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Lesson 20 – Chapter 42 Hadith 57-58

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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nevertheless alioto Sunil Kareem I'm about feroza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish Riley slithery were Sidley, MD, owner of data melissani of kahuku li probenecid nerima. inshallah we'll go over the last web of kuttabul even again,

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back chapter, only Nabina sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a dino and naseeha de Deen religion is well wishing, well wishing for who lillahi for Allah. Well, you're also Li and also for His Messenger, what do your immaterial muslimeen and for the leaders of the Muslims were our medium and also the common Muslims or their masses. So in other words, well wishing for who all of the Muslims, this burb around Bihari gives it the chapter heading by mentioning the Hadith, which has these which is mentioned over here that a dino and you'll see her. However, in the bag, he doesn't actually mention the Hadith. There are Hadith that are

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mentioned under this chapter heading. And neither of these are the one that is mentioned in the chapter heading. Why is it so that imambara just refer to it and he did not actually mentioned it, because he used it as a heading. But this Hadees it does not meet the strict conditions of one party meeting the strict conditions of authenticity. It has been recorded by Mr. Muslim, which shows that this hadith is not weak. It is definitely authentic. However, it does not meet the strict criteria of Mr. Buhari which is why he did not mention the Hadees However, he referred to it, he used it as a chapter heading. We'll call it Allah and the statement of Allah subhanaw taala. He then also Hudler

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he was when he, when as long as they are well wishing sincere to Allah and His messenger. If you look at the statement, which is in the chapter heading, which is a dino and naziha, that religion is nothing

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doesn't mean that that our religion only includes no say, No, our religion includes many, many things. The Deen Eman requires many things, but of the things that are part of a man or off the things that our Deen demands from us is no see her. Then why is it said a dino unnecessary her religion is honestly how to show how important Nestle is in our religion. To show how important it is in our Deen. This is just like the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said I'll help you. Oliver doesn't mean that hedges only the day of alpha know if a person only goes and standard alpha. Is his hedge complete No. Then what is it mean by 100 of that alpha, the ritual of alpha is the most important

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one. It shows how very important it is. So similarly, and naseeha is a major part of our Deen. It's a major requirement of our Deen. It's a major part of Eman And you'll see her to who lilla he will he will soon he will he immature Muslim in our our mottingham to all the see her well wishing for who for everyone for Allah His Messenger for the deen and in the narration of Muslim we also learn that nothing has to also the book of Allah subhanaw taala to his keytab meaning to the Quran. This shows to us that our Deen teaches us that we should have well wishing for everyone that we should want good for others. This Deen of ours, it creates positive feelings in a person not negative that

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people should become merciful, kind, generous and not selfish and not oppressive. And we see that the most deserving of our naseeha is ooh First of all, Allah soprano Darla, and also his messenger. But if you think about it, does Allah need our naseeha? Does the messenger sallallahu Sallam need our NOC hat? No. They don't require well wishing from us because whether we well wish for them or not, we cannot harm Allah and His messenger. For example, if you're not sincere to a person, if you don't want good for them, can you harm them? Yes you can. But can a person harm Allah and His messenger? They cannot. So what is meant by Nestle how for Allah and His Messenger, this as well

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wishing for who sincerity for whom? The Deen of Allah subhanaw taala and you'll see how for Allah and His Messenger means obeying Allah and obeying the messenger. Because if you think about it, no see how what is it? It is to want good, right for who for the other, to be sincere to the other? No, sir, to be sincere to the other delbarton no suha sincere repentance. So it is to one good for the other genuinely. So when is a person genuine to align His messenger? When is he sincere to them when he will be

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obedient to them. So we'll see how to align this messenger is being obedient to Allah and His Messenger seminary nicely how to Allah is that when a person worships in Las panatela he does so with hoodoo with fear, with humility, and that he has hope of Allah subhanaw taala his reward and fear of his punishment. Similarly, no Say hi to Allah means that a person prefers a loss of parental data above everyone else. above everyone else, he gives a lot the highest priority. And the verse that is mentioned over here in the chapter headings either unnecessarily lengthy or slowly. This is a verse of sort of the Toba, in which we learn the only case where people are allowed to stay away

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from going out in the way of Allah is when there's a genuine reason preventing them such as weakness or illness, or not having the means to go. But what's the condition that even at that time, they should have no say for aligners messenger, they should want good meaning they should have sincerity, they should otherwise be obedient to Allah and His messenger. He then also Hudler eurocity, what does it mean that they should otherwise be obedient to Allah and His messenger? So nose to Allah, His Messenger means obedience, it are then in the Hadith, in this chapter heading, we also learned that nothing for also who Leah immotile, Muslim Mina, for the leaders of the Muslims in my xyplorer,

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enough, Imam. So how can a person have well wishing for the leaders of the Muslims? Now, and by the way, the leader does not just mean the president or the halifa. But it means any kind of Imam, whether he is someone who's leading you in prayer, or he's teaching you or addressing you? What does it mean by well wishing for them?

