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Al-Furqan 35-50 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 43-45

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As we let him in the shade line over James Miller has over him.

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Lesson number 188 sort of Oregon is number 43 to 58 Amanita Hoda, Isla, who Hawaii who

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entered akuna la he was wa keila. Have you seen the one who takes as his God, His own desire? He has made his God Who? His own desire, he worships his desire. If I enter the corner, Allah He will keela then would you be responsible for him? Can you help him? Can you guide him? Can you assist him? Can you make him understand something? No way, because he worships his desire, our ADA,

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ADA, what does it mean? That Have you thought about this? Have you reflected on this? Have you considered this ever? That monitor hada The one who has taken Illa who his God, His deity, who is his God, however, who his own desire, what is however, however, is desire, craving, yearning for something. And literally the word how are we how are we here, it means to fall down.

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When najmi either halwa the star when it descends, when it falls down. And this is why it is said that Howard is such a desire of the knifes its base desires of the nups, which when a person fulfills them, what happens, he falls in his rank in his position.

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You may have noticed that people who are of very high status, very high position, very noble, but what happens, they do one thing, which is in fulfillment of their desires, and they lose that position. They're humiliated in the eyes of people, they're degraded in the eyes of people, all the work they have done goes out the window, all of the services that they have offered to the people, nobody looks at them anymore. Why? Because of one wrong thing they have done in fulfillment of their desires.

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And the world today is full of such examples. People who are famous people who are great athletes, people who are in politics, even people who others look up to, they do one thing in fulfillment of their desires and what happens they're degraded. So however, is such a desire, which a person fulfills, he is degraded. This is why even Faris he said that how enough's Harlan min Cooley high, that the house of the nerves the desire of the nerves is empty of any good meaning it does not bring any good to a person, it may bring temporary enjoyment. However, in the long run, it does not bring any benefit to a person.

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So what do we see over here? that this person has taken? His God who his desire, meaning he has made his desire his God? What does it mean by making something? God? What does it mean by that? If you look at it, the word Allah, Who is either the one who is worshipped, the one who is shown dedication to the one who is shown humiliation to the one before whom a person humbled himself, the one whom a person always obeys, he never refuses. He gives it the utmost importance

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idealizes or dedicates himself completely to it. You see, many things have importance in our lives. Like for example, it's possible you give importance to your children, you give importance to your work, you give importance to your house, you give importance to your phone, you give importance to your computer, but everything is not at the same level.

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You love one thing more than the other.

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So there's something known as prioritizing, that you give more priority to one compared to the other, you give more importance to one compared to the other.

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Making something your God means that you give it the utmost importance, that everything else compared to it becomes secondary, it becomes unimportant.

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When that comes before you, you give it the most importance. You love that thing. You fear that thing. This is who the object of worship

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and making something your god it could be humbling yourself before the one who is really God meaning Allah subhanaw taala similarly it could be making you know, one special

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One's desire one's got which means that a person always gives priority to his desire, it could be making a particular person, his God, which means that a person always obeys him, always listens to him. You may have heard this expression that he worships her.

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What does it mean?

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loves her? Above everybody listens to her never turns down her request. Always he's concerned about making her happy. And everything else becomes unimportant. So monitor Hannah, Ella, who, where Who? What does it mean by this, that this person has made his desire his God,

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that He continues fulfilling his desires, he never, ever says no to his desires, he is a slave to his desires, his moods, he loves himself, he follows his own desires, and he does not follow the guidance that of Las panatela has said

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and when it comes to fulfilling the desires, he does not care about any limits. He does not care about any limits. He does not care about what is right, what is wrong? No, this is what I want to do. I'm going to do it. If you think about it, every action that a person does is based on what on a decision he decides to do it. And that decision is based on what priority. So, what is given the utmost priority is desire. He does not look at what the truth is, he does not look at what is beneficial, he does not look at what is harmful. He does not look at where the evidence is no. What does he look at? What do I want to do? What does my pleasure lie in? So a very selfish attitude.

