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Al-Isra 11-22 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 20-22

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cola Noma due to each we extend

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Colin meaning to each of these two groups, which two groups have been mentioned above those who want the ardila and those who want the airflow. So, all of them,

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we extend, we extend numidia from three letters named now that matter you must do is to extend to prolong to stretch something.

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And in that is to

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help someone by reinforcing their supplies by replenishing their supplies.

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So, Colin Nomi, due to each we supply provision, to each we supply one thing after the other.

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Like for example, if a person wants to hear after he has given food today, he's given food tomorrow again and again. If a person wants dunia again, same thing happens to him, each person is given how would I eat these what would I eat and these meaning both of the groups those one arja, and those who are both are given the benefits of this world. Minar aka Arabic from the gift of your Lord,

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I thought refers to but is

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provision various types of provision.

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woman I cannot I thought what a big and there are thought the gift of your Lord is not to martial law, one to be confined. Mahalo from the root letters help law

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and Hazara is to fence in something like for example, you have animals, and they are kept in a yard that is fenced.

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They're kept in a yard that is fenced. So my Hulu is one that is restricted, one that is confined, one that is prohibited, you cannot go there it cannot come out.

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So the gift of your Lord cannot be confined, it cannot be restricted.

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It cannot be forbidden.

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What does it mean by this? Meaning Allah subhanaw taala gives to all people were in the study

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and worldly blessings. They are not restricted in the sense that just because a person disbelieved does not mean that Allah will not give him food to eat.

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If a person lies does not mean that Allah would never let him drink a sip of water. No, this is not how it is. Each person is given in this dunya.

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Those who are righteous and those who are not so righteous, every person is given

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tangible blessings as well as intangible blessings. They're given food to eat, they're given many opportunities,

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opportunities to succeed in this world. Like for example, those who want the dunya what happens sometimes they excel in their worldly careers, they become extremely wealthy, extremely successful, they have very successful relationships, very good mannerisms, all of this is what I thought of your Lord.

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So this is given to everyone, regardless of what their goal is, regardless of who they are. Why, because each person is being tested, that when you are given this blessing, what do you do?

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Do you use it to obtain donia? Do you use it to obtain?

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Like, for example, do people are given a car, one person uses it to show off

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and another person uses it to go around here and there? Do travel in order to learn to travel in order to meet righteous people to take them around in their car? There are two different reasons right? Do people are driving the exact same car one is driving an expensive car to show off to his friends. Another person is driving that car. Allah has enabled him to afford that car and he uses it to respect people how that he drives them in that car.

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Like, for example, if a scholar comes, one is that you take him around in a car that is perhaps old, which is okay if that's all you can afford. But if you get the best that you have, and you honor them by driving them around in that cart, isn't that honoring a righteous person, a scholar.

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So, two people with the same car using it for completely different reasons.

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The recompense is going to be different because of the use that they make of those blessings.

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Just because the person is using it to show off does not mean he will be deprived of it.

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And just because a person is doing good with that blessing does not mean that necessarily he will be increased in it.

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What do we learn that blessings are given to everyone? What is being seen is what do you do with these things?

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What do you do with these opportunities?

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It's up to us. How much benefit? Do we want to obtain from the blessings that Allah has given to us? Do we just want the benefit of this dunya? Or do we want to get more benefit out of them?

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That benefits us, even the euro.

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Like, for example, of a person has a store,

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they have many things for sale, many, many things. One person comes in only buys one thing. Another person comes in and he comes and sees and he goes away. Another person comes and he fills up his cart.

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The option is there for everyone. It's up to you. How much do you want for yourself?

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Do you get it? It's up to you. It's your choice. How much do you want for yourself? Similarly, the blessings Allah has given to us it's up to us. How much effort Do we want for ourselves?

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Even Look, I am said that Verily, today, there is action with no account.

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Now is a time when you can do something without any limit.

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There's no limit to your actions. And tomorrow there's account with no action.

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in the Hereafter, you will be given your recommends and you will not be allowed to do anything. But right now is a time when you can do your actions unlimited.

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It's up to you how much do you want to obtain

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or not look gave the human about how we have preferred some of them over others.

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Look around, look at the people how they have been made different with regards to worldly benefits,

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gave a bola Baba Humala about how we have preferred some over others in what way in terms of risk that some have more and others have less.

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If you look around, people do not own the same amount of wealth

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isn't at all, some have more, some have a little bit more, some have a little bit more than them.

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And some have lesser than them. There is difference in the wealth that people own in dystonia.

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Similarly, fat burner has been understood as how we have given preference to some over the other in terms of

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in terms of actions that some they achieve so much, and others they achieve so less.

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Some, they managed to get so much benefit

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from the opportunities they have been given and others they don't benefit at all.

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This is preference that Allah has given to some over the others.

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The example that I gave you, the store is open, it's up to you how much you want to buy. It's up to you how much you want to fill your cart with.

