Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P17 167C Tafsir Al-Hajj 5-7

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the development of the fetus and the heartbeat of the fetus. The fetus is considered complete and the heartbeat is not present. The mother of a woman who is pregnant is concerned about her baby's health and potential damage to her body. The segment touches on the idea of women becoming more aware of their body and the potential for damage to their body. The decline of the young population and the importance of older individuals as carriers of "quarantine plants" is discussed. The concept of life after delivery is also discussed, including the theory of God and the discovery of the habit of humans being children.
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yeah you have noticed all mankind in quantum field even if you are in doubt,

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if you are in rave about what? Mineral birth concerning the birth concerning resurrection, if you have even the slightest doubt about the certainty of the hour of the day of judgment of resurrection in particular, how resurrection will take place for in the Halacha documentary, then consider this consider this, this will help you understand resurrection. And what is that that inner holla cannot come into Rob we have created you from to rob what is to rob dust, soil, dirt, all of us came from who are the money isn't right. He's our father and Adam or s&m? What was he made from? Mud? Right mean to rob. And also if you think about it, our food, our nutrition, with which our bodies grow,

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where does that come from? From to rob, right. So for inner Hala, Conoco Minto. Summa me know to fatten them from a note of what is beautiful sperm drum meaning of your father thuma Mina, Allah cotton then from a clinging clot Allah or in lamb cough. I look.

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I look follicle inside. I mean, I look, I know basically means a dumb, a legitimate blood that is congealed, that has turned into a clot.

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Has it ever happened with you that you got a big cut? And you were bleeding and bleeding? And then eventually the bleeding stopped when it stopped? What happened? How did it stop? How does the bleeding stop?

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The blood? It's kind of thickens, right? turns into a clot almost where the cut is. Right. So that blood what happens? It becomes like a barrier, a natural bandaid, right? That does not allow more blood to flow out of the body. This is Aloka. All right, a double Jamet blood that has thickened. All right, that is almost sticky, because it does get sticky, right? Because when it gets thick, then it gets sticky. So this is our locker and blood that has turned into a clot. So Anaka is referring to the second stage of human development where the sperm when it fertilizes the egg, that egg and sperm together. What do they turn into? Like sticky blood, but very, very small. What does

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that mean? If there's blood in something in an egg? What does that mean?

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There's life. It's going to grow now. Right? The growth has begun. So some women are lucky. And this Aloka it is also described as our locker because it's sticky. It's suspended in the womb, it's attached to the wall of the womb, because that's what happens to a fertilized egg. Right? What happens to it, it has to be attached to the wall of the womb embedded in it and that's where the fetus eventually grows right in it. So some of them are Aloka and then the Solokha Allah's pounder makes it girl so my main medulla, then from a medulla. This is the third stage of the fetus of the fetal development medulla. What is mandala mandala is a lump of flesh in the village sad medulla

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indeed in the body is a lump of flesh and what is that lump of flesh? Either solid solid * Jessa do could look wider fossa faster, they'll just do cold look alive. We're here. All right. So mandala is a lump of flesh, a piece of flesh. And medulla is also used for that which can be chewed miombo that which can be chewed. So you can say bite sized, bite sized.

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Understand, not very big, small enough that you can put in your mouth.

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You know, for instance, if you get a big piece of steak, you can't put the whole thing in your mouth. It's not possible even if you try it, it's not possible. What do you have to do? Cut it into a small piece, and then put that in your mouth, that small piece because that small piece you can chew it. If it's a big beast, you can't chew it, you can't even move it around in your mouth. Your mouth is just stuffed with it. Right? So medulla is defining that stage of the fetus when it is small, but that blood has turned into flesh. Now it's not just a liquid now it's not just blood. It's turned into flesh. Even though it's very small, it's bite size

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and its appearance also, what is it like? It's as though it has been chewed. Right? Because at this stage, one of the first thing that appears in the fetus is what? The backbone, right and the backbone of the embryo, you can see it it's like as though it's been chewed. Right. So, some of them in Moodle and this model, what happens to it this lump of flesh Mohalla cotton will lady more halacha it is more Holika Holika from Harlem puff right Holika is that was the clique is done, meaning whose creation is complete form is complete. But at the same time, it is also lady Mohan locka, meaning it is such that the creation the form is not complete, because it's amazing, even the

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little embryo, all right, the baby as or the fetus as it develops, even though it's very small in size, what happens there's a heart, right, there's a backbone, there is a tiny brain, there are those parts where the eyes will be right. And then the arms and the feet and the legs. I mean, it's almost complete, but it's not fully complete. Allah says Allah Remo, halacha.