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For example, obeying them, if they command you to instruct you to do something, obeying them? What else? Helping them in their tasks? Yes, respecting them? What else? All of this is included in well wishing, I'm asking you more examples so that we can have a clearer understanding? because only then can we do our will on this, that if you feel the need improvement, somewhere, advise them, don't just talk bad about them behind their back? No, advise them, correct them in the best way in the most respectful way, follow the rules that whatever rules, whatever principles, they have said, observe them, what else supporting them? Similarly, having positive thinking about them personal

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run, right? Personal run about them, this is also very, very important. This is a part of naseeha for the leaders. And then we have for who else for the common Muslims, for our people. How can we have nothing here for the common Muslims? What does it mean by that? So for example, you want them to be guided, because you want the best for them. When a person is well wishing for the other, he wants the best for them. So when you want the best for other Muslims, you want them to be guided, you want them to have raelynn, you want them to be educated, so you want good for them. So teaching them guiding them, benefitting them, helping them all of this is included in naseeha. With who? The

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honor of the Muslims, what else is included? How can you show that you are well wishing for those who are around you, for the sisters were with you? How can we show that by not harming them by protecting them from what could harm them whether it is our tongue or it is our actions or it is our behavior, being merciful with them? Right? Helping them being kind with them, you love for them, what you love for yourself, you dislike for them what you dislike for yourself. So this is Nancy heifer, who for the common Muslims. Now, if you think about it, is it possible for us to have no see her at the same level for every single person? It's not possible. Because we're human beings and

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people are related to us in a different way, isn't it? So the way your sister's related to you the way your child is related to you a stranger is not related to you in that way. But it doesn't mean that just because we don't know someone, just because they're not as close to us, we are not well wishing for them. We should also have naseeha for those Muslims that we don't even know that we do not even you know meet with on a regular basis that perhaps we have never ever met. Now think about it. Those Muslims whom we come across every day, every other day, okay, we can show well wishing to them in some way or the other. But what about those whom we don't even interact with? Those whom we

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don't even see who we don't even meet? How can we have well wishing for them, for example, making their offer them making the offer their guidance for their protection, for their safety, for their success and dounia and our hero, okay, so for example, if they are in difficulty, then helping them in that difficulty. So if they need food or clothing or financial assistance, helping them in that situation, sponsoring them, having positive supposition about them, giving Salaam to them.

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Head to toe have boo. So there are many ways of showing. And I'll see how for those Muslims that we don't even know, one thing that I'd like to mention over here is that as mothers, right or as women, generally we are very, very concerned about our own children, our own families, isn't it so, and we want the best for our children. We don't want their education to be compromised, we don't want their, you know, o'clock or their upbringing or anything like that to be compromised at all. So many times it happens that we devote ourselves fully and completely to them, which is good. However, think about that. If we spend all of our time on our own families, only then what about the rest of

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the children? What about the rest of the community? I remember a time came when I was discussing with my mother that I feel like homeschooling My child, I want to spend my time with him. And I want to teach him and I feel that he has the ability and I can I can really, you know, teach him stuff. She said, Why are you concerned about your own child only think about other children as well. Think about other children as well. And think about it at this time. Like if I gave all of my time and all of my attention to only my child, would I be benefiting the rest of the people, it doesn't mean have to deprive my child. No, he is in good hands Alhamdulillah. And I trust his teachers. And I'm very

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glad that they're the ones who are teaching him. However, I have where I am concerned for him, I should also be concerned for the rest of the Muslim community. I should also be concerned for the rest of the children, because I can keep my child in my house and teach him all the good things. But the moment he steps out of the house, aren't other people going to influence him? Of course. So if I want good for my child, I want good for the rest of the community as well. This is why naseeha not just for your own family, but for all of the Muslims. Because the Muslims are like one body, isn't it? When you are concerned about your body? Are you only concerned about let's say your hand or your