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This person is not a man of principle. This person is one who is only concerned about fulfilling his desires around eight Amanita hada Allahu, however,

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if you look at it, the best example that a person can find among living creatures of those who live for the sake of their desires is zoo animals, that they're only concerned about what they want to do.

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But what they want not what about others want. They're not concerned about collective benefit. Many times. They're only concerned about fulfilling their own desires. Like for example, they will eat whenever they want to eat. They don't care if that food belongs to them. Or if it was your lovely flowerpot that you put so much effort in trying to plant. No, they're not concerned about that. They see something nice and bright, something fresh, they're going to eat it. Similarly, they sleep whenever they want. They don't have a particular bedtime and a proper waking up time. No, if they feel sleepy, they want to take a nap, they'll take a nap whether it's the middle of the day, or it's

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the middle of the night.

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And if they want to stay awake at some time, they'll stay awake. Like for example dogs, everyone is sleeping but the dog will stay awake barking all night long.

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He does not care about other people that are getting disturbed. other creatures are getting disturbed. No, it has desire, he wants to be awake, he will be awake. Similarly, if you look at it, they do not have any direction animals, they will wander here they will wander they're aimlessly doing one thing after the other. Similarly, there is no discipline when it comes to their sexual desires.

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They will not care where they are, if it's the night or the day, the one they're fulfilling their sexual desire, how it's related to them, no,

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nothing like that. The desire is desired and they will fulfill it. So who does this? Who does this? animals? Now Allah subhanaw taala says, Have you seen the person who has made his God His desire? He's always concerned about fulfilling his desires. Now such a person, can you advise him?

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No, very, very difficult. If you tell him wake up, it's time to go to work. It's time to go to school. It's time to pray. No. He wants to sleep. If you tell him dinner's on the table, everybody's waiting. No, I'm busy on the phone.

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If you tell him go do this, go vacuum. What is he going to do? No, I'm busy on the computer. I don't feel like I don't want to do it. He does not care whether the instruction is coming from his mother. Or it's coming from his grandmother or it's coming from his father or it's coming from someone who is older. Someone whose health IT IS NO, he does not care. why he's only concerned about himself. It's me myself. It's I it's not about anyone else.

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Now such a person does not listen to anyone. He is not in anyone's control. This is why Allah says under the Kunal la you Akilah Can you be over keel over you? What does it mean by this way?

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Keep, who is working? The one who is in charge the one who takes care of your affairs? So can you take care of his affairs? can you protect him? Can you preserve him? Can you stop him from following his desires? No. Can you make him understand that he should do certain things and should not do certain things? No. Can you save him from the evil of his knifes? No,

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you cannot help such a person at all. You cannot guide such a person at all. You see, many times it happens that people they come and they say, Please advise my daughter, advise my son, tell them to change, tell them something so that they will understand. But the fact is that if a person is only concerned about himself,

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he does not care about his parents that my parents are sad. My parents cry every day because of me. He does not care about his future that if I don't study today, where am I going to work? How am I going to earn money? How am I gonna get married and raise a family?

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If a person does not have such concerns, then can you help him in any way? No matter what advice you give him? You cannot help such a person. This is why the profits are a lot it's an Amanda, he's being told under the coonara you Akilah Can you be able to keel over this person? You cannot help him You cannot guide him. Now primarily This is about Who? The most shakiness

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because in the previous is what do we see that how they were so persistent on ship?

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Why did the people have McAdoo shake, because that's what they liked. That's what they desired.

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And they did not wish to worship only a last panel data because that was against their desires. If you look at it, the solar is murky, sort of icon. It's murky. And in Makkah, mainly the mission of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was what do prove the hate to spread the message to to the machine.

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And the machine of Makkah, they worshipped anything and everything they desired they liked. We hear of incidents where, for example, and wish that he would be worshipping a particular idol, made up dates, for example. And if he was hungry, he would eat it himself.

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Or, for example, he would start worshiping a particular idol made of wood that he made himself. If he found some rock that was more beautiful, what would he do abandon that word, and he would carve an idol out of that rock and he would start worshipping.