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So for Bella Bella Humala about what a hero to ensure to the Hereafter, it is a caballo de la Jatin greater in ranks, what a Kubota Lila, and greater in distinction.

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the Hereafter is greater intelligence greater than what greater than dunya.

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The da Jad of the hereafter

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are much greater than the de la Jat of dunya

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de la Jaga the Hereafter is much greater than the dollar jack of dunya.

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If a person is successful in the worldly sense, if he has high degrees, high levels, if he has a highest status, a lot of wealth. That is what a high level of dystonia.

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But there's another person who in the hereafter isn't a high level of Paradise, who is greater

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who is greater

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the one in paradise because the ranks of the hereafter they're much greater.

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What a cabal does Lila and they're greater in distinction

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that lead from the root address for lamb follow

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extra and definitely is to give preference to one over the other.

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So they are greater in preference in distinction that one is higher than the other. So I call it a bleeder means that the difference in degrees and the Hereafter is much more

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the difference in degrees in the hereafter. It is more

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In the dunya, what happens

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if one is extremely wealthy, and another is extremely poor? There's a huge difference between the two, isn't it? So?

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Think about it. That one is a billionaire, and the other is a popper, he doesn't have anything at all, he has zero.

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He's suffering from a debt, perhaps he has nothing at all. A huge difference. We think that's a big deal. Allah says that the difference in the hereafter that is a much bigger deal. Because those agenda and those in the lower levels of Hellfire, there's a huge difference between the two, a huge gap between the two.

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It's much greater compared to the differences in the dunya.

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So we see that whatever effort a person puts in the dunya, there is a reward that he will get in the hereafter.

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The greater your effort, the greater your reward,

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the lesser your effort, the lesser the reward,

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the greater the reward, the greater the rank.

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So if a person wants higher ranks in the Hereafter, what does he need to do? His efforts need to be of a high level as well.

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His efforts need to be of a high level as well.

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And the recompense in the Hereafter is based on what the quality of the work

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in the cave of the home.

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It depends on the quality of the work that how good the actions are, that is how good the grade will be in the hereafter.

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And we see this Indonesia as well.

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That people based on their efforts, they end up very differently,

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very, very differently.

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For example, two brothers,

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they have the same parents, they were brought up in the same house, they were perhaps sent to the same school even.

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But one is very successful, and another is not successful at all.

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We see this difference even in this dunya.

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Once a scholar Sheikh Mohammed RDP, he was a student of even best probably learn. And he was mentioning about when he was in this mattress once in this gathering where he was supposed to give a lecture.

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And there were many people sitting over there. And there was one person who was old,

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extremely old, and everybody was speaking to him just because the only thing that made him different was his old age, nothing else.

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It wasn't he was extremely knowledgeable, extremely influential. The only reason why people were respecting him was because of his old age.

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So when he gave his lecture, he mentioned something that he had learned from even best. So when he finished, he went and said, and this old person, he was talking to him.

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And he said, you know, even Bazinet, we used to study together.

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And he mentioned many things about how they study together. And he was talking about it very heavily. So Sheikh Mohammed, he said, he thought to himself, that there's nothing you know, to be proud about, that you studied along with him. There's nothing to be proud about this. Because look at where he reached. And look at where you are.

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Both of you were given the same opportunity. You were in the same classes, under the same teachers. Look at where he reached and look at where you are. When he died. People wept.

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So many people, they prayed his janazah. And when you will die, who will care? Perhaps is your family.

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What a huge difference. What a huge difference. And if you think about it, the opportunity was the same.

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The gift was the same, that our thought was the same.

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But it's about how much benefit you obtain from the opportunity that Allah gives you.

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And this is how the results will be shown to us in the hereafter as well.

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Do people are given the identical opportunity, but one, he goes very high, and the other, he just stays where he is. If you think about many people who come study this course, they're given the same opportunity. They sit in the same classes, they take the same tests, they meet the same teachers, everything is the same. However, one becomes extremely successful, and one is not quite successful.

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Sometimes the difference is only in the effort that both have put in.

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It's not that a lot didn't give them opportunity. It's about they did not benefit from the opportunity.

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And we think that

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Difference in dunya is very high. Allah subhanaw taala warns us that the difference in the Hereafter is much greater.

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Unfortunately, we only take pride in knowing influential people

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in knowing successful people. And we don't think that it's a shame if we are not like

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it's a shame of we're not like,

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especially if we were with them, if we were given the same chance as them.

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So the Hereafter is much greater in the project. What about of Lila and it is much greater when it comes to distinction when it comes to differences.

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And even within

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the ranks the different ranks, there's a huge difference between them.

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Because what do we learn from the Hadith? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the people have the highest levels of Paradise will see the people of early years as if they're looking at distant stars on the horizon.

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Just imagine like when you look up, and you see stars, they are so far away.

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So far away, this will be the difference in the ranks that are engine.

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We think we just got to gender that's enough.

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Have a higher goal.

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Have a higher goal. Because the difference is much greater.