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In one way, it's complete. But in another way, it's not complete.

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You understand? In one way it is complete, but another way it's not complete, this can be understood in another way also. And that is that it is more halacha

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sometimes what happens is that the fetus, it becomes more halacha meaning it is complete in form. So, it grows into a complete form meaning the development continues, all right, and the baby it develops into a complete human being. But at other times what happens lady will unlock at this stage, the heartbeat cannot be found. It cannot be heard. Right? I mean, that looks like the fetus is complete. But when the doctors trying to check for the heartbeat is nowhere to be found the lady Monica, the woman is pregnant, but the heartbeat is not there. Lady Maha Naka for at this early stage, even what happens? certain deficiencies are found in the embryo. So what did the doctor say

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this is not going to survive, it's going to die sooner or later. So you just abort. So mahanagar meaning completely formed with all complete creation form, appearance, and lady will have no meaning to form. So for instance, the heart is not there, or the heart is there but the development is not normal. Lady Maha Naka.

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Lino beggin Allah calm, so that we make clear to you meaning ALLAH is telling you this, in order to make clear to you that this creation of the human being is completely in his control. Allah has control. It's beyond our control in every way possible. Completely beyond our control.

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And it's amazing how sometimes a woman is desperate to save her baby but she cannot. Four months pregnant, no heartbeat. Sorry. There's nothing we can do about it. Nothing at all. Lino by Hina Khan the power is with Allah. One Okay, Rue and we cause to stay Nakuru from Karachi. What does karar mean to stay in one place to be stable to remain in one place? So one who can rule we cause to subtle fill or harm in the wombs Manisha whatsoever we will Isla Edgerly Musa until a specified time, meaning it happens sometimes that the fetus it develops it continues to develop until the creation is complete. And when the creation is complete, a delay massamba When the time is complete,

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and what happens, the baby is born, but at other times what happens? four months, five months, and the baby doesn't stay in the womb. It's expelled from the body. It cannot stay premature birth or the baby dies and it's expelled from the body. So when nuclear rueful or hammy Manisha, Allah decides who to keep in the womb for how long in what way Illa Edgerly Musa until a specified time, so some, their development continues, it is completed and the child is born and some they're miscarried. Sooner or later. Someone who Khadija complete Fleur then we bring you out, we bring you out, play Fleur as children, as babies playful, they feel is used for a little baby newborn and this

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is also completely in Allah's hands. Allah decides when

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The baby should come out. It's something that is beyond beyond the control of the mother of the doctors of any plan. It's beyond. You know, sometimes it's amazing. The woman things when I go to the hospital, well, the baby should come up, right? And if the doctors are there, the nurses are there, the baby should be born. But then what happens? She's strapped on the bed. She's got an IV, and God knows what hooked on her body. And the doctors and nurses are just waiting.

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They're just waiting. That's it. What can they do? Only Wait, she says gonna get an epidural now. And they say too late. They're just waiting. In whose hand is this? Allah's hand, this is enough to make us realize that we are not in control.

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This is enough, forget about childbirth, when it comes to a woman's regular period even is that in her control?

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The app tells her that the period should be in any day now. But what happens five days later, 10 days late 15 days late. It's not in her control. Your own body is not in your control.

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It's not. So, Monica did you come play Fleur some Malita Balu I should come then little blue you all reach a should the come your should what is a should or should is the time of maturity the time of full strength. So the age of you know 30 To 40

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Because at that time a person is has reached to speak of physical strength of mental strength, emotional stability, right. Some skill also he has developed in his life. He knows what to do in his life. So this is a shirt. So you grow from Malita blue shirt.com Woman calm and among you are those who man who you thought were he is taken in depth when anytime they're not able to reach there or should

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they're not even able to reach the age of 30 or 40. They die before that. They die when they're five. They die when they're two they die when they're 1015 2025.

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Just right out of high school, just starting university women come mejuto Wafa women come and among you are men who you will not do. He is returned either out of the room or to the most decrepit old age, meaning he doesn't die. He keeps growing. He keeps living year after year, day after a day. And then he doesn't become stronger as each year goes by what happens after that A should his body begins to decline. His strength begins to decline. And he ends up in elderly Romo auto dial from revealed, revealed to be lowly to be best and have the most lowly most bass a little more of age. And what is this referring to? extreme old age?