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So in reality, what is the person worshiping his desire? Because if he was worshiping the idol, then whether he was hungry or not, he would not eat it.

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If he was really worshiping that idol, whether he liked another idol, more or not, he would still worshiping, he would still give importance to it. He would never disregard it. So, in reality, when a person does shake Who is he worshiping his desire?

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His own desire, which is why no matter what evidence you give to him, no matter what logic you present before him, no matter how you try to prove their hate to him, he's not going to accept he's not going to listen.

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And part of Schick is that a person worships has a desire that a person is only concerned about fulfilling his desires. In Sorrento jatha, is 23 we learned for eight Amanita hada Allahu Allahu Akbar La Villa, who are their ailment will hurt them either summary he will call me he will Gianna Anna bacillary Alicia, familia de even Barry Diller, flrs cologne.

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Have you seen the one who has taken his God his own desire? And Allah sent him astray due to knowledge? And Allah has set a scene upon his hearing and his heart and he has put over his vision avail. Why?

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Why did Allah do that?

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Because he's only concerned about fulfilling his desires. And whatever a person wants to do. That is the fact that he's given. So who will guide him after Allah, then will you not be reminded?

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Similarly, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said, this is a hadith that is reported by a Bharani, that of all the false gods of all the false gods that are worshipped and served instead of Allah. The worst in the sight of Allah is one's own lust, one's own desire, that is the worst false god

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because when a person worships his desire,

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then he does not care about anything. He does not care about anyone. He is only concerned about himself. It makes him deaf. It makes him dumb. It makes him blind. It makes him insensitive.

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He does not care about anything. He does not care whether people are hurt whether people are crying whether people are suffering because of him. No, he's only concerned about himself.

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This recently I was watching this documentary

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It's called the dark side of chocolate. I don't know if you've heard of it, I recommend you watch it. It's basically about how all of these industries that produce chocolate that import chocolate, and how much chocolate is consumed in North America in Europe. Where does the cocoa come from South America, and Africa. And many of the plantations where cocoa is grown. Many of these plantations, you will find that children are made to work over there. And these children, they are literally sold as slaves. They are sometimes kidnapped, they are sometimes tricked, and they are trafficked. And they are bought by these plantation owners. And these children, they work there all day, all the

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time. They're never paid. They're under age, usually, they're aged between eight to 12. And many times when such companies are asked that children are involved in the production of this cocoa, and children are trafficked, they're literally enslaved, they refuse to accept it. And there are these people who went into these plantations, openly secretly. And they saw they showed how their children who are trafficked from various parts of Africa, brought to the Ivory Coast and over there they're sold. And the plantation owners, they themselves confessed as to how, if they want more people, they will just call their friends, their brothers or relatives in other countries. And they will say I

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need these many children, get them across to me somehow. And on average, like 250 euros, or 300 years, that's it. That's the money, that who gets the people who traffic these children and these children, what do they get nothing but just food.

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And I was thinking, these children they're working, why?

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why they don't get any education, they don't get the love of their families, they don't get to see their parents, they don't get to see any relief. Why? So that cocoa can be produced. Why? So that some people can satisfy their taste buds.

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When a person is concerned about only his desire, his taste buds his pocket, he doesn't care. If children are suffering, he doesn't care if the entire world is suffering. He doesn't care if the ecosystems are getting affected if the environment is getting affected, because he's only concerned about himself. Now this is at a very large scale, very large scale. But if you put it at an individual level, relating it with us with our lives, think about it. We're only concerned about ourselves, I want to sleep so I'm going to sleep, other people are waiting. Other people are hungry. I don't want to do this work, other people are getting affected, their performance is getting

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affected, their work is increasing. Why? Because we just want to follow our desires.

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So when a person becomes a slave to his desires, what happens? He does not care about anything, anyone. He's not bothered about what the right thing to do is what the wrong thing is. He's not concerned about the full con that Allah has given the criteria that Allah has given

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that we should be able to distinguish between right and wrong know, when a person is overcome by his desires, then what happens? He loses his sight, he loses the furqan. He cannot tell between what is right, what is wrong, what is appropriate, what is inappropriate.