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foot or just one part of your body? No. If you give attention to only one part and neglect the rest? Isn't the rest going to get affected? And isn't that going to affect the part that you're trying to protect? Of course it will. So whenever you know, it happens to us that whenever we see a problem anywhere, we become selfish, and we say Okay, forget it, you know, I'm only going to worry about myself, the thing is that we need to worry about the entire Muslim community, we need to worry about all of them. This is nothing for all of the Muslims, that if you don't stop the wrong outside, then eventually it's going to affect you as well. Eventually, it's going to enter your house as well. And

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the thing is that we cannot live isolated lives. Our religion is such that we are supposed to have community I mean, every Friday, all the Muslims are together together in a bigger gathering and pray together. So as your children grew up, aren't they going to go to those gatherings? Of course they will. And when they go there, who's going to teach them the proper etiquette? Who is it other children who are going to be influencing them to do bad things? I don't want that. So if I want good for my child, I have to want good for the rest of the children as well. They need righteous company too. They also need righteous company. And the thing is that every single person does not have every

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skill in this world, isn't it? For example, I could have the ability to help older women, but my skill of teaching younger children not good. I know that for myself, but I know that other people have that skill. Right? So why don't we all pull in together, join our efforts so that everyone can benefit. Everyone can take benefit from everyone else. Well wishing for the entire Muslim community. And then we see over here that there are damages as well. Where we are supposed to have nausea for all of the Muslim community. There are also the Raja Raja sensor, those who are closest to you definitely require more nausea from you as opposed to those who are farther away from you. But it

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doesn't mean that you neglect those who are away from us. Had doesn't amasa didn't call ahead the scenario here is Mariela Kala had that in your case. Abby has him Angelina Abdullah. Father, he said by a year or two. I pledge allegiance to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah upon economy, solidarity establishing the Salah, what eater is the karate and giving the soccer when necessary, and well wishing licola Muslim for every single Muslim when he became a Muslim, who, Jerry even Abdullah, he pledged allegiance to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he promised that he would do certain things and what are they performing the

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Salah, giving us a care and also having well wishing for every single Muslim. If you think about it, performing the Salah, this is well wishing to say hi to Allah subhanaw taala giving the help of Allah right

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Allah subhanaw taala etha is, this has nothing to do to the people. And then one knows Hey licola Muslim, every single Muslim, whether rich or poor, whether needy or not needy, those whom you come across are those whom you do not come across those who are related to those who are not related to every single Muslim. So we see that well wishing to every Muslim is what a part of Eman And it is also an act of worship. Because what is as mentioned with economist fanatee will either is

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so establishing the Salah, giving us a cow well wishing to every Muslim, these are all acts of worship. Because you are obeying Allah you're worshiping Allah knows he has worked wanting good, right? Wanting good. That whatever someone's health is you give that help that you please them. So Allah has helped is that he should be worshipped than a guy I have ultimately the nasty habit people as well when you meet together in the Salah congregation and you play soccer indirectly.

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Very true. That one way through which we can have no say, for all Muslims, even those that we don't know, is by presenting a good image of Islam.

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Because when we go out anywhere people know us to be Muslims. We're not just representing ourselves only people are looking at who the entire Muslim community it's as though you are representing the entire Muslim community. So if you are good, if you behave well, if you do what you're supposed to, then it's in a way, you're gonna see her for who for all of the Muslims for all of the Muslim community. Had the Santa Monica had the Santa Ana De Anza De Niro pata, pata Samir to I heard God didn't Abdullah God, even Abdullah YOLO he was saying yo ma on the day when metal movie era movie era, even shorba the day that he passed away matter he passed away who passed away a movie Robin

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Sharma movie Robin Sharma was a companion of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he was appointed as the hacking the ruler of Kufa at the time when more or we had a leader and who was the Khalifa. So more are we able to learn who was the halifa and move it up in shaba. He was appointed as a ruler of Kufa. So he was a ruler, but he passed away when he passed away on that day, Jared Abner Abdullah karma he stood up. He stood up were on the member on the pulpit, in the masjid. And why would a person stand up on the pulpit in the masjid to address the people? And remember, at that time, the massages were not just places of worship, but there were also places where gatherings were, you

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know, took place and also people would learn knowledge. They were like Institute. He stood up over there to address the people. And how did he begin his address for Hamid Allaha ethna alayhi Hamad he praised Allah Allah will ethnic and he sent an ad meaning he praised he Glorified Allah soprano Daria well escena alayhi wa Kala and he said and this teaches us the proper etiquette at the beginning of any address what should be done, Allah subhanaw taala should be praised. If you think about it. The Quran also begins with Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. The Salah also begins with the hand of a Lhasa panel down at the center of Allah, wa Kala and he said, I lay can be called a lay

