Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 25 – L257A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses various topics such as love, history, culture, and a night in London, Dublin, Dublin, and Dublin. They mention various people and events such as a night in London, Dublin, Dublin, and Dublin. They also discuss a variety of people, including a man named Jana who caused chaos and led them to commit suicide, a woman named Maria Naka who was found by the Natives and led them to commit suicide, and a woman named Maria Naka who was supposed to be paid but did not want to pay. They also mention a woman who was supposed to be paid but did not want to pay and discuss a woman who was supposed to be paid but did not want to pay.
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mezzaluna Salli ala rasulillah Karim amudha fairuza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim babish rashly Saudi with silly Emery Washington of data melissani of koko de probenecid in our in my

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lesson number 267 Sugata zakharov is number 26 to 56 Translation

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what is and when Allah He said Ibrahim Ibrahim are the SLM Li to his father will call me he and his people in nanny indeed I borrow this associated member from that which that we don't you all worship in there except and Lady The one who Trapattoni he created me for in who So indeed he say Dini, soon he will guide me

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or Darla, her and he made it Kelly Martin a word back yet and one remaining fee in RTV his descendants

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learn the home so that they get when they return.

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But rather matter to I gave enjoyment how to these, wherever a home and their forefathers had that until whom it came to them and have the truth. What a sulan and a messenger will been clear

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whenever and when

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it came to them and help the truth or lose. They said, Heather, this sexual magic are in there and indeed we behave with it. Gaffey rune, ones who disbelieve

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Macondo and they said Lola why not Mozilla? It was sent down Heather this Al Quran the Quran, Allah upon Rosalyn mn men from alpari attain the two cities are women great.

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Uh, who are they? Jaco? Simona they distribute.

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They divide

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rajmata mercy Robic of Europe national we are some we divided we distributed by in a home between them marisha to whom their livelihood fee in a higher the life of dunya of the world. What a foreigner and we raised Baba whom some of them fall above bow some others.

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de la jack in ranks. Leah Takeda so he takes bartable home some of them Baba and others cerca de Yeah. Service.

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Wash metal and mercy or Bake Off Your hiren is better midmar from what big Maroon they gather

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while Ola and if not, and that yakun he is a nurse of the people

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on Latin a community were single Ludhiana surely we made the man for who he worked for he disbelieves the rushman in the Most Merciful leave Will you to him for their houses superfun ceilings, men from silver one meritage and stairs are they have upon it? El Haroon they mount

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Malibu to him and for their houses, I believe and doors was sort of run and couches are lay her upon it. The turkey on the recliner was sofa and gold was in and not good. All their Lika that lemma except Mater benefit al-hayat of the life adonia of the world. Well as euro and the hereafter are in the near club big Europe. Little motorcade for those who fear

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woman and whoever yet shoe he is blind. On from victory. remembrance of rushman of the Most Merciful. Nope, I yield. we appoint Lahu for him shavon shavon a devil for who was so he la who for him. arena, a close companion.

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We're in the home and indeed the layers will do no harm. Surely they hinder them

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on from a sabew they were stubborn and they think a new home that indeed they don't want to earn

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It guided

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Hector until either when Jana he came to us he said yeah or later would that benei between me What a neck and between you were the distance Alma she kind of the two East's for bitset so how bad and Corinne the close companion

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well and never yanfeng it will benefit you polyoma that day is when while I'm Tom you have a nickel that indeed you see in other the punishment most steady cone ones who share

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effort and can then you will then you do smear you may hear of some the ones who are deaf, or that the you guide an arrhythmia the ones who are blind woman and who can uh he was fee in Berlin, a string and error will be one clear

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for him.

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So if that happen, we definitely take bigger with you, for inner than indeed we main home from them, meant that he won't want to take revenge,

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or Maria Naka, we definitely show you under the debt which were our dinner whom we have promised them for dinner, then indeed we are lay him upon them makuta de Roon ones who are able

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ones who are powerful,

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first time sick, so you hold firmly the lady with that which are here it was revealed alayka to you in NECA indeed you Allah upon slid off about Mr. Kim one straight

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or in there who and indeed it led a clone surely a reminder, surely a remembrance, lacquer for you. When you call make and for your people was so far and soon alone, you all will be questioned

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was an ask man who will sell now we sent

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men from public before you made from Rosalina Our Messengers, Gianna did we make men from Dune besides a rush man the Most Merciful le Hutton Gods your bedroom they are worshiped

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one accord and certainly I will send them we sent Musa Musashi Salim Biya Tina with our signs, either to fit our own or feel our own woman he and his cheeks for color so he said it nice indeed I rasuluh messenger rugby of Ireland mean of the world's

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selama that when he came to them be it with our signs either then behold instantly

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home the main her from it yoga Hakuna de la

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warmer and not naughty him we show them then from a a team any sign Illa except here it akamaru is bigger men than if the hair its sister

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what occurred near home and we sees them better either with the punishment line the home so that they do they return

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work or do and they said yeah are you hurt or you assertion the magician would or pray.

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Lennar for us Rob back you're up Bhima With what? Or because of what

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he promised in that with you in Nana indeed we lamotta don't surely ones who are rightly guided

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fella, then when cashner we removed on home from them are that the punishment either than behold instantly home they yonkos on Daybreak

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one other and he proclaimed he announced

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theater owners own fit our own fee in Omaha his people. Color he said yeah call me or my people. Elisa, is it not leave for me. Monaco Kingdom Misra of Egypt. What had he and this unhealth the rivers tragedy it flows men from dirty beneath me, a fella do the not double saloon you will see

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or an eye higher and better men than Heather this a lady who bore he mahina is despicable

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Wiener and not here. caribou is near? UB new. He expresses clearly

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Then why not? We'll clear it was bestowed

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upon him as we like to bracelets, men from the gold or it came Mara who with him, alumina, aka the angels, mocha 30 Nene as companions or as escorts

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first offer so he considered light or first offer. So he before

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oma who his people that are who, so they obeyed him in the home in the day candle they were Owlman people faceting ones who are disobedient fellow man then when as a foreigner they angered us in the corner, we took revenge men home from them for our cleaner home then we drowned them at marine all together

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for their own their home so we made them cellufun, a precedent

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for my salon and an example

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for the later ones with addition.

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the army

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Az-Zukhruf 26-56 Translation 26-56

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