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Similarly, you may have seen that sometimes we learn about the commands, we learn about what we're supposed to do what we're not supposed to do. But what happens when we're overcome by desires. When we don't want to follow, we don't follow. We don't care about what Allah said, We don't care about the warnings that have been given. We just do whatever we want to do.

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Just the other day somebody was discussing with me about going to a wedding where there's going to be music and the people know music is haram. But when you tell them they say it's only a wedding day just for one day. So what happens then when a person wants to fulfill his desires, he does not care about the limits that Allah has set.

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He does not care about the farrakhan. He does not care about the rights of Allah, the rights of His Messenger the rights of people. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I mostly fear for you two things. I mostly fear for you do things, following desires and the long hope in life. This is what I fear for you.

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That following the desires will hinder you from accepting the truth. from living by the truth you see the truth you will not accept it, why you want to follow your desires.

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And many times it happens even within the need. People see the evidence they learn about the evidence, but they don't accept it, why it goes against their desires, they will still cling to another opinion that suits their desires, but they will not adopt the other one because it goes against their desires and longhope is going to leave

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Towards loving this world, to an extent that you will stop thinking about the Hereafter, and the obligations that are enjoined on you, long hopes. When I grew up, I will do this. And I will go here and after the course i'm going to do this, I'm going to start doing that long hopes. Because when a person has long walks, it makes him negligent about the

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so what do we see over here, that the greatest enemy, the greatest challenge of man, is what? His own desire?

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That is your greatest challenge. Remember that? We think that other people stop us, other people create problems for us. But just as we discussed earlier, if you've made up your mind, if you want to be determined, no one can stop you.

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So what do you really have to overcome yourself? What's your greatest challenge to convince yourself to make up your mind to tell yourself to correct yourself, this is your greatest challenge, every individual's greatest challenge. Because once you've overcome yourself, then everything is possible. Like we learn in the door that Aloma in Nero, the weaker men surely nuptse I seek your refuge from the evil of my soul, from the evil of my desire.

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We learned earlier that the prophets are a lot of them will complain on the day of judgment that in a coma who has an Anima Judah, that my people, they abandon this column, when does a person abandon the Quran, when he wants something different when he wants to fulfill his desires, he does not want to recite it, he does not want to read it, he does not wish to implement it. So it's the pursuit of desires. It's the fulfilling of desires that prevents a person from accepting the truth, from living by the truth. Now, many times what happens on research is we're thinking about people, I know that person, they only are concerned about themselves. They sleep when they want to get up when they want

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to eat what they want, they don't get what held out how long.

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Instead of thinking about other people, all of us should reflect on ourselves.

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Think about yourself. Think about me, that when it comes to the commands of Allah, and when it comes to my wishes, my desires, what I want to do, what do I give preference to?

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What are those situations in which I lose against myself? I cannot say no to myself. Where are those situations where I cannot control myself? I am overcome. I disregard the commands of them.

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For some people that could be when they're sleeping.

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And when they're sleeping, the alarm goes on, the people are knocking on the door. It's budget time, it's wintertime.

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But what happens, they cannot say no to themselves. They cannot say no to their knifes, their desire their house, it's time to get up. But the nap says, but the bed is so comfortable. I'm still so sleepy, I'll get up and pray after five minutes. And after five minutes, obviously you're back in deep sleep.

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For other people that could be listening to something it could be talking about something. So we all need to analyze that what are all those situations where we lose against ourselves, we cannot control ourselves, any habit, any desire that overcomes a person in a way that he is prevented from obeying the command of a more than that is making it and making that desire, making that habit marbou illa that a person cannot say no, a person cannot overcome it. He's giving that desire priority instead of giving the command of a law priority. Like for example, if a person loves money, and he loves to enjoy things, and that is preventing him from obeying a lot than that love for money

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has become his mark booth. Similarly, if a person loves his children, she loves her baby. And because of that, she does not want to leave the baby. She does not want to pray on time. She does not want to recite her they could after Asana why she loves her baby. Now this is what following the desire, not following the command of Allah. Now many times that happens that we set certain goals for ourselves certain things that we want to achieve certain things that we want to do. And we say that, you know, we want to benefit people we want to serve the dean by for example, I know one of my friends. She used to say a lot that I want to serve the dean differently. I don't want to serve the

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dean the way you think you're supposed to serve the dean that you have to study the Quran and you have to study the dean and only then you can serve me No, I want to serve the dean differently. Now, I always wondered how can you serve the dean differently if you don't study the D?