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upon you, meaning you must have be with epi a lay having taqwa of Allah, meaning you must have the power of Allah was the Who? Him alone. lasher de cada la noche cherica any partner who for him, you must have Taqwa of Allah, the One who has no partner, and you must also have one worker party, and you must also have worker How did I translate worker dignity,

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and also was Sakina Sakina, meaning tranquility, peace, calmness. had that until he had to come me Ron, your leader comes to you until your leader comes to you. You must have Waqar and Sakina. You must stay calm, you must stay composed, and you must be dignified in the way that you behave in the way that you consult one another. Why did Jerry Rubin Abdullah say this to the people, the people of Kufa, they were known to be very emotional, anything happened and they would react very emotionally. And we see that many major incidents of Islamic history took place in the city around the city or because of the people of the city.

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So imagine their leader passed away will lead up and turbo passed away. Obviously you can imagine how people will be reacting okay this person should be pointed the leader no

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That person should be appointed the leader, you never know those people would have come up with any leader themselves without even consulting the halifa. It wouldn't be surprising if they did something like that. And you can imagine that if the leader is dead, what kind of chaos the people can fall into? Isn't it so there can be division amongst people, there can be, you know, people can be confused. strife, you know, for power, power struggles, many problems could happen at that time, surgery and even Abdullah because he was well wishing to the people, he stood up, and he advised the people, and he advised them to remain calm until their leader would come for innama. So indeed not

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but yet de como, and he is coming to you just now. Meaning he's almost here. He should be here any time. And who was the leader that was sent to them? We see that? I mean, where are we are he sent their next leader, and he said that his name was the ad. So he was on his way. So until the next leader came, Jerry Rubin, Abdullah, he advised the people stay calm for in my article and some makalah Then he said, Is there a fully immediate come, don't forget your leader who has passed away, seek forgiveness, for who, for your leader, don't forget him seek forgiveness for him. And what it means by his theraflu is that seek often seek part and forgiveness from who, from Allah subhanaw

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taala. And also from one another, ask Allah to forgive him and ask each other to forgive him as well. Because a person he needs forgiveness from who Allah subhanaw taala as well as people, because we are human beings and as human beings, what do we fall short in our duty to Allah soprano, Tada. And we also fall short and our duty to to people, our mistakes, our sins are sometimes against Allah and also against people. So when someone has passed away, we need to seek a loss forgiveness for them. And we also need to seek other people's forgiveness for them. Meaning we should tell other people to forgive them, we should request them to forgive them. Remember, when a young boy, he was

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at the verge of dying, but his rule was as though not leaving him and he was in a lot of pain. So the people they brought his case of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam enquired about him. And the mother was very upset with the son, isn't it? So he requested the mother to forgive him. But she refused initially. And then eventually, she did forgive him. So just imagine the wrongs that we have done to people can affect us at the time of our death, and even afterwards. This is why it's necessary that when a person has passed away, we beg a lot to forgive him. And we also beg each other to forgive, that he's gone. It's over now, pardon and forgive him, want good for

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him, have some well wishing for him. So it started for a miracle. Because when a person has gone, can they seek forgiveness from you know, once they have passed away, they cannot. So if you're really sincere to them, if you really want good for them, and ask other people to forgive them, for in the who, for indeed he Ghana, he was your hibbeler for he used to love our for pardon. This may refer to Allah subhanaw taala. But in the context, it seems more strong that it refers to Molina I've been shaba that he used to love to forgive. So when he was so forgiving, you should also be forgiving to him. He forgave us and you should also forgive him. He is God now for inorganic

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hibbeler for some macula. Then he said, I'm about to do as for after, for in me So indeed I a day two nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I came to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and called to I said, obey a year ago, I pledge allegiance to you. ll Islam upon Islam, meaning I become Muslim. I accept Islam and I pledge allegiance to you for shuttle thought LA. Yeah. So he said certain conditions on me, Chateau de la Yeah. What does it mean by this shelter earlier? Meaning he commanded me certain things that I had to perform and what are they? those actions which are part of Islam. So shadow layer, meaning shadow layer, Islam, it conditioned for me that I must