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extreme old age? You know, sometimes you hear about the oldest woman or the oldest man, someone who's now 100 years old or someone who's now 120 years old, but out of that anymore?

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Are they able to run? Are they able to walk? Are they able to go to the bathroom themselves even know other than remote? And why is this described as ravine lowly base? Because a person becomes helpless just like he was helpless when he was born.

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You know, it's so scary. May Allah protect all of us but when you go to the diaper section sometimes. What do you see over there diapers for babies and diapers for adults? I mean those same materials are being used for or similar materials are being used for little children and also adults. Oh, that it will

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and it's called a little specifically because li kala saw that not this is Li que la so that not Yara lemma he knows mimbar the element after knowledge Cheyenne anything he used to know so much. But now he doesn't know anything.

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He used to know about world politics. He used to know the names of so many people. He used to have so much knowledge he used to be on top of everything. And now he doesn't know a thing. He has lost his memory even he cannot even recall the names of his children. He doesn't even know who he is. You ask them what's your name? They don't even know what you're saying. They forget language. They forget words. Li kala anima mimbar derailment, che

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so this example, what is this telling us that life is not stagnant? We came from somewhere.

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We were developed

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In the womb,

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but that development did not stop there. It continued even after we came out of the womb.

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So just like that, when a person goes from one world to another, from the womb to this dunya it doesn't mean that he's finished. There was one life in the womb of the mother, and now there is life on the Earth. And then after this when we go out of this earth into another world, then there's life over there also.

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It's in stages with Katana, Coco Artois, Allah has created you in stages. What are the and you see the Earth, her Middleton Hermida her meme that and what is her mid barren, dry barren land that is empty meaning nothing is growing on it why because of dryness, no water dryness. So you see the Earth Hamadan. But what happens to it for either than when and Zelle Neroli Hanmer we send water on it what happens to that same dry soil does that water but what um but that mean colonies origin behead? Three things are mentioned over here. It does it. What is it does it has a it is as remember who's Z Leakey to shake. It deserves to shake to rock to move. What moves something that is living

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or nonliving living? Right so it's as though the Earth has come back to life. It quivers it shakes. It's animated.

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While but Robert from the letters Raba. Well, rabu rabu is to grow to increase to rise, rebar from the same route. Because with river what's the intention? The money should increase? It should grow. So that same dead Earth flat soil, what happens to it? You put water on it and it rises. It swells up. If you take sand, and he put water on it, what's going to happen to that sand? Do you ever see that rising sand almost?

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You know when rain falls? Right when rain falls and you go to the park? Right? It's all sand there right? Before the rain. How was it just dry and flat. But with the rain? It's as though it has risen.

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Do this experiment. Okay, do this experiment at home take some dry sand and put a drop of water on it. What happens to it? It will rise.

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You see what that water droplet what will happen? That sand will rise. So what I'll bet it rises up. We're unbuttered and it begins to grow that same dead land that produced nothing now it's producing what is it producing? What is it growing? When coal is out in the heat? As a result? What is our kind category? Meaning tree plant shrub flower weed whatever it is, it grows and it is by Hege what is the Hege badger, by hygiene badger is to be glad to be happy. Any person named badger here. I mean happy person here.

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Anyway, badger is to be delighted. Right? And behave is to look wonderful. To look beautiful. What makes a person beautiful?

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What makes a person look beautiful?

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Is it the makeup? Is it the lipstick? What makes the person look beautiful, truly beautiful. It's happiness, happiness. This is why the Sahaba would say that when the prophets of Allah sent him smile. It was as though how was his face described? Like the full moon, like the full moon. Why a full moon? Because when a person smiles when they're happy, then that happiness, it's like beauty, almost such beauty that is shining that is radiating that is affecting others also.

