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At-Taubah 1-15 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 12-15

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We're in a castle. And if they break the castle from the fetters known gap that if they break a manor home, they're a man is a part of me, meaning their treaties.

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What does it mean by this? We're in a castle, a man home, meaning those people with whom you have a note, and you have been told that you keep your covenant to them as long as they keep their covenant to you, like we learned earlier from us, the camula conquest of the moon. So these people now what if they break their covenant?

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You understand?

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Overall, we've been looking at two groups of the machine. One is of those people who have been constantly violating their Treaty, constantly, not caring about a person who is a Muslim, whether he's their relative, or someone with whom they affect such people, no covenant with them, no treaty with them. But what about the other group that has always made the exception that those people who have a covenant with you but they keep the covenant?

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What if tomorrow, they turn against you and they also break the treaty? They also violate the treaty with you. So Allah subhanaw taala says if they reach their covenant macchiato, noon, cafta and Nakata literally is not good habit. What does heaven mean a rope a knuckle is to break it up to untie to unravel it.

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So when you tie a knot, when you make a rope, and you twist a rope, it becomes very firm and strong. And when you undo it, when you open it up when you unravel it, and what happens, it's opened up and whatever that you had died with it is also loose.

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So if they break their covenant mimbar their theme after their promise.

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They made a promise with you. And in the breaking.

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If they break their oats, the amenas in particular use for odds because it would swear or in order to make promises.

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So they go against their oats.

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And moreover Ouattara no fee the nickel

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and they defame you, they taunt you. concerning your religion, they defame your religion, foreigners from their own fetters thought or a new firm. What does that mean? Literally it is to stab to pierce

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understand, barn literally is to stab to pierce.

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This imaginary person who is stabbed by the other in the back, or an animal that is that

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a paper that has fears through skin that is pierced through this is what Darren is. And from the start is used for anything that hurts a person. Any statement, any behavior, any treatment that hurts a person.

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No, sometimes a person says some words to you, and they keep stabbing you in your heart. They keep pricking you just can't get over it keeps on hitting continues. And this is worse than physical torture. Because the physical pain eventually leaves, but emotional pain, what happens to it? Years go by, but you don't overcome it. Years go by but you don't overcome it.

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So what do they do? They taunt you. They defame you concerning your religion. Meaning they criticize your religion, they slander your religion, they make fun of your religion off your laws. That why do you worship only one God? Why do you pray five times a day? Why don't you consume labor? Why do your women cover? Why do you have a criminal law and so on and so forth? They constantly defame your religion. Constantly, they're speaking up against your religion, then what should you do? For karatedo? Then you must fight against to wage war against to

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the leaders of disbelief, those people who are leading these things? What? Breaking peace with the Muslims, breaking treaties with the Muslims. And then on top of that, criticizing their religion as well, insulting the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for example. Then what should we done? How should we fight against

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those people who are leading these things? The leaders, the main figureheads, the rules of the mashiki.

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And in the context, who does it refer to the Qureshi of Mecca?

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Because they had religious leadership over all the other tribes of Arabia. And on top of that, they were also the caretakers of the Kaaba.

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And according to our bass, it was people such as, for instance, suhaila panormo bujo. Similarly, it was with him However, some of them they did become Muslim later on, some of them so for karatedo

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then you have to fight against to such people. Because they're the ones who are leading all of these activities and other people. They're only following them. Because the people are generally on the religion of who are their leaders. So many times people have no idea as to what's going on. It's their leaders were doing all of this. So make sure that you find the right people and not innocence.

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in Nome, indeed, who does they refer to the leaders of COVID Larry Mandela, whom they have no idea man, me meaning they have no respect for their oath and Covenants. Notice the word is a man, not a man. And a man is a Florida mean, what does he mean mean an oath.

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So that a man and a woman, they have no respect for their oath. They swear odds, and they go against them.

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They make their covenants, and they go and break them.

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They say that, yes, we will have no war for 10 years. But then after two years, they go and attack you.

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They say many things to you, but they don't respect their own words even.

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So fight them. Now alojamento hoon, perhaps they would stop? from what? From their COVID from harming the Muslims from breaking the covenant from opposing the messenger from ridiculing the religion, perhaps they will stop, do it so that they will stop.

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So what do we learn from here, that the odds of such people, they're not reliable anymore? This is why you cannot have any more treaties with them.

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This is why these machine must be removed from hijas from Arabia.

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Because they don't keep true to their own words, they're untrustworthy. They're unpredictable, then how can you live with such people?

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You understand?