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We actually want to fulfill our desires. And we give it some very nice lovely, beautiful label

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that I

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I'm going to serve the dean this way, I'm going to serve that in that way. And in trying to serve in that way, we lose our readiness. Well, we lose our Salah, we lose our Eman even to an extent, we lose the obligations as well that we have to perform.

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Now many times it happens that people set certain goals, I want to become a doctor because I want to serve humanity. I want to become a psychologist because I want to help people. There is a need, of course there is any very good intention. But we have to see that why is it that we're doing what we're doing? Is it that we want to get a DR before our name? Is it because we want to tell people we have this degree and so that they get impressed by it? Or is it really that we want to help people, because unfortunately, many times people get these degrees, but they don't do anything with them.

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They don't do anything with them, they have these degrees are sitting at home. They're people who need help, but they're not helping them. So at the time, when they were saying I want to study this, I want to study that because I want to help people. In reality, that was not the intention. The intention was something else. It was to fulfill your own desire.

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So we have to see anything we're doing in life, why are we doing it? Is it just under a beautiful level of serving the deen serving humanity helping people helping mankind? Or is it something different? We have to see. Because if we're doing one thing after the other just in fulfillment of our desires, then how are we different than the person described over here?

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Now, it doesn't mean that our religion, it discourages us from accomplishing great things from doing great things. I'm not saying that you should not go to university and study various things to help people to help mankind know, that is something highly recommended. But you have to see that what you're doing. Is it lawful or unlawful? is it relevant or irrelevant? Is it going to enable you to fulfill your obligations? Or is it going to make you compromise on them?

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Because especially as women, and obviously men, also they have certain obligations on them, but women also they have certain obligations on them. So if we're doing something that is going to make us compromise already, that is going to make us neglect certain obligations, then that's not for us, that's not something that we should be pursuing. And there's so many options available in destiny, so many options.

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So why not choose something that is really going to be beneficial, instead of something that's just going to satisfy our desires.

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Now, for example, if a person says he wants to become a doctor, but he goes on neglecting his Salah, the label is I want to help people I want to go, there are so many natural disasters, I want to go to different parts of the world and help the people for free, very good intention, very nice. But isn't making a compromise your Salah is making an electro Salah if it is, then in reality, you're fulfilling your desire.

00:27:53--> 00:27:58

Because if a person wishes to help people why to please God, to please Allah,

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if you're trying to please allow one way that's voluntary and not the obligatory way, then there's a problem with the intention.

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Now, we have to choose the proper way. And we also have to choose the proper method, you have to select the thing that fits best, and the way that is appropriate as well. For example, sometimes people say that, you know, they're gonna become athletes and the money that they're going to make, they're going to help people with it. I've heard people say that a lot. They want that their children should become great athletes, especially if they're big and tall. And with all the money they're going to make, they should be helping people. But if you think about it, if you become a doctor, okay, you're really helping people. If you become an athlete, you're playing. And if you

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lose a game, then look at all the facade that occurs, the entire population, which is supposed to be educated, goes crazy.

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Buses are burned and police cars are overturned, and people get so violent, they get so upset, this is not a good cause, then, whereas if you're a doctor, then you'll be able to help people really. So we have to see anything we're doing. What is the intention behind it? Is it just fulfilling desires? Or is it really something beneficial?

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Now, the example that I gave to you were mainly about adonia. The main time that happens that a person is doing something for the dean as well.

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Like, for example, he's studying the dean, or he's teaching the dean is volunteering to help promote the pain to help spread the theme. Think about it. Many things people do to serve the deen as well.