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Think about it Indonesia. If you feel that someone is more successful than you, they have a bit more than you. How would you feel?

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If someone that's fine, two, five marks more than you? How do you feel?

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You said Oh, it's no big deal. But in your heart, you're like Why? Why can I get those point to five marks as well?

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Similarly, if you find out that a person makes 5000 more than you, how do you feel?

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How would you feel?

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You feel bad? You feel jealous? Don't you feel anything? Think about it. If somebody is making more money than you? Don't you feel bad about it? Then why can't I make more?

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Yes, you think about the fact that yes, this is a less division. But when it comes to the Nia we want the best for ourselves.

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So in the hereafter we should also strive for the best

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letter and my Allahu Allah and do not make us equal with Allah, another deity.

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Do not ascribe equals to a loss upon what are the addresses first of all to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam but through him, everyone is being addressed, that do not set with Allah and 11 are hurt another god. Why? If you do so Fattah Kuroda, then you will get mad movement, one who is blameworthy, one who is condemned madona one who is forsaken.

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If you worship others besides Allah, then what will happen? You will be mad moon,

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you will reproach yourself.

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The angels will reproach you, the rest of the people will reproach you.

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And you will be masuleh one who is forsaken must Lula's from the roof of his heart that lamp cause Allah and further is to forsake to abandon someone

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to abandon someone when they need your help, when they want your help.

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So much Lulu, a person who is left without any help. And the de la Nasrallah who, the one for whom there is no NASA, there is no one to help him.

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So if you worship others besides Allah, you will be left module, forsaken by who forsaken by Allah, no one will come to aid you in this dunya or in the hereafter.

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With regards to with movement, that if you worship others besides Allah, you will become blameworthy that you will blame yourself in the hereafter. The angels will blame you, the other people will blame you. But this also happens in the dunya.

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It is said that once there was Bedouin man

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who lived in the desert, who knew nothing, besides the heat, that you should worship Allah, and Allah is the Creator. This is all you knew.

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It is out there once he came to the city, and he came across a man and he was told this person does not believe in God. He threw up

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the bedroom through what he could not understand how this person could not believe in Allah.

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He was so much on fitrah he could not digest that he could not take it in. He could not, you know, understand how there could be a person who does not believe in God.

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And this is what happens that a person who does show

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Could Allah he becomes

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in this dunya and also in the hereafter and he becomes Muslim. There is no one to help him.

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No one

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will listen to the recitation

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We're no stranger

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If you look at Wanaka alpha or become a hero, there might be slight differences in the risks that people are given in dystonia. But if you look at it, the time that is given to people is the same. Right? The person who is born is given 24 hours a person who is knowledgeable is given 24 hours a person who is ignorant is also given 24 hours, the time that is given to every individual is the same. It's about how much you use it, how much you take advantage of it.

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I was just thinking God's true intention. Yesterday, I was talking to a customer service representative, you know, I have to get a new phone and just the way he like for 15 minutes, he was just convincing to buy an iPhone. And I have a blackberry right now. So you know, every time he would say something, I'd be like, No, but I want this and every time he had like an answer from because he had been using that phone. And when you think about it, I mean, we've been doing this course, how much conviction Do we have, when we talk to people or just when we do our deeds, that yes, I'm doing this for our camera. And you know, because when you have that intention, like he

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knows that he is doing this for money, so he has to convince people, but we are doing this for a bigger role. So we need to have that goal clear and work with, you know, that connection, because our goal is greater. Therefore, our conviction has to be much stronger and our effort must be better.

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Sonic was really thinking about the dunya you work for it. You can work for it for years and years and years. But you might not get what you really want you

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only get really happy or maybe none of it at all. But the alpha if you refer even the effort you put into doing it is what you get rewarded for it.

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So what a waste of time What a waste of effort if a person only strives to get done,

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what a bad deal he's choosing, he's taking for himself.

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I was just noticing one thing in a lesson for myself, how Allah has given the fidelity to one person to another, some of them they are kind of person who have the feather of the agenda, like they are just lost into that. And some of them, they just use them, and they keep on striving, this ah, but Allah is hubiera masirah for one who are doing the kanessa in Moscow, so all of them are Subhanallah they were really beautiful. We need to see while we want our efforts to be much cooler or Muslim and metaphora

00:25:59--> 00:26:45

what really strike me today really in this, sorry, but Bedouin who throw up when he heard that this person is not believing in Allah. Nowadays, it's very, very easy for people to say that they don't believe in God at all. And even hurt me is when I hear Muslim leaving Islam. And they were saying I don't believe in Allah anymore. These makes me worried. And what are we doing about it? right because like, you know, when you hear people they don't believe in Allah subhanaw taala and you don't do anything about it. You need to be questioned on Yeah, okay. I always think that I should not waste my time. I have to convey the message. Maybe we're not eloquent. Maybe we're not

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knowledgeable. The little thing that we know we have to share it remember the first

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will listen to the recitation

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VB net

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