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So men call is out in behavior. Why are plants described as behavior because even the plants rejoice when rain falls, they look happy. They become more vibrant. They have more lovely colors. I mean, you see the grass is green even under the snow. Right? Somewhat green. It has some shade of green. But what happens when the temperatures are better when the sun is out? Then what happens to the grass? Doesn't it look a brighter version of green, happier green? It's more fresh. Mean collies outnumber Hege

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and likewise, when dead people when Allah subhanaw taala will order them to come back to life, they will also come back to life. If dead land comes back to life, then the people whose bodies will go into the earth, they will also come back to life when Allah

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wishes. So in this verse two examples are given that prove resurrection that should help us understand and believe with certainty in the reality of resurrection. The Prophet saw a lot of Salam said, this is a Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim that every one of you is collected as a nut for in the womb of his mother for the first 40 days. For the first 40 days, it's just a notebook,

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meaning there's no blood, initially, and then he becomes an Aloka, a clot for another 40 days. So you see, 80 days go by, and it's just Aloka and then a lump of flesh medulla for another 40 days, and then the angel blows the soul into that medulla. All right after the 40 days of the medulla stage, than either the medulla will continue, it turns into Metallica and it continues to grow, or the soul is not put into the fetus and it remains as Les Maharlika

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so the Lord that puts the soul in that lifeless lump of flesh, can he not put the soul in the dead body and resurrect that began? In the Quran we learned national halacha Nalco Falola to surgical we created you so why don't you confirm meaning? Why don't you believe? A follow a tomato noon? Do you see that what you emit? Meaning the sperm and Tonto glucono did you make it? The sperm that fertilizes the egg? Was that sperm made by a human being? No, no honeycomb? Or are we the ones who created it? Allah created it. And if Allah can create a complete human being from something like a sperm drop that cannot even be looked at by the I mean, it's so small. If Allah can do that, why can

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you not resurrect? Allah says well I called the ILM to Monash atoll hola you know about the first creation Falola to the Quran and why do you not take heed? Why do you not take heat if Allah can create you from something so small? You know, just think about it, an egg and a sperm, how tiny they are, how small they are, you can't even look at it. It has to be examined in the microscope.

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But the whole human being came from where from something so tiny, so tiny. I

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mean, you all study about these things at school right?

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It's amazing. If you look at the sperm if you look at the egg, does it have eyes? Does it have a nose like you have? Does it have a miniature you? It doesn't?

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It doesn't, but it has all those characteristics that you will have? How Allah knows how they're backed into it. Allah is the One who has done that. So follow letter the Quran, you know about your first creation, how Allah has created you. Why don't you understand why don't you take a lesson, Intro to Roma 19 Allah says, Your college will hate him and make it the second example that we learn over here. That how dead land turns into something so full of life, you can enjoy him in an immediate way you will make it I mean, hey, while you're here are the burden ot her work at Erica to halogen, you will be taken out in the same way.

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In the same way.

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You know, when you look at soil and their seeds inside, can you see those seeds, you can't see them because they're buried in the soil. But then what happens when you return? Five years later, there's a whole tree. There's a whole plant. I remember as kids, we used to live in one particular house and my sister she put a mango seed all right, in the soil in the garden.

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And every few years whenever we are in that city, we try to drive by that street to see how it looks and how that house is because you know so many memories and everything. So every time we've been we've seen a tree over there, it's a mango tree. This time when I went it was a giant mango tree giant, huge. Yeah, it has been some years but not that many. Where was that tree before? Where did it come from? From one seed?

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One mango seed a whole tree coming out of the earth. If Allah can do that, then Why can he not bring a human being out from the remains of that human being? He can

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were initially made from like one cell which is the zygote then multiplies and creates the entire like you know human body and which is that one cell becomes about 200 types of cells and about 30 trillion cells overall, just from that one zygote, which was you know, the egg and the sperm coming together Subhana lives it's beautiful how

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the origin is just one

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On sell

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cannula these verses are reminds me of my pregnancy experience. When I was pregnant I found out I was pregnant I was already two months pregnant and I didn't even know. And then as soon as that's the edge of my head I don't know if it's a mental was Hanalei went through severe sickness and when I reached four months my midwife told me that you have something called placenta previa which the baby's soul though, so you have a high chance of miscarriage. So like I would see her more often and the more the baby gets heavier, the more they tell me your chances of miscarriage is getting higher. And so when I had this mentality was like, Oh, am I gonna see my child like everyday I had this

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thing am I gonna have miscarriage today? Am I gonna have miscarriage today, and we saw pass by and as panela I wouldn't be able to eat or nothing, even water will come out and they'll give me pills and then they're like, You have to eat because the baby needs to grow. But how Allah take care of the child in the womb, my daughter was like, in exact perfect ways. Every time I visit them, and I wasn't able to eat until I was like seven months. And when my midwife saw me and she was like, Okay, what's going on? What? My Lord is taking care of the baby. And then Oh, my baby came to this earth Subhanallah three weeks late. You know, like, it's the mentality of those things. You're gonna have