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But it's also possible that a person is doing that, only to please his desire only to please himself, only to satisfy himself. How do you identify that?

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How do you identify that because any one of us could fall into that we're volunteering we're helping. We're studying. We're teaching we're helping out in some way or the other. This is what we say we want to serve the so we need to figure out how is it that a person could have

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Apparently be serving the dean. But in reality he is satisfying his desire. How do you figure that out?

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How do you figure that out?

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Like, for example, if somebody praises me, I do my work. If somebody does not praise me, I don't do it.

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If somebody watches me, if somebody pays me, somebody scolds me, that I'm motivated, if somebody does not do it, I'm not motivated. I do it. Only when I'm with people. And when I'm alone, I don't do it.

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We demand that we should be given a certain type of work. Only if we're given that type of work, then we'll do it. And if we're not given that type of work, we're not going to do it.

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I remember, in the previous course, we had these meetings with the students, and we asked them, if you were asked to volunteer, what would you like to do? And this one student, she was asked, and she said, anything, I don't mind doing anything. And I thought it was such a great thing to say, because other people, you know, they said, I would like to help in this field, or only in that field, I would like to only mark the test papers, I don't want to stand in the cafeteria. I don't want to be at the reception. I don't want to do this. But this one person, she said, anything. I don't mind if I'm doing this or that? Because ultimately, what am I doing serving the team to anything? It's okay

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with me.

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This is the spirit. This shows that a person is doing it for the sake of Allah. And if a person says no, only this, and if not this, then nothing else. And what does it mean? He wants to satisfy his desire? What else? What else could be a warning sign? That when people are working together, many times conflicts will occur, conflicts will arise. It's only natural. You are driving with one person only you're sitting with only one person in the car. There will be times when you will have conflict, isn't it? You want to stop? The other person says no, let's go. You say go right. He says no, no, go left. It's only natural. When there are two people in one place, there are going to be

00:31:54--> 00:32:34

conflicts. And especially when people are working for the dean, there are going to be conflicts. So if a person is only concerned about proving himself right all the time, showing his work as better all the time, then in reality, what is he doing? satisfying his desire. Because if his goal was to achieve the work, to get the work done, to make sure what is to be done is done, then he will not care about what the other person is saying and how they're watching me and how they're not doing their part. And this is so unfair, no, whatever work has been given to me, I'm going to do it responsibly. Now, one more important thing, that many times that happens that people are doing the

00:32:34--> 00:32:50

work of the but they are lacking spiritually. You understand, like for example, a person is working, studying, writing, giving exams, marking, volunteering, cleaning, setting up everything, whatever work a person is doing. But when it comes to Salah,

00:32:51--> 00:32:56

so that is delayed, when it comes to Salah, there is no issue.

00:32:57--> 00:33:01

You understand? When it comes to doing that they could have Allah partly

00:33:02--> 00:33:08

because it's not possible that a person is truly doing something for the deen and he's not growing spiritually.

00:33:09--> 00:33:14

When you're working to serve the you must grow spiritually.

00:33:15--> 00:33:51

If you're not growing spiritually, if spiritually you're not getting stronger, there's a problem. And we need to check ourselves over there. It does not mean that you stop the work saying, Oh, I don't want this to be a burden on me. Since I'm not growing spiritually, therefore, I'm not going to continue with this. No, that's even worse. The thing is that we need to keep trying, we have to keep struggling. We think that if we are volunteering at the Institute, then that is my service to the dean and that is all I need. No, that is voluntary work. At the same time you have certain obligations, you cannot neglect them.

00:33:53--> 00:34:00

Similarly, sometimes what happens is that a person is you know, volunteering for the dean. But what happens? She is neglecting her own family.

00:34:01--> 00:34:42

Now, sometimes that happens that the work becomes difficult, it becomes challenging, but remember that the health of your children is their health and the health of your husband is his health. Remember that just like the Hulk of a lot is allows Hulk the Hulk of the lesson is the lessons. Right? The Hulk of the classes the classes Hulk similarly, every person has his Hulk. You cannot say if I'm doing this, I'm not going to do that. No, you will struggle. There will be times where there will be slight imbalance. But you can never ever think that because I am doing this work. I do not need to give my husband has helped because I am doing this work. I do not need to care about my

00:34:42--> 00:34:47

children. Because I have become very righteous. No, this is not the correct way.