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observe Islam property. So for example, sadaqa, so on and so forth. But along with that oneness, he and he also commanded me. He also made it set a condition for me that I must have a nice, well wishing for who liquidly Muslim and for every single Muslim, so when I became a Muslim, the prophet said, a lot of fun

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told me, he made me promise that I would observe all the pillars right and also have well wishing for who all of the Muslims for about a year or two who Allah had. So I pledge allegiance to him upon this for this. And then he said what up be by the Lord of hell must god This must, this must should which must be this that the one that he was standing in addressing the people, and some have said that have a Masjid. It's also possible that he's referring to the Kaaba, right, debated Haram, and had the masjid perhaps he pointed towards that, perhaps he pointed in the direction of the Qibla when he was addressing the people, so he was swearing by Allah subhanaw taala the rub off the masjid

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and this is a fact that Allah subhanaw taala is arabba every single master because he is Rabbil aalameen. So what have we had the mastery in kneeland? LC her lecom indeed, surely I am well wishing to you. So my stepfather, then he sought forgiveness and when as Allah and he descended, meaning he descended from the pulpit. This was the well wishes of who, God even Abdullah to who? Molina I've been Chava as well as the Muslim community, as well as the Muslim community. This was his well wishing to Allah, and also his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, oh, that we see well wishing to Allah, where can we see that in this Hadees la can be taken in

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while wishing to the messenger, where can we learn that? Whatever he learned from the messenger, he passed it on. Whatever he pledged allegiance, for he passed that on he didn't keep that to himself. Well wishing to the leader of the Muslims, malaria puncher Agha, he was the leader he passed away. He asked the people to seek forgiveness for him and also forgiven him. And nothing However, all of the Muslims, how did he show that when he stood up at that time, when it could be a time of fitna he stood up, he calmed the people down, and he advised them and whatever knowledge he had, he shared it with them. So this is well wishing to Allah, His Messenger, the leaders of the Muslims, as well as

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the common Muslims. And if you think about it, this Hadees Iran Buhari has mentioned it at the end of terrible even at the end of Keita will email. And it's the Hadees right before Kitab will.

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What's the connection over here? Well, wishing for every Muslim how it comes from a man. Okay. And I'm well, and that's based on knowledge. And one of the best ways through which you can have no Seehofer all people is by imparting knowledge to them. And we see that a man Buhari, he has narrated the most authentic hadith and this was his well wishing This was his naseeha he could have passed on all of those hobbies, even those that were weak that he knew about. But he chose the very best, the most authentic ones. If you think about it in the chapter heading even he mentioned a Hardee's which is authentic, but does not meet the strict conditions of authenticity near him. He doesn't narrate

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that heard these, but he narrates others. This was as well wishing he passed on that knowledge, that if we show our well wishes to other people by for example, helping them by, for example, giving them food or drink or anything that is of benefit to them in this world. But if you impart knowledge to them, then you're benefiting them for a much, much longer time. Its benefit is long lasting in this dunya and also in the era. And we see that this is really one of the law history of any address to people, and he advised them

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Mr. Bahari also, he imparted the knowledge. And then we see that he requested the people to seek forgiveness for their leader. And then at the end of his speech he sought for istockphoto and NASA. So similarly mount Buhari, also, he concluded the chapter novella, but in a way he's hinting seek forgiveness from me as well. seek forgiveness from me as well. So he was well wishing to us and our well wishing towards him should be and we also make the offer him Yes, the way you tried, it was not that appropriate. So, so learn from your mistakes and move on. It happens sometimes that you want good for the other person but they misunderstand you, or it doesn't come out great. Learn from your

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mistakes, improve yourself and move on. seek forgiveness. And we see that in order to have no see how for other people. Do you need him for that? You need

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so a man once you have a man, you must have no see how for others. No see her for Allah that you obey Allah. But how can you be Allah? How can you

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Worship if you don't know, Missy however the messenger you follow her so now can you do that? If you don't know, they'll say however the leaders How can you correct them? How can you advise them if you don't know that they have for the general Muslims? How can you benefit them? How can you help them if you don't know? So he man demands from us. And we'll see how can only be done when a person has been and this is why it is important that we must study kita as well as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was one who had the most well wishing for the people. And because of that, he invited all the knowledge. Therefore it's necessary that we benefit from this knowledge and also pass it on to

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others. And benefit from this knowledge can only be possible if we study it.

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Shall will conclude over here. So practical long will be handy Ganesha to a la ilaha illa Anta Mr. fiocchi wanted to relate a Sam or a camera to life.