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miscarriages gonna have high chance of miscarriage and preparing me mentally at sometimes giving me a session for an Allah subhanaw taala bringing this baby healthy, fine three weeks late. There was so amazed by it

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into the Zakharova 11 Allah subhanaw taala says well ladina Zilla Mina sama EMA and be covering for onshore NaVi well that a Mehta Gallica to hold June. Allah is the One Who sends down rain from the sky in measured amounts, and we revive thereby a dead land thus you will be brought forth you will also be brought out sea just as the water comes down in measured amounts just like that. The nutrition is you know given to the baby and measured amounts and it's not in the control of the mother at all. You know sometimes women are prescribed so many multivitamins and even those multivitamins are not able to take the take it on the throw up. They're not able to keep it in Allah

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Arnhem how those babies are born alo Arlo when the woman is hardly eating anything proper, anything healthy. She's living on Doritos and Bop, right but the baby is perfectly fine and healthy. Because it's an Allah's control.

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In our bodies, we learn that once a companion asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam give us an example of how Allah will bring people back to life of the prophet Sallallahu sallam said, Have you ever passed through a dry and barren Valley?

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Have you? Have you ever passed through a dry and barren Valley? I mean, not literally a valley, but maybe a place that was dry and barren, and then seen it full of life again?

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Have you ever seen maybe your backyard when you first moved into that house that had nothing on it? Nothing. But then what happens after some time it's alive? This is how people will be resurrected.

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There's an interesting thing that somebody wrote about the reality of God and resurrection. And there are some things which are not 100%. Correct. But just I'll read this out to you so that you can understand logically also how it would make sense that there should be a god and there should be resurrection.

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In a mother's womb, there were two babies, one as the other Do you believe in life after delivery? The other applied why? Of course, there has to be something after delivery. Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves for what will be later nonsense, said the first. There is no life after delivery. What kind of life would that be? The second said, I don't know. But there will be more light than here. Maybe we will walk with our legs and eat from our mouths. Maybe we will have other senses that we cannot understand. Now. The first replied, That is absurd. Walking is impossible. And eating with our mouths ridiculous. The umbilical cord supplies nutrition and everything we need. But the

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umbilical cord is so short, life after delivery is to be logically excluded. The second insisted while I think there is something and maybe it's different than it is here. Maybe we won't need this physical court anymore. The first replied, nonsense. And moreover, if there is life, then why has no one ever come back from their delivery is the end of life. And in the after delivery. There's nothing but darkness and silence and oblivion. It takes us nowhere

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Well, I don't know, said the second, but certainly we will meet mother and she will take care of us. The first replied, Mother, you actually believe in mother? That's laughable. If mother exists, then where is she now? The second said, she is all around us. We are surrounded by her, we are off her. It is in her that we live without her. This world would not and could not exist. We don't think about Allah sprinkled in the same way, by the way, okay. Set the first well, I don't see her. So it is only logical that she doesn't exist. To which the second replied, sometimes when you're in silence, and you focus and you really listen, you can perceive her presence. And you can hear her

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loving voice calling down from above.

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You know, we are in our small world, and we think we know everything. But the reality is that we don't know everything. Just like the child in the womb of the mother doesn't know about life beyond the womb, it'll only come to know once it is born. But one thing is certain, which is life after birth. And just like that, life after this world is also certain.

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And how do we know? Allah subhanaw taala tells us and because it only makes sense. It is only logical. We came from somewhere. We are here right now. And we're going to go some where there Lika that is, you wonder how will it happen? Allah says that is B and the law of will help because indeed Allah He is the truth. Why do you doubt his power in his existence in being God in being the creator, in his power, in his promises, he is unhappy. He is everlasting, he will never suffer from any decline. What unknowing you are Hill Mota. And because he gives life to the dead, we're under who Isla coalition Cody, and he is over all things competent. Therefore do not doubt his power. Do

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not dispute about him without knowledge. And so that the SE nya 79, Allah says polio, he had Ludy and sha Allah, Allah manga, you wonder how resurrection will take place? Well, who will bring to life those who are dead, the one who was created in the first place will who will be called the Hulk in Harlem and He is Knowing of all creation. Well, I'm Masada and indeed the hour, meaning you should know that the hour at DIA tune it is coming. Lovely Buffy, ha, there is no doubt about it. Meaning even if you deny the Hour, it's not going to change anything. You're denying the hour is not going to change our plan.