00:34:48--> 00:34:58

If a person is truly serving the deen and not his desire, then he will make sure that every obligation every duty is fulfilled.

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

As he feels accountable,

00:35:02--> 00:35:09

and if it's just about the desire, then obviously a person will not care about other people, he will only be concerned about himself.

00:35:10--> 00:35:55

Just as we discussed earlier that each command, each obligation is important in its own place, where good mouth is necessary, where the husband's health is important. Similarly, the hijab is also important. Every command that Allah subhanaw taala has given its important in its own place, it does not mean I choose this, I choose not to do that. No, if a person has this approach, that I choose to do this and not to do that, then in reality, what is he doing, following his desire, because if he has really considered Allah subhanaw taala, to be his God, then he will accept every command from Allah, whether he likes it or not, whether he finds it difficult or not.

00:35:56--> 00:36:11

Because if you really consider a lot to be your God, if you really want to please Allah, then you will find every instruction, every command important. And if your goal is that you just want to please yourself and you want to please people, then you will choose some things, you will leave some things.

00:36:13--> 00:36:35

So this is why when a person is trying to please Allah subhanaw taala, then he will make sure that whatever his obligations are, he fulfills them, whether they are towards people, or they are towards the Quran, or they are towards certain things, certain places, he will try to fulfill all of them. Because, ultimately, who does he love most of law? Who does the fear most Allah? Who does he want to please Allah.

00:36:36--> 00:37:19

Because sometimes, what happens is that when we do this work, we get this energy, we get very, very happy. When you study the Quran, and you feel so happy your mind enlightens up, and it really fulfills you. And when it comes to talking to other people, they're related to you, but it doesn't really fulfill you that unfulfilled. So what happens when we try to spend more time with the Quran and neglect other people? Both are necessary, both deserve their help? And if we're trying to please Allah subhanaw taala, then we should try to please Him in every way that he has commanded us to. So it was a cantata winders over here, that have you seen the person who has made his God, His desire?

00:37:19--> 00:37:30

And such a person? You cannot help him? And that akuna la, you Akilah? Can you be a trustee over him? Can you be a guardian over him? Can you assist him at all? You cannot assist him?

00:37:31--> 00:37:55

Now what if you do come across such a person who you try to explain things to him, you try to make him understand you tell him, but he's not willing to accept? He says, I don't want to do it. I don't feel like it's possible. You share some ayat with someone who share, you know, the knowledge of certain command with someone and they say, No, I'm not going to do it. It's not for me, I don't wish to do it. What should you do?

00:37:57--> 00:38:00

recite this ayah and tell them you're a slave to your desires.

00:38:02--> 00:38:04

At that point, you should pray to them.

00:38:06--> 00:38:34

Because as people we cannot be over keel over such we cannot be working. We are not their guardians, let's start laying the Muslim woman entirely him which above you cannot be a tyrant over people you cannot force them to listen to you. Because like you cannot have a deed in darkness Allah who their home for in the law lay at the minute he there is only in the hands of Allah. So pray to Allah to open their heart. pray to Allah to guide them.

00:38:35--> 00:39:06

And there are several, or do you think I'm the actor home? That indeed most of them? Yes. morona oyakodon they listen or they understand? You think that most of these people who follow their desires you think that they listen? You think that they understand? No they don't. In whom illogical and arm such people are only like livestock. Well whom urban Lu sebelah. Rather, they are more Australian way. A person who follows his desires. Nothing at all can benefit him.

00:39:07--> 00:39:20

If you try to give him some advice, if you try to give him some warning, you think he's listening? No. You think he's understanding? You think he wants to listen? No. He may pretend that he's listening, but he's not even listening.

00:39:21--> 00:39:26

And you may have noticed that sometimes you're talking to someone, but they don't even want to listen to you.