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Because still, some people might say, but it was their place it was their homeland. That's where they were born? Why should they be evicted from there? That's unfair. It's not unfair. Because if in a place two different cultures are living, then they must have some treaty of peace, isn't it?

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Because there is no treaty of peace? And how can people live together in harmony? constantly? over the history, it has been seen that they have been harming the Muslims. If you make a treaty with them, still, they don't keep true to it. So how and why should they be allowed to live here? How and why can you make a treaty with them? How and why can you renew the pact with them? You cannot do that. Because if you do, they're only going to turn against you.

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You understand the reason now? Why they had to be evicted from there. It was not unfair, it was all justified. And all of these reasons are given over here.

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Like for example, if you live in another country, and there are different types of people living over there, different types of people, people have immigrated from different countries.

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Now, there is a fact of peace between all people that we will respect your religion, you respect my religion, I respect your culture, you respect my culture, you give me freedom, I will give you freedom. Only then can people live in harmony. But if one is constantly oppressing the other constantly, then can they live over there? No, they cannot. So who should be evicted from that land? People who are being oppressed are the oppressors, the oppressors, they don't have the right to stay over there. Which is why we see that if some people, if they violate the sanctity of other people, they disrespect other people and cultures in such places, then what happens? their rights are taken

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away from them. They're evicted from that land.

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Same thing happened over there. When it happened in Makkah, we say This is injustice, this is cruelty. It's not cruelty. It's not injustice. This is justice, because those people prove their untrustworthiness.

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We say that when the Treaty of Westphalia was violated, that was Sophia. He came to Medina to renew the treaty with the Prophet satellizer. He can't any attempted many times, but he was refused. The treaty was not renewed than the Prophet sallallahu did not even tell him about his plans. And after some time, the profits or loss are left for Makkah, in order to conquer it.

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And to call the Luna Coleman, would you not find your people which people Mecca through a mana home? They have broken their odds, being why would you not fight against these people? They have broken their odds.

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Warhammer have moved from the fetters hi me me.

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And they intended by Roger Russell to expel the messenger. First of all, they have gone against their own word.

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They intended to expel the messenger.

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Thirdly, when whom by the EU Come on, well, Amara, they're the ones who initiated war against you the first time. So they have been breaking their promises. And they intended to evict the prophets are about Islam from where from Makkah. And we learned about this earlier, it's a little unfair as well, that when the machine of Mecca, their main leaders, they got together in digital network, and they were deciding as to what to do with the profits out of artists. Some said, imprison him, other said it to him. And then finally, a Buddha has suggested that all of them together should kill him.

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So what humblebee Rogers Who? Well, Homer, they're all come and on top of that they initiated against you, but they opened their own theaters Bell Hamza,

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and what Amala the first time? What does it mean by this? What did they initiate against the Muslims the first time?

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Who was the first one to come against the Muslims?

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It was the most cheeky meaning the most Sikkim initiated war against the Muslims. You may wonder, the Battle of other was the first major war. And the prophets are about a sudden with the Muslims went to attack the caravan. And the Michigan they came to protect their caravan. So technically, they weren't the first ones to initiate. You might personally say that, but if you look at it, the caravan was saved. The profits out of Amsterdam was not going to attack the people and kill them. Meaning he was not waging war against them. Abuja was told go back, the caravan is safe. What did he said, We're not going back, we have gone and now we're going to attack the Muslims, we are going to

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fight against them. So they were the first ones to initiate war against the Muslims. And there was a reason as to why the prophet SAW the Lotus and and went after the caravan as well. Because constantly what was happening, what was happening since the Muslims had migrated to Medina, they were still suffering at the hands of the machine. And the Muslims had the right over that caravan. Because according to some that Kevin had profits from what from all the property that the Muslims had left behind in Makkah, the machine omaka they collected all of that, and they took it to a sham. They had business and trade over there. And all the profits that we're now going to use against the

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Muslims, the Muslims had full right over that caravan.

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Others have said that we're home but the outcome, our model, what this refers to is breach of the treaty. They're the ones who initiated the violation of the treaty. How that when they attacked the Bahasa, and who assisted the bonobo, the machine of Mecca, the prophets are a lot of them did not violate the treaty at all. They're the ones who initiated that.

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Allah says a duck Shona Who are you fearing these people? Why should you fear them? For law? Who Haku antosha who Allah is more deserving that you fear him in contempt, meaning if you're believers,

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and the question is why would the Muslims fear them? Makkah had been conquered. The Muslims could go perform Hajj freely, why would they fear them? The thing is that the Muslims, they wonder that if we fight against these people, then what's going to happen? Everyone is going to turn against us.