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You know, for instance, if an event has to happen, and nobody signs up, then what happens the event is canceled. Right? It's canceled or the date is changed or something like that has to be done. It's not going to work. However, when it comes to the Day of Judgment, even if all people deny it, it will still happen. Lovely Buffy her there is no doubt about it.

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We're and Allah her and that indeed, Allah, Yara through He will resurrect Manfield COBOL. Those were in the graves promoters a plural of copper and what is of grave. So no matter how old and forgotten that grave may be, or what kind of grave it may be. Allah will resurrect those who are in the graves. Some graves are hidden. They're unknown. You know, for instance, mass graves. They're just made and they're hidden. So many people that were killed, their bodies were disposed off, nobody was told. Many years later somebody buys that piece of land and is excavating for the purpose of construction and what did they find? Body after body after body? Right nobody knew it was a

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grave. But Allah knows no grave is hidden from him no dead body is hidden from him Allah will resurrect those who were in the graves

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses and then we'll continue yeah

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so in

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tune feel even

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All in all

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One au pair warfare

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regional calm

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money trouble oh I showed that while

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I was warming

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in the room Morini can

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do in Shane

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will tell

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me that

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does that

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mean green is

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there you can be

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cliche in body

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the statements we're about to show you from the Holy Quran, and he said to be the official unchanged pure word of God revealed over 1400 years ago.

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Claiming to be the word of God is a heavy statement. And without proof or if a single contradiction is found within the book, the apparent Word of God will be proven false. Let's put the book to the test. In the 23rd chapter, titled The believers from the 12th. To the 14th verses, God is said to give a detailed description of how the human being is formed. It begins by saying, we then placed him as a sperm drop in a place of settlement, firmly fixed, then we made the drop into our call, we will translate this word very soon. And then we change the Allah call into a lump that we made out of that lump into bones, and then we closed the bones with flesh, then we cause him to grow and come

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into being and attain the definitive human form. In the 21st century, we can now safely say that this verse is clearly describing the process of human development in correct chronological order. However, what we should be paying attention to in particular, is the second stage referring to the development of the embryo. The specific word used to describe the embryo in this verse is the word I love. The word Halacha, when translated into English can mean three separate things. Firstly, a blood clot or to be suspended, that is to be hanging or clinging to something, or thirdly, and finally, a leech. Now, all three definitions don't come anywhere near what we perceive to be the

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human embryo. So why are these words used? And what significance do they share with the human embryo? Can the embryo be described as a blood clot? Well, what do you think?

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In the third week of embryonic development, a tubular heart joins with the blood vessels to form a primordial cardiovascular system, and by the end of the third week, the blood is circulating in the heart begins to be on day 21. The first thing that comes to mind in regards to being suspended or hanging is the umbilical cord. But we can't use that example because we are simply referring to step two before the baby has even born. But we now know today that the umbilical cord is formed from the connecting store, and the connecting stock is formed as soon as the embryo is formed. The embryos connecting stock has even been described by John Allen and Beverly Kramer as an object to suspend

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the developing embryo in the extra embryonic column.

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So an embryo is suspended, and does have a strong resemblance with a blood clot.

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What on earth would an embryo have to do with the Leech? Figure A shows the structure of an embryo at 25 days. figure B shows a leech.

00:39:39 --> 00:39:50

Now please note once again that the embryo in this stage is no greater than the size of a kernel of wheat. This is an x ray of the embryo at 22 days.

00:39:52 --> 00:39:55

This is the internal structure of a leech.

00:39:57 --> 00:40:00

It's mind blowing stuff but you still have

00:40:00 --> 00:40:16

haven't seen anything yet. This is the head of the embryo at 22 days. The detail you are seeing right now is absolutely impossible to be seen with the human eye and can only be seen with a microscope. This is the back end of a leech.

00:40:19 --> 00:40:38

There's no other words used to describe this other than mind blowing. The pictures we have shown you, impossible to be seen with the human eye, or even to be predicted by the human mind. Once again, the verses we have shown you were revealed over 1400 years ago, to a man who couldn't read nor write

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the words of God.

00:40:42 --> 00:40:57

The human embryo in the Koran cannot be based on scientific knowledge in the seventh century. The only reasonable conclusion is that these descriptions were revealed to Muhammad from God, from God, from God, from God.

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The more you reflect the more you learn

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