00:39:27--> 00:39:38

They just ignore you. They look away. They pretend as if you don't exist. So a person who follows his desires, nothing can benefit, no advice, no warning,

00:39:39--> 00:39:47

whether it comes from the Quran or it comes from a person whether it comes from a well wishes or it comes from a parent or teacher.

00:39:48--> 00:39:59

Whether it is based on some scientific evidence or research, no, nothing can help it Nothing can benefit him. So such people who do not use your ears who do not use their eyes would not use it.

00:40:00--> 00:40:14

minds that Allah has given them. What happens then they become like an arm. How are they like an arm? in their inability to listen and comprehend? Like, for example, if you give a speech to a cow,

00:40:15--> 00:40:30

you recite the if you explain them, she got scientific research and evidence, is it going to make a difference? No. Similarly, a person such as this, no matter what you tell them, they're unable to listen. they're unable to comprehend.

00:40:31--> 00:41:16

How else are they like grazing livestock, that grazing livestock? What are they concerned about just fulfilling their desires? They just eat the drink. They sleep, procreate. That's it. They live for their desires. Similarly, this person no matter what you tell him, What Is he concerned about? What I want to do what I like, I feel like it I don't feel like he's only concerned about his desires. This is why such people Allah says in whom election and they're only like grazing livestock, but in reality, but whom have been loose Avila, in fact, there are more astray than these grazing livestock. Why? Because the grazing livestock animals, if the shepherd calls them, at least they

00:41:16--> 00:41:20

recognize the particular sound and they respond.

00:41:21--> 00:42:09

Even they can be trained, that at this time we leave at this time we come back, this is where water is, this is where food is. This is where you pasture. This is the first thing you listen to. This is your guard dog, isn't it? These animals even they can be trained to a certain extent. And whatever they're trained to do, they do it. They listen, they obey, they respond to who? To the shepherd, to the guard dog. But these people, no matter what comes to them, no matter what is said to them, they don't obey their master. These animals at least they obey their master. At least they yield the person who looks after them. But these people they do not respond to their master they do not

00:42:09--> 00:42:18

respond to a loss of parental data at all. They do not acknowledge their son. They do not fear his punishment. They do not hope for any reward.

00:42:19--> 00:42:21

This is why balumama loose Avila

00:42:22--> 00:42:42

in throttle RF I 179 we learn well aka Dora nalli Johanna McAfee Rahman a genie well in localu lay of Kahuna be her What are you gonna be her? What a home as an Elias Marina be her cackle and arm balloon? hula ecohome Allah Hafiz.

00:42:44--> 00:43:23

And We have certainly created for hell many of the jinn and mankind, meaning many of the German mankind where they're going to end up in Delphi. Why? Because they have hearts with which they do not understand. They have eyes with which they do not see. And they have ears with which they do not hear. Those are like livestock rather there are more astray. It is those who are heedless. It is those who do not benefit from any instruction, any advice who do not have any full con, they do not distinguish between right and wrong. If you look at it and animal, a cow, if you offered a beef burger, and you offered some leaves, what is it going to eat?

00:43:24--> 00:43:51

leaves no matter how much you try to feed it a beef burger, it's not going to eat it. It knows what's right for it and what's wrong for it. But people when they come down to this level, they don't even distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. They don't even distinguish between what is beneficial, what is harmful, what Allah approves off and what Allah does not approve on. What is halal. What is haram? What takes agenda what takes to now they're not concerned about that. This is why they're worse than these animals.

00:43:52--> 00:44:28

And these animals, they know their purpose. They know what they're supposed to do. You won't see a cow wondering, what am I supposed to do? What is my purpose in life? No, it knows it's supposed to eat, sit down and digest that food produce milk, procreate. That's it. A cow knows a goat knows a sheep knows it knows its purpose in life. But these people, they don't even realize their purpose in life. They're living fulfilling their desires, one after the other. not concerned about tomorrow, not concerned about 50 years from now not concerned about what's going to happen to me after I die. Where do I go? What's going to happen?

00:44:29--> 00:44:32

So this is why such people are worse than animals.