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If after four months, these Michigan have to be expelled from this land, everyone is going to turn against us. How are we going to survive over here?

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Allah subhanaw taala comforts the believers that know you are going to have the upper hand they don't have the strength to resist you anymore. They don't have the strength to have any power over you. They don't have it at all. So make sure you completely execute this plan and remove them from this Benenson

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call to home fight them. You are devil woman law who be a deacon Allah will punish them by your hands as I mentioned to you earlier that previous nations our they destroyed by a punishment that was descended upon them. But the machine of Mecca however they destroy through the hands of the believers party to whom you are a diva Houma la VAD comm Allah will punish you by your hands when you see him and also he will humiliate them when So come and he will help you or lay him against and why is it that he is giving the punishment to them through you? That way? Yes, peaceful doula. Meaning that he will heal the chest of unbelieving people. Yes, she is from the root letters. She In

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fact, yes Shiva. What does she mean to cure? So yes, we will cure he will restore to help. What was the illness that was in their heart, in the hearts of the believers? sorrow, grief, anger over what over all that they had faced

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at the hands of who wished he came. All of these years Muslims had suffered so much at the end of these Michigan in Makkah, and then in Medina, one battle after the other.

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And also the Bahasa, they had been violently attacked by the bonobo, and the mystery can help them. When, as I mentioned to you, they were killed even in the harem.

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And 40 people only managed to survive, and they came to the Prophet ceremony for refuge for protection.

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So just imagine, if somebody comes in attacks, does not let you have freedom for years and years.

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And they attack you suddenly, they kill your family, they kill your children, they kill your friends, would you have love for them or hatred for them in your heart?

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hatred, that's the kind of feelings that you will have. And if you're told forgive them, even if you do forgive them, you're still going to be sad in your heart, very upset in your heart. so in this situation, when the believers were told that you have to go fight these people, you have to eliminate them from here, the discomfort that they had been experiencing in their hearts for years and years that was going to be removed now.

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It's like you know, if somebody has treated you harshly, you remember what they have done to you what they have said to you for years and years. Each time that person is mentioned, each time you see their face,

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you know, all those memories come into your mind,

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isn't it

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and just out of nothing, you will begin to cry out of nothing. You'll begin getting upset, even though what it was years ago but you still remember their words. You still remember how they treated you. It affects you. So this is why the machine were punished at the hands of the relievers where you'd have laser khudobin Him and He will remove the fury of their hearts raise his anger but what kind of anger is it?

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It's a second level of anger.

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So you're the head of razor colluding Him He will take away the fury the anger which is in the hearts of the believers against them wish Tiki

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way a tube Allahu Allah Manisha. And by this Allahu alternate mercy or whomsoever He was, meaning, when this is enforced, then some people what will they do? They will become Muslim. Allah will turn in mercy to them. They will be given that they'll feel to accept Islam. They for example, Abu sufian he refused for so long and finally at the conquest of Makkah, that's when he became a believer

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in Abidjan as well refused for so long. Finally, at that time he became a Muslim. We are total Maha Allah, Masha. Allah who are an even Hakeem and Allah is Knowing and he's also wise.

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Allah is Knowing and he's also wise in what He commands in the decisions that he makes, and in how he instructs you to execute his friends.

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And we see that after this declaration of Bara, Islam became successful. Yes, upon the conquest of Makkah, many people became Muslim. But after this declaration of Baraka, that is when all of Arabia became Muslim,

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and we see intuitive Nussle is number one and two that Elijah and US will law he will fit what are eight and NASA faloona feeding in light of Voyager when the victory of Allah has come and the conquest and you see the people entering into the religion of Allah in multitudes. So after this declaration, people accepted Islam in multitudes. It is said that approximately 7070 delegations came from all over Arabia to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam accepting Islam

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and this was in the year nine pigeon nine after hedgerow

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and this year is known as Ahmed will food the year of delegations Why? Because about 70 delegations, different groups from Arabia came to become Muslim.

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And this is when Islam was fully established in the Arabian Peninsula and with that, the mission of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was also completed

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with that the mission was accomplished.

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Okay, we will listen to the recitation of these if attentively.

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p mu moolah in law

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water polo

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meaning in

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the one who follows

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to Patino

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long will be a D Kumar

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meanie while you

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yo boo,

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boo boo

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Paulina, Donna Paulina

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the one who taught

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we're in

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a manner

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Shona home

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to me or to

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be a

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meanie. Why would we

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panic Allahumma vmdk Misha de la ilaha illa Anta Mr. felucca wanted to be a Santa Monica