Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 15 – L143A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a disturbing and seemingly random sequence of events, including a disturbing group of women killing a woman and a woman killed by a woman. The women are not related to the host, and the host is not present. The host is not present, and the hosts are not present.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Eleonora surah Hill Karim I'm about for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Frobisher Ashley surgery where Sidley Emory Washington, Dr. Melissa Nia, pahoehoe Li probenecid, enter in math

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lesson number 143 SoTL israa is number 23 to 39.

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walkover and he decreed Rob Booker your rub Allah that not terrible Do you all worship in there except a year who only him work and then early benei work that your parents if cerna do utmost good. Emma, if you haven't ohana definitely reach there in Decker with you. And Kibera the old age. I heard a rumor one of them do, or killer Homer both of them to fella so do not Taku you say lahoma for them to a fin of whether or not then her humor, you repel them, you scold them

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and say lahoma to them to Ireland a word Kereama honorable, respectful.

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Wakefield in lower lahoma for them to Jenna her wings have been off the humidity. Men from the mercy will call and say or beat

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it * rumor Have mercy on them do gamma just as a bear bear to raised me surveyhero as little small

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robocon errorlevel is most knowing beyma of what fee is in the fusi comb your souls yourselves in F taco no you all are solely Shana ones who are righteous for who they are indeed he clamor he is ever aware * for those who turn to him repeatedly lafora most forgiving

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lt and give their possessor a record of the close relationship whoa his right on miskeen and the hands needy Wagner and son are severe of the way Warner and do not talk about Did you be wasteful? tavira wastefulness

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in indeed I remember being in the west for one's Guillermo de R is when brothers a share plane of the Satan's or gamma and he has ever a shade on the shade on the lobby for his robe. Carrefour are extremely ungrateful

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or enma. And if there are they abandoned, you must turn away I'm home from them. If they are seeking for a hammer mercy men from Rebecca Europe, talk to her you all hope for it. You all expect it for all then say the home to them go learn a word maiasaura one gentle

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manner and do not forget you make your hand more Hello Latin one tide Illa to irmo picker your neck. Wala and do not resort to her you extend it cola or elbow sleeve, the extension the spreading

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factor Kuroda consequently you will set murder woman, one blamed maiasaura one regretful indeed, Bob Becker euro yerba Soto, he extends a risk of the provision Lehman for whom ye shall he wills work of the NT restricts in the who indeed he Ghana he is ever beriberi he will His servants Herbie Ron always all aware basura all resulting

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whiner and do not tokoto you will kill

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your children has shared the outer fear and lack in authority national may narrow circle home we provide them with a year comb and YouTube in the indeed atla home they're killing Ghana it is ever crippled on a sin Kabira great

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honor and do not duck horrible you all approach as dinner the unlawful sexual * the fornication in the whole indeed it can it has ever

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been an indecent act an immorality

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and sir evil sebelah way

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Weller and do not Dakota Do you all kill a nap sir This one

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Ella T which have Roma he made unlawful Allahu Allah in law except been heck with the right woman and whoever taught the law he was killed more woman unjustly for God than in fact jalna we have made Li for his heir so far none and authority fella so do not or so should not usif he exceed fee in the killing in the hood indeed he can uh he was Mansehra one who is helped

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whiner and do not duck horrible you all go near you all approach Manor wealth area team of the orphan Illa except bellatti with that which here it is a son who is best Hector until he reaches a should the who hears maturity or l fu and you all fulfill their duty with the covenant in the Indeed Allah the covenant granted it is ever masuleh want to be questioned.

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And you all fulfill lk leather measure either when kill Tom you all measured was the no annual weigh them espouse with the balance with the scale I missed out in the street or the even

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their liquor that higher on better will ask them to invest

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in results.

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the D o

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What else?

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What else? either give you too much

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me. There you go.

Al-Isra 23-35 Translation 23-35

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