after all of us. I mean, I mean,

00:46:28--> 00:46:31

it has made us a question that has come in a quarter

00:46:32--> 00:47:09

called into the engineer to ask about a lady who has left the home and has taken the children away with her. And what is the ruling they just like to advise the court to kindly call the Jamia to law, the number is 11373 8000. And you can explain your question in detail to them. And they can give you a Islamic ruling on that. with so little detail it will be difficult for us to give a ruling in particularly in a case like this does Akuma wholesaling

00:47:11--> 00:48:01

but it is based on a social aspect on the moral aspect of it. It makes it very difficult and there are times in situations that you do face like this. But we're keeping our our listeners and leaving them with a positive note being happy, pleasing, Allah subhanho wa Taala and ourselves, being pleased with what Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us with. This is how we should leave lead our lives. And this is the legacy that we need to leave for others as well. Yes, absolutely. I mean, no more than Avi, Islam is the religion of optimism is the religion of hope. We pray for Allah's mercy and, and for his forgiveness. And this is the point you see that we need to transform our attitude,

00:48:01--> 00:48:39

the positive people, we must meet people, when you meet with them, you feel heavy on your chest, in the sunlight, they must see a person they're not putting a burden on you. And when you are interacting with people, they must be happy to see you. Right, you're not a moaner and you know you're complaining all the time, you know you've been enjoy, you have a sense of humor, right? Also, the fact that we know Allah promises us that these gentlemen, Allah promises us if you do the following things will attain Jana, Allah promises as you turn to Him, if you walk towards immigrants towards yummy goodness, what a wonderful creative God right. And the point is this, this should give

00:48:39--> 00:49:18

us optimism this should give us hope. But we have forgotten rarely, is the fact that we think our life on earth is eternal. And we walk on arrogantly because he knows me and you think you know, we are the high and mighty and the pontificate and sermonize and everything else but like he suddenly you know without notice, there's no transition between good health and bad health thing a smile to your face, bring a smile to families face are not simple forgiveness, bring joy. And therefore I mean Lucas has said this assistance in the desert and has to leave the home. I mean, we are going to go to the fact that to leave a sanctuary is indication how the Philips the zoom and deafening

00:49:18--> 00:49:37

oppressor, were they you know, so I think it's about us taking ownership. It's about us not being spectators, instead of being dependent on fellow humanity, you depend on Allah inshallah, that's it, you know, and a and you have to bring joy, you know, your ambulance, people called me in Montana, a doctor of love, we love the love doctor.

00:49:39--> 00:49:47

And my wife, she said to me, I love this our spouse, really, you know, and I love protect them. look after them. Alana, you know, I mean, I mean, I mean,

00:49:49--> 00:50:00

for your time today, and always mowlana Allah give you a burka, I currently, you know, when I don't do the program with you, I feel a sense of loss, you know, then I want to write to deal with

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On some one

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one last module

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was Serra de la he over cattle because it is camisa speaking to us this morning interesting talk inshallah has his We will be back with you next week Monday on unmarshal it however marriages on the a Saturday morning from 10 to 11. inshallah was one of the Habib format we will be on and we'll be discussing marriage customs inshallah as is just two minutes before to actually come to my studio preview this morning Psalm 100 and should come to you for listening and your feedback for salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.